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The Ultimate Psych/Soc Mastery Course: Step-By-Step Strategies To Think Like A 130+ P/S Scorer

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5 Modules | 37 Video Lessons | 12 Passage Walkthroughs | Live Weekly Office Hours | +2 Tutoring Sessions!

  • Taught by 515+ MCAT scorers (130+ in Psych/Soc) in med-school. All of whom struggled through MCAT prep, have been in your shoes, had a fast-score increase, and have helped many students increase their scores.
  • More value than 20+ hours of 1-on-1 Psych/Soc tutoring. 
  • Improve your Psych/Soc confidence going into the MCAT.
  • Learn how to translate your knowledge into passages.
  • Absorb the 130+ P/S scorer thought process.

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14 Days Money Back Guarantee

Being on the "Dr." journey ourselves, we can empathize when it comes to you not wanting to waste your own money (or that of someone supporting you). Which is why we have a simple guarantee for you: this course delivers what it promises. If you don’t like this course or you don’t feel like you’re getting more value out of it than the money you invested, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase date and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked. Also note we cannot refund used tutoring sessions, but can refund all remaining unused sessions and the course.

Noah - Score

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I was so desperate for anything that might help. Someone had mentioned that this was a good, affordable resource and they were spot on! The MCAT Mastery tutoring and courses are so encouraging and helpful. I wish I would have found this resource earlier in my study. These resources helped me improve me score by 12 points in one month.


Noah Gilreath

From 498 to 510 in 30 days

Nana Scorecard

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I wish I had found MCAT mastery earlier! I really needed a boost with CARS since I was consistently scoring low on that. After reading and watching CARS dissection videos, I started to see some improvements... It really helped me to start thinking like a top scorer and getting into the right frame of mind. I started going on a run or walk everyday, eating better and sleeping well. I started thinking and approaching the whole process like a top scorer, seeing the big picture and having concepts jump out at me while I read passages. MCAT mastery really helped with that. If you’re thinking about buying and downloading the resources, you should!

Nana Ekua Entsiwa Adenu-Mensah

FROM 506 to 520 in less than 30 days

5+ years of experience


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