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Strategy First
  • We spend 80% of our time on helping you with MCAT strategy.
  • As premeds we're experts at content review, but content review gets you to 495-505 (the average). To get beyond, you need strategy.
Affordable Help
  • We share the same dreams, the same struggles, and the same debt as you. 
  • Watching others get help we couldn't afford to get a competitive MCAT score for med-school, always felt unfair. We're doing our part to even the playing field.
We Can Relate
  • None of us are "naturals" who scored 515+ or got into med-school with ease. The MCAT was brutal for all of us.
  • No one becomes a mentor with us just because of their MCAT score. Relatability and ability to teach are equally, if not more important. 
Fast Score Increases
  • We want to help as many students as possible, not the same students as much as possible.
  • We want to see you become independent as quickly as possible. We value fast results so you can move on!
Mindset Matters
  • The MCAT can bring you to tears and even make you question your dream. We know because we’ve experienced it. Unfortunately you can't perform to your full potential when stressed, worried, or in a state of fear. 
  • Which is why along with improving our students scores, we're dedicated to improving their confidence, their mindset, and their ability to find calm no matter what difficult question (or patient) comes their way. 

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Annabella D.

515 Scorer

“…Having someone to show how they went through each passage, what they highlighted, or what they wrote down helped me a lot to actually figure out what to focus on in passages and boosted my score a ton. 

... I was able to raise my score 19 points in about 6 weeks from all the tips [my tutor] gave me and the calendar we planned together!"

Nate Huber

514 Scorer

"The [MedLife] Mastery CARS prep course was awesome, I struggled with CARS throughout my prep until I was able to watch someone else reason through the passages. I adapted their strategies and modified them to fit my style and ended up scoring 90th+ percentile in CARS!"

Julia Deziel

515 Scorer

"I absolutely loved working with [my tutor]…I’d taken the MCAT once before last year and got a 508, and I just received a 515 after working with her...My original frustration was running out of time on the first section, and she was so helpful in helping me figure out how to better manage my time...I am so thankful for [MedLife] Mastery and happy with my improved score!!"

Your MedLife Mastery Mentors are from:

1:1 MCAT Tutoring Sessions With A 515+ Scorer

One-on-one sessions with a top scorer who is dedicated to increasing your MCAT score to as high as possible by test day, so you can be competitive for med-school! You'll be paired with a tutor who can relate to you best; specifically chosen for your unique weaknesses, current situation, and ongoing challenges.

Self-Paced Step-By-Step MCAT Strategy Courses For Every Section + 1:1 MCAT Tutoring

2 premium strategy courses for CARS + Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem. Both created by strictly those who scored 130 or more for the course section they teach. You can enrol in one or both. Plus, every enrolment comes with at least one tutoring session with a top scorer! 

6-Week Live MCAT Strategy Course + Self-Paced Courses + 1:1 Tutoring

Get both of the above options, plus a dedicated MCAT instructor in a classroom setting for 6 weeks straight, guiding you from knowing just content, to mastery of the MCAT. Mastery of the MCAT is all about strategy and in this bundle, you get all our premium self-paced courses, a dedicated MCAT tutor, a group of students you're learning with, and much more. This is the best and most affordable MCAT prep option we offer.

Real Premeds. Real Score Increases. 

Most common complaint: "I wish I found you all sooner!"

Renata Buffalino

511 Scorer

“I had done all the content review and practice tests necessary to succeed, but was still not reaching my target score. I… started with a 493, but I had my eye on a 512. Months dragged on and I shot up passed the 500 mark, then the 505 mark, but then that's where it all stopped short…My tutor helped me to see the math for what it is... my score started to skyrocket. I just got my official MCAT score back this week and I am proud to say I made it out with a 511 overall

Noah Gilreath

510 Scorer

“I was so desperate for anything that might help. Someone had mentioned that this was a good, affordable resource and they were spot on! The [MedLife] Mastery tutoring and courses are so encouraging and helpful. I wish I would have found this resource earlier in my study. These resources helped me improve me score by 12 points in one month.”

Lauren Sternberg

513 Scorer

“[MedLife] Mastery helped me achieve a competitive score on the exam, and bolstered my confidence along the way…the success I had working one-on-one with my tutor was much greater than any instruction I had prior. Not only did he share his knowledge about exam content with me, but his teaching methods made the material stick.”

Achieve Your Goal MCAT Score Using 90+ Percentile Scorer Study Strategies

We figured out the best MCAT strategies, increased scores fast to 515+ using them, and are now passing them on to you!