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August 17

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As a pre-med student, you are lucky because there are many online resources and websites to choose from. However, you must be resourceful and patient to ensure you select the best.

However, navigating the Internet's wealth of information might take time to find the most reliable sources of information you need on your path to medical school. First, you need to determine which ones are legit and which aren't.

This article focuses on the best online resources and websites for pre-med students like you. If you want to know what they are, you have come to the right page. 

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20 Best Online Resources and Websites for Pre-med Students

Medical school should not cost you an arm and a leg. If you are only diligent and wise, you will know when to get the best online resources and visit websites that will help you as a pre-med student. 

These online resources are mostly free, and you do not need to spend a dime. Just a decent internet connection and you are good to go. Be careful, however, as only some of the pre-med resources you will find will help you. 

For your reference, you can check out the best pre-med resources and websites (arranged in alphabetical order).


Aamc Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: AAMC Official Website 

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) provides services to its member institutions, including medical, education, health studies, and consultancy data. In addition, it represents medical schools, teaching hospitals, and academic and scientific organizations. 

You can find everything you need as a pre-med/medical student on the AAMC website. It is also worth noting that the AAMC runs the MCAT. Therefore, you can visit their website anytime for tips and guidelines on becoming a physician.

Acland Anatomy

Acland Anatomy Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Acland Anatomy Official Website

Any medical student who wants to succeed must excel in anatomy. To help you review for your anatomy examinations, Acland Anatomy's three-dimensional anatomy video series uses human cadaver specimens. You will become an anatomy expert quickly thanks to excellent dissection that covers the whole range of the human body.

If you want ongoing video access, you can join for a free 48-hour trial and upgrade to full membership later.

American Medical Association

American Medical Association Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: American Medical Association Official Website

The American Medical Association (AMA) is a fantastic free resource for medical students and professionals who wish to continue their learning journey. It offers current medical publications, research, podcasts, fellowship possibilities, and leadership training.

The AMA Ed Hub is a beneficial resource for finding and tracking approved online programs and courses all in one spot. To help you learn best, it offers courses in various formats so you can read, watch, listen, or interact with course material as needed.

American Red Cross

American Red Cross Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: American Red Cross Official Website

Another approach to getting more practical experience in a clinical setting is to become certified. The American Red Cross offers training for various courses, including certified nurse assistant, if you are interested in becoming certified. 

Additionally, the American Red Cross provides first aid and basic life support training that is worthwhile to look into if you wish to work as a caretaker.


Anki Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Anki Official Website 

Anki is one of the top study tools available for medical students and is recommended by many students as one of the best ways to learn. The creative application of active recall and spaced repetition is recognized as one of the most effective study methods. However, it may take effort to get the most out of it.

To help you ace your exam, use pre-made flashcard decks covering several medical disciplines or create your own patio.


Atlantis Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Atlantis Official Website

While Atlantis does not offer pre-med positions, it does give students a chance to shadow medical professionals to get the necessary clinical experience. 

You will have the opportunity to experience healthcare exposure for a while by participating in a program like Atlantis. After that, you might work in a range of occupations that are not necessarily related to medicine.

BMJ OnExamination

Bmj Onexamination Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: BMJ OnExamination Official Website

Medical students studying for their MCQ examinations have utilized BMJ OnExamination for a long time. It is an excellent collection of questions of the highest caliber, supported by an extensive library of guidelines and materials. 

In addition, it allows you to log results and compare them to a large user base to assess your development more accurately.


Doximity Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Doximity Official Website 

Through Doximity, medical students can interact with practicing physicians, participate in online discussions, and ask questions about various issues about their futures as doctors.

Doximity is in an excellent position to carry out this inquiry because it is the largest professional medical network and has more than 80% of all doctors in the United States as members.

Dr. Najeeb Lectures

Alt Text
Dr. Najeeb Lectures Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Dr. Najeeb Lectures Official Website

Dr. Najeeb Lectures is another pre-med online resource you should add to your list. With his hilarious and incredibly remembered illustrations, he has guided many students through challenging ideas. Our favorite lectures include coagulation cascade, glomerulonephritis, and vasculitis. Give his lectures a try if you have not already!

Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Geeky Medics Official Website

Geeky Medics is among the greatest for developing clinical abilities. Videos of the many exams you must complete for your OSCEs are included on their website. 

In addition, they explain the clinical symptoms you should look for and their significance. It also provides various tools for revision that will help you with your coursework, like a discussion of how to interpret ECGs.


Healthline Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Healthline Official Website

You will need to read a variety of medical periodicals as a student of medicine. By compiling articles from all of the best medical journals in one handy location, Healthline saves you time and hassle. 

It is a requirement for any medical student wishing to make the most of their study time and avoid sifting through numerous websites, covering many issues from Alzheimer's to breast cancer and depression to sexually transmitted diseases.

MSD Manual

Msd Manual Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: MSD Manual Official Website

The MSD Manual is a comprehensive online medical resource for students, offering 3D anatomy models, case studies, quizzes, and the most recent medical news. 

It started in 1899 as a little reference book for doctors. Still, over the next 100 years, it has transformed into one of the most popular, reliable, and top-notch free online tools for medical students. In addition, the free animations, pictures, and movies help to bring medical theory to life and are definitely worth a look.

Online MedEd

Online Meded Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Online MedEd Official Website

You can find free resources organized by clinical medicine, fundamental sciences, and even residency preparation on Online MedEd. This resource was developed by medical professionals who detested the design of resources they encountered in medical school. As a result, it is a cutting-edge information base.


Osmosis Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Osmosis Official Website 

The Osmosis platform, with more than 100 medical and nursing experts as content developers, is a dependable health information source for students and working doctors. 

The online medical resource breaks down one-hour lectures into short, easy-to-watch films. One of the most outstanding applications available for medical students, it offers a complete learning experience combined with study notes and self-assessment questions.


Passmedicine Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: PassMedicine Official Website

Being a pre-med student means you are facing a ton of exams here and there. With PassMedicine, you can access thousands of MCQs about anything medical-related. Sort your MCQs by specialty and answer as many as your brain can. That is what this website is for.


Radiopaedia Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Radiopaedia Official Website 

Suppose you need to gain knowledge about how to interpret medical imaging. In that case, you should check out Radiopaedia, a comprehensive library of medical imaging. It also includes professional evaluations and reports. It is beneficial for developing your radiology expertise and understanding the ideal imaging modality for specific illnesses.


Reddit Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Reddit Official Website

Reddit/pre-med is one of our most valuable resources as pre-med students. Students can interact with other pre-medical students and learn new things on this social media network. We advise downloading the app or visiting their website online if you enjoy crowdsourcing for great career chances.

Scribe America

Scribe America Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Scribe America Official Website

For pre-med students, working as a scribe is a typical job. You can develop relationships with doctors and other healthcare professionals in addition to working in an emergency room. That is precisely what you will find on Scribe America.

A unique talent to have while applying to medical school is the ability to enter data into electronic health records, which you learn how to do as a scribe. Training to become a scribe is quick and straightforward if long-term certificates are not of interest to you.

Student Doctor

Student Doctor Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: Student Doctor Official Website 

Student Doctor includes resources for all users, including pre-med students, medical students, and residents. Articles, interviews, and sources of information. For students from all throughout that spectrum, it even includes forums. 

Suppose you need a bit more assistance preparing for the challenging exam. In that case, you can also ask for a USMLE instructor.


Uptodate Online Resources For Pre-Med Students

Source: UpToDate Official Website

Source: UpToDate Official Website

The wealth of medical information in UpToDate makes it possible for students to get the crucial clinical answers they need. As suggested by its name, the content is updated frequently, supported by evidence, and accurate, giving students access to a wealth of information on various subjects.

The commercial subscription edition of the program offers even more functionality. At the same time, the free version includes well-cited articles that serve as excellent starting points for any student's research.

Final Thoughts

As a pre-med student, your journey to medical school could be challenging and tedious. However, you should have the knowledge, abilities, and experiences necessary to create an impressive application that would help you be accepted to medical school. This race begins the moment you decide to pursue a profession in medicine.

That is why you should get every possible tool to improve your chances of getting accepted into medical school. Remember, many students every year want to enter the medical field. 

Using the right online resources and websites improves your chances of gaining the knowledge and skills required to be a doctor. The list above will surely help you with everything you need. All the best on your pre-med journey! 

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