Live 6-Week High Yield MCAT Strategy Course

Maximize Your MCAT Score & Test-Taking Confidence In Less Than 60 Days with Personalized Guidance from a 100th Percentile MCAT Scorer

 Dates: November 28th, 2023 to January 4th, 2024
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Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM EST

Perfect for January 2024 MCAT Test Dates!

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Meet Your MCAT Strategy Course Mentor

He skyrocketed his MCAT score by 18 points in the last 60 days to his test date , WHILE juggling a busy university schedule...

Now he's here to help you do the same.

Adam Novak

527 MCAT Scorer (100th Percentile), MS1

Adam Novak - Scorecard

"Combining my biochemistry degree with 2 co-ops (one in surgery and one in pharmaceutical research), I felt I had a strong foundation coming into the MCAT... I gave myself approximately 4 months for studying, and definitely was not where I thought I would be. I had a fair amount of the content down, but the exam style was so different I was really struggling with the question style. I started using a variety of banks to learn how to interpret the questions, as well as identify content gaps. I ultimately achieved a score better than I could've ever imagined. My experience as a TA and tutor will help me to assist you with content review, while my MCAT journey will help you with test-taking strategies! I'm looking forward to working with you!”


Adam was amazing!!! During my sessions with Adam, he guided me through passages and complicated AAMC questions. He taught me so many useful strategies and how to view questions through the lens of the AAMC. After just a few sessions, I saw my practice exam scores shoot up 5 points immediately and after 2 months I was able to achieve my goal score and I am confident that I wouldn't have been able to do this without Adam's guidance!


Tutoring Student


Adam tutored me, and let me tell y'all. HE IS THE TRUTH!! I studied with him these past 3 months & he really helped me see my potential with juggling a full-time job with full-time grad work. I decided to push my MCAT to January, but he helped me build confidence and hammer down a consistent strategy. I just needed to write a review to let everyone know who he is. I'm excited to continue to study with him, and I know my MCAT goal is within my reach because of the amazing tips and encouragement he gave me. STUDY WITH ADAM. HE'S AWESOME!

Alex Pannell

Tutoring Student


I was tutored by Adam and it was an amazing experience and exactly what I was looking for! Adam was very knowledgable, understanding, and realistic with me. I knew that lacking content was not my problem. Adam helped me to learn the "AAMC logic" so that I could break down the passages and answer the questions. I ended up reaching my goal range within the last two weeks of my studying and am happy with my score!

Brian Schattle

Tutoring Student

It's Your Turn To Get The Score You Deserve

When MCAT scores aren't what you've hoped for, it can feel like a kick in the gut. 

The fear of having to retake the MCAT or worse, of your medical school application falling through the cracks, can be paralyzing.

We know the feeling - 

We've been there ourselves and have collectively helped many students improve their scores, who have also been there and felt that.

It's your turn to get the score you deserve, so you can feel confident in your doctor future again.

What You Can Expect After You Sign Up

  • Get personalized attention, continuous feedback, and ongoing communication outside of lessons
  • A flexible curriculum tailored to address your unique needs and concerns
  • Learn from and with students just like you, testing at the same time as you!
  • Keep yourself accountable with a study group of motivated premeds!
  • Get score-specific strategies, not just content review!
  • A complete course covering every section of the test - highest yield material!


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... And Get Excited Because This Is The Last Time You Have To Take The MCAT.


Adam was awesome as a tutor--he provided useful tools and tips for me to improve my strategy on the science sections of the MCAT. He was encouraging and made sure to help me re-align the way I approached questions, and I appreciated all his feedback! Thank you to MCAT Mastery for pairing me with him and to Adam for all his guidance!

Ayushi Jain

Tutoring Student


Adam was a great tutor who took the time to help fully explain problems that I was getting wrong. He helped me discover my weak spots and how to take a new look at science passages. I'm hoping with Adam's help I received the score I needed.

Carson Smith

Tutoring Student 


Is this worth it?

For just $44 an hour, you'll receive 18 hours of strategic prep time with one of our best MCAT mentors who scored 518+ on the MCAT. That's a total of $797 for a comprehensive, high-yield course that will give you the tools you need to tackle every section of the MCAT.

And this includes communication with your tutor outside of class! Compare this to our one-on-one tutoring rates, and you'll see why this course is a no-brainer!

Just to put it in perspective:

15 hours of 1:1 tutoring at $69/hr =$1,087

18 hours of our Live High Yield MCAT Strategy Classes = $797

Is There A refund Policy?

Unfortunately there are no refunds.

There are a very limited number of spots. If someone signs up and decides midway that they don't want to continue, someone else who could've benefited from the course has now completely missed out. We also can't refund your tutor's energy and time committed to preparing for sessions.

What happens after I sign up?

You will be emailed further details about your class schedule and prep we'll be asking you to complete beforehand. You'll also be prompted to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your current MCAT prep so your tutor can get prepared to help you before classes start. You will also get membership access to our website so you can start going through the bonus self-paced video courses you'll get access to!

I tried To Sign Up And Got Redirected To A Waitlist. What Now?

Sorry, that means that you just missed getting in! We hope you put your name, email and test date into the waitlist! As soon as we launch another course, you'll be first to get notified. We're already working on the next cohort :)

Are there any requirements?

No requirements to join, however we recommend you have access to AAMC practice exams as its one of the most representative resources available!

I Want To Join But These Dates/Times Don't Work For Me

No worries! Fill out this form below and let us know what times work for you. This will also get you on our list so you'll be notified when we launch the next cohort!

Get Access to Free Members-Only Bonuses When You Sign Up for Any Live MCAT Strategy Course

MCAT Exam Day Mastery Course - Mockup

MCAT Exam Day Mastery Course

2 modules | 10 video lessons from multiple 515+ scorers!

Getting a "lower than expected" official score and having to retake is almost always due to not being prepared for the unpredictable nature of MCAT exam day! These test day specific strategies from top MCAT scorers will ensure MCAT day will maximize your score, not diminish it!

Video topics include:

  • Dealing With Hard Questions on Test Day
  • How To Handle An Extremely Difficult Overall Exam On Test Day
  • How To Prepare In The Final 24 Hours
  • When To Void Versus Score Your Test

And more!

Retail Value: $97 (Yours For Free!)

Members-Only Live Group Tutoring Sessions With MCAT Mastery

Members-Only Weekly Group Tutoring Sessions

Every week, once a week, until the last test day of the year, you're invited to join a 60-90 minute live group tutoring session with others who are also in the midst of MCAT prep!

You can ask questions here, learn from other student questions, and get a refresher on how to approach tough MCAT passages through live passage breakdowns!

This is for members-only and each week, you'll learn from a different 515+ scoring MCAT mentor. This is like a FREE additional tutoring session every week, on top of the MCAT tutoring package you already signed up for!

Retail Value: $500+ (Yours For Free!)


My tutor (Adam) listened to my struggles and concerns and actively addressed them every single session. As my scores and knowledge grew, so did my confidence in myself in large part due to my Adam!


Tutoring Student


Thank you Adam. I had 3 sessions with Adam just a week before my MCAT exam. He helped me with strategies and ways to approach passages. It definitely helped me in my last practice exam which raised my confidence lot more than before for Test day.

Rajvir Kaur

Tutoring Student


Having Adam as a tutor gave me confidence in my abilities to excel at CARS. He made sure to provide personalized classes tailored towards improving my weakness and addressing my concerns. Would definately recommend him!


Tutoring Student

Learn From Top Tutors Who Are Booked Out Weeks In Advance

Our live course tutors improved their scores to 90+ percentile quickly. They're our best tutors so they've helped others do the same. But they're also in med-school and have limited availability. This is an opportunity to have them by your side for 6 weeks straight, to hit your maximum MCAT score and make sure this is the last time you go through MCAT prep.

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