Meet your awesome MedLife MCAT Mentors

We’re more than just your tutors; we’re your friends that lift you up when you’re discouraged, we’re your coaches that hold you accountable and give you unfiltered feedback, we’re your strategy-focused mentors that show you the MCAT CAN be mastered and your score CAN improve quickly with a focus on strategy, mindset, practice, and learning exactly how to think through this exam like a future doctor.

MCAT Score: 524

Mehul Nimpal

At the start of his prep, like so many of us, Mehul had a hard time motivating himself and sticking to a study schedule. He had taken all the prereqs when he took one of his early practice exams and scored a 506, which was far below his score goal. Instead of feeling discouraged, Mehul dedicated himself to 3.5 months of focused studying and self-improvement, where he refined his approach to passage-based questions. His hard work helped him get a striking 524 by his test date!

Meet Mehul

"Hi! My name is Mehul and I’m a currently studying neuroscience in Canada. I wrote the MCAT in summer 2020 and would love to help you achieve the MCAT score you’re aiming for! I know that the MCAT prep process can sometimes feel incredibly long and tedious, and that it’s hard at times to find the motivation to continue. I’ve also faced problems remaining positive in light of a poor practice test score or after continuing to make the same mistakes again and again for weeks on end. But I managed to overcome these hurdles, and totally believe that you can too! I’ve been tutoring in some form or another for about 7 years, and absolutely love teaching. I’m going to focus on strategies, tips, and tricks that I used during my MCAT experience as well as ways I learned to approach AAMC-style questions so that you can learn how to actually write the exam, not just study forward.

Mehul - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Joseph (Joe) Cornella

Joe scored a 519 on the MCAT and just 2.5 months prior he was scoring in the 500-505 range. A firm believer in the importance of positivity and strategic improvement, while studying himself, Joe also guided another fellow student to a 15+ point increase in the same time frame!

Meet Joseph

"Hello! My name is Joseph and I am excited to be your tutor! I am from Phoenix, Arizona, and just recently graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Microbiology. I love to play the cello and am passionate about music and both scientific and artistic aspects of life. I studied for the MCAT the summer after graduation and took it after 3 months of studying. I received a 97th percentile score, and have helped some of my friends with their studying too. I believe I have a good grasp of visualizing concepts and obtaining a higher level of understanding that will help you with your MCAT. I am always looking to help and encourage struggling students. To help you increase your score, I will teach you how to effectively eliminate wrong answer choices, and then demonstrate effective reasoning strategies that will lead you to a confident answer. I will ask you questions throughout that will hopefully guide you along the way. I’m looking forward to helping you raise your score!”

Joe - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 518

Sydney Thomas

Sydney spent months reading almost every single MCAT prep book cover to cover and made hundreds of flashcards during her studying. Despite this comprehensive review, she was still scoring in the 500-505 range. Once she realized that she had to focus more on applying test-taking strategies rather than content review, she began to break her plateau.On exam day, she achieved an awesome 518 and now she is working toward her dreams of becoming a physician at the Brody School of Medicine!

Meet Sydney

Hi, I am Sydney! I found studying for the MCAT incredibly isolating, so beyond helping you improve your score, I hope to be someone you can talk to when things get tough! I love creating lists and charts and helping create study schedules that work best for you! We all have strengths and weaknesses and I will get to know yours so we can create a study plan that aligns with your goals. I began my MCAT studying journey by reading every Kaplan study book cover to cover, however when I began taking practice tests my scores did not reflect the level of knowledge I thought I had. With one month to go before taking the test, I had to turn my study plan upside down. In one short month, I learned that the MCAT is more than a test of knowledge - it tests your critical thinking, reading comprehension, and your ability to read through the fluff to understand what the question writers are really asking. Together, we can find what you need to "crack the MCAT code!"

MCAT Score: 520

Hanes Grafe

Starting his MCAT prep, Hanes knew he was going to be challenged. Keeping himself motivated was an obstacle and time management was complicated when he had a full schedule. As he continued his prep, he found himself scoring lower than he wanted because he was overthinking the passages. Once he started to approach with better strategies, he increased his score from a 500 to a 520 (98th percentile) in 3 months!

Meet Hanes

"I have a heart for helping students who are seeking a combination of motivation, confidence, and content-review in their MCAT journey. I focus on supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of my students as these areas were vital to my own MCAT success. Initially, the idea of doing well on the MCAT was an anxiety-provoking and unattainable goal. It took my own three-month journey of failing, learning, practicing, growing, and failing some more to turn that goal into a reality. I can’t wait to help you conquer the MCAT!"

Mentor Hanes

MCAT Score: 515

Alisha Agarwal

For 9 weeks before her exam, studying for the MCAT was Alisha’s only focus. Starting from scratch, she taught herself how to navigate the questions and to think like an MCAT exam creator. Quickly, she found an obstacle in pacing her timing to read and actually answer questions (especially in CARS). She also struggled with maintaining her mental health as she found studying for the MCAT could be isolating. In her first practice exams, she ended up scoring in the low 500’s. Once she reworked her studying habits and applied test-taking strategies, her scores increased to 518-520! On her actual exam day, she ended up with an outstanding 515!

Meet Alisha

"Hello! My name is Alisha and I will be starting medical school in the Fall of 2022. I took the MCAT in August of 2020 after studying for nine straight weeks in the summer. MCAT studying was essentially my full time job where I started with some content review and flash cards in the morning, and practice questions and passages in the evening time. I created a study plan that served as a strong balance between understanding the content and understanding the exam. It helped me develop key test taking strategies that ultimately helped me earn a competitive MCAT score! I’m excited to share my experiences as I am a strong believer that with the right mindset, determination, and support, anyone can succeed in the MCAT!"

MCAT Score: 522

Joon Sung

With a lower GPA, Joon knew he needed to achieve a higher MCAT score to keep his dream of becoming a doctor possible. He started studying every day with no clear study plan until he began a full-time job, and everything suddenly became a lot more overwhelming! That's when Joon took a much more strategic approach, and his score improved from 498 to a 514 in just 3 months, where he plateaued, but on test day less than four weeks later, he scored an excellent 522 (129/132/129/132)!

Meet Joon

"Hi! My name is Joon, and I grew up in Los Angeles, California. I went to Brown University and swam on the varsity team, so I can definitely relate to the hectic student-athlete lifestyle. While studying for the MCAT, I had just started working as a full-time research assistant. I spent most of my day in the lab, and I was definitely worried about whether or not I would have enough energy, let alone time, to do well on the MCAT. If you're having a hard time committing to a schedule or feeling unsure whether or not you have all the resources and tools you need, I am more than happy to work with you to figure out a feasible study schedule. With a solid foundation in the study plan and the resources you'll use, you can improve your score and feel more confident going into your exam, which I believe is the key to reaching your goal MCAT score. I look forward to helping you get there!"

MCAT Score: 521

Grace Olson

Grace’s MCAT journey was not easy. She especially struggled with juggling her time as a student, along with the rest of her responsibilities while studying for the MCAT. But even with her busy schedule, within the first two months of her prep, she figured out the right strategies to increase her score from 500 to 513-515! And in the next eight weeks, her score jumped to 521(99th percentile) on test day!

Meet Grace

Hi I'm Grace! When I first began my MCAT journey, I knew I was not a naturally strong test taker, so I worked hard to find strategies that resonated with me. I think that studying is not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing, and it is important to identify what works for you and what doesn't. As a tutor, I want to help students find the ideal approach to their studying, building off of my previous teaching experiences. While I can help with content, practice problems, and building schedules, I also hope to help you realize the importance of mental well-being and healthy studying practices for the MCAT.

MCAT Score: 520

Luke Passannante

As a non-traditional student Luke had an uphill battle. Luke began scoring low 500s. He plateaued in this range for four months, and he knew he would have to refine his studying techniques to really solidify his chance of achieving his med school dream. He continued to persevere in adjusting his study schedule and working on close-reading for his retake. Luke wrote the MCAT again 3 months later and his hard work paid off when he scored a fantastic 520!

Meet Luke

"As a career-changer post bacc, I took an unusual path to medicine. At Williams College, I studied Economics and English. After working in investment banking and private equity for a few years in New York City, I realized that my career lacked sufficient service to others. I took the MCAT for the first time in May 2022 at the end of my post bacc and was unsatisfied with my results in Bio/Biochem and Chem/Phys. I retook the exam later than summer and improved both sections tremendously, resulting in a 520. I have personal experience making huge strides in my MCAT score in a short period of time and look forward to working with people looking to do the same!"


MCAT Score: 521

Mollie Westrick

When Mollie started her prep for the MCAT, she scored a 492 on her first practice test. It took some patience and time to get her score up to 506 - and that's where she plateaued hard. However she figured out how to revamp her approach and strategy, and in less than 60 days, she skyrocketed her score by 15 points to a 521 on test day!

Meet Mollie

Hi I'm Mollie!I graduated from UPenn in 2020. As a Division 1 athlete and Neuroscience major, I needed to manage my time wisely. When I was studying for the MCAT, I needed to balance my studying time with full-time work at a doctor’s office. After struggling to see any increases in scores from practice tests, I was very discouraged. I needed to learn how to change my strategies in order to improve, and my scores subsequently increased from there on out. Building my confidence was not easy, but through hard work, I was able to do so. Throughout my studying, I increased my score almost 30 points from my diagnostic test. I have previously worked as a tutor for High School and College students in the sciences, and have coached swimming for those of all ages. I pride myself on my ability to find the communication style that best fits those I work with.

MCAT Score: 518

Julia Wickman

Julia’s MCAT preparation consisted of over hundreds of hours of studying in addition to her course load in university, and working her part-time jobs. For her, the most important thing to reaching her score goal was learning how to manage her time and develop coping mechanisms for test stress and anxiety. After focusing on strategy rather than content, Julia scored an impressive 518 on her actual MCAT exam! She scored above the 90th percentile on 3 out of the 4 sections, which shows her strong grasp on the entirety of the content. 

Meet Julia

"Hi! I’m Julia, and I’m looking forward to tutoring you! Like most MCAT writers, my journey with the MCAT was not a smooth one. At the beginning of my process, I had a hard time seeing that the MCAT was so much more than a content-based exam, but rather a test of strategy and pacing as well! I felt like I was burning out, and didn’t know if I could do it, but once I realized both that I needed better testing strategies and that I had to be more positive in my approach, I started seeing the improvements. A 518, which seemed inaccessible before, became a reality! I’m looking forward to coaching you towards a positive frame of mind, where you can view the MCAT as an opportunity rather than an obstacle. You don’t know how capable you are. Anyone can master the MCAT! Your score goal is possible, and I’m looking forward to working with you so that you can get there!”

MCAT Score: 519

Matt Larsen

Matt was scoring in mid 500s on early practice exams but he knew he needed a more competitive score for the best chance to gain med school acceptances. Determined to improve, Matt started a new studying regiment and focused on strategically attacking his weaker sections. He started to see improvements in his score, and saw an increase to 515 in less than 30 days! On exam day, Matt ended up scoring an impressive 519!

Meet Matt

"I am a recent graduate from USF medical school and am currently transitioning to my first year of residency later in 2023. I studied for my MCAT while working full-time as a medical scribe, volunteering, and researching. I attribute my success to effective utilization of available study resources, efficiency in studying, and strong test-taking skills. I can help students increase their scores by identifying and bolstering any weaknesses in their test taking, ensuring mastery of high-yield information across different sections of the MCAT, and by providing students the encourgement they need to tackle this challenging exam."

Matt Larsen

Why Choose To Work With Us If You Need MCAT Help: Reason 1
We all ACTUALLY struggled in our MCAT journey

NONE of us were "naturals" who scored 90+ percentile with ease and barely any prep. No one becomes a mentor with us just because of their score. If they can't relate to your experience, how can they truly help you? We all have memories of scary MCAT prep moments where scores were stuck or had gone down, or when we actually took the MCAT and scored much lower than expected. Many of us have memories of literally breaking down after getting the results of a practice (or real) MCAT test, wondering if we were cut out to be doctors. We had to push through it all. Alone.

We had to figure out the most efficient methods for EVERYTHING from creating schedules/study plans, to memorizing content, understanding it all deeply, thinking critically when it comes to passages, improving our timing/stamina, to how preparing mentally for exam day, and SO much more. We spent way too much time figuring out how to study effectively, as we struggled through this journey alone.  You don't have to.

MCAT Score: 522

Saanya Lingineni

Saanya started reviewing 4-5 months before the test casually and scored in the low 500’s for her diagnostic exams. She started diligently going through the prep only a month and a half before the test while juggling her university course load. Saanya was also dealing with the stress of having to learn all the material in such a short time and getting over numerous mental blocks. In shifting her mindset and applying test-taking strategies to her practice, she scored an impressive 522 on test day!

Meet Saanya

"Hi, I am Saanya! Learning content and testing out strategies are important, but what is often overlooked is overcoming the mental block that many students have that prevent them from performing their best in this often anxiety-inducing test. It's something I had to learn to recognize and work around, along with the time crunch I had of studying within only 1.5 months, I often found myself telling myself that I couldn't achieve the score I wanted. Once I realized that this was detrimental to my progress, I learned to use the time crunch I had to my advantage, and I want to help you do the same. I know what it's like to feel unprepared for this test and only have a small amount of time left- I would love to help you strategize your time for what works for you! At the end of the day, I'm here to cheer you on through your ups and downs until you're confident about your studying process!"

MCAT Score: 515

Maya Duffy

For months, while juggling a full course load and her personal life, Maya would passively study without making any significant improvements. Confused and defeated, she would end up pushing her test back a total of 7 times. Knowing that she couldn’t continue this way, she changed up her strategies and mindset. Three months of vigorous, efficient practice led her to an awesome balanced 515 MCAT score! Maya is a student at Medical University of South Carolina’s College of Medicine!

Meet Maya

"Hi! My name is Maya, and I'm an experienced tutor with a B.S. in Biology. I know how daunting and unapproachable the MCAT can seem, but I'm here to tell you that
When I first started studying for the MCAT, I was surprised at how much I struggled to pass the 500 mark. Traditional study strategies didn't feel like they were working for me, and I pushed back my test numerous times until I finally decided to start from scratch and develop my own study plan based on anecdotal advice from hundreds of top scorers. I've spent months researching and personally testing out every strategy in the book, and I want to help you identify and apply those strategies to your own studying to help you kill the MCAT!”

MCAT Tutor_Maya

MCAT Score: 516

Hieu Nguyen

Hieu’s MCAT journey was long and challenging. Going in, he didn’t have the best studying habits and he had to carve out time to study between his other responsibilities. His first practice score ended up being a 499. In between research positions and university courses, he quickly found that having a full schedule meant that he needed more efficient and strategic studying techniques. With this in mind, he reworked his approach and ended up scoring a 506 two weeks from his exam date. On his actual exam, he would end up with a 516 (a 10 points increase)!

Meet Hieu

"Hello! I’m Hieu! I attended Washington and Lee University, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Film. My MCAT journey was very long and tedious. It was a lot of trial and error, but I eventually figured out how to best study for it. I had to balance studying for the MCAT with classes, working, and summer internships. At first, I thought I was prepared after studying for the MCAT during the summer. However, I still wasn’t prepared. After delaying my first exam date for another semester, I used that time to practice and hone my learning skills. I figured out the best method to study to increase my score. I look forward to helping you with your journey!"

MCAT Score: 522

Pooja Kadakia

When she first started, Pooja really struggled with her mindset and confidence, especially in CARS, and this challenge reflected in her first diagnostic exams where she scored in the 490s. She knew that she would have to learn to trust herself and to develop discipline if she was going to hit her goal score. Pooja began to refine her critical thinking and focus on strategy rather than content. She ended up scoring an astounding 522 on test day! She not only exceeded her goal score, but she also scored above the 90th percentile in every section.

Meet Pooja

"Before the MCAT, during my first and second years in college, I was a chemistry tutor. I watched people get frustrated because they had learned the concepts years ago and were out of practice, or got frustrated because they understood the ideas and just couldn't get it right. When it was my turn to then study for my MCAT, I was expecting the journey to be easier, but I'm so grateful it wasn't. At the start, I thought it was just content coverage, but when I started writing practice exams, it was clearly more about rewiring my brain not only to think in the ways the MCAT asks, but also to train it to believe in myself, even when I wasn't performing up to my standards. I thought I was failing for the longest time, looking at my scores. It was then that I truly understood the feelings of my past students. Ultimately, once I started having faith in my ability to improve, I finally started seeing results. I know what it's like to feel exhausted with studying, and to doubt yourself. When I found my faith, I realized that the dedication, hard work, and confidence required to take this exam are the qualities necessary to be a successful physician. I can't give up on my future patients, no matter how difficult their cases are, so should I give up on the MCAT, or my ability to become a better test-taker? No. I got into the mindset that this journey was preparing me to become a better physician to my patients, and the gratitude I felt helped me in my darkest moments. I refuse to give up on them, and if I'm your tutor, I won't give up on you either!”

Pooja - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Nivi Arunkumar

At the start of her prep, Nivi was extremely overwhelmed and intimidated by the exam. After a lot of frustration and scoring below her score goal on her FL practice tests (490s), she knew she needed to change her study habits. Beginning to take into account her mental and physical well-being, along with shifting from focusing on content to strategy, Nivi was able to increase her score in 8 weeks by 18 points, from a 499 to a 517 on test day!

Meet Nivi

"Hi! I’m Nivi and when I first started studying for the MCAT, I was absolutely overwhelmed! I spent a lot of time trying to force myself to take notes/make flashcards for content review and I would use not being done with content as a reason to push back practice tests. When I finally started taking full-length practice tests, I freaked out on every section. Adding to that, even after months of studying, I got my lowest score yet on a FL, which was extremely discouraging. I took a break and came back determined to study in a way that worked for me. For example, I’m a visual learner so I began relying on diagrams and started watching a lot more videos for content review. Additionally, I also realized the importance of mental/physical well-being so I started exercising more regularly and meditating before my practice exams, which helped a lot. In our sessions, I’ll work with you to make sure you can be confident while studying and are focusing on techniques and methods that will actually get you the score that you want. I’m looking forward to helping you with your prep- and getting you to your score goal by your test date!”

Nivi - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 521

Deven Singh

Deven spent the beginning of his MCAT prep journey hyperfocusing on the content, until his plateauing scores made him realize his approach was not working. In the following weeks leading up to his exam, Deven had to completely start from scratch and revamped his study strategies. In just 6 weeks, Deven increased his practice score from the mid-500s to an awesome 521 on actual exam day!

Meet Deven

“Two months prior to my test date, I took my first practice test and quickly realized I was inadequately prepared. I had to rework my entire study approach over the following weeks. I also had to prioritize and address multiple areas of improvement while maintaining my mental composure throughout the process. I understand that studying for the MCAT is a nerve-wracking process because the end result is hundreds of hours of work distilled into a single score. By helping you build resilience and execute a well-designed plan, I want to assure you are using your time efficiently while preparing for the MCAT. I look forward to helping you!”

MCAT Score: 517

Savannah Runge

While prepping for her exam, Savannah hit a major plateau at 505. Every time she took a practice exam, for months on end, Savannah got the same scores and grew extremely discouraged that she was not seeing an increase. However, with just 3 weeks left, Savannah revamped her studying strategies, and worked past her feelings of self-doubt. She was able to increase her score to a 517 by her test date, making an impressive 12 point increase in just three weeks!

Meet Savannah

"Hi! My name is Savannah, and I’m looking forward to working with you! I am a recent graduate of Northwestern University, and I took the MCAT this past August. I come from a theatre/communication background and absolutely love tutoring/mentoring, so I am extremely excited to help you raise your score! Working together, I will meet you where you are, and if something doesn’t make sense via one method of explanation, I will strive to find another one that works better with your brain. My MCAT journey was not a walk in the park. I hit a major score plateau at 505- I am talking months of 505s- up to three weeks before my exam. Not only was it frustrating to feel the lack of progress, but it sent my mental health down the toilet. I was depressed, devastated, and truly had NO faith in myself or my intelligence. Even when I started seeing scores increase, my self-esteem was still so low that I couldn’t believe it. I want to help you avoid falling for the imposter syndrome, like I did, and reach your score goal without programmed self-doubt keeping you down! Looking forward to working together!”

Savannah - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 518

Akash Maney

Like many, Akash had to retake his MCAT multiple times to achieve a competitive score. He started out scoring in very low 500s and doubled down on content review for the next 6 months. Disappointed with his performance and facing personal hurdles, Akash ended up taking a year break from MCAT prep. When he got back to the prep, he knew he needed to shake things up by finding test-taking strategies that work for his learning style. 60 days before his test date, he scored a 507 on his practice test, before making an impressive 11 point increase to a 518 on test day!

Meet Akash

“As someone that has struggled with the MCAT for a long time before I figured out what worked. I took the MCAT for the first time in August of 2020. With the early stages of COVID keeping everyone indoors, I was able to focus on studying all day for nearly 4 months. Ironically, the large amount of time, in spite of having no commitments, didn't mean that my score increase drastically.

The only thing I could think of was how this exam had beat me. It took nearly a year and a half before I was convinced I needed to retake the exam. I knew I would have more challenges as I worked full time and had other premed obligations, but knowing I could improve I came up with a plan.

I like to think that my story is made for people who convinced themselves after several attempts that the MCAT is impossible or even that a career in medicine is not for them. As someone that has literally never breezed through any standardized test, I promise you that anything is possible if you just do as I do in a disciplined, work-smart over work-hard, fashion.”

Akash Maney

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MCAT Score: 520

Peyton Groves

Soon after Peyton first started studying for the MCAT, she saw her scores drop and was immediately discouraged, feeling like studying had been for nothing. Juggling her studying with college course made it hard to stay positive as she was stagnating in improvements. But she revamped her studying approach and strategy, and in a matter of three months she increased her score from the low 500s to a 520 (98th percentile) on the MCAT!

Meet Peyton

“Hi I’m Peyton! My approach to studying has always been super personalized, so I would love to help support you to figure out ways that work best for you! I started out my MCAT journey doing content review, and after a month of studying, my score went down. That was really discouraging, and I relate to the feeling like you're not making any progress. I want to help you figure out the ways you can be maximally efficient and effective to achieve the score you want. We can brainstorm new study strategies, going over changes I made that drastically improved my performance, and helping you understand concepts. I was involved in many things outside of studying, so learning how to manage stress and time were huge lessons for me. I prioritize helping students create a study and testing plan that suits their schedule and goals. I will be your tutor, friend, and support system throughout your journey, and hope to add some fun and excitement into a process that can be really stressful!”

MCAT Score: 520

Melanie Barbini

On her first MCAT exam, Melanie quickly found that she was entirely unprepared. She was juggling a full-time job and was quickly burnt out and overwhelmed. In addition to the rigors of the exam itself, her test-taking anxiety got the best of her and she would end up scoring in the low 500’s. However, she knew that she had the potential to improve and was determined to increase her score. She started practicing more consistently and applying testing strategies in her test prep! She also learned some helpful techniques to help her with her test anxiety. On her retake, she would end up scoring an awesome 516!

Meet Melanie

"Hi! My name is Melanie, and I am a current MD/PhD candidate. I graduated with a major in behavioral neuroscience and took the MCAT in June 2020. Having taken the MCAT twice, I know how stressful and tedious studying for the MCAT can be especially as you juggle other outside commitments like work and school. Having been able to improve my MCAT score and been admitted into my dream program, I want to help you find a flexible study schedule that helps you maximize your scoring potential on the MCAT. Whether this includes working on problem areas, talking through passages, or optimizing on test taking strategies, I look forward to adapting to your learning needs and helping you achieve your dream score. I am excited to work with you!"

MCAT Score: 523

Rishi Patel

When Rishi started his MCAT prep, he struggled a lot with absorbing the content . He started to build a strong conceptual foundation and maximized his strategy. However, he was still only scoring at 510 just over a month before his test date. Wanting to improve by 10+ points, Rishi further refined his strategies and mindset, and was able to increase his score to a 518 in just 4 weeks following that, before achieving a 523 (13 point score increase) on his actual exam!

Meet Rishi

"Hello my name is Rishi! I graduated from UC Berkeley in December 2019 and started medical school in Fall 2021. I scored in the top one percent of MCAT students when I took the exam. I have several hundreds of hours of experience that I can leverage to help you improve upon your weak sections and achieve your score goals. As an MCAT tutor, I can help you with content mastery, test-taking strategies, and motivating yourself to study. Beyond helping you get a great MCAT score that can get you into the medical school of your dreams, I hope to help you learn concepts and test-taking strategies that will help you throughout the rest of your life. I cannot wait to start working with you to help you get the best score possible on this exam!”

Rishi - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 519

Jack Tracy

A month before his test date, Jack was scoring a 497. He knew that he needed a higher score to be more competitive. Anxious about his score, he reworked his strategies and practiced more effective studying methods. Putting in long hours, he implemented these new techniques and in those 30 days, his score shot up by 22 points to a 519 by test day!

Meet Jack

"Hi! I am originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, but I moved to Tennessee to attend Vanderbilt University for my undergraduate degree. I graduated a semester early from Vanderbilt in December, 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts in Medicine, Health & Society and a minor in Business.

I scored a 519 on the MCAT and my splits for the four sections of Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio/Biochem, Psych/Soc were 130, 128, 130, 131 respectively. I followed a self-guided method of studying without taking any courses to ensure that I really learned the content and strategy behind answering all types of questions across the different sections of the MCAT. My content review went from January to April. I then took some time off for finals and to watch some of my good friends graduate. I returned home and on the 17th of May scored a 497 (42nd percentile). Needless to say, I was extremely worried about my score. Three weeks later, I began a full time internship in a hospital for the summer and adapted my MCAT studying to the evenings after work. I had saved the AAMC tests to be done last and scored 518, 523, and 520 on the three that I completed. Test day (June 19th) came more quickly than I had expected and I was able to score a 519! An improvement of 22 points in approximately a month, which hopefully shows you my understanding of the focus and dedication necessary for success on the MCAT. I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way in increasing my MCAT score, which I’m really looking forward to sharing with you! Let’s get you to your MCAT score goal :)"

MCAT Score: 517

Natasha Gengler

When Natasha started studying for the MCAT she was working 40 hrs/week. With only 8 weeks left before the MCAT and not having scored above a 503, she knew had an incredible challenge ahead of her. However, in just under two months, she developed the right strategies to take her score from a 503 to a 517 (97th percentile) on the MCAT!

Meet Natasha

"Hi! My name is Natasha, and I'm a senior math major and creative writing minor! Between working a full time job and being a non-science major, I struggled a lot with mastering all of the content on the MCAT science sections in time for my exam, but I was able to find strategies to help me maximize my study prep to score an even distribution across the exam. Through this strategic organization, I was able to increase my score from a 509 to a 517 in just 2 weeks! I also specialize in helping students with CARS passage analysis, since I find most people have the skills to do really well on CARS-- they just need a little extra test-taking strategy! I’m looking forward to helping you increase your MCAT score :)"

MCAT Score: 518

JD Carter

JD started his prep while juggling a full course load and trying to balance his academic life with studying for the MCAT was not working for him. He ended up with a 495 on his first practice exam. With winter break on the horizon, he buckled down and reworked his studying habits. Changing his mindset and strategies, he ended up making leaps in progress. He finally broke through to the 500s, one month before his test date he scored a 502 on a practice exam. Eventually, he made a 16 points increase to score an awesome 518 on his actual exam day!

Meet JD

"Hey! I’m JD and I have had a diverse range of tutoring experiences: from high school geometry to teaching English in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. I know how daunting this test can be, especially since it stands between us and our dream of becoming a doctor. As your tutor, not only do I hope to help you reach your dream score, but also to guide you through these stressful times. I hope that I can be a source of support, encouragement, and a listening ear when you need it. When preparing for the MCAT, it is vital to take care of yourself in aspects of life outside of studying, and I would hope to provide guidance on how to balance these things as well! I look forward to helping you on this journey!"

MCAT Score: 520

Amna Saigal

Amna was an MCAT retaker and like many other students, she struggled with balancing the wide range of content that is covered on the MCAT. When she started studying for her first MCAT, she was scoring in the 490s because she focused on content rather than strategy. When she realized that the AAMC was actually testing students’ abilities to analyze information and read critically, she used her background knowledge in research to help polish her approach to the passages for her retake. Amna scored a whopping 520 on her test date scoring above the 90th percentile in every section!

Meet Amna 

"Hi, I’m Amna! The first time I took the MCAT, I tried to learn everything (even the things I knew were unlikely to actually be on the exam). I went on to spend 3.5 months studying part-time trying to learn all of that content- but I still didn’t get the score I wanted. The second time, I decided to study smarter, rather than study MORE. The makers of the MCAT are primarily testing your ability to analyze information and make conclusions- which you only need “high-yield” content for. This time, I spent more time practicing passages, and developing a calm and logical approach to answering questions. Working on perfecting these strategies was the key to getting my 520, and I want to help you learn the “hacks” and strategies that can help you do the same. The MCAT is testing intelligence, not your ability to regurgitate information- and that’s why anyone can succeed on it with the right strategy and mindset! That’s what got me to my dream score, and I’m looking forward to helping you with these tactics so that you can reach your score goal too!”

Amna - MCAT Tutor

MCAT Score: 522

Diana Hla

When Diana first started her MCAT journey, she was only really engaging in casual review, which led to her score a 502 on an early practice exam. She actually didn’t have the time to devote herself to strict studying until there was only 1 month left before her exam. Diana dedicated herself to practice questions and polishing her test-taking strategies, leading to an outstanding 522 by her actual test day!

Meet Diana

"Hi! My name is Diana, and I’m looking forward to working with you! As a first year medical student at Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine (after graduating from Johns Hopkins with a BA in Biophysics and Molecular and Cellular Biology with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management), I have gained an in-depth understanding of physics, biology, and chemistry. I also have seven years of tutoring experience, three years of teaching experience in college physics, and a year of tutoring for the MCAT's CARS section. This experience has honed my ability to help students on the MCAT, as I have seen a wide variety of questions, passages, common errors, and the strategies that have led to the most improvement even after long plateaus. After performing well on the MCAT as well as during the medical admissions process, I decided I wanted to help others be successful in academically achieving well so they can also pursue their dreams! I can’t wait to help you on your journey!”

MCAT Score: 519

Krishi Dudhia

Krishi struggled throughout her MCAT prep. On an early practice exam, Krishi scored 499, and hit her plateau in the 500’s when she completed reviewing content. After 2.5 months, she was determined to improve her score, so she started from scratch with practice and working on her testing stamina. Once she started implementing new strategies, she began to understand the exam better. On her actual test day, she ended up achieving an astounding 519!

Meet Krishi

“Hi! My name is Krishi, and I am currently a junior at Drexel's combined BS/MD program. I will be starting medical school in August 2024. I am super excited to be a part of MCAT Mastery, and my goal is to pass on the key tips and crucial techniques that I learned during my studying journey to students who are aspiring to take the MCAT. What helped me the most during my journey was to focus on practice questions and dissect each question that I get wrong, along with understanding why I got the questions that I got right right.”

Krishi Dudhia

MCAT Score: 522

Andrea Sandoval

Andrea’s biggest struggle when approaching the MCAT was time management. She struggled to balance her full-time research position and all the necessary studying required for the MCAT. Andrea began her journey scoring a 500. After three months of hard work and amazing support from her family and friends, she was able to score an impressive 522 on exam day! Her specialties are in Psych/Soc and CARS - so she’ll definitely be able to help you increase your score in those areas!

Meet Andrea

"Hi there! I'm a 4th year undergraduate at UC Berkeley who is about to graduate and apply to medical school. When I first started studying for the MCAT I was having a really difficult time, but after lots of practice and hard work I was able to achieve a score of 522! I tended to be a slow thinker and slow reader, so adapting to the timing of the test was a challenge for me, but I was able to develop strategies for overcoming this. I struggled on this long MCAT journey, but I was able to find the test methods and strategies that work best for me and I'd love students to do the same and achieve their goal score!"

Andrea Sandoval

MCAT Score: 521

Kamal Randhawa

Kamal had a challenging MCAT journey. He had to take the exam twice to achieve his desired score. He did well on his first try, scoring a 515, but he knew he was capable of a better score. He gave himself some well-needed time off to maintain a good headspace and improved his study schedule. All his hard work paid off, as he scored an awesome 521 on his MCAT (ranking about the 90th percentile in all 4 sections)!

Meet Kamal

"My name is Kamal Randhawa and I am a first-year MSc. Candidate in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Ottawa. I am passionate about my studies and love to help those around me. I wrote the MCAT two times and learned a lot each time. What drove me towards retaking the exam was that I was 1) confident in my abilities to learn challenging concepts 2) synthesize relevant information in a clear and concise way for my brain to develop strong semantic networks and 3) score better than my first attempt! Now as a tutor, I hope to impart all my skills, knowledge, and notes to anyone who might need a little help!"


Why Choose To Work With Us If You Need MCAT Help: Reason 2
We are determined and specialize in getting you to your score goal FAST

We don't want to work with you any more than you need us. We want to help as many students as possible, not the same students as much as possible. Which means the faster we can get you to your score goal, the faster we can help someone else. We don't try to get you to keep paying us. Which is also why we like to get straight to STRATEGY (and only focus on content if you really need it). You can learn content on your own through many free videos available. Your time spent with us will be most valuable when we 1) diagnose your current MCAT prep habits, your mindset, how you reason through passages, find your highest leverage areas for improvement that will give you the biggest score jumps and 2) SHOW you exactly how to improve, even if that means giving you an inside-look into our thought process for how we approach specific sections, so you can literally just copy that and absorb the correct way of thinking. 

MCAT Score: 523

Joe McGrath

When Joe started his prep for the MCAT, he had no idea where to start. Initially, he put a lot of work into content without doing any practice. He didn’t take his first practice exam until 2 weeks before his test date. With the review he’d done beforehand, he ended up scoring a 514, but he knew he could do even better by focusing on his approach (rather than content). Moving forward in those final 2 weeks, by optimizing his test-taking strategies, he was able to increase his score by 9 points to a 523 on his actual exam!

Meet Joe

“Hi, I'm Joe and I’m looking forward to tutoring you! I began studying for the MCAT about three months before my exam, and it's safe to say, I barely knew where to start. Having never received any pre-med counseling, the sheer scope and importance of the MCAT were incredibly daunting. During the first couple months of my studying, I was not performing well on the MCAT practice passages. As a result, I was extremely concerned about how I was going to perform on the actual MCAT. However, after taking four AAMC practice tests (and improving my score by over 9 points in two weeks while taking these practice tests), I found the perfect MCAT strategy to maximize my success. When I finally went to take the real MCAT exam, I was even more nervous than I thought I'd be, despite the fact that I felt very prepared. Somehow, I was able to calm my nerves and put forth my best effort on the exam. I ended up getting a 523 while scoring 130 or above on every section. Even though I ended up scoring in the 99th percentile, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed by MCAT studying and think that there's no possible way to score highly on the exam. By working with me, students will learn to overcome this self-doubt. My main focus in MCAT tutoring is helping students find the strategy that works best for them, as I don't think there is such a thing as a "one-size-fits-all strategy." By developing a personalized strategy, students can see large score increases in small amounts of time. I can’t wait to help you reach your score goal!”

MCAT Score: 520

Nana Adenu-Mensah

When Nana first started studying for her MCAT, she began with high expectations of achieving a 520+ on her exam. However, because she was a nontraditional student, who had already been out of school for three years, her initial scores on MCAT practice exams were only in the low 500s. She found that she struggled with the CARS section the most-- and was extremely discouraged by how much strategy was required for the exam. Still, she didn't let that stop her. Instead, by changing her approach and becoming disciplined with her practice passages, she finally saw increases in her scores. Eventually, Nana achieved her original goal of 520 on her exam day! Nana accepted a spot at Yale Medical School and we’re so proud of her!

Meet Nana

"Becoming a doctor had always been my dream but I put it off for a few years because I wasn't confident that I'd score well on the MCAT, which I knew was the biggest hurdle for me to climb. I braced my fears and took the plunge to start my prep about 5 months to my test date, three years out of undergrad and working a full-time job. While my scores were nowhere near great in the beginning, I persevered, cried a bit, worked hard, used all the resources I could afford like MCAT Mastery, and started to see a gradual increase in my scores, culminating in exceeding my target score and getting into medical school! If I could do it, then so can you- you're not alone! I have lots of experience teaching and tutoring undergraduate and graduate students, so I can meet you where you are in your MCAT prep. As we work together, I will share the strategies and resources that I found effective with you, and help you build confidence and skills to hit your target score as quickly as possible."

MCAT Score: 522

Ashley Battenberg

When Ashley began her MCAT journey, she was already feeling overwhelmed. With personal responsibilities, research commitments, and finishing up her undergraduate at Brown University, she found that she did not have much time to study efficiently and effectively. Time management was a particular challenge for her, and she was still scoring around low 500s on her practice exams. Rethinking her strategy for the test and practicing new studying techniques led her to improve her score quickly; it would take less than 30 days to jump from a 508 to her best, a 523. On exam day, she ended up with an incredible 522!! She’ll be matriculating to the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine!

Meet Ashley

"Hey, I’m Ashley! While studying for the MCAT, I had quite a few other responsibilities and activities I was engaged in. I didn't have time or the desire to study 8 hours a day, so my greatest struggle was learning to study efficiently. I found ways to ensure that the time I spent studying was efficient and focused. After spending a lot of time inefficiently studying, I developed and found the tools that worked best for me. I want to help you find and create tools that work for you!"

MCAT Score: 518

Austin Lent

Starting his prep, Austin was overwhelmed when faced with juggling online classes and MCAT studying during the pandemic. As he continued his prep, he quickly realized that time management and maintaining motivation for studying were his main obstacles. Once he highlighted these weaknesses and reworked his approach, he was able to improve them. He ended up raising his score from a 504 to a fantastic 518 ( a 14 points jump!) on exam day!

Meet Austin

"Once I knew I would be home for a long time at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided it would be a good time to prepare for and take the MCAT. While transitioning to online summer classes and quarantining at home were challenging, making a schedule and sticking to it allowed me to remain focused and dedicated. I believe building perseverance and confidence are huge parts of tackling the MCAT, along with content knowledge and test-taking strategies. I look forward to helping you find strategies that work!"


MCAT Score: 527

Adam Novak

Going into the MCAT, Adam had a strong foundation in content but he didn’t anticipate how much he would struggle to actually interpret the questions on the exam. While he had to juggle university and other responsibilities, he quickly realized that he had to tackle the MCAT using a different strategy. He rethought his approach to the exam, and ended up with a 509 on a practice exam. He would go on to make an 18 points increase in 2 months, to score an amazing 527 on his actual exam!

Meet Adam

"Combining my biochemistry degree with 2 co-ops (one in surgery and one in pharmaceutical research), I felt I had a strong foundation coming into the MCAT. I was accepted through an early assurance program, so I knew the mark I had to hit on the exam. I gave myself approximately 4 months for studying, and definitely was not where I thought I would be. I had a fair amount of the content down, but the exam style was so different I was really struggling with the question style. I started using a variety of qbanks to learn how to interpret the questions, as well as identify content gaps. I ultimately achieved a score better than I could've ever imagined. I look forward to helping you!"

MCAT Score: 525

Bill Young

Bill started his prep in January 2022 and quickly found himself struggling with understanding the exam. He took a diagnostic and got a 504. However, he knew that he was capable of more and immediately began figuring out how to improve. Once he worked out a better approach and started implementing new strategies, he began to understand the exam better and better. Using new techniques to help him prep, he took another diagnostic and saw an increase to a 512. And on his actual test day, he achieved an amazing 525 (a 10 points increase in 2 months)!

Meet Bill

"Hi, I’m Bill! Unsure of what resources to use, I found helpful guides online through Khan Academy and Jack Westin. Following two months of review, I worked through practice problems and full-lengths and was able to receive a 525. During this studying process, I balanced 2 part-times jobs with a full-time course load. Learning how to concisely study and ensure that I was spending my time effectively was super helpful to me. I look forward to helping you reach your goal score!"


MCAT Score: 519

Justin Roskam

Justin started his MCAT journey and scored in the low 500s on early practice exams. He originally had a test date in July 2022, but Justin ended up pushing it back to September since he was so overwhelmed by the prep and his personal obligations. Leading up to his new test date, Justin focused on tackling his biggest struggles in passage approach and time management. Implementing some new strategies and with plenty of practice, Justin was able to boost his score to a stellar 519!

Meet Justin

“Hey, I’m Justin! I am a non-traditional student, who dropped out of high school my junior year due to an illness, then started out at community college and am now taking a gap year to do clinical research as I apply to medical school. No one in my immediate or even extended family is a physician, and this journey has definitely been a tough one in that I have had to figure out so much on my own. My experience has shown me that almost anything is possible through dedication and the right approach, both of which I hope to help students cultivate for the MCAT and their educational/career goals beyond.”

Justin Roskam

MCAT Score: 523

Smrithi Upadhyayula

Like many, Smrithi started her prep juggling her personal life and the chaos of school. After tackling content review, she still wasn’t scoring close to her target goal and she started learning to tackle test-taking strategies for the MCAT. After focusing on efficiency and passage approach, she made a huge jump to 523 within just 2 months. Smrithi would end up scoring an amazing 525 on exam day!

Meet Smrithi

“Hey, I’m Smrithi! I scored a 525 on the MCAT and am a member of the UT Southwestern MD Class of 2027. As someone who couldn't afford to take time off of school and work to study for the MCAT, I developed many time-efficient, practical techniques for increasing my score that I would love to share. I also have diverse literary experience as a sci-fi author, award-winning policy paper writer, and reporter for the UT Dallas student newspaper. I can leverage these skills to help you learn to pick apart passages and arrive at what they really mean. Finally, as a non-natural science major, I had to learn much of the MCAT content on my own, and can help you develop a memorization strategy.”

MCAT Score: 520

Sophie Pulumbarit

Three months before Sophie’s test date, she was scoring low 500s on her practice tests. Her consistent low scores resulted in her feeling discouraged and she struggled to get that score increase. She ended up exploring different online resources (such as MedLife Mastery videos and daily emails) and worked on implementing consistent practice questions to tackle the MCAT. She would see a steady increase that would lead her to a fantastic 520 on test day!

Meet Sophie

“Hi! My name is Sophie and I'm excited to be tutoring you! I graduated from the University of Western Ontario with my BSc in Chemistry. When I started studying for the MCAT, I fell incredibly behind because I didn't have a biology background. I put so much time into studying the biology content to "catch up" that I lost sight of the fact that the MCAT is truly a strategy-based test. It wasn't until I started watching videos on the strategies taken to approach passages that I saw a change. My scores started to improve and so did my mindset! I want to help you do the same. I know what it's like to feel unsure of your abilities and down on yourself. By tutoring you, I hope to not only increase your score, but also help you feel positive throughout the process. I know with the right mindset, hard work, and a good support system, you can reach your goal score and I'm here to help you get there!”

Ready to meet your mentor? We're excited to start helping you increase your MCAT score!

MCAT Score: 521

Bilal Nadeem

Bilal started his prep with a bang. He was a STEM major at Harvard University and had a great grip on content; his first diagnostic was a 515. However, he had his mind set on specific programs and knew he needed to achieve a higher score to get an acceptance. Overwhelmed by the exam, Bilal really struggled with feeling confident in his preparation, especially since his practice exams scores kept fluctuating up and down. He eventually found methods that worked, and propelled him to an awesome 521 on his actual test day!

Meet Bilal

"Hi! My name is Bilal and I'm currently an MD-PhD student. When I was first studying for the MCAT, the enormity of the content I had to review, re-learn, or learn for the first time overwhelmed me, and I struggled to visualize an endpoint. I'm eager to share some methods that can help you get in control of your preparation and that can help cultivate a level of self-assurance that will get you to and through test day. I look forward to working with you!"


MCAT Score: 516

Shahar Hartman

Shahar began studying with less than a month until his test date. Time was of the essence. Aside from preparing for this life changing exam, he also had to juggle his return from months abroad and figure out what to do with his life. He bet on himself and created a rigorous study schedule with specific score goals. His methods worked and he would see a steady increase from 504, 510, 514 to 520 on four of his practice tests. With the help of his consistent practice testing and self-confidence, Shahar was able to score a fantastic 516 on test day (a 12 point increase in less than a month!)

Meet Shahar

"Hi, I’m Shahar! I had the choice of either going abroad or applying to medical school in the upcoming cycle. My university said that it would be very difficult to do both, as it would not only leave me with under a month to study, but that I would be removed while abroad from the academics that the test requires of me. This sounded like a challenge, and I told myself that I would be okay with not succeeding, but I wanted to bet on myself that I could persevere. Five months later, I was on my flight home from Switzerland, and I had opened up an MCAT general guide I had downloaded for the flight. This was the beginning of my study journey. I found that the biggest advantage I could give myself was building confidence which in-turn would allow me to be more comfortable with the test itself. Content aside, the MCAT tests you on how you pick yourself up when you're down and I’m here to help you figure that out!"


MCAT Score: 522

Veronica Bochenek

Veronica’s MCAT journey was not a walk in the park. She struggled with major test anxiety along with feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content to memorize. She took her first practice exam and got a 508. As she was aiming for a score much higher, this only scared her enough to hold off her exam for an entire year. However, she knew she couldn’t put off the MCAT (and her dream) forever and mustered up the courage to try again. With only one month left before her exam, Veronica powered through and focused her studying on what really matters. She increased her score to a 510 and kept up the momentum through to her test day, where she achieved an outstanding 522 (a 12 points increase in a month)!

Meet Veronica

"Hi, I’m Veronica! I’m a recent college graduate with years of experience tutoring and mentoring students. My 522 was the result of consistent efforts to familiarize myself with the exam's design and content. This means that I know the ins and outs of the test, and I'm very excited to help you learn them too!"


MCAT Score: 523

Olivia Paraschos

On her very first practice exam, Olivia scored a 507 and she struggled to translate the content she had learned into applied situations. In her last couple months of studying, she worked on time management and adjusted her studying methods. It would propel her to an amazing 523 on exam day! A whole 16-point increase in 2 months, with all four sections ranking above the 90th percentile.

Meet Olivia

"Hi, my name is Olivia and I'm excited to work together to improve your MCAT score! I know first-hand how stressful studying can be while balancing other responsibilities, and how frustrating it can be to feel like you're stuck at the same score for weeks or even months. I think one of the most important tips to doing well on the MCAT is practice, and we can collaborate to come up with a study plan that works with your schedule to help you get the most out of your time spent studying. I’m looking forward to helping you on your journey!"


MCAT Score: 521

Hannah Kareff

Like many, Hannah decided to start her MCAT prep while finishing up her undergraduate degree. For her, juggling classes at Cornell and prep was tricky and frustrating, as she struggled with identifying her weaknesses. Instead of seeing clear improvements, she ended up wasting time on “low yield” areas, resulting in a low diagnostic score of 511. After tailoring her studying better to her needs, Hannah studied hard for 3 months. She saw steady increases with practice scores of 511 to 514 to 519. Her hard work would pay off when she scored a fantastic 521 on test day. Hannah has been accepted into multiple medical programs and is still trying to decide on the best one for her.

Meet Hannah

"I took the MCAT in April of 2022 after four months of studying. I was able to increase by 10 points from my first diagnostic test to my final test day, but not without a lot of hard work and anxiety. One of the most helpful things for me was having a friend taking it the same day, so that we could check in with each other and feel less alone. I want to be that person for other students, with the added bonus of having taken the exam before and being prepared with strategies/tools to help students improve. I have several years of tutoring and TA experience, and want to help you do and feel your best on your MCAT testing day. I look forward to getting you to your goal score!"


MCAT Score: 524

Srikar Dudipala

When Srikar first started his MCAT prep, like many, he struggled quite a bit with passage dissections and CARS. He knew the MCAT was an uphill battle and thus spent a lot of time creating a study schedule to maximize his time. Srikar ended up scoring an impressive 510 on his first diagnostic exam. This was a great score, but he knew he could do even better. He reworked his strategies and eventually scored an amazing 524 on exam day!

Meet Srikar

"Hi, my name is Srikar Dudipala and I am an incoming medical student currently living in New York City. I graduated from Brown University, earning an honors degree in Neuroscience. I truly am passionate about tutoring and really try to emphasize adapting to individual learning styles in order to connect with each student and help them succeed. I also love to use humor and creativity to keep my students engaged and motivated! In my free time, I enjoy playing Spikeball and basketball and visiting every museum that New York City has to offer!

While I was really happy about my final score of 524, I definitely went through my own struggles while taking the test - including always getting stuck between 2 answer options and navigating tricky CARS passages. In addition to serving as an MCAT tutor, I also TA'd Biochemistry and General Chemistry, and worked with underserved children at Providence while at Brown. I hope to be able to work with you with both content and test-taking strategies to help you succeed as well!"

Srikar Dudipala

MCAT Score: 521

Sean Rodriguez

At the beginning of his MCAT studying, he found preparing for the test to be far more difficult and isolating than anticipated. Despite being comfortable with the majority of the content, he plateaued at the low 500s and could not achieve his goal score no matter how much he studied. He then realized that he would have to change his strategies and prioritize efficiency and his mental well-being over endlessly reviewing content. Once he adjusted his approach, he finally started seeing the score increases he craved and jumped to a 513 within 2 months. He would then go on to score his best yet on exam day, achieving a 521!

Meet Sean

"Hello, I'm Sean! I attended UCLA and majored in microbiology with a minor in Spanish, and I will be attending medical school this fall. My lack of improvement frustrated me so immensely that I voided my first MCAT exam. Having struggled with the exam for so long, I understand the feelings of inadequacy and anger that come from a test that is rigorous and important for your future as a physician. Given my hundreds of hours spent studying for the MCAT and prior tutoring experience, I am prepared to help motivate you through rough patches and I will readily adjust my methods to best fit your learning style. I want to ensure that you have a deep understanding of fundamental concepts and can apply your knowledge to novel situations, a critical thinking skill that is heavily emphasized on the MCAT. No matter your starting point, I am here for you and look forward to helping you reach your MCAT goals!"

Sean Rodriguez_v2

MCAT Score: 520

Destan Scott

Destan’s MCAT journey was far from an easy one. Juggling his studying and work was one of the hardest things he had to manage. An early practice exam resulted in a 497, his great disappointment. At times, it seemed downright impossible to learn every topic for the exam, and the MCAT quickly became a humbling experience. He knew he had to figure out a better studying approach. With perseverance and determination, he managed to find strategies that helped increase his score to a stellar 520 on test day!

Meet Destan

Hi, I’m Destan! I want to help you achieve your dream score and help you on the journey of becoming a doctor. During my 6 years as a tutor, I have tutored a wide variety of different types of students. I have worked with children and adults. I have worked with students who only needed minor tweaks in their approach and I have worked with students who needed to basically start from scratch. I have worked with students who had to manage full-time jobs while studying for the MCAT. I have also dealt with students with very different learning styles and have taught students with varying learning disabilities. I have a lot different tricks and tools for you to use to not only achieve your dream score, but to do so efficiently. The MCAT is an extremely difficult test. I hope to guide you along your MCAT journey to make it a little easier and make sure you achieve the score that you deserve!


MCAT Score: 520

Sahil Bhatt

Sahil came into his MCAT prep with a strong foundation in content, but even that wasn’t helping him get to his goal score. His initial score was in the low 500’s, but he dreamt of better and knew that he at least had to try. He bunkered down to find the strategies that worked best for him for the next 3 months, while trying to keep a positive mindset and struggling to focus. He would improve his score by 12 points, from a 508 to a 520 on test day! 

Meet Sahil

Hi, I’m Sahil! I am a recent graduate from Emory University with a focus in Biology on the pre-med track. Over my time at Emory, I have learned how to balance rigorous academics with the things that make me happy day-to-day. Keeping a positive mindset and staying focused on my long-term goals also helped me stay motivated while studying and added some perspective to this process. Studying for the MCAT is an extremely personal journey, and I hope to work with you to identify how to best utilize different strategies and resources to help you meet your goals!

MCAT Score: 527

Clare Grossman

When Clare first tried to take the MCAT, she was working full-time and felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information she was expected to remember. So much so that she ended up canceling her test. When she signed up for an MCAT date in March 2023, she knew that something would have to change. After getting some guidance, she reworked her mindset and a month before her exam date scored a 514. All of her score improvement came within her last month of prep, and she ended up scoring an incredible 527 on test day, a 13-point increase in 1 month!

Meet Clare

“Hi! I'm Clare (she/her). I am excited to be a mentor and companion on your MCAT journey. I know first-hand how challenging it can be to balance studying with other responsibilities, and how stressful it can be to navigate all of the content and strategy. After struggling with anxiety and self-doubt, I had to learn how to be gentle with myself and trust in my own process, to learn from my mistakes and celebrate my successes. The second time around, after lots of trial and error, I found ways to study efficiently and effectively while still taking care of myself. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned and helping you find and create study methods that will work for you!”

MCAT Score: 515

Rebecca Wu

Rebecca wrote the MCAT twice. Her first exam she scored in the low 500’s and this crushed her as her lowest section was Chemistry and Physics - courses she typically did well in during undergrad. However, she did not let this discourage her and re-wrote the MCAT the following year. She only had 2 months to study so she honed in on her time-management skills and passage approach. All her hard work would pay off when she was able to reach 515 on test day!

Meet Rebecca

Hi! I'm Rebecca, a medical student at the University of Toronto. Entering medical school was not a short or easy journey and I totally understand as I have once been in your position.

Prior to entering medical school, I have completed my BSc from McGill in Psychology and Chemistry. Afterwards, I completed my MSc at UofT doing sleep and dementia research. Throughout these two degrees, I discovered my passion for teaching and mentoring others.

I wrote the MCAT two times. The first time, I scored the lowest in the section I least expected and the score I obtained was lower than all my practice scores. I was devastated to say the least. However, with some experience under my belt, I knew what sections to focus on and buckled down to re-write it a second time scoring a 90+ percentile!
As I have experience writing it numerous times, I am confident I can use some of my studying skills to help you do well on your first or second or third+ time so you don't have to re-write it again as I understand how gruesome and long the test can be! I am excited to start your MCAT and medical school journey with you!


MCAT Score: 524

Carl Suerte

Like many students, Carl started his MCAT prep confused and overwhelmed. Carl started with a 500 and was slowly making improvements until he reached a plateau around 514 for months. For him, this came down to poor study strategies and not knowing how to improve from his mistakes. He also started to feel tremendous burnout and had to learn how to balance his studying with mental health and wellness. Taking a chance, he consulted an MCAT tutor and learned how to pinpoint his weaknesses. Obtaining the tools necessary to overcome his score plateau, he made an 10-point increase in 1 month to score a 524 on exam day!

Meet Carl

Hi, I’m Carl! Although I scored a 524 on the MCAT, my journey was not so straightforward. In the three months that I studied, I spent one entire month not making a single score improvement. In the final month, after working with a tutor to pinpoint my weaknesses, I was able to bring up my score 10 more points. I’m dedicated to helping students in the same situation improve your scores and build the confidence to excel. I look forward to working with you!


MCAT Score: 522

Tarun Sontam

When Tarun first started his MCAT prep in Spring 2020, he found himself stuck in the low 500s. One big dilemma he had during his time studying for the MCAT was being overwhelmed by the vast number of resources available to him and learning the best ways to approach answering passages. Many times the way the MCAT asks questions would confuse him and he would miss an easy question. Once he learned the best strategies for approaching a passage and mastering question stems, his scores increased dramatically. One month before his exam, he was scoring around 513 practice exams and on test day, he would end up with an awesome 522! 

Meet Tarun

Hello! My name is Tarun, and I am so excited to assist you on your journey to medical school! As a part of the BS/MD program at Texas A&M University, I am now a MD/MS in Medical Sciences dual-degree candidate, where I hope to pursue a career in orthopedics and private practice.

As a tutor, my main strategy is to show students the subtle patterns and tricks that test-makers like to use. The MCAT is purposely long and convoluted, but if you can ignore all the distractions the test-makers throw at you, quickly recognize what the question is asking you, and recall the necessary information, you should be able to answer every question. I understand that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach to the exam, so I love using a variety of proven resources to help you get a competitive score that you can be proud of. I look forward to helping you get to your goal score!


MCAT Score: 518

Vinay Bandiatmakur

Vinay definitely felt the pressure of achieving a competitive MCAT score for his program requirement to matriculate into medical school. When he first began his MCAT preparation, he was scoring in the 490s. He knew he had to work on setting up a solid studying schedule to maintain his MCAT preparation in addition to his full-time course load from school. Strategy and time management were his weak points, but through diligent practice and guidance from his own MedLife Mastery tutor, he was able to refine his skillset and consistently follow through with his studying schedule. As his sessions with his mentor progressed, his confidence skyrocketed, boosting his score up to a 518 on test day! 

Meet Vinay

Hello! My name is Vinay and I am excited to work with you! I attended the Temple University for my undergraduate degree. When it comes to MCAT success, not only should one have a good handle on the content, but they should also be able to understand the logic of the actual exams. Through my experiences, I believe I can help you not only grasp a higher-level understanding of each concept but also think from the perspective of an MCAT test-maker! I love opportunities to meet new people and work with them to achieve a common goal. My goal is to help you understand how to implement logic and effective test-taking strategies to eliminate incorrect answers, efficiently break down passages, and unlock your MCAT potential!


MCAT Score: 525

Dave Patel

Dave started his MCAT prep mainly focusing on content which lead to a plateau in the low 500’s on his practice exams. He worked on refining his test-taking strategies and learned how to identify his strengths and weaknesses with the MCAT. Dave knew he had to stick to his studying schedule, and work diligently to cover as much content as he could in a short amount of time. Mastering his time-management skills and tailoring related concepts in the sciences would lead Dave to an outstanding score on his first attempt at the MCAT with a 525!

Meet Dave

Hello! My name is Dave, and I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut majoring in Nutritional Sciences on the pre-medical track. I took the MCAT recently, and I am no stranger to how difficult this process can be and how to study with the plethora of resources out there. Thus, I want to do my best to help students in their MCAT journeys and find what works for them, as doing this and having support from my peers helped me work towards my dream score. As a tutor, I will find ways to support students and present topics in creative ways. I also want to be a motivational coach to help students remember their strengths, ability to keep going, and the importance of time for self-care. I find that motivation and making time for oneself is essential in working through the MCAT marathon. I look forward to helping you get to your goal score!


MCAT Score: 515

Kim Stelzig

Dave started his MCAT prep mainly focusing on content which lead to a plateau in the low 500’s on his practice exams. He worked on refining his test-taking strategies and learned how to identify his strengths and weaknesses with the MCAT. Dave knew he had to stick to his studying schedule, and work diligently to cover as much content as he could in a short amount of time. Mastering his time-management skills and tailoring related concepts in the sciences would lead Dave to an outstanding score on his first attempt at the MCAT with a 525!

Meet Kim

As a non-traditional medical school applicant, I've experienced the juggling act of a full-time job, family commitments, and finding study time. I've navigated the MCAT journey multiple times, recognizing the vital role of maintaining a positive mindset throughout your journey. With a strong background in research and numerous published manuscripts, I easily dissect research-based MCAT passages, swiftly extracting the essential information. Teaching at the college level has honed my ability to simplify complex concepts. Scoring in the 90th percentile overall and the top 98th percentile in Biology/Biochemistry, I'm eager to guide you towards achieving your dream MCAT score.


MCAT Score: 519

Sami Siddiqui

He couldn’t figure out how to translate his knowledge to the exam until he came across some top scorer strategies from a YouTube video from one of our mentors here at MedLife. Once Sami realized that he had to hone in on his approach to the passages rather than content, his scores skyrocketed and he was unstoppable. His initial 504 plateau increased to a 521 for his last FL practice exam. His confidence carried him to achieve an outstanding 519 on test day, surpassing his goal of scoring in the 95th percentile!

Meet Sami

My name is Sami--I am a fourth year student pursuing a Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology major with a minor in Biomedical Research at UCLA. In my tenure, I have maintained a 3.9+ GPA while completing MCAT essential courses, including Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Biochemistry.

With that said, I believe content is only half of the picture when it comes to the MCAT. Despite my academic foundation, I felt immense pressure to keep up with the rigorous pace, endurance, and volume of content that the MCAT demanded. In turn, my scores kept plateauing in the mid-500s one month out from test day. If you have experienced similar struggles in your MCAT journey at any point, please know that you are not alone. In my experience, overcoming this struggle required using the right strategies to study and dissect the MCAT, which was just as, if not more, pivotal than what I learned in class. By taking time to figure out what worked for me, I was able to score 15 points higher in eight weeks and in the 96th percentile on test day. With the right approach, you can, too. If you are interested in implementing strategies to optimize your test results, feel free to book an appointment through my Calendly link. I look forward to working with you soon!

MCAT Score: 521

Harrison Heitzig

He knew that he was going to have to change his study strategy if he was going to do well on the exam, so he turned to a trusted mentor to help hold him accountable, teach him new test-taking skills, and give him some tips on how to stay motivated during his prep as he was balancing his course load. After months of working with a tutor, Harrison began to feel more confident and walked out of test day scoring an outstanding 521!

Meet Harrison

Hey, I'm Harrison! I recently graduated college and will begin medical school in the Fall of 2024. While preparing for my MCAT I felt that I had a strong understanding of the content on the test but struggled to understand the strategy needed to succeed. Working with other students allowed me to learn and apply a wide variety of these strategies which is when I saw a large jump in my score. I used many different techniques and materials to study for the MCAT and am excited to share this with you!

MCAT Score: 516

Mishika Manchanda

Despite facing numerous challenges, including test anxiety and a recent diagnosis of ADHD, Mishika remained resilient in her MCAT studies. She scored lower than expected on her first diagnostic, and quickly recognized the need for a holistic approach to her preparation. It wasn't until she began working with Pooja, her MedLife tutor, that she truly understood the significance of test-taking strategies outside of content knowledge.

Mishika learned to prioritize sleep, exercise, and healthy eating, alongside refining her overall approach to complex passages. By her third attempt, Mishika would prevail with an outstanding 516 on test day!

Meet Mishika

I took the MCAT 3 times myself. The last time I took it I spent a total of 6 weeks, I was taking other classes at the same time, and I also really struggled with my mental health. At the end of the day it was important to me to choose myself and my peace.

Regardless of what happened on test day, I wanted to be at peace with how I studied and know that I took care of my mind and kept it clear so I could think critically. I hope to inspire others to first choose themselves and their well being. It is always easier said than done, but personal wellbeing and belief in ourselves is something we are all deserving of regardless of what we are doing in life. With all that being said, my greatest goal is to help students know themselves and be proud of themselves. I want students to study in a way that energizes them instead of draining them, and to always be listening to themselves. If you don't want to study 12 hours a day, I say don't. If you want to take breaks, please do. If you need to shorten a study session or skip a day or two of studying, do it. It is incredibly important to prioritize your own wellness. If we do not learn how to help ourselves and take care of ourselves we will be unable to help anyone else.

Preparing for the MCAT with me is not just preparation for a test, but is a crash course on managing multiple aspects of life with this personal goal of becoming a doctor that can feel so long and daunting at times. If you work with me, I promise to help develop a plan that helps you study efficiently so you can create time for yourself, do my best to give direction on how to mitigate weaknesses in your test prep, and most of all be there for you every step of the way!

MCAT Score: 517

Pratiksha Boinapally

Pratiksha quickly realized that studying for the MCAT exam would be immensely different from any of her undergrad exams that she’d prepped for before. She scored a 500 on her diagnostic exam, and it took her some time to get into the groove of using the right studying tools to help her solidify her content.

Pratshika decided that working with an MCAT tutor would be the optimal way to maximize the time she had left before her test date. She quickly realized that she needed to bridge the gap between the content and strategies for taking the MCAT. Patshika diligently worked on her approach to her struggle sections, and two months later, she would be victorious scoring an impressive 517 on test day!

Meet Pratiksha

Hi everyone, my name is Pratiksha Boinapally and I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2022 with my BA in Public Health on the premed track. After spending the last year and a half working part time while working on my AMCAs application and studying for the MCAT, I will be starting medical school in the fall!

My MCAT studying experience was definitely not smooth sailing, and I ended up having to reschedule my exam. After taking some time to focus on my mental wellbeing and readjusting my study strategies, I saw an exponential increase in my score and was well prepared for my exam date. As for my previous teaching experience, I’ve been tutoring K-12 and college students since 2015 and have worked both in small classroom settings and one-on-one. I’ve taught a wide range of subjects from teaching kids how to count to 10 to tutoring college level courses and MCAT prep. My own MCAT journey bolstered by my many years of teaching experience make me an empathetic and qualified tutor, and I am very excited to potentially work with you!

MCAT Score: 526

Priya Joshi

With the vast amount of content being tested on a 7+ hour long exam, Priya had a hard time fighting her nerves when she came across unfamiliar topics during her MCAT prep. She also struggled with managing her time as she was juggling a full course load from her undergrad curriculum. She knew that if she wanted to be successful on test day, she’d have to learn the right strategies to keep her test-taking nerves at bay and really hone in on her approach to the exam.

Through four months of dedicated studying and extensive FL reviews, Priya would master her test-taking strategies for her exam date. She remained calm and focused while maintaining a growth mindset that would help her score an impressive 526 on test day!

Meet Priya

“As a student who took the MCAT last year, I faced a lot of anxiety surrounding the sheer amount of knowledge I was faced with learning. However, as I completed practice exams, I realized that a large part of succeeding on the MCAT was learning patterns in question types and passages and being able to take a deep breath, simplify the question in front of you, and search for the pertinent information in the passage.

Through applying these strategies, I was able to better handle the stress of taking the MCAT, answer questions I may not have a lot of outside knowledge on, and better pace myself to finish the sections. I would love to share these strategies with students to help them tackle the MCAT and achieve their goals of attending medical school and becoming physicians. I have tutored students in high school math classes and SAT/ACT, and through these experiences, I have learned firsthand how important building confidence is to tackling difficult exams.

As a tutor, I also strongly believe in identifying problem areas specific to each student and targeting these areas using an approach personalized to each student.”

MCAT Score: 526

Sarah Beel

Sarah was petrified by the weight of the MCAT exam on her medical career. She knew that she would have to get a competitive score if she wanted to continue pursuing her dreams of becoming a physician. With 3 months before her exam date and no instructional time in biochemistry or sociology courses, Sarah was scoring in the 503 range. She focused on learning content but she wasn’t quite sure why her score was plateauing after her complete review.

She realized that she needed to pay more attention to tracking her mistakes on her practice passages and trying different test-taking approaches to the exam rather than spending more time with content. After her thorough review in the final month of studying, Sarah conquered the MCAT exam with flying colors scoring a 526! (6 points above her target score!)

Meet Sarah

“Hey there! My name is Sarah Beel and I took the MCAT in August of 2022 and scored a 526 (132/130/132/132), however, this score did not come without many struggles during my prep time. When starting my MCAT prep, I felt completely overwhelmed by the importance of this exam and didn’t know where to start on my studying and I had no one close to me who I could ask for advice. This caused me to make many mistakes during my prep time, such as spending too much time on content review, not doing enough practice problems and not properly reviewing my full-length exams.

I found myself a month away from my exam over 10 points away from my goal score. I realized that I needed to change my habits and reflected on what was working and what wasn’t and was able to pull my score up and I surpassed my goal score. I have been through the experience of prepping for the MCAT myself and I know how difficult it can be to navigate this process alone. I think that having someone who has been through this process and has made the mistakes themselves would have saved me a lot of time and stress. I also have a degree in neuroscience where I took many classes on the topics tested on the MCAT so I believe I have a good content background to help you in your journey to doing well on the MCAT.”

MCAT Score: 520

Aaron Gruen

Aaron was a Covid-19 test-prepper so he had to self-study for the exam before taking many of the foundational courses recommended to be successful. He thought that with a thorough content review, he would be prepared for test day. He ended up scoring in the low 500s range for his first attempt at the exam, but he knew that he could do better.

In his second attempt to take the MCAT, Aaron realized that he would need to change his approach entirely by focusing on his weaker areas and developing the right test-taking strategies to help him combat the stress under timed pressure. Using mindfulness and focused strategies, Aaron would go on to score an outstanding 520 on his final retake for the exam!

Meet Aaron

“I was just as stressed and nervous as you might be right now. As an endurance athlete, I realized that success in the MCAT is mastering the mental strategies and optimizing exam-taking strategies. I learned this the hard way by taking the exam twice and was able to distill the important from the less-important concepts and information. Perhaps an outlier, but I actually came to appreciate the CARS section when I figured out what the AAMC actually wanted and I can help you develop strategies so you feel ready, less-stressed and excited!”

MCAT Score: 518

Jillian McGroarty

Jillian made the bold decision to start studying for the MCAT on top of balancing her thesis project for grad school with extracurriculars like volunteering. Due to her circumstances, Jillian decided that self-studying for the exam made the most sense. When she wrote her first diagnostic FL, she scored lower than expected. She knew that as a non-traditional student, her scores would have to stand out for her to be a competitive applicant.

After 3 months of refining her test-taking strategies, focusing on a growth mindset, and tracking her mistakes on missed questions, Jillian would write the MCAT with flying colors! She ended up scoring a remarkable 518 on her actual exam.

Meet Jillian

“Hey there! I am a well-rounded person with a wide breadth of experiences such as working at a summer camp, as a landscaper, in human resources, and doing ecological field work. I also have several interests from rock climbing to knitting to cooking to bird watching. I think this variety of experiences helps me connect with other people and empathize with their stories, which is a major reason why I am working towards becoming a physician. Coming to the MCAT later in my education, I was excited about digging back into my foundational science background, but was also overwhelmed with where to begin and how to navigate the biggest exam I've written to date. Although I was quite independent in my own studying, I know that having a mentor to help me with things like creating a study schedule to understanding complex topics to practicing exam questions, alongside having that ongoing support and encouragement, would have helped me immensely.

I want to be the person to offer that guidance and mentorship, as someone who has written the exam so recently and figured out some tips and tricks to get over some of those obstacles!”

MCAT Score: 517

Maariyah Kharal

Throughout her preparation, Maariyah reached signed up for tutoring with a MedLife MCAT tutor because she recognized the need to continually adapt her study strategies. She changed her approach multiple times, realizing that a holistic strategy was crucial for overcoming her challenges. Toward the end of her studies, Maariyah struggled with holding herself accountable during periods of burnout, which made her understand the importance of setting self-deadlines and turning to her mentor for support.

All of her hard work would eventually pay off. After refining her approach to the exam with her tutor, Maariyah would score an outstanding 517 on test day!

Meet Maariyah

"Hi there! When I began studying for the MCAT I was overwhelmed by all of the information that I needed to learn. I felt very discouraged when my practice scores fell short from my goal score. It wasn't until I set a clear schedule for myself and implemented test taking strategies that I was able to increase my score by 14 points. I hope to use my experience to help you identify areas of improvement, develop a strong study plan, implement MCAT strategy, and achieve your goal score! Feel free to schedule a session through my Calendly link, I look forward to meeting you!”

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