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Breaking financial barriers on the path to med-school admission.  

Dear Future Doctor, We Were In Your Shoes Recently...

We know the struggles with pursuing your dream of practicing medicine. The struggles of not only the MCAT and admissions process, but also in having to finance our way through this journey. 

Not to mention if you're managing one or two jobs while studying, MCAT prep and admission becomes much harder. Timelines get pushed further, and the disadvantages pile up.

Your mentors at MedLife Mastery have come from all different backgrounds. Many of us couldn't afford to pay for books, courses, tutoring, and we still remember feeling discouraged. 

Discouraged because we knew that those with financial backing had bigger advantages on this competitive journey.

We were always working harder to keep up and prove ourselves worthy of getting admitted, just so we could one day help people as physicians.

Well we fought our way through and are now on our way to or in med-school. But we don't want anyone else to encounter those same roadblocks as we did. Which is why along with keeping our prices as affordable as possible, we're also opening up applications for fee assistance to our products and services.

If you or someone you know could use our resources, this is where to apply. We'll be making room for as many applicants as we possibly can.

No one should have to go through this journey alone, and struggle on the way there. 
We're with you and we believe in you.

MCAT Tutors and Mentors at MCAT Mastery

The MedLife Mastery Team

your mcat success mentors

MedLife Mastery Fee Assistance Application Form

MCAT Mastery Fee Assistance - Inequality In Med School Admissions

We've been frustrated at seeing how often money prevents hard working premeds from pursuing (or even considering) medicine. Now that we're in a position where we can help, we're committed to breaking these financial barriers to help those who are pursuing their dreams of practicing medicine.

Submit a form below and we'll review your financial situation in order to assess what accommodations we can provide to alleviate your financial burden.

If you have any questions about our fee assistance and/or the application process, please contact us here!

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