MCAT Launchpad: Early Strategies To Achieve A Top MCAT Score




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Get a headstart in your MCAT prep with the ultimate MCAT starter kit.

In this foundational pre-MCAT prep guide, you’ll get a game plan from top MCAT scorers, on how to accelerate your way to a score that is competitive for med-school admission.

Inside, you will learn how top MCAT scorers start getting ready for MCAT prep.

We will cover everything from MCAT scheduling and study plan creation, to using the best resources depending on your budget, and a lot of extra top scorer advice that we all wish we had before we dove deep into MCAT prep!

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Your MCAT Success Mentors

About the Author

We're a team of future doctors passionate about giving back and mentoring other future doctors! All mentors on the team are top MCAT scorers and we all are committed to seeing you succeed in achieving your physician dreams ???? To help you achieve your goal MCAT score, we take turns hosting these Live MCAT Courses and are also available for 1:1 private tutoring!

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