Getting you accepted to med-school so you can become the doctor you were born to be.

Less stress and more confidence every step of the way to your physician dreams.

For future doctors, by future doctors.

Our aim has always been for future doctors to support future doctors. We’re an entire team of doctors and future doctors who are either in, graduated from, or accepted into medical school in Canada and the US. Collectively we've served over 2,500 aspiring future physicians with one-on-one coaching and our online courses, and we can't wait to work with you next!

Premed/Undergrad Advising & Tutoring

Personalized guidance and proven strategies for succeeding as a premed.

MCAT Tutoring & Strategy Courses 

Strategy-focused 1:1 MCAT tutoring by 515+ MCAT scorers + step-by-step video lessons, on

Med-School Admissions Consulting

Current med-school students working with you every step of the way to get you into med-school.


Ace your boards by working 1:1 with tutors who recently mastered them. 

Meet Your MedLife Family

Navigating through premed, the MCAT, applications, and med-school has not been easy for us. Many times we felt alone, frustrated, and uncertain of ourselves, and the path ahead of us...

Premed advisors didn't ‘get us’. Friends and family who weren’t in medicine didn't get us. And those who could relate, were still in a competitive frame of mind.

It’s why we started this movement of future doctors helping future doctors!

Most of us never had older siblings or mentors to give us the shortcuts, the notes, the advice, the hand-holding, the encouragement to make it to the next step on the doctor journey…

But you have us, and we're here with you until you put on that white coat🥼

Your MedLife Mastery Mentors are from:

Free 27-min VIDEO

How To MAXIMIZE Your Chances of Med-School Acceptance!

How To Get Into Medical School - Free Video


Why Your MedLife Mentors Are Different

We're also students, with massive debt.

We've watched others get help we wished we could afford to be competitive for med-school. It's why we've kept our services and products as affordable as possible, while maintaining quality in our practices and resources.

We don't work with you any more than you need us.

We want to help as many students as possible, not the same students as much as possible. So as much as we appreciate you, we want to see you become independent as quickly as possible. We value fast results so you can move on.

We're more than just your "tutors".

We’re your friends, that lift you up when you’re discouraged. We’re your mentors that hold you accountable and give you unfiltered feedback. We don't have cold 'corporate' relationships with our students. We truly want to see you become the best version of yourself, both professionally AND personally.

We all struggled to get to where we are.

None of us are "naturals" who scored 515+ on the MCAT or got into med-school with ease. No one becomes a mentor with us just because of their score or med-school tier. If we can't relate to your experience, how can we truly help you?

free educational resources

MCAT Success

free educational resources

Admissions Success

free educational resources

Premed Success

...I was trying to balance the graduate coursework from my accelerated Master's program, medical school applications, severe ADHD, and studying for my MCAT retake in only SIX WEEKS. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a blessing my coach was in this process.... His unwavering support and ability to explain concepts was a game changer for me. Here I am, two months later, with an acceptance to my top choice medical school! Now I can finally pursue my dreams of becoming a physician!


Join the MedLife Mastery Community

This is a long, tiring journey as it is, yet it's often polluted with unhealthy competition, corporate incentives, unnecessary stress, burdening costs, inequality gaps, and burnt out practicing physicians with heavy debts. We're here to change that for the better. If you're on the same page, join us below.

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