Best PreMed Events and How to Choose Them

August 17

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Getting ready for medical school is difficult. It calls for diligence, perseverance, determination, and resourcefulness. You must utilize all available resources to make the most of your pre-med path.

Attending pre-med events (free and paid) is one of the best ways to ensure that you make the most of your pre-med journey. These pre-med events are an excellent venue to enhance your skills and knowledge to become a physician. 

The key, however, is for you to be resourceful. These pre-med events will not come knocking at your door. You will be the one to search and look for them. 

This article focuses on the best pre-med events you can attend and how to choose them for your benefit. If you are interested, please keep reading.

Making the Most of a Pre-med Event

Presentations about preparing for medical school applications and pursuing a medical career are frequently included at pre-med conferences or seminars. 

You can speak with representatives from medical schools, ask them questions, and learn more about their institutions during pre-medical or health professions recruitment fairs. 

Organizations like the AAMC and medical schools frequently hold fairs to share information and respond to inquiries about their pre-med programs and resources. You can also visit the AAMC website for this year's (2023) pre-med calendar.

If you have found a pre-med event to attend and want to maximize the opportunity, here are the questions to ask yourself and focus on before attending the pre-med event.

Why Should I Attend Pre-med Events?

A pre-med conference or recruitment fair is a fantastic place to learn about the medical school application process, the admission criteria, and available resources. 

You will get the chance to interact with many representatives from medical schools and have the opportunity to ask them questions about their programs.

Are these Pre-med Events Free or Paid?

Although some pre-med events can have a nominal registration cost, most are free to attend. 

You may choose which fairs and conferences are the most appropriate for you to participate in by looking at their published schedules and costs before the event.

Take note, too, that free pre-med events are just as beneficial and good as paid ones.

What Must I Wear and Bring?

It is a good idea for most pre-med events to dress professionally in business clothes. 

Because you might be walking and standing a lot, wear comfortable shoes. Take notes on your phone or in a tiny notepad to revisit your conversations' critical details later.

You could even wish to bring business cards or a copy of your résumé to give to representatives from medical schools. 

Also, some booths may have bags as a giveaway or are sometimes included with conference registration. It may be a good idea to bring a bag to carry stuff you gather from booths.

How Can I Learn About Local Pre-med Events?

Consult a pre-med counselor at your school for information about local fairs and conferences. Nearby medical schools may also conduct neighborhood gatherings. 

Furthermore, many conferences stream the presentations or provide recordings online after the event. 

Additionally, finding entirely virtual events is a growing trend. For updates on events happening nationwide, follow AAMC Pre-med on Twitter.

How Can I Be Ready for My Meeting with Schools?

If a list of the schools you will attend is provided beforehand, look through their websites or profiles in the MSAR (Medical School Admission Requirements). Planning and ranking the colleges you want to contact might be easier with the help of MSAR.

After understanding them better, you can ask more detailed questions about the school's unique programs or features. 

Remembering your interaction with a medical school will be easier if you ask precise and intelligent questions about it. This will show the school that you have researched and are really interested in their program.

15 Best Pre-med Events to Attend 

We have come to an era where attending pre-med events do not require your physical presence. This makes it more convenient and cheaper, especially if the pre-med event is not in your hometown and nearby cities. 

To assist you in keeping up with the discussions around healthcare transformation and connecting with the international executive community, we have gathered the best pre-med events for you to attend (arranged in chronological order).

1. International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare

  • Location: Orlando, Florida (USA)
  • Date: January 21-25, 2023 
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: USD 505 – USD 1,220 ( *depends on when you register and whether you are a member)
  • How to Register: Registration Link
International Meeting On Simulation In Healthcare

Source: IMSH Official Website

The emphasis will be on setting a standard of excellence when the Society for Simulation in Healthcare meets for its annual meeting in 2023. 

This year, members will participate in a scientific conference covering the most recent advancements and adhere to best practices for individuals who engage in healthcare simulation. It will be held in Orlando, Florida.

The speakers are keen to interact in person and participate at the same level they did before the coronavirus outbreak. But if you cannot make it to Florida, check out your virtual option by going to the conference website.

2. Ecological And Environmental Safety Conference 2023

  • Location: New York (USA)
  • Date: January 30-31, 2023
  • Event Format: Virtual
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Ecological And Environmental Safety Conference 2023

Source: WASET Org Official Website

The Ecological and Environmental Safety Conference offers enormous value to academics and/or students and industry researchers and scientists. Mother Nature's ecosystem is always knocking on our door, so it is more important than ever for humanity to work together to adapt how we go forward.

Thought leaders from various backgrounds will gather at this annual conference to discuss current trends, innovations, particular difficulties we must confront, and their suggested solutions.

3. 2023 Columbia University Medical School Fair

  • Location: New York, New York (USA)
  • Date: February 4, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
2023 Columbia University Medical School Fair

Source: Columbia University Official Website  

Over 500 potential students from Columbia University, Barnard College, and other schools in the New York Metro region are expected to attend the 2023 Columbia University Medical School Fair

The conference is a gathering of 50 medical schools and healthcare programs. 5 virtual panels on crucial medical topics will also be held on the ensuing weekends.

4. SUMMA Pre-Health Conference 2023

  • Location: NA
  • Date: February 4, 2023
  • Event Format: Virtual
  • Price: USD 20
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Summa Pre-Health Conference 2023

Source: Stanford University Official Website

In order to provide impoverished populations with better treatment, the SUMMA (Stanford University Minority Medical Alliance) seeks to diversify the health professions. 

One of the oldest pre-health conferences on the West Coast, this yearly event attracts hundreds of students from all around California and the country.

5. Huron Healthcare Leadership Conference

  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
  • Date: February 16-17, 2023
  • Event Format: Hybrid
  • Price: 
  • Virtual – USD 795
  • In-Person – USD 1,295
Huron Healthcare Leadership Conference 2023

Source: Huron Official Website  

"Developing Yourself and Your Team as Leaders" is the conference's central focus. It draws attention to leaders' crucial and varied abilities to succeed in various professional contexts. It includes time management, productivity, hiring practices, and encouraging employees' physical and emotional well-being.

The keynote and breakout sessions will provide attendees with helpful advice and takeaways that can be applied to develop an organizational culture where leaders and their teams can succeed.

6. 2023 Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference

  • Location: San Antonio, Texas (USA)
  • Date: February 19-22, 2023
  • Event Format: Virtual
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
2023 Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference

Source: American Hospital Association Official Website

The Rural Healthcare Leadership conference is intended explicitly for hospitals in rural areas and other healthcare organizations that share the objective of establishing a solid presence in the healthcare industry.

This conference aims to improve the future of the upcoming generation of rural healthcare professionals by addressing roles such as trustees, physical executives, public health officials, administrators, community leaders, and other healthcare professionals.

7. Medical Education for Diverse Students (MEDS)

  • Location: San Diego, California (USA)
  • Date: February 25, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Medical Education For Diverse Students (Meds)

Source: University of California San Diego Official Website 

MEDS (Medical Education for Diverse Students) was created expressly to eliminate inequalities in medical training and healthcare. The medical field needs specialists who can relate to patients from various backgrounds and ethnicities. 

The entirety of the application process will be covered in workshops, including testing, drafting personal statements, interviewing, and more. 

The UC San Diego School of Medicine and Pharmacy has also invited conference participants to participate in practical workshops in the brand-new patient simulation labs, exactly like first-year medical and pharmacy students.

No matter your level of application preparation, MEDS aims to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and skills they need to apply to medical or pharmacy schools effectively.

8. UTHealth Houston Pre-Health Professions Conference 2023

  • Location: Houston, Texas (USA)
  • Date: February 25, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: USD 10
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Uthealth Houston Pre-Health Professions Conference 2023

You have the chance to interact with admissions deans and students from the six various UTHealth Houston schools in the Texas Medical Center at the 2023 Annual Pre-Health Professions Conference at McGovern Medical School.

The Pre-Health Professions Conference seeks to raise awareness of the wide range of health professions available through UTHealth. This is accomplished by providing a range of workshops, talks by the deans of admission from each school, a panel of diverse students, and more.

The conference attendees get a unique opportunity to learn about each school. Pre-medical, pre-nursing, pre-dentistry, and those interested in research and community health are the best attendees at the conference.

9. ViVE

  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee (USA)
  • Date: March 26-29, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: USD 2,295
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Vive Pre-Med Event

Source: ViVE Event Official Website

ViVE brings together health innovators who are advancing business transformation in the healthcare sector. There is much to experience with over 7,500 participants, 300 presenters, and 450 exhibitors.

Attendees can anticipate learning new things, meeting new people, and networking with business partners. 

Participants can experience many activities and discussions on various subjects, including customer experience, virtual healthcare delivery, cyber security, analytics, data cost management, and access to healthcare.

You will get the chance to meet fellow c-suite executives, senior digital health leaders, buyers, investors, and health entrepreneurs collaborating to improve healthcare.

10. Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) 2023

  • Location: Hartford, Connecticut (USA)
  • Date: April 5-9, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Annual Medical Education Conference 2023

Source: Student National Medical Association Official Website  

The Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) attracts the largest number of underrepresented minority medical and premedical students from all over the United States and the Caribbean. It offers participants several days of cutting-edge programming to prepare the next generation of doctors for successful medical careers.

AMEC is a world-class experience that propels participants toward becoming "clinically great, culturally competent, & socially conscious" physicians. It offers dozens of educational courses and programs focusing on academic and clinical achievement, professional development, and personal improvement. 

Participants will also appreciate the exceptional chance to network with colleagues, medical professionals, officials from medical schools and residency programs, and partners nationwide.

This year’s focus will be placed on the connections between housing instability and healthcare instability and the chances to assist people impacted by housing instability. 

Attendees will also benefit from engaging plenary and breakout sessions, numerous networking opportunities, and a stunning exhibit hall with more than 200 exhibitors.

11. World Pre-Health Conference

  • Location: NA
  • Date: April 20-22, 2023
  • Event Format: Virtual
  • Price: Free
  • How to Register: Registration Link
World Pre-Health Conference

Source: World Pre-Health Conference Official Website

The World Pre-Health Conference, the first international pre-health and pre-clinical conference of its type, intends to put together a virtually global conference and supplemental programming. 

It aims to provide pre-health and pre-clinical students with professional and personal growth opportunities and promote in-depth, forward-moving discussions on current health challenges. 

This year's conference will feature a variety of speakers, pre-health events, and networking opportunities with healthcare professionals. 

Join this pre-med event in the spring of 2023 to become a part of a pre-health student support network, learn about the medical field, and receive exposure to it.

12. 2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

  • Location: Anaheim, California (USA)
  • Date: July 25-27, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person 
  • Price: USD 25
  • How to Register: Registration Link
2023 Aacc Annual Scientific Meeting &Amp; Clinical Lab Expo

Source: AACC Official Website  

This pre-med event showcases the world's top laboratory medicine exposition. Visitors can discover the ground-breaking discoveries influencing future clinical testing and patient treatment. The expo includes displays of products, talks from lecture series, workshops for industry professionals, and other activities.

Over 800 exhibitors will be available for attendees to visit in person as they look for lab-related solutions.

13. ChangeMedEd 2023

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois (USA)
  • Date: September 27-29, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person 
  • Price: USD 150 - USD 600 (*depends on whether you are a member or a student)
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Changemeded 2023

Source: American Medical Association Official Website

In order to accelerate change in medical education throughout the continuum and revolutionize how future doctors and residents are trained, ChangeMedEd2023 will be held. It is a national conference that brings together experts and innovators in medical education and associated healthcare professions.

Keynote speakers, peer-led breakout sessions and seminars, poster and exhibit halls, and presenters from top medical schools and institutions nationwide will attend the conference. 

Participants will represent all facets of medical education, including undergraduate and graduate educators and learners.

14. MappdCON 2023

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland (USA)
  • Date: October 6-8, 2023
  • Event Format: In-Person 
  • Price: USD 100
  • How to Register: Registration Link
Mappdcon 2023

Source: MappdCon Official Website  

In order to create an incredible opportunity to meet, learn, and grow, MappdCon 2023 will house 1,000 pre-med and pre-health students under one roof. 

Students will have the chance to hear from pre-med and pre-health professionals, participate in practical and applied to learn activities, and network with medical schools nationwide.

15. International Vaccine Congress

  • Location: Boston, Massachusetts (USA)
  • Date: October 23-25, 2023
  • Event Format: Hybrid
  • Price: 
  • Virtual – USD 439 – USD 1,750
  •  In-Person – USD 739 – USD 3,000
  • *Price depends on when you register. 
International Vaccine Congress

Source: International Vaccine Congress Official Website

The conference's topic, "Synergy to Rehabilitate Innovations in Vaccine Research and Development," will highlight how vaccinations enhance people's health worldwide.

The keynote sessions, plenary lectures, oral presentations, and poster presentations will all focus on contemporary issues in vaccine development. Additionally, they will have the chance to network with colleagues in academia and business.

Expect to meet experts, investors, company development executives, investors from corporations, and leaders in the field.

Summary Table of the Best Pre-med Events to Attend (2023) 

Pre-med Event


Date (2023)

Event Format


International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare

Orlando, Florida (USA)

January 21-25


USD 505 – Usd 1,220

Ecological And Environmental Safety Conference 2023

New York (USA)

January 30-31



2023 Columbia University Medical School Fair 

New York (USA)

February 4



SUMMA Pre-Health Conference


February 4


USD 20

Huron Healthcare Leadership Conference 

Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

February 16-17


USD 795 (virtual)

USD 1,295 (in-person)

2023 Rural Healthcare Leadership Conference

San Antonio, Texas (USA)

February 19-22



Medical Education for Diverse Students (MEDS)

San Diego, California (USA)

February 25



UTHealth Houston Pre-Health Professions Conference 2023

Houston, Texas (USA)

February 25


USD 10


Nashville, Tennessee (USA)

March 26-29


USD 2,295

Annual Medical Education Conference (AMEC) 2023 

Hartford, Connecticut (USA)

April 5-9



World Pre-Health Conference


April 20-22



2023 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Anaheim, California (USA)

July 25-27


USD 439 – USD 1,750 (virtual)

USD 739 – USD 3,000 (in-person)

*Price depends on when you register.

ChangeMedEd 2023 

Chicago, Illinois (USA)

September 27-29


USD 150 - USD 600

*Price depends on whether you are a member or a student.

MappdCon 2023

Baltimore, Maryland (USA)

October 6-8


USD 100

International Vaccine Congress

Boston, Massachusetts

October 23-25


USD 439 – USD 1,750 (virtual)

USD 739 – USD 3,000 (in-person)

*Price depends on when you register.

15 Sample Questions to Ask During a Pre-Med Event

If you can attend these pre-med events, make the most of them. Ensure that you stand out from the rest of the participants. Ask questions—smart questions. 

Take note that, more often than not, the hosts of these pre-med events are in line with medicine and healthcare. They will surely be of great help in the future. 

Here are a few sample questions you can ask during a pre-med event:

1. What is your school's mission?
2. What distinguishes your medical school?
3. When does communication with patients start?
4. Why do you believe pupils pick your institution?
5. Is there pre-medical coursework I must complete?
6. What options are there for conducting research?
7. Are there any unique or bundled programs available?
8. What traits do successful candidates exhibit at your institution?
9. How are students graded based on their academic performance?
10. Can you briefly describe your curriculum and teaching/learning methods?
11. Could you elaborate on your efforts to encourage diversity at your school?
12. What are the average MCAT and GPA ranges of applicants who were accepted to your school?
13. How does your institution help students choose a specialty and submit a residency application?
14. What information about your school would you like me to know that I can't get from your website or MSAR profile?
15. Are there programs or resources available for students who feel stress or anxiety or need assistance besides academic support?

Final Thoughts – PreMed Events

Pre-med events are a great way to learn about the process of applying to medical school, admission requirements, and resources all in one place. You also get to learn about the advances and developments in the medical field through these conferences. 

To many, attending pre-med events are also a great venue to strengthen their medical school applications. 

Numerous representatives from medical schools will probably approach you, and you will have the chance to speak with them about their programs.

While some of these pre-med events are not free, it may be worth the investment to ensure you maximize your pre-med journey. 

Remember, too, that you must be resourceful to find the best pre-med events to help you become a good and strong candidate.


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