Taught by eleven 515+ MCAT scorers. These are your blueprints to achieving your maximum MCAT score: 

Self-Paced Step-By-Step MCAT Strategy Courses To Increase Your MCAT Score - FAST

Watch the video below to meet one of your Lead MCAT Strategy Instructors, Aly Dwight:

"After interviewing and researching 100s of top MCAT scorers, having our own challenging experiences scoring 515+ (up to 526) on the MCAT, and helping 1,500+ students one-on-one with improving MCAT scores, The MedLife Mastery Team has collaboratively created the ultimate MCAT success system to help any premed with increasing their MCAT scores to competitive levels - FAST!"

Here's Why All of Us Struggled To Break Through 495-505 On The MCAT... Before Finally Skyrocketing To 515+ and Getting Into Med-School

And why most premeds never make it past 500.

We all still remember feeling shocked by our first few practice MCAT scores. 

Confused but determined, we continued to give MCAT prep our best effort...

  • We did more content review (way more than needed).
  • We did more practice (inefficiently, and wasted limited practice exams).
  • We tried to diversify resources (wasted time and money).
  • A few of us even took the MCAT without being ready, and had to retake.

No matter how hard we studied, our scores were nowhere near our goals of 515+ or even 511 (avg. acceptance score). 

In fact after months of effort, most of us had a lot of the content down pretty well...

But scores still hovered around 495-505.

Every one of us felt doubtful of our abilities, discouraged, anxious, and overwhelmed...

We felt a complete lack of confidence in our abilities and potential to get into med-school.

Fast forward to today as we tutor students, we're hearing the same MCAT prep frustrations we had:

  • "I know the content so why isn't it reflecting in my MCAT score?" 
  • "I'm a smart student. I have a background in biology, I do well academically, so why is my score not improving?" 
  • "What am I doing wrong? How can I improve my score if I don't know what I'm doing wrong." 

The MCAT seems almost unfair to us, and you can't blame us for thinking that...

We've Never Studied for An Exam of This Size; With This Much Content, With This Length, and With This Many Subjects!

We were never taught how to critically think through passages, maintain mental stamina for 7+ hours, or find the "main idea" of passages...

As premeds, what we ARE good at is learning content through memorization and review.

We've been practicing this skill since high school. 

Now we've realized that because we're ALL pretty good at this, the average MCAT score, the mean, is a 500.9*

Typical premed progress after months of inefficIent prep
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress


Stuck in 495-505 range

Competitive MCAT Score

We realized that clearly AAMC is looking for the above-average:

  • Who can do MORE than just memorize and review content.
  • Who can plan for, think through, strategize for, and master a med-school level exam.

It's the reason they created the MCAT. 

Today as we've stepped into med-school, we know for a fact that: 

The MCAT is a med-school exam - NOT a premed exam

Which means in order to score high on the MCAT, you need to learn HOW to study for a med-school exam...

That's what we're here to show you:

MCAT Strategy: The Key To Quickly Learn How To Study For A Med-School Exam (And Score 511+)

MCAT Strategy: Another Buzz Word?

"MCAT strategy" gets tossed around so much that it's become another buzz word that's used irresponsibly.

Let's clarify what it really means in the context of the MCAT. 

As you know by now, you need to learn new ways to study for this exam... 

  • You need to absorb and memorize such a large amount of content with endless detail and store it in memory for an exam that's 2-6 months in the future.
  • You need to apply memorized content to tricky questions based on confusing passages with wordy paragraphsunfamiliar concepts, and 2-4 figures per passage 
  • You need to learn how to think critically through passages, graphs/figures, question stems, and answer choices.
  • You need to maintain stamina + focus for 7.5 hours, comprehending everything and reading quickly, while not running out of time.
  • You need to learn how to practice/review strategically with the limited AAMC material. 
  • For CARS especially, you need to learn how to identify the main idea, understand the author, see through trick answer choices.
  • You need to learn to plan, schedule, and optimize your prep as your score progresses.
  • You need to take care of other important areas of life (job, school, relationships), but especially your mindset so you can stay confident, motivated, and determined as you write the hardest exam of your life. 

... And there's so much more.

Clearly all of this is NOT easy. 

To make it easier to learn all of these skills FAST, you need MCAT strategy

MCAT strategy is about finding and using the simplest, easiest, quickest techniques that give you the largest jumps in your score. 

The best part? You don't need to find the best strategies anymore because...

We figured out the best MCAT strategies, increased scores fast to 515+ using them,  and are now passing them on to you.

You don't need to struggle through the MCAT, use trial and error to find the right strategies, or search endless forums crowded with anxious premeds...

You just simply need to take our proven strategies and USE them.

This is why so many students have increased their scores very quickly after working with us.

Now it's your turn...

Your Ultimate MCAT Success BlueprintsStep-By-Step MCAT Strategy Courses To Achieve Your Maximum MCAT Score

Choose the course you need the most help in. Or get them all in one course by selecting the "Complete MCAT Strategy Package" option. 

MCAT Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Mastery Course + 1:1 Tutoring

Step-By-Step Strategies To Think Like A 130+ C/P & B/B Scorer

7 Modules | 65 Video Lessons | 38 Passage Dissections | 1 to 20 Tutoring Sessions

Course Description + Table Of Contents

In this course, you will discover how 130+ C/P & B/B scorers mastered all the relevant C/P & B/B content, then actually applied their knowledge to confusing passages with unfamiliar concepts, with complex and convoluted language, with endless acronyms/numbers, with detailed figures/tables, all while successfully applying no-calculator math without making silly mistakes along the way! And there's so much more...

Click here to see what's inside this course and learn more about it.

Once you learn these strategies, practice them yourself, then watch a 130+ scorer go through 40+ AAMC passages, there's no doubt that you'll come away thinking like a top scorer, and increasing your score - fast.

  • Module 1: C/P & B/B Content Mastery Strategies
  • Module 2: Mastering The Numbers - Strategies For MCAT Math, Stats, and Equations/Formulas
  • Module 3: Mastering MCAT C/P & B/B Passages
  • Module 4: Chem/Phys Dissections - Step-By-Step C/P Passage Video Walkthroughs With Emily Reeson, 131 C/P Scorer
  • Module 5: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step B/B Passage Video Walkthroughs With Aly Dwight, 130 B/B Scorer
  • Module 6: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step C/P Passage Video Walkthroughs With Mehul Nimpal, 132 C/P Scorer
  • Module 7: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step B/B Passage Video Walkthroughs With Pooja Kadakia, 132 B/B Scorer

You can get this course + all other courses in the Complete MCAT Strategy Package or for free by joining a 6-Week Live MCAT Strategy Course

Package starts at $247, and increase based on # of tutoring sessions added.

MCAT CARS Mastery Course + 1:1 Tutoring

Step-By-Step Strategies To Think Like A 130+ CARS Scorer

7 Modules | 13 Chapters | 99 Video Lessons | 43 Passage Dissections | 1 to 20 Tutoring Sessions*

Click for Course Description + Table Of Contents 

How do you quickly get through dry, unclear, boring passages with details you get lost in, while constantly misinterpreting the author and narrowing down to two answer choices but choosing the wrong one? All while trying to learn an entirely new way of thinking for the first time in your life! It can be done with the 130+ CARS scorer strategies you'll learn in this step-by-step course. Once you learn the right strategies for CARS, practice them, then watch two 130+ scorers think through over 40 AAMC passages, you'll absorb the top scorer way of thinking and as a result, increase your score fast. This is CARS made easy.

Click here to see what's inside and/or enroll now.

  • Module 1: Quick Start: Rapid Implementation CARS Strategies + Getting Started
  • Module 2: Mastering CARS Passages
  • Module 3: Mastering CARS Question Stems & Answer Choices
  • Module 4: CARS Question Stem Analysis Series
  • Module 5: CARS Mastery Strategies Installation: AAMC QPack 1 Passage Dissections With a 99th Percentile CARS Scorer
  • Module 6: CARS Mastery Strategies Installation: AAMC QPack 2 Passage Dissections With a 98th percentile CARS Scorer

You can get this course + all other courses in the Complete MCAT Strategy Package or for free by joining a 6-Week Live MCAT Strategy Course

Package starts at $247, and increase based on # of tutoring sessions added.

Complete MCAT Strategy Course - Presentation Mock Up

The Complete MCAT Strategy Package + 1:1 Tutoring

4 Courses | 9 Modules | 52 Chapters | 268 Video Lessons | 97 Passage Dissections | Unlimited Live Weekly Group Tutoring | 1 to 20 Tutoring Sessions

Includes all the above MCAT strategy courses, and all strategy resources we've ever created!

Package starts at $347, and increase based on # of tutoring sessions added.

[New!] Get The Complete MCAT Strategy Package (all self-paced courses above) included in the 6-Week Live MCAT Strategy Course!

For you if you're looking for an option that offers group collaboration, a comprehensive MCAT strategy based curriculum, on-demand self-paced MCAT strategy video courses for every section, live instruction from a 518+ MCAT scorer, and your test date is 6+ weeks away. 

$997 One-Time

Early Bird: $797 One-Time*

Instalment plans available.

  • 90-minute live interactive classes twice a week for six weeks 
  • 18 total hours in-session time with top MCAT scorer
  • Session recordings for review/in-case you can't make it!
  • Unlimited office hours with a different 515+ scorer weekly until the last test day of the year ($500+ value)
  • Learn from and with students just like you, testing at the same time as you!
  • Homework assignments designed to boost your understanding!
  • Exclusive worksheets to supplement your learning!
  • Two and three monthly instalment plans available
  • Self paced CARS Mastery Course with 108 strategy video lessons by 130+ CARS scorers, including 51 AAMC passage walkthroughs ($197 value)
  • Self paced Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Mastery Course with 100+ strategy video lessons by 130+ C/P & B/B scorers, including 68 AAMC passage walkthroughs ($197 value)
  • Bonus: Self paced Psych/Soc Mastery Course with 42 strategy video lessons by 130+ P/S scorers, including 12 AAMC passage walkthroughs
  • "Bring a Study Buddy Bonus: When you and a friend join together, you each get 1 free private 60-minute tutoring session with a 515+ scorer!
  • Bonus: MCAT Exam Day Mastery Video Series

Get Immediate Access

Action steps + lesson notes for every video 

Access anywhere, On any device: Improve on-the-go

After interviewing and researching 100s of top MCAT scorers, having our own experiences scoring 515+ on the MCAT, and helping 1,000+ students individually with increasing their MCAT scores, The MedLife Mastery Team has collaboratively created the ultimate step-by-step MCAT success system.

Using these strategies and following this proven formula, anyone can learn how to think like a top scorer and future doctor. This is your blueprint to achieving a competitive MCAT score that helps you open doors to med-school, and ultimately helps you achieve your physician dream.

This self-paced course was a godsend, and also extremely affordable!


I found the strategy videos for all four sections to be extremely helpful, and especially since every top scorer brought his or her own unique perspective. I started implementing new techniques and thinking about questions differently and finally got over the plateau I was stuck at. All their instructors were also so motivating, inspirational and relatable - they too struggled initially but helped to instill a growth mindset and sense of confidence. I enjoyed the course so much that I decided to invest in a few tutoring sessions. Although you have to be committed to putting in the work yourself, if you are self motivated and want to reach or even exceed your full MCAT potential this course is for you. Thank you, [MedLife] Mastery!

I truly believe that the [MedLife] Mastery Complete Course is the best investment I made!


I truly believe that the [MedLife] Mastery Complete Course is the best investment I made during my study period! Their strategies for carefully reading and analyzing passages and question stems... allowed me to feel calm, focused, and confident in my knowledge and preparation while I was taking practice tests and when I took my actual MCAT exam. The course really helped me focus on the passage and questions at hand without being distracted by fear or anxiety of any kind. Believe it or not, the test-taking strategies I learned from this course have also helped me succeed in my harder STEM-based classes! I am forever grateful to the team at [MedLife] Mastery!

Meet Your Lead MCAT Strategy Instructors

You won't be learning from just one or two MCAT "experts" - you're learning from ELEVEN top scoring MCAT mentors who are all either in or starting med-school, with actual tutoring experience, with fast score improvements, with complimentary MCAT strengths, and with an unshakeable dedication and passion to see you get med-school admission.


After 400+ hours of studying, Julia found herself plateauing in the mid 500s just 6 weeks before her test date. That's when the strategy clicked and her scores jumped to 513-519. 

Ultimately in those final 45 days, she managed to increase her to score by 10+ points and achieved a 518 (96th percentile) by test day! Julia also scored in the 99th percentile in CARS!

Specialty: CARS & Psych/Soc


Having to manage a full course load, work, extracurriculars and more during her MCAT prep, Ariana went from scoring in the 490s to a 515 on the MCAT in just 3 months, with a 98th percentile CARS score.

Today Ariana is in her second year of med-school and has a much more evolved perspective on how to learn for a med-school type exam like the MCAT.

Specialty: CARS & Psych/Soc


After almost 3 months of content review, Aly found herself hovering at a 500 and constantly getting stuck at certain scores; a 505 for 4 tests in a row at one point, and a 508 on 7 tests in a row when she was retaking! 

She revamped her approached with a focus on mindset and strategy and in the last 3 weeks before her MCAT, she raised her score by 12 points, from 508 to a 520!

Specialty: Bio/Biochem & Psych/Soc


Despite receiving poor practice scores and feeling lack of motivation to study, Mehul made the commitment to focused strategic studying and in 3.5 months, took his score from the low 500s to a 524 (100th percentile) on test day!

Mehul has been teaching in some form for over 7 years and is incredibly passionate about helping students overcome their mental barriers to succeeding on this exam.

Specialty: Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem


After initially struggling with practice exams, Pooja improved her strategy and confidence for the MCAT and increased her score from a 499 to 508/509 in her first 4 weeks of full time studying! 

That's where she hit a hard plateau but once again, revamped her strategy and with less than 30 days left before her MCAT date, she once again skyrocketed her score to 522!

Specialty: Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem


After 4 months of content review and plateauing scores, Emily's score only improved by 4 points (from 503 to 507)! She was managing a full course load and a job, while trying to figure out how to reach her score goal. 

That's when Emily revamped her focus on strategy + practice. 2 weeks later, she DOMINATED the MCAT with a 518 (96th percentile) score! In less than 14 days, she increased her score by 11 points (even seeing an 8 point increase in 1 week!)

Specialty: Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem

We Also Have Guest MCAT Strategy Course Instructors

Although not in the majority of videos, these awesome instructors will show up in a few video lessons to blow your mind with their best MCAT strategies.

Ayesha - MCAT Tutor

After rescheduling her MCAT two times, Ayesha started with a 503, but in just 1.5 months, increased her score by 14 points and achieved a 517! She credits this to quick content review, plus a much greater focus on strategic practice and improving her mental/physical health!

517 MCAT Scorer
Arvind Rajan - HS - MCAT Mentor

Struggling with his schedule and not knowing how to study efficiently, Arvind figured out the right strategies and mindset to eventually increase his score by 18 points from a 499 to a 517 on the MCAT in a month and a half!

517 MCAT Scorer
Serena - MCAT Mastery Mentor

After getting a disappointing first MCAT score result and 499 diagnostic score in May, Serena began focused strategic studying in June and in about 6 weeks she managed to skyrocket her score to a 519 by test day!

519 MCAT Scorer
Henry - MCAT Tutor

Studying before completing pre-reqs and working full time to support his family, Henry struggled with MCAT prep. Just 5 weeks before his test date he was stuck at a 500. But in those last 35 days, he boosted his score by 16 points to score a 516 on his actual MCAT!

516 MCAT Scorer
Savannah Runge - MCAT Tutor

For months, Savannah kept getting the same MCAT practice score of 505 and was extremely discouraged. Then with just 3 weeks (21 days) left, she revamped her strategies, got past her self-doubt, and increased her score by 12 points to a 517 by test date!

517 MCAT Scorer

Note: The instructors above are teaching/presenting the lessons in the courses, but the strategies themselves have also come from nearly all of the 40+ top scoring mentors on The MedLife Mastery Team! You can meet the entire team here :)

Here’s what other Students are saying about your MCAT Strategy instructors

Julia gave me valuable strategies that shot my scores up in every section, and quick too!

“I had to retake my MCAT and after my first time taking it was very unsure of where to head towards or how to fix my mistakes. Julia was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging! We were able to come up with an attainable and doable study schedule, as well as explore my mistakes and my strengths to make sure I was well equipped and calm for test day."

Taylor Jamali

Pooja gave me the strategy and confidence I needed to perform better on practice exams with my highest being a 511.

“My tutor Pooja was PHENOMENAL!! I got into a rut during studying where a month before my exam I scored a 501 which was 3 points lower than my highest score of a 504.  I just received my results and I got a 508 which I am happy with! Pooja helped me recognize where weak spots were and helped give me useful CARS strategy and overall lifestyle tips for pre-test day. Thanks Pooja!” 

Emilia Chapa

I'd taken the MCAT once before last year and got a 508, and I just received a 515 after working with Emily! 

“I absolutely loved working with Emily . She helped me hone helpful strategies section-by-section and provided me with the confidence I needed to score well. My original frustration was running out of time on the first section, and Emily was so helpful in helping me figure out how to better manage my time and do the math quickly. I also figured out how to master the memorization required for psych/soc. I am so thankful for [MedLife] Mastery and happy with my improved score!!”

Julia Deziel

I was able to raise my score 19 points to a 515 in about 6 weeks from all the tips [Ariana] gave me..

"Ariana helped me so, so much. She was really able to understand where I was getting stuck and why and then how to help. Ariana was able to really emphasize how important going through the passage was and understanding the details in it to bring it all together, which is something I was continuously getting tripped up on... ."

Annabella D.

[Mehul] helped me improve my confidence and understand the MCAT does not control you, but you control how you will tackle and succeed on the MCAT. 

“Working with Mehul was great! I learned so much from him! He took his time to provide insightful responses to my questions. He helped me improve my confidence and understand the MCAT does not control you, but you control how you will tackle and succeed on the MCAT. I learnt that mindset plays a huge role in preparing for this exam.”

Lela S.

Now, I get almost all math questions right, and my C/P score has increased with every practice exam! I don’t know what I would have done without Emily. 

"Chem/Phys has always been very difficult for me, and after seeing plateauing scores, I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to reach my goal score... Emily was able to help me pinpoint my weak areas and we realized I needed help with MCAT math... she was able to revamp my attitude towards the C/P section and showed me the necessary shortcuts to make MCAT math possible for me." 

Lexi Holroyd

The Complete MCAT Strategy Package: Your Step By Step Blueprints To A Top MCAT Score


1:1 Tutoring Session(s) with a 515+ MCAT Scorer

Every package comes with not just proven strategy lessons, but also one-on-one 60 minute tutoring session(s) with a 515+ MCAT scorer. You can choose if you want just one session or add an additional 3, 5, or even 10 sessions with your enrolment. 

Katherine K.

"Just from my last practice test, [my tutor] helped me improve my score 15 points which I never thought was possible."

Increase Your MCAT Score Within The Next 30 Days

If you read the bios of the top scoring mentors on The MedLife Mastery Team, you'll notice we all had a point where scores skyrocketed. That's the point where it 'clicked' because we started applying strategy. Every mentor attributes their fast score increase to the strategies you're about to learn.

A Dramatic Increase of Confidence Going Into The Exam

Once it clicks, you'll find that for the first time in a long time during MCAT prep, you’ll have clarity. That moment of clarity is priceless. It’s a moment where you’ll be thinking “I got this.” Confidence alone has led to score jumps for the many top scorers we've interviewed and in our own experiences. It's truly amazing to see; maybe it's because you don't second guess yourself on an answer choice, maybe you re-read less and finish faster. Whatever it is, when you've learned the exact SAME strategies that previous top scorers used, you can be sure you're studying for this section in the BEST way possible. You can be sure you're seeing the passage, question, answer choices in a way that others aren't - and that will be your advantage on this bell-curved exam.

Apply Proven Strategies Used By Countless Top Scorers In The Past

Remember: we've interviewed and researched specifically those top MCAT scorers who had a giant spike in their MCAT score. Not only that, but nearly every top MCAT scorer on the team here, had that experience of scores skyrocketing in just days/weeks. PLUS we've helped countless students do the same through one-on-one tutoring sessions and other resources (see reviews!). It all comes back to that 'click'. When you understand how to memorize, test, practice, and dominate each section of this exam, your scores will jump with every practice exam. Ironically, some part of you might wish your test date was further because you know where your score could end up at your current rate of increase ;)

Finish The MCAT On Time With Complete Focus Throughout

When you learn how to think for this exam, you'll finish each section and the whole exam on time, feeling certain about almost every answer choice. By identifying and solving the root cause of why timing isn’t where it needs to be, so many students see an immediate score increase. With the right strategies, you stop losing focus. When you lose focus, you become anxious which further hurts your timing and scores potential from increasing.

No more skipping passages or guessing on an answer choice during an exam. That throws you off and affects performance for the rest of the test. We've been there. No more not comprehending the passages and information given to you in the first read. Your mind isn't trained yet to grasp the most important details quickly. Especially in CARS. With the approaches you'll learn in this course, you'll develop this key skill all med-schools want to see.

Master Your Most Frustrating Section(s) Holding Your Score Down

We all had that one or two section(s) that frustrated us the most!! *cough* CARS/CP *cough* You know which those are for you! For each of these sections, you'll learn how to identify your weaknesses and fix them. You'll learn from 130+ scorers in those sections, who started in the low-mid 120s. And you'll learn how they raised their scores. Getting a <125 score to 128 or 129 is way easier than getting a 128 to 130+. 

Did you know there's a unique way to analyze each section's passages and questions so that they can GUIDE you to the right answer choices? You'll learn this key skill for each section.

You'll finally get why certain answers are wrong and why others are correct for each section (especially useful during the many times you’re stuck between two or more answer choices).

This is it. The last time you'll ever prep for the MCAT →

Here’s How Our MCAT Strategies Have Helped Students Achieve 510+ Scores In The Past

Our previous MCAT strategy guide (in text form) was much less comprehensive, much less structured, and only contained less than 20% of the strategies in this course, yet it still yielded a lot of top MCAT scorers.  Imagine with this complete course will do for your score.

Jennifer Nedimyer

From 501 to 511 in 30 days

"With only 1 month left before my second MCAT... I began to see my score increase by several points each time!"

After the disappointment of my first MCAT, I continued studying using a self-paced course ... after another 2 months went by without any significant increase in score, I felt defeated. My fiancé was the one who suggested trying [MedLife] Mastery. I had actually heard of it really early on in my prep, but I assumed it was a hoax. (Guaranteed score improvement as such a low cost? No way.)

But as soon as I bought the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide ... I realized how wrong I had been. With only 1 month left before my second MCAT, I was already deeply focused. I followed the guide's advice about how to prepare in the last month of your study, and I began to see my score increase by several points each time!


".... I am starting my 6th week in medical school, and I don’t think I would have made it in without your programs tips and my successful retake! Thanks again for all the MCAT support!


Melanie Ledding

From 505 to 517 on the MCAT

"After reading the strategies, I completely revamped how I reviewed my exams..."

Reading the [MedLife] Mastery Guide strategies was one of the best things I did to prepare for my MCAT. I read it after having taken some practice exams without seeing any increase in my test score. I was panicking as I was only scoring around 505 and I knew I needed at least a 515 for the schools I was interested in.

Worst of all, my scores were very unbalanced between sections with my lowest score being the physical sciences with a 124. After reading the strategies, I completely revamped how I reviewed my exams and shifted my focus to tackling my worst sections with a vengeance. I’m totally thrilled that I scored a 517 and even happier to have brought my worst section score up to 129. I credit the majority of my progress to following the advice in the [MedLife] Mastery Guide.

Dan Green

From 506 to 520 in 30 days

"I wish I'd found it sooner..."

"I highly recommend the Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide!... I wish I'd found it sooner. Sure I knew the content, but I had no idea how to take the actual exam.

It provided loads of tips on how to structure your study strategy and how to approach the problems. The study plan advice was especially helpful to me since I was self-studying and designing my own strategy."


Live 60-90 Minute Weekly Group Tutoring With A 515+ MCAT Scorer!

"This bonus alone was worth the price of this course!"

Description: Every week a different MedLife Mastery Mentor will be hosting live 60-90 minute group tutoring sessions on Zoom with students enrolled. This is where you'll be able to ask your questions, learn from other student's questions, see live passage breakdowns, and get the overall live support of a top scorer who has been in your shoes, as well as that of other students who are going through MCAT prepIf you can't make it to a session, recordings will always be available to view later. You'll also be able to send in questions beforehand :)

More Value in This Package Than 100+ Hours of 1:1 Tutoring

Consider this...

This complete MCAT strategy package has 95+ passage dissection videos covering every section on the MCAT, where a 130+ scorer in that specific section walks you through their thought process breaking down AAMC passages, question stems, figures/tables, and answer choices. 

To experience that in a one-on-one tutoring session, it would take at least 70-80+ sessions. 

Getting a top MCAT scorer to work with you one-on-one just for 30 sessions costs $1987. And that's our tutoring price which is incredibly more reasonable than everything else out there.

Not to mention the other 150+ strategy-based video lessons, the live weekly group tutoring, the free bonuses, and so much more that is available to members. 

Here's what our course registration fee options look like: 

Complete package + 1 TUTORING SESSION

The complete MCAT strategy package with one 60 minute coaching session with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at


  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery  
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scorer
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • One 1:1 Tutoring Session (Special Offer)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*

Complete package + 3 TUTORING SESSIONs

The complete MCAT strategy package with three 60 minute coaching session with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at

$397 + $327 = 724

  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery  
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scoree
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Remaining sessions transferable to med-school app coaching*
  • Three 1:1 Tutoring Session ($327 Value)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*

COmplete package + 5 TUTORING SESSION

The complete MCAT strategy package with five 60 minute coaching session with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at

$397 + $447 = 844

  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scorer
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Remaining sessions transferable to med-school app coaching*
  • Five 1:1 Tutoring Session ($447 Value)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete MCAT strategy package with ten 60 minute coaching session with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at

$397 + $747 = 1194

  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scorer
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Remaining sessions transferable to med-school app coaching*
  • Ten 1:1 Tutoring Session ($747 Value)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete MCAT strategy package with fifteen 60 minute coaching sessions with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at

$397 + $1087 = 1484

  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scorer
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Remaining sessions transferable to med-school app coaching*
  • Fifteen 1:1 Tutoring Session ($1087 Value)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete MCAT strategy package with twenty 60 minute coaching sessions with a 515+ scorer.


Valued at

$397 + $1397 = 1794

  • Includes C/P & B/B Mastery Course + CARS Mastery Course - ($397 Value)
  • 2 Free Bonus Courses: Exam Day Mastery + MCAT Psych/Soc Mastery
  • Live Weekly Group Tutoring Drop In Sessions With A 515+ Scorer
  • 20 MCAT practice passages with explanations
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal mentor
  • Remaining sessions transferable to med-school app coaching*
  • Twenty 1:1 Tutoring Session ($1397 Value)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*

14-Day Guarantee: Get Proven MCAT Prep Strategies or Get Your Money Back

We care about your success and want you to get the best for your time and money. We want you to get the highest MCAT score possible for YOU, so you get into the med-school of your choice. Being on this "Dr." journey ourselves, we can empathize when it comes to you not wanting to waste your own money (or that of someone supporting you).

Which is why we have a simple guarantee for you: this course delivers what it promises. If you don’t like this course or you don’t feel like you’re getting more value out of it than the money you invested, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase date and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked. 

With our course + coaching options, we won't be able to refund any used coaching sessions, but can definitely refund the full price of the course. All course + coaching packages include savings when bundled together and therefore any refunds with used coaching sessions will result in a loss of these savings (adjusting your sessions to the normal value)

Today we're tutors with strong MCAT scores and living our med-school dreams because we realized that...

To get beyond our ≤ 500 plateau we had to:

1) Find out what study methods the average MCAT taker wasn't using.
2) Learn how to develop and apply it ourselves.

If you want to be a competitive applicant and get into med-school, you need to learn this as well.

You can try to figure it all out on your own (like many of us had to)...

Or you can learn from those who already figured it out (which is what we're here for).

But either way...

"Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity." - Albert Einstein

Frequently Asked Questions

Which course(s) should I get for my situation?

Note that even if you don’t plan on getting any courses from us (which is fine), this logic will help you when deciding how to focus your energy in your MCAT prep, based on your current situation.

We’ve laid out different scenarios, and our general recommendations for each one. 

As a reminder, here's the complete selection of self-paced MCAT strategy video courses:

1.    The Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Mastery Course

2.    The CARS Mastery Course

3.    The Psych/Soc Mastery Course

4.    The MCAT Content & Testing Mastery Course

5.    The Complete MCAT Strategy Course (includes everything)

Your choice on which to enrol in, should depend on two factors:

1.    When is your test date? 

2.    How much of a score increase do you need? 

For each scenario, we’re going to make recommendations based on our experience during our own prep + our research + working with students, but keep in mind these aren’t going to be 100% accurate for each individual case. 

Use these as guidelines, not rules.

With that said, here’s how we'd recommend thinking about it:

The less time you have before test day, the more you need to prioritize improving your weakest sections fast.

It’s easier to get most sections from <124/125 to 127/128, than to get 127/128 to 130+. 

The more time you have, the more MCAT sections you can approach strategically.

The earlier you start implementing the right strategic approach, and continuously build the right way of thinking through the MCAT, the higher your score will be on test day.

With more time you can understand the MCAT testing style, gain further mastery of the content, conduct practice strategically, and so on.

Once your weakest is near 128 and you have more time, start working on your strongest section that isn't at a 130+, with a strategy course.

Generally, you should be able to get your strongest section to a 131 or 132 with a strategy course. Especially if that is Psych/Soc. 

If you have even more time, then work on your next strongest section, get that to a 130+ and keep that pattern going.

The less score increase you need, the more you prioritize improving your weakest sections fast.

If all your scores are balanced, prioritize your strongest section.

But first choice should always be getting your weakest section(s) up fast to where your strongest are at. You can do that by getting section-specific strategy courses.

The more score increase you need, the more you need to prioritize getting the big picture strategy for every section, and mastering the content better.

Which means here it's smarter to get the complete course as opposed to section-specific courses.

Here is the a little chart to help:

Which MCAT Strategy Course to Get

Again, keep in mind these are general guidelines.

If you have 40 days left and need a 12 point score increase, that doesn't necessarily mean you should get the complete course. Use your judgement because you know your situation best. 

The Content & Testing Mastery Course is recommended for those who could use a better mastery of the content, passage style, and how to use practice exams better. The only students we would recommend AGAINST getting this course is those who are testing in less than 30 days. Everyone else, we'd recommend to add it on as a supplement to any other section-specific course you might be getting. It's worth it if you know how to leverage practice exams better, if you know how to choose answers better, if you can learn how to retain content for longer - these strategies alone can give you at least a few additional points in your score and you get through these lessons quite quickly.

If you need personalized recommendation, feel free to reach out to us with your specific situation, and we'll try our best to get back to you with some guidance (it might not be right away because we're trying to manage a lot of questions). 

How will I get access to the course after signing up?

If you don't already have an account with us:

Once you sign up, your username and password will be emailed to you, along with a login link. You'll simply need to click the link, sign in with the information, and you'll be able to start going through the course right away!

If you already have an account with us:

The course will be added to your account after the purchase has been made and you would simply login with your existing username and password!

How much time will it take me to go through this course?

There are a lot of videos in the complete course and unless you're starting MCAT prep from scratch, we don't expect you'll go through all of them.

If you're already in the middle of MCAT prep, we recommend going through the course selectively. In fact, we have a full lesson at the beginning guiding you on how to go through this course based on how much time you have left, what you're scoring, your weakest sections, your schedule, and many more factors like what your score goal is.

Essentially, the less amount of time you have before test date, the more videos you'll go through in the first day. You can get through a lot of the strategy videos in a day or two if you wanted (we'd only recommend that if you're short on time). The dissections however, you'll need to space out to one or two per day. There's zero fluff and pure strategies in every video. We've kept them all succinct. You'll be able to apply strategies from the very first module. 

Also, the videos have the "Play Speed Controller" feature so you can technically watch videos at 2x speed.

Lastly, if you know anything about us, you know we're huge on productivity. We're huge on "high yield" and focusing on the easiest actions that deliver the greatest results. Which is exactly what has led us to focus our entire mission around "strategy".

If there's one thing we know without a shadow of a doubt, understanding study and testing strategies for this exam as soon as possible, is an investment. It will SAVE you time from having to figure it all out on your own.

It is THE smartest way to approach the MCAT. No question.

What's the difference between this and the previous version Top Scorer MCAT Strategy Guide PDF?

If you've been with us for a while, you've seen that we've had other strategy resources over many years in the form of text and not videos. In short, the Complete MCAT Strategy Course is an evolved version of our older PDF guides and reports.

So while less than 25-30% is similar content to what you would have found in those resources, the majority of this course is never-before-seen strategies and section-specific approaches to dominating the MCAT. 

In fact here's why everything in this course is far more effective than anything we've ever released...

  1. Reading takes way too much time.

    Our downloadable resources have been super valuable to many students - but ONLY to those students who took the time to read them. We’ve realized a big barrier for a lot of students is having to plow through a lot of text of strategies, especially when you're already bombarded with so much content-based prep books that you need to go through. The last thing many of you want is extra reading.

  2. A "course" allows for a step-by-step system. 

    This course has been designed to have a logical strategic progression for you to go from not knowing anything about where to start studying for the MCAT and wanting quick hacks, tips, and tricks to get more answers right, to truly becoming a master of thinking like a top scorer/future doctor by the end of it. This is something that's very difficult to achieve through a written guide.

  3. Continuous improvements and upgrades. 

    This is a big one. There have been SO many times over the years that we've improved our resources and added amazing new strategies that we've found, but it was always so painful to think that all the students who already had downloaded the PDFs would not be able to get any new material. With an online course, we can go in and make improvements like adding lessons to modules, and the next time you login, you'll get all the fresh insights to add to your MCAT prep.

  4. Easier to learn with video AND text, as opposed to just text.

    Let's face it, video is so much easier to digest and learn from. That already is a big factor for why we decided to transition to video. But we're not JUST giving video - each lesson has the written summary notes included, so as students complete the video lessons and read the notes below, they better absorb the strategies and insights of a top scorer to quickly start thinking like one.

How are the live group tutoring sessions conducted?

The live group tutoring sessions will be a weekly online group call with a 515+ scoring MCAT Mastery Mentor. They'll be answering questions as they come up but also doing live passage breakdowns. You'll receive a reminder and link to join the call a few days before and the day of. Recordings will be available to view for members of the Complete MCAT Strategy Package if you're not able to attend.

I need this course but I can't afford the full price. Do you offer a payment plan option?

Yes! If you click on the button underneath the package of your choice, you'll be taken to the checkout page. You'll then be able to see the different payment plan options! You'll also see a way to use the PayPal "pay in 4" or in 6 months with no interest option. 

I’m on the fence and I'm not sure if this course is right for me. What do you suggest?

Well we’d ask ourselves these questions…

Have you started studying already?

If you have, then how is your progress going? 

How are you feeling about your performance on the MCAT overall? 

Are you feeling confident that you can achieve your MCAT score goal?

Before we even begin getting into the questions, we’ll just remind you that you don’t need to be on the fence at all - you can literally get the course, and if you don’t feel it’s worth it for you, just ask for your money back.

You have no risk to just check out the other side of the fence, and if you don’t like it, get back to your side!

If you haven’t already started studying, the benefit of getting the course is that there’s no guessing, no wasting time.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and exactly how top-scorers on the MCAT approach this process. 

If you’re still unsure, then try to study on your own. Who knows - maybe you don’t need a step-by-step process. Maybe you’re retaining all the information, making the most efficient use of your time, and seeing scores increase with every practice exam.

If you’re not seeing progress, aren’t feeling confident, and lacking in performance, then you need to change something. Fast. 

Albert Einstein said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Something needs to change in your MCAT studying process.

The question is what do you change?

The answer… is in the Complete MCAT Strategy Course.

Does this course come with any AAMC material?

No this course doesn't come with ANY AAMC material.

You'll need to get the practice passages/exams yourself from the AAMC website to benefit from the dissections. The dissections will not show the passages as that would infringe on copyright.

If you haven't already however, we highly recommend you get all the AAMC questions available, regardless of whether you enrol in this course, as those are going to be the most representative of your actual MCAT!

Will this course help nontraditional students?

YES! We welcome and love working with nontraditional students. Several of the mentors on the team were also nontraditional students when taking the MCAT, so we can definitely relate. We all credit strategy to getting us to a competitive score because it's the strategy that helps you master content easier when you haven't seen this much science-heavy material in a long time (or ever!). It's the strategy that's going to get you comfortable and able to apply your knowledge to passage-based exams, for a 7.5 hour exam. It's the strategy that's going to help you plan your prep properly and optimize accordingly. It's scary going towards your doctor dream but having to face the hardest exam ever (which deters even traditional students!). So we completely get it. This course will make this exam a lot less intimidating. If you fall under the 'nontrad' category, your level of passion and dedication towards beating this exam inspires us. We've worked with many in the past in improving their scores and through this course, are excited to help you too!

Will this course help students who have special accommodations?

Yes definitely! We've worked with many students who need MCAT accommodations and have guided them through that process as well. This course was designed to do the same. We understand how frustrating it might be when you're trying to make progress on the MCAT but feel like you're at a disadvantage. Learning such an overwhelming amount of content, or having to focus for all 7.5 hours, is likely more difficult for you than everyone else taking the MCAT. You're the person we've ESPECIALLY made this course for because it's the strategy that's going to help you level the playing field. It's the strategy that's going to help you learn quicker, apply better, and achieve a competitive MCAT score.

Who is this course for? Who has this material helped in the past?

Here's who the strategies in this guide have worked for. Anyone who:

  • Is scoring 500 or less on the MCAT and needs a FAST score improvement of at least 10 points
  • Has already written the MCAT before and suffered a low score
  • Doesn’t know how to start studying for the MCAT
  • Is not seeing scores improve consistently with every practice exam
  • Wants to score close to or higher than 510
  • Feels stressed or discouraged about the MCAT
  • Wants to avoid the same mistakes most re-testers make
  • Is overwhelmed with the amount of material required to learn and apply
  • Is not retaining enough information
  • Is struggling with finishing the exam on time
  • Is finding time to be a huge barrier and is feeling like time is running out fast
  • Is feeling like they’ve got a later start than everybody else
  • Doesn’t know how to approach poorly written/vague MCAT questions
  • Is struggling with specific sections 
  • Has spent months studying for the MCAT but isn’t getting any results
  • Is finding it hard to study boring topics
  • Wants to know the most effective way to use practice exams
  • Keeps making stupid mistakes when they know the material
  • Is struggling to stay motivated and focused to study and prep efficiently for the MCAT
  • Desperately needs a high MCAT score because of low or average GPA

Why does the course come with private tutoring?

The Complete MCAT Strategy Package is jam packed with a lot of resources and value! It's for that reason we want our students to go into the resources with guidance and support in the form of private tutoring. You can get as much or as little tutoring as you'd like. For those who are on the fence about tutoring, we have a special package with only 1 session that comes at a special rate!

Can you tell me more about MedLife Mastery?

Since 2014 we've helped thousands of premeds and MCAT writers improve their MCAT score, who were once exactly where you are now; standing face to face with the biggest challenge of their premed careers.

We conduct ongoing research and hold paid interviews with 515+ MCAT scorers to bring you the most credible, most proven MCAT prep strategies in the world. We also bring in our own MCAT prep experiences and strategies and how 30+ mentors on the team scored competitively on the MCAT. Unlike most prep companies, we understand exactly what it's like to be in your shoes. We know the pressure is intense, the worry is never-ending, the study days are long, and it feels like the MCAT is getting closer by the second.

When you use our resources and start seeing an improvement in your MCAT score, you'll realize that med-school isn't some distant goal. It's closer than ever before and it's well within your reach. We created MCAT Mastery to show you how you can get to the point where you have your choice of which school's invitation you want to accept.  

It starts with being a little strategic and smarter in your approach in preparing for the MCAT, the most important and most competitive factor in determining your med-school admission.

What if the information inside doesn’t work for me?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If within the next 14 days, you don't feel like you have learned anything new that can help increase your score, you can ask for your money back and we'll happily give you a refund.

How does this compare to all the other MCAT prep and strategy courses out there?

There are two types of MCAT prep companies you will find online. We have seen it all - not only because it's our responsibility as we're serving you, but ALSO because we were in your shoes looking for help when we were studying.

The first is the obvious - big name MCAT prep companies. Their focus is on content primarily, not strategy, which is interesting because the MCAT is 70% 'how you think' and 30% 'what you know'. But guess what? The money is in the content and prep books (many of us pay an arm and a leg to get their courses/books). So that's what they stick to. They eat our arms and legs for breakfast.

The second are the very few companies like ours, who also offer "MCAT strategy" help. 

Here's where we differ: 

The common story there is a student in med-school who did well on the MCAT and wants to give back, so he/she creates content on how to study for the MCAT and calls it MCAT strategy. Which is awesome, but it's just one person's method unfortunately. 

Sometimes we see an MCAT strategy course or a CARS strategy course by a top MCAT scorer who didn't get into med-school, or is in med-school and is doing it as a side-hustle, but then they have the audacity to charge ridiculous prices. 

Again this doesn't discount what they know, but the longer they stay away from medicine, the relatability factor is lost. They don't really get where you're coming from anymore.

Also the few companies, courses, and tutors who focus on critical thinking and strategy, maybe have one or two instructors (who may or may not have gotten a high MCAT score) who tell you what strategies they applied for their MCAT, or the strategies they are told to teach.

That doesn’t compare to what we do at MCAT Mastery:

  • We bring you strategies from hundreds of top MCAT scorers and only provide you with the most common, most recommended ones that have the highest probability of working because they’ve been proven multiple times.
  • PLUS, you're not learning from just one, or two, top scorers - you're learning from an entire army of future doctors who are passionate about seeing you make it through this journey.
  • You have dozens of MCAT Strategy Instructors who scored competitively on the MCAT, actually struggled through the journey, increased their scores quickly, and have tutored many students along the way so you know they not only can relate, are credible, but they also know how to teach.

Again, we don't want to waste your time or your money. We just want you to know the best way to study for the MCAT so you can spend as much time as possible ACTUALLY studying for the MCAT so you can get into med-school. 

Will any MedLife Mastery Mentors be available to answer questions?

Yes! All your questions can be answered during the Live Weekly Office Hour sessions :)

Still have questions? Reach out to us at team@medlifemastery.com or fill out this form!

Ready to join? Let's improve your MCAT score! →

We're Your MedLife Mastery Mentors

In the last 3 years alone, we’ve helped a combined total of 1,500+ students (one-on-one) with increasing their MCAT scores!

Here are 6 other quick facts about us:

  1. 1
    There are over 40 of us on the team.
  2. 2
    We ALL scored somewhere between 515 and 526.
  3. 3
    The average of ALL our scores is 519.
  4. 4
    We ALL had a particular point where we shifted our focus to strategy and our scores skyrocketed by 10+ points in just days/weeks.
  5. 5
    We ALL had a difficult MCAT prep journey.
  6. 6
    NONE of us were “naturals” at standardized test-taking.

If you clicked on the button above and skimmed our bios, you must have noticed that we all saw our scores plateauing, not improving, some of us even experienced scores going DOWN...

But there came a moment where it clicked and scores skyrocketed. 

We figured out the correct strategies to study, practice, and think to succeed on the MCAT.

We're here to show you exactly what we did.

If you're just starting MCAT prep: We're about to save you a lot of pain and wasted time/money/energy.
If you're in the middle of MCAT prep: The struggle ends here. 

We promise, you're about to feel a lot more confident in your MCAT score and your med-school future.