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August 17

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One of the most challenging parts of the application process for many candidates is composing the leadership essay. They find it difficult to define what leadership is. 

Saying you have "strong leadership skills" is simple, but what does that entail? 

Does that imply you guided a 400-person team toward impossible, lofty objectives? 

Does that mean your chances of demonstrating leadership are zero if you have yet to do that? 

No, definitely not.

It is possible to be a leader in any capacity. However, finding or analyzing one's leadership experiences is not always straightforward. 

Still, it is crucial to ace this essay and convince the admissions committee that you are a determined, goal-oriented leader.

This article will guide you through composing your leadership essay. We have gathered the best tips and sample leadership essays to make it easier.

What is a Leadership Essay for Medical School?

Leadership is an essential skill needed in medical school. Moreover, effective leadership is critical for the healthcare industry to execute reforms and change its corporate culture. 


It is because the current state of the American healthcare system is plagued by several issues, such as rising healthcare expenses, unequal access to care, and racial discrimination in medical practice. 

Hence, you must ensure that when you compose your leadership essay for medical school, the admissions committee will know you are ready to take the challenge. 

Consider Paul Farmer, Vivek Murthy, and Atul Gawande as physicians who have sparked change. These physicians are leaders in their fields and have influenced structural change in particular branches of medicine, whether through study, writing, or policy. 

Like the physicians mentioned above, medical institutions seek out students who are willing to put forth an effort to address issues.

Tips for Writing Medical School Leadership Essays

Your medical school secondary essays will flood your inbox once you hit submit on your primary medical school application

If you apply to more schools, you will undoubtedly increase your chances of being accepted somewhere. Still, there is a catch: you will proportionally receive excessive secondaries.

How can you maximize your success when 75+ essays fall into your lap simultaneously? 

Keeping in mind that you should apply to 25–30 schools to be on the safe side and that each program has anywhere from one to nine secondary prompts, the question is: how can you?

We have listed some tips for writing secondary essays for medical school to help you get through the writing process.

Plan Your Time Accordingly

You might wonder how long the application process takes before you compose leadership essays for medical school. 

Your medical school secondary essays will trickle in throughout the summer after you submit your primary, usually starting at the end of June.

You will quickly experience writing fatigue because most medical schools automatically send secondaries back to every primary that has been finished. Therefore, your secondary timetable should be carefully thought out. 

Schools will assume you do not care about your essays if you take too long to send them. 

If you send them in a day but do not take the time to proofread them for grammar and other issues, you will come across as a careless applicant.

Think the Way an Admission Committee Would

Professors and students make up a large portion of admissions panels. They will also read countless leadership essays for medical education. 

Reading applications after application, 75% of which sound the same, will make them incredibly bored.

They will undoubtedly have glazed eyes. With your beginning and introduction, in particular, you need to catch their interest. You definitely do not want your reader to yawn straight away! 

Keep your vocabulary straightforward and your grammatical construction simple throughout your answers.

Avoid Reiterating Yourself

Your AMCAS application is already on file with the selection committee. You will benefit from repetition when composing leadership essays for medical school. 

Admissions officers will become tired and unimpressed if you restate what you said in the personal statement with your secondaries.

You must instead present new knowledge. That does not mean you cannot discuss the same experiences or activities; you most definitely can. However, it implies that you must examine each event differently.

Answer the Prompt Clearly

Too many students when writing leadership essays for medical school, too many students get caught up in what they want to say and fail to answer the question. As a result, similar topics for many essays will have minor variations. 

Ensure you respond to each query even though they are essentially asking the same thing.

Before beginning to write, underline each keyword and sentence. 

When writing your leadership essays, be aware of the questions the school is asking, and structure your essay appropriately. Then, make sure your response directly addresses the query and avoids any major detours.

Do Not Forget to Edit and Proofread

You will grow weary of writing once you have gone through many prompts for each of your institutions. 

The temptation, however, to send the first draft should be resisted. Your chances of obtaining an interview may depend on how well your leadership essays are written.

So, if you require a pause, do so. After that, go back and look over the work for any mistakes. 

Your word processor might have missed a grammatical or spelling mistake that you made. For example, it is possible that you wrote the name of one institution by mistake rather than the other. 

You are human, so errors like this can occur. However, if the admissions committee sees them, you will appear to lack professionalism. So do your best to edit.

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Leadership Essay Sample Prompts 

Writing a leadership essay can be nerve-wracking. You have to impress the admissions committee while being humble at the same time.

 Hence, it would help if you put a lot of thought into developing a brilliant essay. 

To get you started, here are a few leadership essays prompts that you may encounter during your medical school application:

  • How can a good leader improve the healthcare system in your country?
  • What are your unique leadership skills? How will you apply it in medical school?
  • What are the characteristics of a good leader and follower? Which among these qualities do you have and not have? How can you improve?
  • Leadership, Curiosity, and Commitment are the three pillars of our program. Describe how you have exhibited one or more of these qualities on your journey to becoming a doctor. Which categories offer the most tremendous potential for personal development, and why?

Sample Medical School Leadership Essays

Your leadership essay plays a crucial role in your medical school application. Remember that you are competing against hundreds of candidates and must find a way to stand out.

Here are a few model leadership essays you could get ideas for your reference.

Leadership Essay for Medical School Sample 1:

I was chosen to serve as the executive director of BerkeleyShelter. During my second year of college, this undergraduate volunteer group runs a shelter for students facing homelessness. The following year, I established HealthGroup, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding access to reasonably priced medications for people with chronic illnesses. My perception of what it means to be a leader has started to shift due to these activities. 

By creating legislation, collaborating with elected officials, and launching campaigns to increase public knowledge of the problems related to medication prices, HealthGroup attempted to effect change. As the company's creator, I took it upon myself to develop a strategy that other employees and members could adhere to. I believed that as a boss, I was responsible for overseeing the organization's operations. 

However, HealthGroup found it challenging to make any noticeable difference in the cost of prescribed drugs. There were too many barriers brought on by pre-existing issues with the American healthcare system. In reality, not much had altered a year after HealthGroups was founded. So, naturally, I didn't expect the healthcare system to be fixed immediately. Still, I didn't anticipate my efforts to have been so ineffective. 

Before my final year of college, I started considering what I could do as the organization's leader to alter HealthGroup. I realized that I hadn't allowed others to express their opinions; instead, I had presumed that I needed to lead the group by myself. Maybe my role as a leader was to foster an environment where others would voice their opinions rather than to determine the organization's course on my own.

Leadership Essay for Medical School Sample 2:Enter your text here...

"Laura needs the ball, please!" "Okay, keep moving forward; don't let her grab the ball!" "You can outrun her by moving your thighs and putting more effort into running." 

My soccer friends frequently overheard these words during practice and during games. I've played soccer for my school for the past two years. I have forged strong relationships with my colleagues over the past two years and have observed that one of a leader's qualities is the capacity to inspire others. John Quincy Adams once said,  "You are a leader if your actions motivate others to dream bigger, learn more, do more, and become more."

I always wanted to be a leader in any circumstance as a young child. When my class was split into groups to work on projects, for instance, I wanted to be the leader—not bossy or overbearing, but rather to make sure my group produced the finest work. When we have group activities, my peers want me to be in charge because they know I'm smart and will push them until the task is completed.

I was a sophomore in college when I decided I wanted to play on an athletic squad. I knew I wouldn't be our top scorer as a rookie player, but I was confident the experience would be helpful. I stood at the sideline on my first day on the field and carefully observed each squad move.

Even though we worked together, I observed that we weren't playing as a team. We were missing a crucial component. After days of research, I concluded that motivation and unity were the keys to building a stronger team. I inspired my peers to push themselves past their comfort zones during practice. After training, I made them run an additional lap or course for ten more minutes. Even though I occasionally annoyed them, they eventually realized how much my persistence had helped them.

I developed into a leader by inspiring my team members. Leadership capacity is more important than subject-matter expertise for someone to be a good leader. Although I didn't have the best performance or the most goals scored on the squad, I did help the team as a whole. We played as individuals at the start of the season but as a team toward the finish. 

Because I'm always willing to assist others, my leadership abilities and experiences in soccer and the classroom have helped me improve. I need to be able to do that if I want to become an excellent orthodontist. I have acquired it and proven it throughout my existence. I'll keep leading by example and pushing others and myself forward as I have so far.

Additional FAQs – Medical School Leadership Essay

How Do You Show Leadership in Medical School Application?

Leadership is an essential quality in medical school. The medical industry requires great leaders. 

You do not necessarily have to be a leader in something related to health and medicine when you write your leadership essay. 

However, you must ensure that when the admissions committee reads your leadership essay, they know you have what it takes to be an excellent leader.

What Should Be Included in A Leadership Essay?

When you write your leadership essay for medical school, you must include a specific situation when you become a leader in an activity or event you have participated in. In addition, you should state how you succeeded and reached your goals through your leadership skills.

What Should You Not Do in a Medical School Essay?

You must always be honest and genuine while writing your medical school essay. Do not lie. There is a high probability that you will be asked about what you wrote during the interview process. 

If the admissions committee caught you lying, this would significantly affect your admission.

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