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August 17

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It is challenging to be on top of your game while attending medical school. As a pre-med student, you must master all your coursework, which is chock-full of difficult, complex material, to graduate with honors.

Studies contend that making short videos that briefly explain complex ideas increases students' learning. It is far wiser to tune in to your favorite YouTube medical channel. 

It helps you grasp the concept in five minutes rather than trying to make it on your own for an hour or two when you are stuck on a topic you cannot understand. 

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for pre-med students that will make learning about medicine straightforward and fun.

25 Best YouTube Channels for Pre-Med Students  

The vast amount of knowledge you must memorize and study can occasionally make you bored or overburdened. Fortunately, there are lots of YouTube channels for pre-meds that can make learning more enjoyable.

Below are the best YouTube channels (arranged alphabetically) for pre-med students like you. 

Alila Medical Media

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 1.04 million (as of March 2023)
Alila Medical Media Youtube Channel

Alila Medical Media provides medical animations and images. It is renowned for creating brief animated lectures that clearly explain complex ideas.

Alila Le, the founder of Alila Medical Media, has a Ph.D., three Master's degrees, and a wealth of experience instructing undergraduate and graduate students. Worldwide educators and healthcare professionals frequently use the visuals and instructional videos Alila Medical Media produces.

Here are a few videos from the Alila Medical Media YouTube channel to check out:

Amboss Medical Knowledge Distilled

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 196k (as of March 2023)
Amboss Medical Knowledge Distilled Youtube Channel

Amboss Medical Knowledge Distilled is a ground-breaking medical learning platform committed to assisting aspiring physicians in performing well on their tests. The videos cover medical subjects like physiology, biochemistry, and diseases and ailments.

Although the library is currently not very complete regarding the topics covered, there are some helpful videos that will continue to grow as more videos are added. 

Top-scoring medical students from the USMLE and NBME shelf exams collaborated with over 50 physicians to produce the content for Amboss through a rigorous internal peer-review process.

Here are a few videos from the Amboss Medical Knowledge Distilled YouTube channel to check out:

Armando Hasudungan

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 2.32 million (as of March 2023)
Armando Hasudungan Youtube Channel

Armando Hasudungan YouTube channel is for you if you learn best visually. Dr. Armando Hasudungan created these hand-drawn videos, which cover various medical topics.

The topics include pharmacology, physiology, immunology, biochemistry, neurology, and anatomy. 

Here are a few videos from Armando Hasudungan YouTube channel to check out:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 613k (as of March 2023)
Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (Cdc) Youtube Channel

Health information that is trustworthy, dependable, and of high quality is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) YouTube channel. Their videos cover everything from emergency reactions to virus epidemics to preventing and treating common ailments. 

Online searches on any healthcare subject are likely to turn up a link to a CDC YouTube video with the most accurate and recent information.

Here are a few videos from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) YouTube channel to check out:

Dr. Cellini

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 322k (as of March 2023)
Dr. Cellini Youtube Channel

Dr. Cellini YouTube channel contains a plethora of expertise for you to learn from after two years of producing content. Some videos are titled "What I Wish I Known Before Becoming a Doctor" and discuss what it is like to learn in medical school. 

Suppose you do not have a lot of time. In that case, you can still listen in and retain your lectures in medical school because Dr. Cellini's channel also contains fast teaching bits. 

Here are a few videos from Dr. Cellini YouTube channel to check out:

Dr. Najeeb Lectures

  • Subscription: USD 99 (one-time payment)
  • Number of Subscribers: 1.89 million (as of March 2023)
Dr. Najeeb Lectures Youtube Channel

Dr. Najeeb Lectures is an excellent YouTube channel with many hand-drawn drawings for those who learn best visually. 

Although access to the whole collection of videos is only possible through subscription, a one-time payment of only USD 99 grants you lifetime access to all currently accessible videos and any future ones, with the option to download them for offline viewing.

Here are a few videos from Dr. Najeeb Lectures YouTube channel to check out: 

FTP Lectures

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 153k (as of March 2023)
Ftp Lectures Youtube Channel

FTP Lectures offers instructional videos, online tutorials, and practice questions to help medical students understand complex medical terminologies and concepts better. 

It features instructional lectures in biochemistry, pathophysiology, the digestive system, pathology, and several motivational videos that support students in becoming successful medical professionals.

The finest feature of this medical channel is that all the courses are clinically focused, making understanding complex disorders enjoyable.

Here are a few videos from the FTP Lectures YouTube channel to check out:

Harvard Medical School

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 245k (as of March 2023)
Harvard Medical School

It should come as no surprise that Harvard Medical School is listed among the top medical YouTube channels to subscribe to. 

These videos cover various subjects, including biomedical research trends, scientific advancements, and medical instruction. Many films feature lecturers, Harvard alums, and thought leaders discussing various topics related to medical research, health policy, and health education.

Its intellectual content aims to inform and educate by offering unbiased perspectives and helpful research knowledge. 

Videos typically last no more than five minutes, so even the most complicated subjects are unlikely to make you uncomfortable. 

Anybody seeking quick access to reliable and compelling data should definitely check out this channel, in our opinion.

Here are a few videos from Harvard Medical School YouTube channel to check out:

Healthcare Triage

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 443k (as of March 2023)
Healthcare Triage Youtube Channel

Healthcare Triage was created by Dr. Aaron Carroll. He is a pediatrics professor at Indiana University School of Medicine. In his films, he clarifies medical research, healthcare regulations, and different queries people can have concerning drugs, health, and healthcare.

Those already working in the sector and starting out will find this channel of great assistance. It undoubtedly offers the solution to many of your questions, given interactively, ranging from pure science to lifestyle and food elements. 

Here are a few videos from the Healthcare Triage YouTube channel to check out:

iMedical School

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 92.7k (as of March 2023)
Imedical School Youtube Channel

The content at iMedicalSchool is excellent and covers a wide range of subjects. It offers impressive videos about biochemistry, hematology, nephrology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases. 

The videos are brief, entertaining, and filled with explicit imagery and straightforward explanations.

Here are a few videos from the iMedicalSchool YouTube channel to check out:

Interactive Biology

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 238k (as of March 2023)
Interactive Biology Youtube Channel

Interactive Biology is committed to making biology approachable and enjoyable. They want to simplify complex scientific concepts so that even a first-year high school student may understand graduate-level neurobiology while enjoying the learning experience.

This medical YouTube channel is ideal for you if you want to brush up on your knowledge, are curious about anatomy, or want to learn more about how the human body functions.

As the videos in Interactive Biology captivate viewers with high-quality images and understandable language, there aren't many medical terminologies used in them. You can learn more about pathology, the muscular system, the circulatory system, the nervous system, and high school biology on this channel. 

Here are a few videos from the Interactive Biology YouTube channel to check out:

JJ Medicine

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 790k (as of March 2023)
Jj Medicine Youtube Channel

JJ Medicine is run by a medical student who enjoys sharing her knowledge of science and medicine. It is for anyone interested in anatomy, biochemistry, clinical competencies, molecular biology, pharmacology, and physiology.

Suppose you seek a more entertaining and interactive setting to learn the otherwise tedious medical language. In that case, this is the YouTube channel for you. The host includes helpful advice for quickly memorizing important medical terminology and acronyms in addition to informational content and various themes.

Here are a few videos from JJ Medicine YouTube channel to check out:

Khan Academy Medicine

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 1.66 million (as of March 2023)
Khan Academy Youtube Channel

Khan Academy Medicine offers extensive videos on endocrinology, cardiology, gastrointestinal tract (GIT), and hematology. Genetics, psychiatry, mental health, and gynecology are also included. 

This YouTube channel is geared toward students in medical and nursing schools, although high school students interested in a career in medicine may also find it helpful.

Here are a few videos from Khan Academy YouTube channel to check out:

Lecturio Medical

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 668k (as of March 2023)
Lecturio Medical Youtube Channel

Lecturio Medical helps you succeed in your medical school, the USMLE, the MCAT, and other prestigious medical board exams by providing hundreds of hours of video lectures on various medical topics.

The channel assists pre-med, medical, and nursing students with their coursework and the general public in knowing the basics of medicine and how to maintain good health. 

Here are a few videos from the Lecturio Medical YouTube channel to check out:


  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 1.49 million (as of March 2023)
Medcram Youtube Channel

One of the top YouTube medical channels, MedCram provides clear medical information that helps you study for tests. Medical students can understand challenging ideas much more quickly. Thanks to the channel's use of detailed images and concise explanations.

The channel offers instructional videos, quizzes, illnesses, symptoms, treatments, and medical procedures. It is a terrific learning resource for students who are having difficulty increasing their academic knowledge and achieving good grades.

Dr. Roger Seheult, a specialist in critical care medicine and a teacher of test-taking strategies, hosts the channel.

Here are a few videos from Medcram YouTube channels to check out:

Medicosis Perfectionalis

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 819k (as of March 2023)
Medicosis Perfectionalis Youtube Channel

Are you a visual learner who enjoys intricate graphics to help you comprehend complex concepts? You can learn from over 800 Medicosis Perfectionalis videos that cover anything from acid-base disturbances to Trypanosoma cruzi

The videos range from 8 to more than 25 minutes. Still, they all use the same graphic structure and fantastic descriptions to help viewers grasp the subjects.

It is impressive how well Medicosis Perfectionalis can simplify complex medical concepts. This is a channel to check out right away if you are having trouble with a class assignment or studying for a challenging test that is coming up.

Here are a few videos from Medicos Perfectionalis YouTube channel to check out:


  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 87.7k million (as of March 2023)
Medspiration Youtube Channel

Do you enjoy keeping up with the latest developments in the medical and health fields? A medical student's daily schedule can be very hectic, and finding the time to read all the articles you want might be challenging.

You may listen to fascinating interviews and discussions with some of the top figures in the medical industry by tuning into the Medspiration YouTube channel. 

There are several interviews on Medspiration, such as one with Andrew Huberman, Ph.D., and Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D., on developing a healthy brain. Discover the current data you require for your courses, residencies, and work as a practicing physician through Medspiration. 

Here are a few videos from the Medspiration Youtube channel to check out:

Nabil Ebraheim

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 1.09 million (as of March 2023)
Nabil Ebraheim Youtube Channel

Dr. Ebraheim's videos, viewed by many medical professionals and students worldwide, provide 3D images coupled with captivating presentations that include the necessary vocabulary and explanations. His intense interest in education and unique teaching methods on his Youtube channel, Nabil Ebraheim, will fascinate you. 

The channel aims to make orthopedic education accessible and understandable to anyone interested in the discipline.

Here are a few videos from Nabil Ebraheim YouTube channel to check out:

Nucleus Medical Media

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 6.22 million (as of March 2023)
Nucleus Medical Media

Medical graphics made by the Nucleus Medical Media YouTube channel are powerful and precise. Nucleus is distinctive in that it offers realistic 3D animations, unlike the other channels on this list, which either have drawn or 2D animations. 

Medical illustrators with graduate degrees and CMI certification are employed by Nucleus. The production team at Nucleus holds degrees from esteemed colleges and universities like the Medical College of Georgia, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Toronto, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Here are a few videos from the Nucleus Medical Media YouTube channel to check out:


  • Free Subscription
  • Optional Membership for Additional Videos
  • Number of Subscribers: 2.75 million (as of March 2023)
Osmosis Youtube Channel

Suppose you need a quick summary of a medical issue. In that case, several high-quality, free short movies are available on the Osmosis YouTube channel. Also, there are membership options for other videos on their website.

Whether you are preparing for the USMLE, COMLEX-USA, NCLEX-RN, or PANCE, there are additional high-yield notes on pathology and physiology.

Here are a few videos from Osmosis YouTube Channel to check out:

Paul Biolin, M.D.

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 288k (as of March 2023)
Paul Biolin, M.d. Youtube Channel

Paul Bolin, M.D., features a variety of brief lectures. It has accompanying slides on subjects like pulmonary medicine, cardiology, biostatistics, surgery, and psychiatry. When preparing for the USMLE, medical students can benefit significantly from this channel.

Here are a few videos from Paul Biolin, M.D. YouTube channel to check out:

Strong Medicine

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 590k (as of March 2023)
Strong Medicine Youtube Channel

Another excellent channel for videos on medical subjects is Strong Medicine. Eric Strong, a clinical associate professor of medicine at the school of medicine at Stanford University, serves as its host.

The substance of the vlog, which is watched by viewers from all over the world, is not specifically instructional. It offers a range of topics, including informative lectures, personal experiences, and advice for current students. Dr. Strong responds quickly to questions and comments on videos.

Here are a few videos from Strong Medicine YouTube channel to check out:

Washington Deceit

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 100k (as of March 2023)
Washington Deceit Youtube Channel

John R. Minarcik, MD, presents video lectures in histology and pathology on the Washington Deceit YouTube channel. Despite the length of the video lectures—roughly two hours for each—Dr. Minarcik can hold your interest with his engaging and entertaining teaching style.

Here are a few videos from the Washington Deceit YouTube channel to check out:

White Coat Chronicles

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 58.9k (as of March 2023)
White Coat Chronicles Youtube Channel

There is more to medical school than studying. Despite the time and effort you will need, it is crucial to enjoying the years you will need to become a doctor. A lifestyle vlogger and emergency medicine resident from White Coat Chronicles, Precious (the host) will help you on your pre-med journey.

The videos on this channel cover ICU burnout, finding time to study while in residency, study strategies, exam preparation, and juggling life while in medical school. Learn from Precious's mistakes how to make the most of your time, succeed in medical school, and enjoy the ride.

Here are a few videos from White Coat Chronicles YouTube channel to check out:

Zero to Finals

  • Free Subscription
  • Number of Subscribers: 519k (as of March 2023)
Zero To Finals Youtube Channel

Zero To Finals was developed to help medical students master challenging terms and circumstances to prepare for their exams. Dr. Thomas Watchman created the channel intending to take complex and dry information and put it together clearly and interestingly.

He attended the University of Manchester, where he majored in medicine and graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He has been a doctor for over five years and is currently a physician in the UK.

Here are a few videos from the Zero to Finals YouTube channel to check out:

Final Thoughts 

The "greatest" YouTube channel does not exist. The ones mentioned above are excellent suggestions. They have received overwhelmingly positive reviews and generally cover various medical subjects.

You will discover that some of the best videos do not come from any of these channels. That is because the vast YouTube sea is full of treasures waiting to be found.

The ideal method to use YouTube for medical school is to look for a particular subject or idea you want to grasp better. According to user reviews, the most popular videos with many views typically indicate that they are among the finest for that particular topic.

You could also perform a channel search. For instance, you could type "malaria osmosis" into the YouTube search bar. You can also conduct a channel search if you enjoy Osmosis' explanations and want to know if they have a free video on the disease.

You're no longer alone on your journey to becoming a physician

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