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30 Med-School Admission Coaching Sessions!

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60 Minute Coaching Sessions | 30 Total Sessions | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The Most Affordable Med-School Admissions Coaching Available Online

Mentors With Multiple Years of Experience Tutoring Students One-On-One

Focused On Convenience: Flexible Online Scheduling

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available


Fully Protected By Our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee

We've wasted enough money ourselves on tutors who didn't deliver on results and we'd never want you to go through something like that. So if you are not satisfied with your coach after the first session or even after the second session, we will give you your money back for all remaining sessions (as long as it's within 60 days of purchase and before the third session). Also if at any point you are not happy with any one of us as your coach, we are happy to arrange to have you work with another MedLife Mastery Mentor =) 

  • Strategy Focused Mentoring From Verified Successful Med School Applicants: One-on-one sessions with a med-school application coach is dedicated to making you stand out and present the best version of yourself to med-schools.
  • Customized Guidance For Your Individual Needs: Receive personalized tutoring with your perfectly matched tutor, specifically chosen for your unique weaknesses, current situation, and ongoing challenges.
  • Coaching From Someone Who Actually Struggled And Can Relate:  Getting into med-school was not not smooth sailing even for us, but eventually we found out the best approaches to application. Applications were a grind for all of us, which means you can be sure that your mentor will know exactly what you're going through and will support you 100% with strategy, but also emotionally and mentally.
  • Increased Confidence Going Into The Med-School Applications: Say goodbye to stress and anxiety when preparing your med-school application with an admissions coach holding your hand through the journey, ensuring you're preparing in the most optimal way to get your deserved med-school acceptance.
  • Learn from Insider Advice: Get MedLife Mastery mentors come with knowledge and experience from sitting in on formal admissions panels. So you know the advice you're getting from what a mentor is actually what will make you stand out to med-schools!

Before I was set up with [my mentor], I was struggling with my preparation. I was trying to balance the graduate coursework from my accelerated Master's program, medical school applications, severe ADHD, and studying for my MCAT retake in only SIX WEEKS.  I cannot emphasize enough how much of a blessing my coach was in this process. He helped me set up a proper studying schedule, trained me to adopt a positive mindset, and he identified my weaknesses and never once made me feel stupid if I did not understand something. His unwavering support and ability to explain concepts was a game changer for me. Here I am, two months later, with an acceptance to my top choice medical school! Now I can finally pursue my dreams of becoming a physician!

[My mentor] did an amazing job at targeting exactly what I needed to work on. He instilled confidence in me and made sure I was developing the right mindset for my application. I appreciated the in-depth answer explanations and the way he tied concepts together. I wish that I had found [MedLife Mastery] sooner as I greatly benefited from [my mentor's] patience, diligence, and willingness to help me target my weaknesses. I would highly recommend!

Sarah A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which package should I get?

We'll never push you to take more sessions than you need, which is why our general answer to this is that it depends on your situation and what you need help with.

We recommend 3-5 sessions for students who want thorough mentorship and guidance for a single aspect of medical school applications. This typically allows mentors to get a good sense of who you are and how your unique background can be used to be even more appealing to medical schools  (e.g. interview coaching, personal statement planning + revisions)

10 or more sessions typically means you want a more comprehensive coaching experience, where your admissions coach can guide you through multiple components of your application. 

Ultimately, you have the benefit to decide how you want to spend your coaching sessions! We're happy to help you out however you see best fit.

What are the sessions like?

The beauty to our coaching sessions is that they're what you want them to be. That means if you want to spend an entire session going over your personal statement, we'll make that happen for you. Interview coaching? We've got you covered! We ask all of our students to submit an intake form so that their admissions coach is able to get right into what works for the specific students' needs. 

MedLife Mastery mentors strive to foster an environment with their students that is both professional and personable. We're not some corporate robots. We're real people who understand and sympathize for the circumstances of our students and also have the strategies to help them get into medical school. So it'll be a comfortable, fun and most importantly effective experience.  

Where and how will I meet my mentor?

You'll be able to schedule your sessions with your MedLife admissions coach based on your own convenience. Sessions will be conducted via online video calls using Google Meet.

How is MedLife Mastery Application Support different than other services?

All of us at MedLife Mastery are firm believers that it shouldn't cost anyone an arm and leg to get into med school and become a doctor and we make sure that's reflected in our pricing. The amount you would pay for one hour of coaching elsewhere could easily be enough to cover an entire component of your application at MedLife Mastery. MedLife's goal is to provide affordable high quality coaching and mentorship.

On top of our goals to be affordable, what separates us from other coaching services is that we actually give you tailored guidance depending on your unique background and circumstances. Unlike other companies who give you strategies in an overpriced hour-long session, we make it a priority to get to know you as a person and as a premed so that we are able to help with high value tailored coaching that applies to your unique situation.

How do you match me with a tutor? Am I paired with someone or do I choose one?

Firstly, yes you’re paired with a med admissions coach. When you sign up, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire where you will answer questions about your application so far (your current progress, your biggest struggles, your weaknesses, strengths, your goal schools, and so much more), and we’ll use your answers to match you with a mentor that would be perfect for you to help you achieve your med school goals.

On the other hand, one of the questions in the questionnaire is if there’s a specific tutor you’d like to request - so you can definitely choose your own tutor if you wish!

Do you offer admissions coaching for different application types (e.g. TMDSAS, AACOMAS)? Canadian med-schools?

We have admissions coaches with experience with a wide variety of med school application types. This includes TMDSAS & AACOMAS. We also offer coaching for Canadian university medicine programs!

Why are sessions recorded? How do I access my session recordings?

Other admission services are often strict and stingy with the amount of time they give to your students, but we're not! We want to make sure that you have access to all our strategies and support both during your coaching session and after. We know it can be hard to make note of everything during a session and hard to review after, so we want to make sure we set you up for success by providing you with your sessions recordings. 

Video recordings will be shared with you after every session by email.

*Video recordings will only be accessed by you and your MedLife admissions coach. 

What if I'm not happy with my admissions coach?

If you're not happy with your admissions coach, we can assign you to a new one! Or we can give you a refund if you've had two or less sessions and it hasn't been over 60 days since you purchased.





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