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We fast-tracked our MCAT scores to the 515+ mark and made med-school a reality. Now we're excited to help you do the same!

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Customers served! 12000 + Customers served!


Customers served! 12000 Customers served!


We Studied For Months Doing Content Review & Practice Tests, Yet Our MCAT Scores Stayed The Same

Having already spent hundreds (some of us thousands) on MCAT prep, yet still not being able to break the 495-505 range, or only improving by a few points nowhere near our MCAT score goal...

Often left us anxious, discouraged, disappointed, and doubting ourselves on every level

The Frustrations Kept Adding Up

  • Running out of time on passages, being forced to guess
  • Thinking you know the material but getting to the passage and everything looks foreign
  • Not understanding confusing passages with long paragraphs and 2-4 figures per passage
  • Not having the stamina for a 7.5 hour long exam
  • Not being able to balance other responsibilities with MCAT studying
  • Figuring out how to think critically for CARS and not get confused by the passages
  • Trying to remember and learn such an overwhelming amount of material

The Self-Defeating Thoughts Kept Adding Up

  • The thought of having to take the MCAT again if scores continue like this
  • The thought of missing this application cycle and having to wait another year
  • The thought of never being able to get a good enough score for med-school
  • Feeling lonely throughout MCAT prep, especially when friends and family don't get why one exam is "so hard" and is taking "so long"
  • The thought that we're not cut out to be doctors

We Knew There Had To Be A Way To Beat The MCAT

Many around us gave up because of the MCAT. Failing at something they've sacrificed so much for. It was heartbreaking watching them not get interviews, retake multiple times, changing career paths because of one exam.

We knew there had to be a way to beat the MCAT, and get a competitive mark. Eventually we figured it out and now that we're living the med-school reality we once dreamed of, we want to help as many future doctors as we can avoid going through the same MCAT hell we did.

Meet Your MCAT Mentors

MCAT Tutors at MedLife Mastery

It was too hard going through it alone, trying to figure it out for yourself. It's also a huge waste of time.

This is why we've decided to give back to the community by coaching, tutoring, and mentoring you one-on-one with your MCAT prep...

Showing you what you need to change or add in your MCAT study and practice methods that will get your score over the 511+ mark.

So that YOU TOO can secure your spot in med-school, and become the doctor you were born to be.

If we can do it, so can you.

We all faced the challenges, so you don't have to.

None of us were "naturals". We all saw scores plateauing, not improving, some of us even experienced scores going down, but there came a moment where it clicked after we started applying the right strategy.

The right strategies skyrocketed our scores, and will do the same for you.

In our sessions, we will diagnose what strategies you're already using, what you're missing, what your strengths are, what your weaknesses are, and give you exactly the tools and techniques you need  maximize your score and confidence by your test date.

Our main focus is getting you to your score goal as fast as possible.

Our success is defined by how fast we can get you to your score goal, not by how long you spend working with us. So our main focus is getting you to that moment where it "clicks" - like it did for us -  so we replicate our fast score jump for your MCAT score, so you can finally get a competitive score for med-school admission.

How Our Students Achieved Their MCAT Score Goals

More reviews below and on our TrustPilot page here.

Bruno Pillari

7 point increase in 2 weeks | Retaker

Feb '23

I scheduled 3 sessions throughout the last 2 weeks of my MCAT studying. Right off the bat Natasha was cordial and flexible…

With her help, over a two week span and between 2 AAMC FLs, I saw a 7 point increase. She...was an absolutely wonderful person to have in my corner for the last 2 weeks leading up to my MCAT.

Megan Michaels

505 to 515 in 8 weeks

Aug '23

Adam was amazing!!! After just a few sessions, I saw my practice exam scores shoot up 5 points immediately and after 2 months I was able to achieve my goal score and I am confident that I wouldn't have been able to do this without Adam's guidance!

Katherine Kovac

15 point increase in 11 weeks | Retaker

Aug '23

This was my second time taking the MCAT and I went into the start of studying feeling super discouraged…

Sophie was so patient, encouraging, and helpful. She really knew what she was talking about and…was super helpful! Just from my last practice test, she helped me improve my score 15 points which I never thought was possible.

Brianna Miranda

507 to 514 in 3 weeks

Sept '22

I was tutored by Bill and appreciated the thorough review of practice problems and test strategy tips he provided. My confidence also increased over the sessions. I scored a 514, a 6 point increase in three weeks and a result I am excited with!

Let's make sure this is the last time you have to take the MCAT .

What You'll Get As We Work Together To Improve Your Score 📈

All of our MCAT tutoring packages include:

MCAT Content + Strategy Focused Tutoring

The key to succeeding on the MCAT is mastering content AND strategy. Whichever you need help in, we will show you what to do to increase your MCAT score quickly and without the stress.

MCAT Mentoring From Verified Top Scorers

All MCAT mentors achieved 515+ scores, so you know you can trust our advice to get your score to the med admission level. And once again, MCAT prep nearly killed all of us - we're no Einsteins! We just figured out the right strategies.

Customized Guidance For Your Individual Needs

We don't follow any standardized template. We build out our recommendations and guidance for YOUR unique MCAT struggles, which once you tackle, will automatically raise your score.

Convenient & Flexible Online Scheduling

You can schedule your sessions with us at your own convenience. Just want to meet when you hit a roadblock? Want to save a session for the night before tes day? That's fine! Plus, sessions are online so we can meet wherever you want!

Guided MCAT Passage Walkthroughs

We'll go through highly reliable passages with you, showing you how to think through the passages, see through the questions, and pinpoint the right answer. You'll start to think like a top scorer when you're doing the exam on your own.

We Match You With The Perfect MCAT Tutor

We'll take into consideration all your struggles and match you with someone who is strongest in those areas so you have the highest chance of hitting your score goal! Is C/P your weakest section? We'll match you with a 130+ C/P scorer!

We Prepare Before Every Session With You

We value your time so we make each session has high quality as possible. We want you to get the most for your time and money. This is why we prepare beforehand to make sure we can provide the solutions to your biggest struggles.

Weekly Office Hours Q&A and Strategy Sessions

Along with 1:1 tutoring with your mentor, you'll get access to a free 60-90 minute weekly online office hours session and a 515+ scoring mentor! You'll be joined by other testers and you'll learn from their questions as well!

Renata - Headshot

Renata Buffalino

Increased her score from 503/505 to 511 in the last 2 weeks!

I had done all the content review and practice tests necessary to succeed, but was still not reaching my target score. I consider myself a good test taker, but this was getting ridiculous. 

I first emailed The MedLife Mastery Team in a total panic. I may have started with a 493, but I had my eye on a 512. Months dragged on and I shot up passed the 500 mark, then the 505 mark, but then that's where it all stopped short. I bounced around the 503-505 range for a few weeks and eventually was at my limit. Less than a month away from my test day, I started looking up tutors like my life depended on it. I even started to compromise my dream score, asking them if a 510 was even feasible for me at this stage. 

That's when they assigned me to my tutor, who helped to calm the heck down. Not only did he help me with my problem areas and send me high-yield equation sheets, he helped me understand that what was really holding me back was my mental hang up on C/P.  I was out of mind angry that this one section was going to blow my chances at almost every medical school I was interested in, despite me hammering it into my head for months on end.

My tutor helped me to see the math for what it is... my score started to skyrocket. I just got my official MCAT score back this week and I am proud to say I made it out with a 511 overall and a 126 C/P!

Thank you guys! You came in clutch when I needed you most.


Noah Gilreath

Increased his score from 498 to 510 in less than 30 days!

Before I started meeting with a MedLife Mastery Tutor, my study schedule was very messy. I had no structure and would just study as much as I felt like doing. I was still spending a lot of time studying, but I was not doing the right things. I am a 24 year old who just recently graduated from College. This was an extremely stressful time.  I have never been a good test taker and really struggled with the time pressure. Additionally, I often found myself second guessing myself and changing answers. 

One thing that really helped me was that my tutor actually pulled up the AAMC question bank and would read a passage out loud and I was able to hear what the thought process of my tutor was. For me that was like okay now I understand how you tackle these questions, what to highlight, and how not to get bogged down... For me that really simplified things.

My tutor helped me with rewording the question and understand what is at the root of it, and that is something that helped me a ton. It also showed me that you didn't always necessarily need to know how to solve the problem but there are certain clues that you can use, if you knew enough of your content, to get an idea of how to narrow your answer choices.

My tutor also helped me with feeling confident... Before using the MedLife Mastery resources my CARS scores were very inconsistent. This was very frustrating for me. I found that often times I would go back and change some of my answers.  If you are struggling with CARS section I would definitely recommend the CARS Mastery Course or getting a MedLife Mastery Tutor. These two things greatly helped me improve my score and I am sure the same would be true for you.

I was so desperate for anything that might help. Someone had mentioned that this was a good, affordable resource and they were spot on! The Medlife Mastery tutoring and courses are so encouraging and helpful. I wish I would have found this resource earlier in my study. These resources helped me improve me score by 12 points in one month.

How Your MCAT Tutor Will Get Your Score Up Before Your Test Date

The same way we got their score up 👇 

Proven MCAT C/P & B/B Strategies

We'll show you how to strategically work through those long, confusing science passages. Everything from interpreting/analyzing the charts/tables/graphs to understanding the passages, questions, and answer choices in your first read. 

Proven MCAT CARS Strategies

We'll show you simple tricks to start seeing through the boring, tricky CARS passages and answer choices. Improving your reading comprehension and critical thinking can be easier than you think and once you get this down, you'll do better in all the other sections of the MCAT, which will lead to a smooth ride to your competitive 511+ MCAT score!

Customized MCAT Study Plan and Schedule

There isn't one MCAT study "schedule" template that is right for everyone. Top scorers know this. But there is a right way to create one for yourself to guarantee MCAT success. We'll work with you to create your own individual, custom study plan, while tracking your progress along the way and making adjustments where necessary to ensure you achieve your score goal.

Master MCAT Content

Mastery of MCAT content is the first step towards a 511+ score. If you're struggling with any specific section(s), we'll make sure you understand it quickly. We'll especially help you get a strong grasp of all high yield topics that we know you're going to be tested on. We've mastered every single section on the MCAT and a lot of us even majored in Chem, Phys, and/or Bio!

Proven MCAT Practice & Review Strategies

A lot of premeds mess up MCAT practice because they don't know how or when to practice, yet this is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle to a high MCAT score. We'll show you exactly how to go about it and also work through any practice questions you're struggling with. By working with us on practice questions, you'll understand the "511+ scorer way of thinking" and you'll never struggle with a similar question.

MCAT Success Mindset Strategies

We'll show you how to maintain a healthy mindset through MCAT prep. Know that we're your mentors who not only help you with MCAT content and strategy, but are also your motivational guides, your coaches that hold you accountable, your supportive friends, those who you can connect with and rely on to be there for you in the worst times, and your best times, as we all progress on our journey to becoming doctors!

You're In Good Company

We've helped thousands of future doctors with MCAT prep and can't wait to help you next!

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