How I Got Into Medical School at California Northstate University (CNU)

April 19

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Let’s be honest.

The MCAT is a struggle. A journey. A major life event you should document on social media. But what’s next? What comes after?

Getting Accepted To Medical School! 😬 

Sweep your organic chemistry notes away because it's time to break out those application skills!

Why do you want to become a doctor? Why do you want to apply to this school? And why are you sweating so much in this interview?

Meet Kartik, one of your MedLife Mastery mentors!

In our newest video, he'll walk you through his application journey, from succeeding in the MCAT to getting accepted to medical school! 

Kartik scored a 514 on his 4th MCAT, gained 9 med school acceptances (DO and MD), and is a huge fan of MMA and Formula 1. Currently, he is in his second year of med school at California Northstate University (CNU) and is on the board for interviewing at his college.

We'll let him Kartik handle things from this point on so keep reading and enjoy!

My Frustrating MCAT journey

I'm here to tell you how I got into med school and how you guys can do it, too.

Currently, I'm in my second year of medical school at California North State University (CNU). And to get to this point, I had a wild journey that I think you guys can find some inspiration in.

Before I started medical school, I went to California North State University for undergrad in Rancho Cordova, and from there I applied outward for medical school. During that program, I did some research, I did shadowing, and I did a lot of undergrad coursework. Additionally I also wrote the MCAT, which took me four tries to do.

For my MCAT, I had a goal score and I found it tricky to achieve that score. The first time I wrote it, I did not study organic chemistry and that was my downfall. That's the reason I didn't get my goal score.

Second time around, I was ready but COVID happened. As a result I had to continuously delay my test. I delayed my test exactly 10 times since COVID-19 closed testing centers for a few months. Delaying the test this long led to my exam being out of state in Nevada, and I'm from California. So this was a long journey and I still didn't achieve my score goal. 

Third time comes around, I do everything I can to prepare well and take the test. Again, third time, not the goal score. At this point, I had no motivation. But my father said, you have nothing to lose, why not take it another time to get your goal score? 

Since I already applied to other medical schools, and gotten some acceptances and interviews, I was like, sure why not try again. And here I was studying again for fourth time. This fourth time was very different. I relaxed during this study period, kept myself mentally fresh and excited to study. I didn't study as much. I believe I already knew the content, so I was just going in relaxed. I spent a couple of months studying and then took the test and thankfully I got the score I wanted and surpassed the goal score I wanted to get!

And with that, got an interview at the school I wanted to go to and then got many more acceptances and I ended up here at CNU in Elk Grove. 

How To Tackle Secondaries Like A Pro!

Now, the application process, that was another struggle for me. There were so many secondaries because I applied to all the DO schools and a majority of the MD schools, and there were just so many questions.

So I ended up reusing a lot of answers, because believe it or not, a lot of the secondaries had very similar questions. You can just reuse answers by changing them up to fit the school's exact wording of how they want the question answered. 

As you spend more time working on your secondaries, you'll find ways to make the process more efficient. You don't need to rewrite every single answer for every single school. I'd say probably 75% of the questions on every school secondary were very similar and you can just reuse them, change up a couple of words here and there and get the job done.

I Want To Help You Succeed Now Too

After I was interviewing and getting into schools I wanted to, I decided to help younger students with their application process. I took on the role of helping people with their application, with their primary apps, proofing their application, secondaries, and then interview prep.

Now, I am currently on the board for interviewing incoming students to this school. And I've been helping students with their interviews as well. And I'm proud to say that every student I've helped with their interviews has gotten into MD school and a DO school of their choice.

This is an achievement I'm proud of. And recently I have joined Med Life Mastery to continue helping students, but on an even larger scale.

Since my application experience was throughout COVID-19, I didn't have much support, and I didn't have anyone to reach out to for help with my application. And that's why I'm here for you guys. I want to make sure that you guys have an easier time than me and have a smooth sailing ride into medical school.

If I got in a medical school, I know you guys can get into it too. Just never give up. Keep working, keep hustling, but also make sure to take care of yourself. Mental health is very important. You guys got this.

On Your Way To Becoming A Doctor

How was that?! If Kartik could get into medical school after his strenuous MCAT hurdles, you can do the same!

We hope this video inspires and helps you on your journey, whether that’s with increasing your MCAT score or surviving the rigorous application process.

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