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We fast-tracked our MCAT scores to the 515+ mark and made med-school a reality. Now we're excited to help you do the same!

Customers served! 5000 + Customers served!

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Customers served! 5000 + Customers served!

MCAT mentors WITH 515+ SCORES!

Customers served! 5000 Customers served!


Meet Your New Mentors!

There are now 70+ MCAT mentors on our team who scored 515+ on the MCAT!

Click the button below to read our bios, our MCAT scores, our starting scores, and more!

If we can do it, so can you.

We ALL struggled during MCAT prep.

None of us were "naturals". We all saw scores plateauing, not improving, some of us even experienced scores going DOWN, but there came a moment where it clicked after we started applying the right strategy.

The right strategies skyrocketed our scores.

With the right strategies, we all managed to increase our MCAT scores to the 515+ mark very quickly. When we work together, you can be sure we'll understand exactly what challenges you're facing, and how we can maximize your score and confidence by your test date.

We can do the same for you =)

Throughout our MCAT strategy tutoring sessions with you, our main focus will be getting you to that moment where it "clicks" - like it did for us -  so we replicate our fast score jump for your MCAT score, so you can finally get a competitive score for med-school admission.

Your MedLife Mastery Mentors are from:

Bruno Pillari

7 point increase in 2 weeks | Retaker

Feb '23

I scheduled 3 sessions throughout the last 2 weeks of my MCAT studying. Right off the bat Natasha was cordial and flexible…

With her help, over a two week span and between 2 AAMC FLs, I saw a 7 point increase. She...was an absolutely wonderful person to have in my corner for the last 2 weeks leading up to my MCAT.

Megan Michaels

505 to 515 in 8 weeks

Aug '23

Adam was amazing!!! After just a few sessions, I saw my practice exam scores shoot up 5 points immediately and after 2 months I was able to achieve my goal score and I am confident that I wouldn't have been able to do this without Adam's guidance!

Katherine Kovac

15 point increase in 11 weeks | Retaker

Aug '23

This was my second time taking the MCAT and I went into the start of studying feeling super discouraged…

Sophie was so patient, encouraging, and helpful. She really knew what she was talking about and…was super helpful! Just from my last practice test, she helped me improve my score 15 points which I never thought was possible.

Brianna Miranda

507 to 514 in 3 weeks

Sept '22

I was tutored by Bill and appreciated the thorough review of practice problems and test strategy tips he provided. My confidence also increased over the sessions. I scored a 514, a 6 point increase in three weeks and a result I am excited with!

Let's make sure this is the last time you have to take the MCAT .

What You'll Get As We Work Together To Improve Your Score 📈

All of our MCAT tutoring packages include:

MCAT Content + Strategy Focused Tutoring

The key to succeeding on the MCAT is mastering content AND strategy. Whichever you need help in, we will show you what to do to increase your MCAT score quickly and without the stress.

MCAT Mentoring From Verified Top Scorers

All MCAT mentors achieved 515+ scores, so you know you can trust our advice to get your score to the med admission level. And once again, MCAT prep nearly killed all of us - we're no Einsteins! We just figured out the right strategies.

Customized Guidance For Your Individual Needs

We don't follow any standardized template. We build out our recommendations and guidance for YOUR unique MCAT struggles, which once you tackle, will automatically raise your score.

Convenient & Flexible Online Scheduling

You can schedule your sessions with us at your own convenience. Just want to meet when you hit a roadblock? Want to save a session for the night before tes day? That's fine! Plus, sessions are online so we can meet wherever you want!

Guided MCAT Passage Walkthroughs

We'll go through highly reliable passages with you, showing you how to think through the passages, see through the questions, and pinpoint the right answer. You'll start to think like a top scorer when you're doing the exam on your own.

We Match You With The Perfect MCAT Tutor

We'll take into consideration all your struggles and match you with someone who is strongest in those areas so you have the highest chance of hitting your score goal! Is C/P your weakest section? We'll match you with a 130+ C/P scorer!

We Prepare Before Every Session With You

We value your time so we make each session has high quality as possible. We want you to get the most for your time and money. This is why we prepare beforehand to make sure we can provide the solutions to your biggest struggles.

Weekly Group Tutoring Q&A and Strategy Sessions

Along with 1:1 tutoring with your mentor, you'll get access to a free 60-90 minute weekly online group tutoring session and a 515+ scoring mentor! You'll be joined by other testers and you'll learn from their questions as well!

How We'll Get Your MCAT Score Up Before Your Test Date

The same way we got their score up 👇 

Proven MCAT C/P & B/B Strategies

We'll show you how to strategically work through those long, confusing science passages. Everything from interpreting/analyzing the charts/tables/graphs to understanding the passages, questions, and answer choices in your first read. 

Proven MCAT CARS Strategies

We'll show you simple tricks to start seeing through the boring, tricky CARS passages and answer choices. Improving your reading comprehension and critical thinking can be easier than you think and once you get this down, you'll do better in all the other sections of the MCAT, which will lead to a smooth ride to your competitive 511+ MCAT score!

Customized MCAT Study Plan and Schedule

There isn't one MCAT study "schedule" template that is right for everyone. Top scorers know this. But there is a right way to create one for yourself to guarantee MCAT success. We'll work with you to create your own individual, custom study plan, while tracking your progress along the way and making adjustments where necessary to ensure you achieve your score goal.

Master MCAT Content

Mastery of MCAT content is the first step towards a 511+ score. If you're struggling with any specific section(s), we'll make sure you understand it quickly. We'll especially help you get a strong grasp of all high yield topics that we know you're going to be tested on. We've mastered every single section on the MCAT and a lot of us even majored in Chem, Phys, and/or Bio!

Proven MCAT Practice & Review Strategies

A lot of premeds mess up MCAT practice because they don't know how or when to practice, yet this is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of the puzzle to a high MCAT score. We'll show you exactly how to go about it and also work through any practice questions you're struggling with. By working with us on practice questions, you'll understand the "511+ scorer way of thinking" and you'll never struggle with a similar question.

MCAT Success Mindset Strategies

We'll show you how to maintain a healthy mindset through MCAT prep. Know that we're your mentors who not only help you with MCAT content and strategy, but are also your motivational guides, your coaches that hold you accountable, your supportive friends, those who you can connect with and rely on to be there for you in the worst times, and your best times, as we all progress on our journey to becoming doctors!

1:1 MCAT Tutoring Packages

We've been in your shoes. It's time to help you step into ours.

3 Sessions



$297 One-Time

For you if you need little help in some weak areas & ideally, your test date is very soon.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 3 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available
5 Sessions



$447 One-Time

For you if you need a slight score increase and ideally, your test date is soon.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 5 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available
10 Sessions



$797 One-Time

For you if you're struggling, need to boost your score a lot AND fast + ideally your test is soon.

  • 60-minute sessions 
  • 10 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available
15 Sessions



$1087 One-Time

For you if you need complete hand-holding to your goal score until your test date that is ideally 4+ weeks away.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 15 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available
20 Sessions



$1397 One-Time

For you if you need complete hand-holding to your goal score until your test date that is ideally 10+ weeks away.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 20 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available
30 Sessions



$1987 One-Time

For you if you need complete hand-holding to your goal score until your test date that is ideally 20+ weeks away.

  • 60-minute sessions
  • 30 tutoring sessions 
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Unlimited access to private weekly group tutoring ($500+ Value)
  • Two, three, and four monthly instalment plans available

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We've wasted a lot of money on tutors and coaches who didn't deliver on results and we'd never want you to go through something like that. So if you are not satisfied with your coach after the first session or even after the second session, we will give you your money back for all remaining sessions (as long as it's within 60 days of purchase and before the third session). Also if at any point you are not happy with any one of us as your coach, we are happy to arrange to have you work with another MedLife Mastery Mentor =) 

Your Next Steps To Achieving Your Goal MCAT Score

... And get your score to a level you can be proud of!

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1

Choose Your Preferred Tutoring Package

Based on how much score increase you need, if you're retaking or not, and how far your test date is, choose a package that best meets your needs.

Need help deciding? Reach out to us!

Once you choose your package, you'll be sent to the checkout page to enter your information and confirm your order :)

Step 2

Complete The Match-Up Questionnaire

After your purchase, we'll ask you questions to match you to your ideal MCAT tutor! 

You'll answer questions about your weakest areas, strongest areas, when your test date is, if you've written before, what you're currently scoring, and several more questions to get an idea of where you are so we can complete Step 3!

Step 3

Get Matched and Meet Your MCAT Tutor!

Struggling with Chem/Phys the most? We'll get you a master of C/P! Studying with a busy schedule? We'll pair with you a mentor who also had a lot to juggle when studying. 

We'll try our absolute best to pair you with someone who can relate the most to your situation;  someone who has the highest likelihood of raising your score in the quickest amount of time!

Step 4

Finally See Your MCAT Score & Confidence Improve

Our goal from the very first session is to supercharge your score improvement as quickly as possible - regardless of when your test date is. The sooner we can get you to your score goal, the sooner we can help someone else.

We don’t have hundreds of tutors with ample availability. We're here with limited time as most of us are in med-school.

Ready to meet your MCAT Strategy Mentor? We're excited to help you!

Mishika Manchanda

504 to 516 | Retaker

Sept '22

Pooja…is one of the smartest and sweetest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has taught me so much and is so caring. Before working with her I really didn’t know that content can only take you so far and how crucial strategy and critical thinking can be for all the sections.

She helped me reconstruct how I thought about and approached the MCAT - as something that is doable and in fact designed for me to be able to do well on, despite popular belief. I used to hate CARS. I think it might be my favorite section now, which is crazy to say.

But it goes to show how much Pooja helped me rewire my brain, refine my critical thinking skills, and most importantly trust myself.

Iqra Jatoi

14 point increase in 4 weeks | Retaker

mar '23

Hieu…was beyond incredible. This was my second time studying for the MCAT and I was stuck at a score plateau for the longest time. When I met with Hieu, he really showed me that I knew the material and knew what I was doing, and that I needed to have more confidence and believe in myself, and would then see a difference in my score…

I took his advice and ended up breaking my plateau by 8 points!! I then met with him again and he gave me even more encouragement, tips and advice, and when I took the last practice test before my actual test date, I ended up increasing 4 points from the previous one!...

I ended up with almost a 12 point increase during my time with Hieu and I cannot thank him enough for helping me and being a source of encouragement and support! He truly cares about his student and wants them to succeed, and is willing to do anything for them. He was truly an incredible tutor.

Zack Huron

499 to 511 in 4 weeks | Retaker

Sept '22

I first joined [MedLife] Mastery very scared and with little confidence in my test taking abilities. I took the MCAT in late July, but just a month before that, I would struggle to score above a 500. At my lowest, I scored a 499 on a practice exam and I really needed help with every section.

My first session with Saanya was in early July, and she approached me with the confidence and the reassurance that I lacked. She helped me improve in the areas that I was weakest and helped me go from mastering content to mastering the actual test. I am proud to have known her not only as a tutor, but a good friend.

After our sessions, I approached the test with more confidence and through her guidance, I improved my score from a 499 to a 511 on test day one month later.

Will MCAT Tutoring Work For Me?

We've worked with thousands of students. Here's what determines your success more than anything else.

You'll see the most benefit with MCAT tutoring if...

  • You've tried studying on your own first but you're not seeing scores increase consistently with every practice exam (no upward trend or plateauing scores)
  • You’re just starting MCAT prep, are already feeling overwhelmed, and could use a mentor to create a strategic MCAT study plan for you that is proven to work (and you're willing to stick to it!)
  • You have already taken the MCAT once or more before and suffered a low score - making this attempt extremely important
  • You're struggling with finishing the exam or specific sections on time
  • You need to do well on the MCAT to make up for a low GPA or other factors already weakening your application and need help from someone who understands how important this is for you
  • You're procrastinating too much, struggling to stay motivated, and can use someone hold you accountable and coach you through to an improved score
  • You're not understanding specific content from particular section(s) of the MCAT and could use a friend to explain it to you in a simple, easy-to-understand manner
  • You're a nontraditional student and are finding it difficult to study/improve your scores and could use guidance from another non-traditional student who successfully beat this exam
  • You have a learning disability and are getting accommodations, but need help studying to 'level the playing field' and would find it helpful to work with a top scorer who also dealt with similar challenges

You'll see the least benefits with MCAT tutoring if...

  • You're looking for a secret shortcut that will increase your score overnight
  • You're not willing to change/tweak your current MCAT study methods
  • You're not willing to put in the time and energy necessary to get a competitive score
  • You don't have a desire to get yourself in a positive/optimistic frame of mind
  • You're not willing to make studying for the MCAT a priority in your life (especially in the last few weeks)
  • You don't see the value in using strategy over memorization and just learning content
  • You're not willing to open up to your tutor about everything that could be holding you back, even if it's hard to talk about
  • You're not willing to follow a strategic MCAT study plan your tutor helps you create (if you need it)
  • You're unsure about whether you want to be a doctor (the MCAT tests you indirectly on this!)
Our Commitment To Affordable High Quality MCAT Prep
We're students too. We have debt too.
  • We believe it's not fair to feel like we have NO choice but to pay extreme amounts just to get help for an exam that literally determines our future.
  • We've done our absolute best to keep our services and products as affordable as possible, while maintaining quality of help.
  • Unlike most, we don't make our students pay $200+/ hour for ONE tutoring session (requiring 40+ sessions to even get that price). Kaplan charges $250+. That’s ridiculous. Below are our packages.
  • We also have a fee assistance program for anyone who qualifies and can benefit from further savings on their MCAT prep.

More Frequently Asked Questions!

What are the free weekly group tutoring sessions exactly?

Every week, once a week, a different 515+ scorer MCAT Mastery Mentor hosts a 60-90 minute group tutoring session with students who are paid members of our community; who are tutoring 1:1, or are enrolled in any one of our courses.

In these group tutoring sessions, you can ask your own questions, learn from other students' questions, meet others who are taking the MCAT as well, make connections, learn from the tutor about test-taking strategy, get passage walkthroughs, and so much more!

Basically, you're getting an additional free weekly tutoring session with any package you buy! How valuable is that?!?

We want to do everything we can to help you get to your score goal :)

Is MCAT tutoring worth it?

How much money are you going to spend, or have you already spent pushing back your MCAT, retaking the MCAT, and buying prep books? What good are the prep books if you don’t know how to properly use them?

What good is buying a car without knowing how to drive and how risky is it to try to teach yourself how to drive? You need an instructor. We’ll teach you how to properly learn the content, help you with anything you’re struggling with, so you can (most importantly) SAVE TIME! Speaking of time...

How much is your time worth? Top MCAT scorers put extreme importance on their time. If you’re not worrying about the MCAT anymore, you can put focus and energy into applications, working, and so much more other stuff - including taking a well-deserved break and actually enjoying the summer. But none of that can happen if you're trying to "reinvent the wheel" and figure out the MCAT game by yourself, instead of getting guidance from someone who has already beat it.

If you’re going to be a doctor think like a doctor now - value your time at $150+ per hour. We believe we can fast-track your MCAT score progress by a month or more with our strategies and insights. Without these methods, you’ll be trying to figure it out yourself - like a tourist without a map.

So yes, tutoring is worth it and it will pay for itself.

How is tutoring at MCAT Mastery different than other tutoring services?

After paying lots of money for expensive prep courses and tutoring, we barely saw any results…

We now know what's missing with most other MCAT tutors and tutoring companies.

To name a few things:

- You’re often assigned to "MCAT experts", who have no proof of high score

- Those tutors aren’t focused on strategy, even though they know the content

- If they scored well, they’re usually ‘naturals’ with no idea of how to teach

- Their focus isn't on extremely fast score improvement

Think about it, if you make slow progress in your score while getting tutoring, that means you take more tutoring sessions, which means more of an income for them. This is why we think it's really rare to find high quality tutoring

But our focus is different…

Our goal from the very first session is to supercharge your score improvement as quickly as possible - regardless of when your test date is.

The sooner we can get you to your score goal, the sooner we can help someone else. We don’t have dozens of tutors like other companies. It’s just a few of us with limited time because most of us are in med-school!

If you want us to hold your hand all throughout your MCAT prep, all the way until your MCAT test date itself, we can do that for you too.

This initiative is us giving back - not trying to overcharge you so we can live in luxury... We'll save that for when we're doctors!

Unlike most companies, we’re not going to charge you $90+ per hour for a tutoring session. Kaplan charges $250+. That’s kind of ridiculous. 

I'm skeptical. Why are your tutoring services so much cheaper than everything else out there?

We're a small team trying to help as many students as we can. We're not trying to be the next Kaplan or TPR. Unlike most companies, we're not so far removed from your current situation that we care about profits more than we care about our students. We know the burden debt carries. Being a premed costs a lot. Way too much. We've paid the prices ourselves (still are) and we believe it's absolutely ridiculous that so many companies charge an arm and a leg to help students, simply because they know that when premeds need to get into med-school, they're at their most vulnerable stage because getting to med-school means so much. Which means you (and/or your parents) will pay them what they're asking because you're already so invested. It's not fair and this is us 'fighting back' and doing our part. We understand that you might have the idea that you 'get what you pay for' but that's not the case here. Hope that provides some perspective :)

Why are you offering tutoring? Aren't you busy with med-school?

Year after year, we’ve been asked by students in the MCAT Mastery Community if we offer one-on-one tutoring by the MCAT Masters in our team…

Every time, we’ve had to apologize and let our students know we just don’t have the time to offer those services…

Every time, we could feel the disappointment. It was painful for us to turn them away while we focused on first creating the best MCAT strategy resources in the world.

We realized that some students just need one-on-one personal MCAT help.

Some students are smart enough to know that climbing this mountain all alone, one that determines whether or not you'll make it to med-school, is not a good idea.

We realized sometimes you just need someone credible to hear you out, and offer customized advice on exactly what you need to do for your personal struggles, challenges, and frustrations.

Most importantly, you need someone who’s been in the same situation you’re currently in, someone who came out of that situation a top scorer… to tell you exactly what to do to increase your score to a competitive level by your test date! No matter where you're at right now.

You need someone to tell you exactly what you need to do to get your score competitive enough to get your application actually looked at by med-schools. Which means, depending on your GPA and which school you want to get into, you generally need a 510 or higher.

So having had these realizations...

We made the decision to launch MCAT Mastery Mentoring.

We’re super excited for this! You deserve the best MCAT prep guidance and you shouldn’t have to break the bank for it…

Because you deserve to reach your MCAT score goal, get into med-school, and create a life helping people…

Where and how will I meet my tutor?

You'll be able to schedule your sessions with your tutor based on your own convenience. All sessions are done online through an online web meeting software (free for you). 

What if I'm not happy with my tutor?

If you're not happy with your tutor, we can assign you to a new one! Or we can give you a refund if you've had two or less sessions and it hasn't been over 60 days since you purchased.

What happens if I don't use up all my sessions?

Your sessions will never expire so you're free to use them at any time. You can also upgrade to our med-school admission coaching packages with your remaining sessions and balance. You can learn more about our med-school application coaching packages here on our sister site, at MedLife Mastery =)

How is the overall program/package structured? (ie. Is there a schedule I will need to follow?) I am asking because I work full-time and wanted to know if the tutors were flexible.

You won’t need to follow a specific schedule. You can choose your session dates/times that are available based on your preference. In your first meeting, you and your tutor may spend a few minutes coming up with a study plan/schedule and meeting frequencies that are most efficient for you and your situation specifically. Our tutors are very flexible :)

Does the tutoring program provide materials such as any textbook, practice questions and tests, etc.?

At this time we don’t provide any additional MCAT prep resources.

The main reason is that most students who sign up already have their own MCAT prep resources they’re using. Plus there are already some high quality MCAT prep materials out there and until we can create something better than what’s already available, we’re not going to sell resources that will only overwhelm our students, just for an extra profit.

If you’re in the boat where you don’t have MCAT prep resources at the moment, we suggest you spend a few minutes during your first session with your tutor to ask them what resources they give their highest recommendations to! That way you can save time from having to do the research yourself, and you know exactly what company/products to invest in for a great score.

Also if you already have MCAT prep resources you’re using which you like, our tutors are more than happy to work with the materials you already have. We will also try our best to match you with a tutor who also used the same resources as you so they can show you how to use them to achieve a score like theirs!

How do you match me with a tutor? Am I paired with someone or do I choose one?

Firstly, yes you’re paired with a tutor. When you sign up, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire where you will answer questions about your MCAT prep so far (your current study methods, your biggest struggles, your weaknesses, strengths, your score goal, what you’re currently scoring, and so much more), and we’ll use your answers to match you with a tutor that would be perfect for you to help you increase your score by your test date.

On the other hand, one of the questions in the questionnaire is if there’s a specific tutor you’d like to request - so you can definitely choose your own tutor if you wish!

How soon would the tutoring start once I sign up?

Once you sign up for a tutoring package, you can start as soon as within 24-48 hours. After signing up, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your MCAT journey so far - how you’ve been studying, your weakest areas, the resources you’ve been using, and so much more. The more detail you can provide, the better it will be. We will use your responses to match you with a tutor (within 24 hours) and we’ll send you a link to your tutor’s calendar schedule. From there you can schedule your first session. Your tutor will use your responses to the questions to prepare, so that from the very first session they can begin working with you on improving your score!

What is the schedule if I get the X session tutor package? Do I get to choose when the sessions are?

Generally, the schedule will be worked out between you and your tutor.

After you sign up, you’ll get access to your tutor’s calendar, where you will select and schedule your first (or more) tutoring session(s) with them. 

They don’t have to be scheduled all at once. You can schedule them one-by-one as you go, or perhaps after you have worked with your tutor to create an optimal studying plan until your test date :)

Am I just paying for tutors to tell me strategies?

No you're not going to be sitting in a strategy lecture for an hour. We're not just here to give you strategies. We're here to give you strategies AND show you how to apply them for YOUR specific situation, your learning style, your schedule, your score goal, your weaknesses/strengths, and so on. Having someone analyze your current methods, including how you read through and comprehend passages, plus diagnose what's holding your score back, then telling you exactly what you need to do to start seeing your score increase, is priceless. That's what we do.

If you get a personal trainer, they tell you more than just what workouts to do and when (even though that's valuable in itself). For some people, that alone is enough. But they also show you how they applied those teachings, they watch your form, they hold you accountable, they create your workout schedule for your goals and your deadline, and so much more. Think of us as your personal "MCAT" trainers ;)

In short, you can always hope you find the right strategies and try to figure it out for yourself, kind of like a patient trying to diagnose and cure themselves by Google searching their days away, or you can go to a doctor who can just fix the issues for you so you (and your MCAT score) can feel much better after :)

Yea, we're full of analogies lol

Also if you need help brushing up on some content, we'll help you there too - it's not always just about the strategies.

Why should I work with you when not all of you got 520+ scores?

Great question!

The reason we ALL didn't get 525+ scores and the reason why we're so confident in our tutoring abilities, is exactly the same...

We're average students who had to scramble in figuring out how to be above average quickly.

We were just like the 90% of students who sign up to work with us everyday, who would be thrilled to quickly improve their scores by 10 or more points and get to a competitive mark (and that mark is whatever is relevant for the med-school their aiming for), usually in the 510+ area. 

Scores don't mean anything if your 525+ scoring tutor can't relate to you in your struggles and where you're at, or what it's like to be scoring in the low 490s. Those scores don't mean anything if they can't teach well, or if it took them 8 months to get their scores there, whereas you only have 1-2 months. Knowing how to improve scores quickly is so important.

That's not to say we've never had students score 519+, because we have. It all depends on individual needs and goals. Whatever your goal is, we're happy to support it, even if that means getting you to a score that surpasses our own.

Lastly, would you really be disappointed if you scored a 515? What about a 510? We like to keep things real and would really enjoy working with you, if you do too!

By the way, if you wanted to be assigned to a 100th percentile scoring tutor, we'd be happy to do that for you (providing they're available). 

Do you offer a payment plan option? 

Yes! When you click 'Book Now' on your desired tutoring session package, you'll see the option to pay in instalments. Also if you choose the "PayPal" option at checkout, you'll see an option to "Pay in 4" instalments, with no interest charge! You can learn more about that on this page

Do you work with students who have special MCAT accommodations (learning disability, etc.)?

Yes definitely! We've worked with many students who need MCAT accommodations and have guided them through that process as well. We understand how frustrating it might be when you're trying to make progress on the MCAT but feel like you're at a disadvantage. We're here to help you 'level the playing field' and get a competitive MCAT score :)

Do you work with nontraditional students?

YES! We welcome and love working with nontraditional students. Several of the mentors on the team were also nontraditional students when taking the MCAT, so we can definitely relate. If you fall under the 'nontrad' category, your level of passion and dedication towards beating this exam inspires us. We've worked with many in the past in improving their scores and are happy to work with you too!

What if I just want help in one section of the MCAT?

That's completely fine! If you just need help in CARS, we'll pair you with our best available CARS Master who scored 130+ in that section. Same goes for any other section. You can use all your sessions for focused help in just that one section. You make the rules - we don't enforce a specific template