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August 17

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Preparing your personal statement, completing the AMCAS Work and Activities part, and dealing with tedious secondaries are challenging aspects of your medical school journey. However, waiting to hear about interview invites is even more stressful. 

When you finally receive an invitation for an interview, you usually sigh with relief. You feel vindicated for your hard work throughout college and possibly your post-baccalaureate years.

However, the fear returns as soon as you finish your brief celebration. You become anxious about how to ace your medical school interview and not waste the opportunity. 

Fortunately, there is a systematic strategy to stand out during medical school interviews, like there is for every other aspect of the application process.

One such way is to do mock reviews. Having mock interviews helps you build confidence as you prepare for your medical school interview. 

In this post, we are providing you with the best mock interview opportunities. If you are interested, please read on.

What is a Mock Interview for Medical School? 

Medical school Interviews, regardless of their format, often frighten many students. Frequently, this is brought on by several reasons. 

For instance, you might not be familiar with the structure of a particular interview or the questions that might be asked during the interview.

Participating in mock medical school interviews can familiarize you with the interview format. 

To prepare for any medical school interview, you can practice the actions required of interviewees. 

Participating in mock interviews will reduce your anxiety if you understand the peculiarities of each interview type you will take part in.

You will be aware of the different questions you might be asked and how to respond to them. It is well known that the MMI interview style can include several quite daunting stations, including the collaborative, acting, and MMI writing stations.

Without the necessary training, medical school interviews are practically difficult to ace.

Why is a Mock Interview for Medical School Important?

You might think that practicing for interviews for medical school is not essential. 

However, the discussion for medical school is distinct from other interviews, such as those for jobs.

The fact that you are a skilled communicator or have practiced for other interviews does not imply that you are prepared for the med school interview. It requires practice to succeed in the medical school interview.

That is why you need mock interviews before your actual medical school interview. 

Below is a list of why mock interviews for medical school are essential.

1. Mock Interviews Build Your Skills 

The skills you acquire from taking part in mock interviews are hardly ever taught elsewhere. Participating in realistic mock interviews is the only genuine approach to developing interview abilities and experience.

Additionally, the only accurate method to advance is through the feedback you get from mocks. 

By practicing them in a realistic simulation, you may hone various skills — from communication to body language — necessary for success in an actual medical interview and other professional situations.

You will receive individualized feedback if you participate in mocks supervised by a qualified medical school advisor. 

This feedback will help you become more articulate. It keeps your responses within the allotted time. It enables you to develop analytical skills to formulate answers to any question.

2. Mock Interviews Boost Your Confidence

Medical school interviews are nerve-wracking. However, as you obtain more experience, you will learn the responses to the most often-asked interview questions.

You will receive feedback on your strengths and flaws. Conducting genuine interviews will help you feel at ease when it is time. 

Additionally, you will do better in an interview if you have confidence in your abilities and know what to do in your actual medical school interview.

3. Mock Interviews Help You Practice Your Interview Strategies 

The most challenging interview questions have a reputation for putting candidates for medical school on the spot. 

For instance, ethical concerns are more common in medical school interviews. You must have sound techniques and constantly rehearse while receiving feedback if you want to perform well on these interview questions.

You could think you avoided the many MMI questions if you are getting ready for a traditional or panel interview, but hold off on your celebration. 

A conventional or panel discussion can include any MMI question type, including scenario, policy, or personal inquiries.

Learning the solution strategies online is a terrific beginning step. Still, to ensure that you can genuinely execute the response, you must put them into practice. Mock interviews are crucial because of this. 

You can only use the response techniques you learned and get feedback that will help validate your strategy in a realistic mock interview for medical school.

4. Mock Interviews Help You Manage Your Stress

One of the most effective techniques to reduce anxiety before an interview is to practice the interview format. 

Your actual interview will not seem as frightening if you have participated in one and know what to anticipate.

Top-notch medical school admission advising firms may also assist you in creating both long and short-term stress management strategies. They can assist you in maintaining your emphasis on healthy living, including eating well and exercising regularly.

5. Mock Interviews Provide You with Insightful Feedback

You will not get any criticism on your interviewing skills in your actual medical school interview. You are unlikely to be aware of your performance level if it is poor. 

However, a medical school mock interview might help you identify your weaknesses to address them before the interview. 

A mock interview is a great chance to assist you in getting admitted to the medical school of your choice much more quickly than you would by doing it alone.

Characteristics of a Good and Effective Mock Medical School Interview

While it is a fact that mock interviews help you prepare for your medical school journey, you must be aware that for your mock interview to be effective, it should have the following characteristics below

1. Mock Interviews Should Have the Same Format as the Actual Medical School Interviews

The mock interviews must resemble the actual medical school interview as closely as feasible. 

Make sure to check whether the mocks represent the genuine experience of searching for an MMI interview preparation course or a conventional one to assist you in getting ready.

You must immerse yourself in the interview as if it were real, not just follow the format of the real one in the mock interviews. Why do we say that? You cannot break the rules of the interview with your interviewer. 

You cannot just stop saying, "I need a moment to collect my thoughts," or "Can you help me with this?"

2. Mock Interviews Must Give You Professional Feedback

Professionals in admissions intimately familiar with the medical school procedure must conduct your mock interview. Your friends and relatives can participate in a mock interview with you. 

Still, they cannot provide personalized advice on strengthening your responses and conducting yourself throughout the interview.

Medical admission experts can strengthen suitable actions and response patterns and improve some of the less vital areas of your interview performance. The secret to your success is genuine professional feedback. Your interviewing abilities cannot be improved without this specific feedback.

3. Mock Interviews Should Challenge You

This is strongly related to the earlier discussion we had about feedback. A great medical school advisor can tell what areas of your interview performance you can and should work on.

For instance, an advisor will offer you question types that you struggle with rather than always asking questions from an area where you clearly excel. This is done to make sure that your weak points are covered, not to fool you.

Your mock must challenge you and be as accurate to the simple things as feasible. Growth can only come through challenge. 

A solid mock interview for medical school will place you in a tough situation with challenging questions and stations.

An excellent mock interview will teach you how to adjust and flow with the discussion without losing your nerve. To prepare for the real thing, you must be ready for the unknown.

Best Mock Interview Opportunities

Mock interviews are a must if you prepare for your medical school interview. As stated, not everyone gets invited for an interview. You made the cut means you are one of the top students who applied. You should not waste this opportunity.

To help you get ready for your medical school interview, we have scoured the best mock interview opportunities you must check out.

1. MedLife Mastery 1:1 Med-School Admission Coaching

  • Price: USD 479 – USD 2929

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews and packages you choose to have. 

1 Med-School Admission Coaching
1 Interview &Amp; Casp Prep

MedLife Mastery is now offering 1:1 Med School Admission Coaching. It’s a new addition to our lineup, designed to provide top-notch guidance at a price that won't drain your bank account.

Our mentors have years of experience tutoring students one-on-one and in groups. They’ve been accepted to top-tier medical schools in both the United States and Canada but they’ve also applied to medical school recently - so you know our coaching is reliable and up-to-date. 

Your med-school mentor will work with you step-by-step to prepare you for that interview, whether it be traditional, closed, open, or MMI.

Many of our coaches are also a part of their program’s admissions committees and know exactly what to advise you on. They can conduct realistic mock interviews with you and help you articulate who you are in a way that gets the admissions committee to view you as a future doctor.

The coaches will help you feel that much more confident walking into any and every interview!

MedLife Mastery Mock Interview Client Reviews

This service just launched and we are still building our reviews. However, we’ve had excellent results with our MCAT tutoring, with a 4.9 average on Trustpilot from 250+ reviews.

1 Interview &Amp; Casp Prep - 1A
Medlife Mastery Mock Interview Client Reviews - 1B

2. Accepted

  • Price: USD 635 – USD 10,965 

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews and packages you choose to have.

Accepted Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: Accepted Official Website 

Suppose you are looking for a mock interview program for your upcoming medical school interview. In that case, you may also want to try Accepted mock interview programs. 

Their team of admissions professionals includes physicians, highly qualified admissions advisors, former post-bac program directors, residency program directors, and directors of admissions committees for medical schools.

Accepted Mock Interview Client Reviews

Accepted offers an excellent service when it comes to medical school mock interviews. It is evident by the good reviews they have received from previous clients.

Accepted Mock Interview Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

3. Med Mentors 

  • Price: USD 147 – USD 527 

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews and mentors you choose to have.

Med Mentors Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: Med Mentors Official Website

To get that accepted position or match at your top choice, you can also check out Med Mentors. Their mock interviews will help you build confidence and say what the admissions committees want to hear.

Their mock interview experts consist of MD doctors or medical students who have conducted interviews with numerous applicants while serving on the admissions committee board. 

You get a personalized consultation and comments to aid you in preparing for your medical school interview.

Med Mentors Mock Interview Client Reviews

Med Mentors have assisted and supported many students in performing well in their medical school interviews. That is why every year, more and more students are choosing to enroll in their mock interviews.

Med Mentors Mock Interview Client Reviews

4. Medical School Headquarters

  • Price: USD 375 – USD 975

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews you choose to have. 

Medical School Headquarters Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: Medical School Headquarters Official Website

After going through the premed process alone and realizing that he could change things, Dr. Ryan Gray founded Medical School Headquarters. He surrounded himself with professionals in the medical school admissions field after learning he could not assist all of the students who wanted to work with him. 

Their advising staff is dedicated to offering students individualized, expert guidance on every step of the premedical application process, including the entire cycle of your medical school journey.

Medical School Headquarters Mock Interview Client Reviews

Over the years, Medical School Headquarters have helped many students succeed in their medical school interviews. It is evident from the reviews and feedback we have gathered about their mock interview programs.

Medical School Headquarters Mock Interview Reviews

Source: Medical School Headquarters Official Website 

5. MedEdits 

  • Price: USD 325 – USD 1,700

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews and mentors you choose to have. 

Mededits Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: MedEdits Coach Official Website

With a minimum of 10 years of medical admissions and advising experience at some of the most respected med schools in the United States, MedEdits medical school interview coaches are some of the most seasoned private educators and advisers in the industry.

You get a personalized interview, feedback, and a mock interview recording. This will help you assess the areas you must focus on while preparing for your medical school interview.

MedEdits Mock Interview Client Reviews

MedEdits has received great feedback from previous clients. Students who enrolled in their mock interviews for medical school attribute their success to the excellent service they provide.

Mededits Mock Interview Reviews

Source: MedEdits Official Website

6. MedSchool Coach

  • Price: USD 350 – USD 1,100

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews you choose to have.

Medschool Coach Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: MedSchool Coach Official Website 

MedSchool Coach exclusively employs physician advisors who have worked on admissions committees in different medical schools and universities. Physicians will conduct your actual interviews.

Therefore, you are guaranteed that the service you are getting is delivered by experts. The decision of who will lead your session and when is entirely up to you. This is to accommodate you better as they know you have many commitments as a medical student.

MedSchool Coach Mock Interview Client Reviews

Testimonials and reviews from previous clients show that MedSchool Coach was able to help them prepare for their medical school interviews.

Medschool Coach Mock Interview Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

7. MedSchool Insiders

Price: USD 262 to USD 359 per mock interview (depending on the package) 

Medschool Insiders Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: MedSchool Insiders Official Website

MedSchool Insider's mock interview doctors are advisors who have conducted interviews for residency programs and medical schools. From standard to multiple mini interviews, closed file to open the file, they have experienced them all. 

Their physician advisors will coach you in interviewing to help make an impactful first impression. 

MedSchool Insiders know that excellence is in the details and the content and quality of your answers. Their advisors will also mentor you on your gestures in dealing with anxiety and common pitfalls.

MedSchool Insiders Mock Interview Client Reviews

Students who have availed MedSchool Insiders Mock Interview course attest that the program has helped them perform well during their medical school interviews.

Medschool Insiders Mock Interview Review

Source: MedSchool Insiders Official Website

8. Motivate MD

  • Price: USD 199 – USD 499

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews and the package you choose to have.

Motivate Md Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: Motivate MD Official Website  

Motivate MD's team of medical professionals includes doctors and medical students. They have extensive interview expertise and will help you prepare for every scenario you might encounter on interview day.

You will collaborate one-on-one with a seasoned member of their staff. They will lead you through a thorough mock interview, offer personalized guidance, and address any queries you may have about medical school interviews.

Motivate MD Mock Interview Client Reviews

Through the years, more and more students have been choosing Motivate MD for their mock interviews for medical school. 

That is because they have a good reputation which is evident in the good reviews and feedback we have gathered about their mock interview programs.

Motivate Md Mock Interview Reviews

Source: Trustpilot

9. The Medic Portal

  • Price: USD 50 – USD 250

*Price depends on the number of mock interviews you choose to have.

The Medic Portal Mock Interview For Medical School

Source: The Medic Portal Official Website  

When you enroll in The Medic Portal mock interview program, you will answer questions from two MMI stations or a standard panel during your mock interview.

You will receive thorough feedback along with suggestions for improvement. Regular subjects include occupational history, healthcare ethics, problem-solving, and empathy.

The Medic Portal Mock Interview Client Reviews

Upon reading reviews about The Medic Portal Mock Interviews, it is clear that they were able to do what they promised their students. That is to help them ace their medical school interviews.

The Medic Portal Mock Interview Reviews

Source: Feefo

Summary Table of the Best Medical School Mock Interview Services

Medical School Mock Interview Services



USD 635 – USD 10,965

Med Mentors 

USD 147 – USD 527

Medical School Headquarters

USD 375 – USD 975


USD 325 – USD 1,700

MedSchool Coach

USD 350 – USD 1,100

MedSchool Insiders

USD 42.22 per mock interview

Motivate MD

USD 199 – USD 499

The Medic Portal

USD 50 – USD 250

Final Thoughts

Although we have talked a lot about how to get ready for a medical school interview and what kinds of sample questions you can use to practice, these strategies are supplemental.

We want to emphasize that while reading up on interview styles and practicing with questions is a fantastic method to start your preparations, only mock interviews will help you. 

Ensure you include mock interviews in your interview preparation strategy to ensure success. 

The mock interview services we have listed above will surely help you gain a better understanding of how your medical school interview would be. Remember that getting feedback from experts and professionals is critical to improving your chances of admission to your chosen medical school. Good luck!

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