1:1 Med-School Admission Coaching

Complete personalized med-school application support from med students who have been accepted to and are currently in med-school. 

Future doctors helping future doctors at MedLife Mastery

Work With a Current Med-Student to Become an Unforgettable Applicant and Get Into Med-School

The last and most important barrier to med-school admission doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We learned this lesson the hard way. Today, we're med-students and living our dreams but it feels like yesterday we were in the same place you're at now.

We're here to hold your hand through every aspect of the med-school application process including your primaries, secondaries, interviews, and everything else in the way of you getting admitted into your goal med-school (whether it's in the US or in Canada). 

MedSchool Application Editing Services - MU
  • "Super affordable compared to what's out there!"
  • "Improved confidence with every session!"
  • "Easy and convenient scheduling whenever it is needed! "

Learn from All of Our Admissions Experiences

We've made the mistakes. We've spent months thinking through the details of what can make our applications stand out. We've helped many others get into med-school. You don't need to roll the dice on your application and your doctor dreams when you have us ready and eager to help you make it!

Get Matched to Your Perfect Med-School Mentor

Everyone has a unique background when applying for med school, but with the wide array of MedLife Mastery mentors, there will always be someone on our team who you can help you reach your med-school goals!

Get the Personalized Support You Need to Stand Out

Whether you’re applying to competitive programs, are weak in writing, are a non-trad, have a low MCAT score/GPA, are an international applicant, are applying from a post-bac program, or have any other factors that make you unique, we’re here to help you showcase the best version of yourself.

Unlock Your Future As a Physician

It breaks our heart knowing the stats on how many brilliant compassionate premeds won't be able to treat patients, just because they couldn't make it through this final hurdle to med-school. You've made it this far. You're here now. If you give us the chance, we'll be with you until you get your acceptance offer.

Meet Your MedLife Admissions Coaches

We've all been in your shoes, struggling through the admissions process. It's time we help you step into ours, and get you accepted into med-school.

Here I am, two months later, with an acceptance to my top choice medical school!
Why You Can Trust Our Mentors
  • Years of experience tutoring students one-on-one and in groups.
  • Sat on admissions committee at their med-schools, bringing 'insider insight' to your application process.
  • Conducted real medical school interviews with applicants.
  • Worked at their college writing centres - your secondaries and PS is in good hands!
  • Very unique backgrounds and premed experiences - there's a great mentor pairing for every student!
  • Applied to medical school recently - so you know our coaching is reliable and up to date!
  • Been accepted to top tier medical schools in both the United States and Canada!

Your future patients are counting on you. You can count on us to get you to them. 

How We'll Help You Get Into Med-School!

You're a future doctor - you know it, we know it, now let's make sure they know it.


Applying to med-school involves a lot of strategic planning and it's hard to know what's the right thing to do next. We've been there and know how stressful it can all be. It's why these versatile strategic advising sessions are extremely valuable. They can be used for planning, brainstorming, or for a much-needed confidence boost from a med-school mentor. During these sessions, students have worked with mentors to:

  • Prep and strategize for upcoming mock-interviews
  • Actively brainstorm ideas for personal statements
  • Create concrete action plans for the entire application
  • Brainstorm and craft memorable post-interview thank you notes
  • Navigate and strategize the logistics of obtaining strong recommendation letters from key individuals
  • Make difficult decisions on which school offer would be the best to choose!
  • Negotiate waitlists and financial aid
  • Nail down your list on how many and which med-schools to apply for

personal statement review

Med-schools want to know: Why are you certain that becoming a doctor is the best decision for you? How is your story different than every other story they've heard? It's not easy to convey this in one page, let alone make sure it stands out from a pile of thousands. This is what we're here for. Your med-school mentor will work with you step-by-step in writing a unique, engaging, and memorable personal statement that will highlight what makes you amazing. Your med-school mentor will help you:  

  • Start your first draft with a bang (which can be one of the hardest parts) or transform your pre-written essay into an exceptional one!
  • Leverage your experiences to create a compelling story that demonstrates how much you’ve grown and how you’re now ready to become a doctor!
  • Implement ideas for the overall theme and ensure there is a clear flow from beginning to end.
  • Create and stick to the ideal structure for an amazing personal statement; an impactful start, theme introduction, the story, and a memorable close.
  • Add the ‘finishing touches’ that will make your personal statement is exuding perfection and is ready to impress!


In the PS, you can tell a story, be descriptive, have emotion, but for your activity descriptions, the goal is clarity and conciseness. A common mistake applicants make is thinking that the value is in the activity or the title they had, when what REALLY matters is the meaning and impact you had. That's the key factor that we'll help you articulate in a concise way to establish why you're a unique candidate with doctor potential. Along with that, your med-school mentor will also help you: 

  • Strategically choose which activities to write about, so you’re not just listing out how you spent your time like every other candidate.
  • Guide you through every component of the experience section of the application; ensuring each one grabs attention and makes the reader want to keep going.
  • Effectively articulate how the activity was meaningful to you (how it helped you grow and become a better person) and how it helped others as well
  • Ensure the reader gets a clear idea of your passions, your diversity, and what you'll be contributing to the incoming class.
  • Edit and proofread for grammar, structure, content, etc., to ensure a flawless submission.


With your secondaries, it’s not about showing med-schools you’re a great candidate, it’s about showing you’re a great candidate for that specific school you’re applying to! Each essay you’ll submit can be the difference between attending and not attending your top choice med-schools, so each essay needs careful attention - which is extremely difficult for just ‘one’ mind to work on. To get you the interviews, your med-school mentor will help you:

  • Answer the questions with clarity; so many applicants write elegant answers but completely MISS answering the actual question, which committee members get annoyed with! We’ll help you do both :)
  • Reuse essays for different schools in the RIGHT way, customizing them without making them obvious, as most students do.
  • Conduct accurate research for your particular schools, then use that key information to mold your essay to reflect why you’re the ideal student for each of those schools


Making it this far in the application process is a huge accomplishment, but it's know to be the most stressful. Why? It's not only the final obstacle to admission, which makes it the most important, but you have to impress a real person in real time that you are worthy of being a student at their school. To get you to your med-school acceptance, your med-school mentor will help you:

  • Conduct realistic mock interviews with you, providing actionable improvement advice and thorough, honest feedback after each one.
  • Correctly research the school you’re interviewing for and form your answers to demonstrate how you’re the perfect candidate for that school.
  • Understand and prepare for all types of interview styles (traditional, closed, open, MMI)
  • Articulate who you are in a way that gets the admissions committee to view you as a future doctor who is worthy of attending their school!
  • Practice and perfect your ability to express yourself, both vocally and through your body language.
  • Include key elements that will make you interesting and memorable, as you maintain an ideal balance between 'showing off' and humility in your answers.
  • Apply key techniques to answer unique and very common interview questions in a clear and succinct way.
  • Feel confident walking into any and every interview - knowing you're about to master the final obstacle to your med-school admission!

Med-School Application Coaching Packages

While every med-school application service - who are years removed from the application experience - charges you upwards of $400/hr or pose $5,000-$15,000 packages, here's what our deals look like:

3 Hours



$479 Total

Recommended for future doctors needing general support on one section of their application.

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available
5 Hours



$689 Total

Recommended for future doctors needing thorough support on one section, or general support on two sections of their application.

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available
10 Hours



$1,179 Total

Recommended for future doctors needing thorough support on multiple sections of their application. 

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available
20 Hours



$2,149 Total

Recommended for future doctors needing significant support on multiple sections of their application.

  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available
Affordability in med-school application tutoring
  • Personalized 1:1 coaching with a mentor accepted to med-school
  • Access to recordings of your coaching sessions for review
  • Pairing service to match you to your ideal med-school mentor
  • MMI or Traditional mock interview options
  • Two and three monthly payment plans available
30 Hours | Comprehensive Prep



$2,929 Total

Recommended for future doctors needing significant support on every section of their application.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


We've wasted a lot of money on tutors and coaches who didn't deliver on results and we'd never want you to go through something like that. So if you are not satisfied with your coach after the first session or even after the second session, we will give you your money back for all remaining sessions (as long as it's within 60 days of purchase and before the third session). Also if at any point you are not happy with any one of us as your coach, we are happy to arrange to have you work with another MedLife Mastery Mentor =) 

Your Next Steps to Meet Your Mentor!


Choose your preferred package

Based on what you need guidance on and your deadlines, choose a package that you feel is most applicable for you. Next you'll be sent to a checkout page to enter your information and confirm your order. Need help deciding how many sessions? Fill out the form at the end of this page. We're happy to help :)


Fill out the questionnaire

After you've completed your purchase, we'll ask you questions about your med-school admission and application journey so far, giving you an opportunity to include as much detail as possible about your challenges, goals, and how you'd like to use your coaching sessions. This will help us complete Step 3.


Get matched and meet your mentor!

Once we receive your responses from step 2, we will assign you to your ideal mentor (within 24-48 hours). Your mentor will be debriefed on your questionnaire before you meet, which means you'll be able to get right into coaching you into becoming a stellar med-school candidate!

You're no longer alone on this journey.

Med-school applications may be challenging, but they are not insurmountable. This is simply a hurdle, not a roadblock.

You've made it this far, and because we believe in your potential to make it even further...

We're here to support you until you get your acceptance offer 🩺

You got this,
Your MedLife Mastery Mentors ❤️

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sessions like?

The beauty to our coaching sessions is that they're what you want them to be. That means if you want to spend an entire session going over your personal statement, we'll make that happen for you. Interview coaching? We've got you covered! We ask all of our students to submit an intake form so that their admissions coach is able to get right into what works for the specific students' needs. 

MedLife Mastery mentors strive to foster an environment with their students that is both professional and personable. We're not some corporate robots. We're real people who understand and sympathize for the circumstances of our students and also have the strategies to help them get into medical school. So it'll be a comfortable, fun and most importantly effective experience.  

Where and how will I meet my mentor?

You'll be able to schedule your sessions with your MedLife admissions coach based on your own convenience. Sessions will be conducted via online video calls using Google Meet.

How is MedLife Mastery Application Support different than other services?

All of us at MedLife Mastery are firm believers that it shouldn't cost anyone an arm and leg to get into med school and become a doctor and we make sure that's reflected in our pricing. The amount you would pay for one hour of coaching elsewhere could easily be enough to cover an entire component of your application at MedLife Mastery. MedLife's goal is to provide affordable high quality coaching and mentorship.

On top of our goals to be affordable, what separates us from other coaching services is that we actually give you tailored guidance depending on your unique background and circumstances. Unlike other companies who give you strategies in an overpriced hour-long session, we make it a priority to get to know you as a person and as a premed so that we are able to help with high value tailored coaching that applies to your unique situation.

How do you match me with a tutor? Am I paired with someone or do I choose one?

Firstly, yes you’re paired with a med admissions coach. When you sign up, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire where you will answer questions about your application so far (your current progress, your biggest struggles, your weaknesses, strengths, your goal schools, and so much more), and we’ll use your answers to match you with a mentor that would be perfect for you to help you achieve your med school goals.

On the other hand, one of the questions in the questionnaire is if there’s a specific tutor you’d like to request - so you can definitely choose your own tutor if you wish!

Do you offer admissions coaching for different application types (e.g. TMDSAS, AACOMAS)? Canadian med-schools?

We have admissions coaches with experience with a wide variety of med school application types. This includes TMDSAS & AACOMAS. We also offer coaching for Canadian university medicine programs!

Why are sessions recorded? How do I access my session recordings?

Other admission services are often strict and stingy with the amount of time they give to students, but we're not! We want to make sure that you have access to all our strategies and support both during your coaching session and after. We know it can be hard to make note of everything during a session and hard to review after, so we want to make sure we set you up for success by providing you with your sessions recordings. 

Video recordings will be shared with you after every session by email.

*Video recordings will only be accessed by you and your MedLife admissions coach. 

What if I'm not happy with my admissions coach?

If you're not happy with your admissions coach, we can assign you to a new one! Or we can give you a refund if you've had two or less sessions and it hasn't been over 60 days since you purchased.

Why is med-school application coaching with MedLife Mastery more expensive than the MCAT tutoring I had with MCAT Mastery?

Let's start with a comparison. Imagine you're in the operating room (hey, it's not too far off!). MCAT tutoring is like prepping for a routine procedure. It's essential, of course, but it follows a pretty standard protocol. We're talking about learning the basics, practicing questions, and getting your knowledge up to scratch. It's critical work, but the path is well-trodden.

On the other hand, med school application coaching is like conducting complex surgery. It's detailed, meticulous, and highly personalized to the patient (in this case, you!). It's all about making sure you stand out in the sea of competitive applicants, which requires a lot more tailoring, a lot more time, and a lot more expertise.

Here's what we're getting at: our MedLife Mastery application coaching involves an immense amount of personalized work. Your application isn't just another piece of paper; it's your story, your dreams, your passion. Our mentors dive deep into your world, helping you express yourself and your journey in the most compelling way. It's not just about what you say, but how you say it! 

And who better to guide you through this journey than your peers who have made the cut? Our mentors are current med students, who've successfully navigated this path. They've been in your shoes, they've faced the hurdles, and they've triumphed. They know the ins and outs of this complex journey, and they're here to share their wisdom and experience with you.

Yes, it might be pricier than the MCAT tutoring you had, but think of it as an investment in your future and that white coat you're aiming to wear. After all, you wouldn't want to skimp on the tools needed for successful surgery, would you? Same goes for your med school application. Keep on thriving and striving, future doc! We're here to help you make the cut :)

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