Step-By-Step Strategies To Increase Your MCAT Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Scores

Finally increase your Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem score on the MCAT using the same proven strategies that led premeds to score 130+ in both sections.

After Spending YEARS Studying Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, and More, Why Does Nearly Every Premed and Every Top Scorer Struggle With Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem On The MCAT?

C/P & B/B made us all feel the same way at one point or another...


There were so many times where we'd go through a passage and have NO idea what it was talking about...

So when it came time to answer questions, we were lost. It felt impossible to answer the question if the passages made NO sense!

In these passages, you're battling:

  • Unfamiliar concepts. First, we'd come across concepts that are completely foreign. Even when you know you've studied all the content, you still see unfamiliar topics. 
  • Complex language. Then, the language is so unnecessarily complex; the words are big, the sentences are really long and dense, and as a reflex you end up re-reading non-stop trying to make sense of it all, while the timer runs. 
  • Way too many acronyms. In B/B, they introduce acronym after acronym (to represent protein, DNA/mrNA sequences, etc.), and it's so easy to get lost because names get jumbled up, and you can't remember what things did...
  • Way too many numbers. In C/P, they throw a bunch of irrelevant numbers your way, overwhelming you, so when you get to the questions you have no idea which to use because there were so many!
  • Figures and tables. When you have a bunch of lines and numbers to analyze, interpret, relate back to the passage/ your own content knowledge, it gets incredibly overwhelming. They also feel like a waste of time and are tempting to skip.
  • Math. Re-learning Math without a calculator is one thing, knowing all the equations is another thing... BUT constantly not being able to complete calculations and getting it wrong, or taking really long to do calculations, or making simple mistakes, is just annoying and frustrating. 

After battling ALL of that in the passages, by the time you get to the questions, you're almost always super confused. 

So what do you do?  You're forced to give up, guess, and move on feeling discouraged. If you don't move on and try to figure it out (it feels like you can if you had more time), you waste too much time.

We all struggled with these challenges, so you don't have to...

Eight 130+ Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Scorers Combined Their Highest Yield Strategies Into A Step-By-Step System

We All Struggled With Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem, So You Don't Have To!

As we were struggling with these challenges, we had to figure out how get around them ourselves.

We had to endure a lot of the frustration and self-doubt in coming up with ways to succeed on this section.

We've made the mistakes, we've spent the time figuring out the highest yield strategies for this section, and now we want to show you what we did

We've also included the best strategies from all the 130+ C/P & B/B scorers we've interviewed over the years.

Today, as we tutor students for these sections, we're seeing scores improve fast. 

Now it's your turn to dominate the MCAT once and for all...

The Ultimate MCAT Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem Mastery Course: Step-By-Step Strategies To Think Like A 130+ C/P & B/B Scorer

The ultimate step-by-step system to master Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem on the MCAT. Sourced from the collective experiences and strategies of strictly 130+ CP & BB scorers. Using these strategies and following this proven formula, anyone can learn how to think like a top scorer.

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Meet Your MCAT C/P & B/B Strategy Instructors

Pooja - MCAT Tutor

Pooja Kadakia

MedLife Mastery Strategy Coach | 131 Chem/Phys, 132 Bio/Biochem, 522 MCAT | MS1

After initially struggling with practice exams, Pooja improved her strategy and confidence for the MCAT and increased her score from a 499 to 508/509 in her first 4 weeks of full time studying! That's where she hit a hard plateau but once again, revamped her strategy and with less than 30 days left before her MCAT date, she once again skyrocketed her score to 522!

Mehul - MCAT Tutor

Mehul Nimpal

MedLife Mastery Strategy Coach | 132 Chem/Phys, 132 Bio/Biochem, 524 MCAT | MS1

Despite receiving poor practice scores and feeling lack of motivation to study, Mehul made the commitment to focused strategic studying and in less than 3.5 months, took his score from the low 500s to a 524 (100th percentile) on test day!

Emily Reeson

MedLife Mastery Strategy Coach | 131 Chem/Phys, 130 Bio/Biochem, 518 MCAT | MS1

After 4 months of content review and plateauing scores, Emily's score only improved by 4 points! She was managing a full course load and a part-time job, while trying to figure out how to reach her score goal. That's when Emily revamped her focus on strategy + practice, and just 2 weeks later, she DOMINATED the MCAT with a 518 (96th percentile!) score! In less than 14 days, she increased her score by 11 points (even seeing an 8 point increase in just one week!)

Other MedLife Mastery Mentors Who Also Contributed To The Strategies In This Course

Eli - MCAT Tutor
Eli chen
130 C/P, 130 B/B
519 MCAT
Kopal - MCAT Tutor
130 C/P, 130 B/B
518 MCAT
131 C/P, 131 B/B
519 MCAT
Aly - MCAT Tutor
Aly Dwight
131 B/B
520 MCAT
Rishi - MCAT Tutor
132 C/P, 132 B/B
523 MCAT

What's Inside The C/P & B/B Mastery Course

7 Modules | 65 Video Lessons | 38 Passage Walkthroughs


Module 1: C/P & B/B Content Mastery Strategies

In this module, we'll cover the highest yield strategies to not just memorize, but comprehend concepts that are covered on the MCAT. We'll show you how to get concepts so ingrained that when you read a passage, you are automatically connecting what you read to related concepts in other subjects. By doing so, you can anticipate questions you may be asked, or simply gain a deeper understanding of the passage, even if you’re not familiar with that specific topic. We'll show you how to leverage semantic networks, visualize to remember key details, tackle complex biological pathways, master big-picture thinking to actually understand and get beyond basic memorization, make complex information easier to manage and understand, and much more. We'll also cover how to approach experimental techniques; how to interpret, what conclusions we can draw, and other ideas to help streamline your thinking.


Module 2: Mastering The Numbers - Strategies For MCAT Math, Stats, and Equations/Formulas

In the second module, we tackle the numbers. There are a lot of formulas to memorize and in this module we show you how to do that fast and efficiently. There is strategy to learning the numbers so variables don't get jumbled, so you actually understand the relationship behind them, so you know how to effectively apply them. In these video lessons we cover all that and more. We show you how to master MCAT math (without a calculator), how to use stoichiometry tables for quick calculations in Chem/Phys, how to conceptualize through diagrams, map problems to formulas, pre-test day review strategies, and test-day strategies to solve equation-based problems.  We'll also cover the most important equations and how to memorize them, how to strategically think through common statistics topics you come across, and much more. 


Module 3: Mastering MCAT C/P & B/B Passages

In the third module, we’re diving deep into C/P & B/B passage reading and analysis + question answering strategy. We'll give you our best strategies to conquering even the most foreign passages. CP & BB passages are known to be the most confusing which is why in these videos we show you how to not get lost on the details (esp in B/B), how to analyze experiments, how to find answers that are in the passage itself, how to concept map experimental passages, how to analyze and interpret tables and figures. Through these video lessons, we'll make sure you build confidence in yourself that you know how to master CP & BB passages and can sift through irrelevant information and be immune to AAMC's sneaky strategies.

In Modules 4-7, you’ll truly install the top scorer way of thinking through Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem. We don’t want to just give you the strategies and tactics, we want to show you how to actually apply them. Just ONE of these modules alone is worth the entire price of this course.


Module 4: Chem/Phys Dissections - Step-By-Step C/P Passage Video Walkthroughs With Emily Reeson, 131 C/P Scorer

In this module we'll go through AAMC C/P QPack passages together as if you're on a video call with a 131 C/P scorer, who is working with you one-on-one showing you how to think through nearly every line in a C/P passage and logically identifying the right answer every. single. time.

Note: Actual AAMC passages will not be shown on screen. You will need access to your own AAMC material (which we highly recommend) to follow along with instructor explanations.


Module 5: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step B/B Passage Video Walkthroughs With Aly Dwight, 130 B/B Scorer

In this module we'll go through AAMC B/B QPack passages together as if you're on a video call with a 130 B/B scorer, who is working with you one-on-one showing you how to think through nearly every line in a B/B passage and logically identifying the right answer every. single. time.

Note: Actual AAMC passages will not be shown on screen. You will need access to your own AAMC material (which we highly recommend) to follow along with instructor explanations. 


Module 6: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step C/P Passage Video Walkthroughs With Mehul Nimpal, 132 C/P Scorer

In this module we'll go through AAMC C/P FL passages together as if you're on a video call with a 132 C/P scorer, who is working with you one-on-one showing you how to think through nearly every line in a C/P passage and logically identifying the right answer every. single. time.

Note: Actual AAMC passages will not be shown on screen. You will need access to your own AAMC material (which we highly recommend) to follow along with instructor explanations. 


Module 7: Bio/Biochem Dissections - Step-By-Step B/B Passage Video Walkthroughs With Pooja Kadakia, 132 B/B Scorer

In this module we'll go through AAMC B/B FL passages together as if you're on a video call with a 132 B/B scorer, who is working with you one-on-one showing you how to think through nearly every line in a B/B passage and logically identifying the right answer every. single. time.

Note: Actual AAMC passages will not be shown on screen. You will need access to your own AAMC material (which we highly recommend) to follow along with instructor explanations. 


Additional Resources To Transform You Into A Top MCAT Scorer

In this bonus module, we decided to include a few key videos from other courses, which will help you in other areas of the MCAT, besides just Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem! PLUS, we're adding the ability to interact with an instructor LIVE every week! Check it out ????????

Free Bonus
Live 60 Minute Weekly Group Tutoring Session With A 515+ MCAT Scorer!

Every week a different MedLife Mastery Mentor will be hosting live 60 minute group tutoring session on Zoom with students enrolled. This is where you'll be able to ask your questions, learn from other student's questions, see live passage breakdowns, and get the overall live support of a top scorer who has been in your shoes, as well as that of other students who are going through MCAT prep! If you can't make it to a session, recordings will always be available to view later. You'll also be able to send in questions beforehand!

Bonus VIDEO 1
How To Score 130 On Psych/Soc

In this bonus video, Ariana guides you through her three part study plan to master Psych/Soc on the MCAT. This is the exact system she used to score a 130 in this section. 

Plus you'll learn about the 2 test day tricks she used to really maximize her performance and score on the big day itself. This is a section that gets commonly underestimated. We don't want you to make that mistake.

What To Do If You Get An Extremely Hard Exam On Test Day

What if you get to test day and your entire exam is harder than you expected? What do you do? In this video, we cover the exact action steps a top scorer would take in this situation

It's always smart to be prepared and have a plan, and in this bonus video we're going to prepare you for the worst, even though we've already prepared you to be the best!

Bonus VIDEO 3
515 Scorer MCAT Study Strategies For Each Section Of The MCAT

Most premeds don't realize that each section of the MCAT requires a different approach (and sometimes different resources). They find something that works in C/P, and apply it to B/B or CARS and don't see the same results. This leads to endless frustrations and confusions of how to study for the MCAT.

In this bonus video lesson, you'll learn how top scorers approach each section of the MCAT in the smartest ways, using the smartest resources for each unique section.

Bonus VIDEO 4
The Top Scorer MCAT Retake Mindset & Strategies

More than half MCAT test takers are usually retakers. They're frustrated, they're feeling more pressure, more anxiety, and more fear this time around. If this is you, we completely get it and we want to help.

In this bonus video lesson, we're covering exactly how you need to prepare mentally, as well as logically with your schedule and studying approach, for your MCAT retake. This is the same way top scorers prepared when they had to retake the MCAT, and wanted to ensure this would be the last time they ever did.

How Top Scorers Strategically Use All The Different AAMC Material

If you've been in the MedLife Mastery community for a while, by now you know how valuable the AAMC practice resources are. But what good is knowing how valuable they are if you don't use them right? It took us a while before we discovered that top scorers leveraged different AAMC material at different stages of their MCAT prep. Plus some are less valuable than others - not all AAMC material are created equal.

In this bonus video, you'll learn the secrets of how to prioritize and strategically leverage the AAMC material to maximize your MCAT score.

Bonus VIDEO 6
How To Become A Strong Med-School Applicant

This one is a "super bonus". Here we cover one of the most important aspects of this whole journey; med-school admission.

This video covers a lot of the med-school application secrets and strategies that we used when we wanted to be competitive in our application. This is part of our med-school admission/application advice that we'll be providing our students more of in the future.

More Value Than 20+ Hours of 1-On-1 MCAT Tutoring

We know how demoralizing it gets going through confusing passages, not knowing how to connect passages to questions being asked, getting lost in details, not understanding what the author is saying, not finishing on time. We’ve seen it all and we’ve personally helped many conquer every CARS challenge you can think of.

But there are A LOT more students who are struggling than we can work with one-on-one. Which is why we’ve done the next best thing and created this online video course with 50+ video lessons designed to help you increase your C/P & B/B score FAST.

Getting a top C/P or B/B scorer to work with you one-on-one just for 10 hours costs $597 (and that's our prices which are incredibly more reasonable than everything else out there). The best part? There's A LOT more than 10 hours of content available in this course. More like triple that. 

Think about Module 4, 5, 6, and 7 alone; 65+ video lessons with a 130+ scorer walking you through entire AAMC C/P and B/B passages. To cover just that in 60 min one-on-one sessions, you'd need at least 40-50 sessions with an MCAT tutor; that's easily close to $2,000 just for Modules 4 -7!

If you know us, you know our mission is pairing affordability with high quality guidance to help you become the doctor you were born to be. So if tutoring is not in your budget but you still need the help, then this course is PERFECT for you. 

Psst! This ENTIRE course is Module 5 in the Complete MCAT Strategy Course! Check it out here.


The complete C/P & B/B strategy course with one 60 minute coaching session with a 130+ C/P & B/B scorer.


Valued at


  • C/P & B/B Mastery Course ($197 Value)
  • One 1:1 Tutoring Session (Special Offer)

  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete C/P & B/B strategy course with three 60 minute coaching sessions with a 130+ C/P & B/B scorer.


Valued at

$197 + $327 = $524

  • C/P & B/B Mastery Course ($197 Value)
  • Three 1:1 Tutoring Sessions ($327 Value)

  • Live weekly group calls with a 515+ scorer
  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete C/P & B/B strategy course with five 60 minute coaching sessions with a 130+ C/P & B/B scorer.


Valued at

$197 + $447 = $644

  • C/P & B/B Mastery Course ($197 Value)
  • Five 1:1 Tutoring Sessions ($447 Value)

  • Live weekly group calls with a 515+ scorer
  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*


The complete C/P & B/B strategy course with ten 60 minute coaching sessions with a 130+ C/P & B/B scorer.


Valued at

$197 + $797 = $994

  • C/P & B/B Mastery Course ($197 Value)
  • Ten 1:1 Tutoring Sessions ($797 Value)

  • Live weekly group calls with a 515+ scorer
  • Payment plans available
  • 14 day money back guarantee*

One course to master 50% of the sections on the MCAT.

14-Day Guarantee: Improve Your CARS Score or Get Your Money Back

We care about your success and want you to get the best for your time and money. We want you to get the highest C/P, B/B (and MCAT) score possible for YOU, so you get into the med-school of your choice. Being on this "Dr." journey ourselves, we can empathize when it comes to you not wanting to waste your own money (or that of someone supporting you).

Which is why we have a simple guarantee for you: this course delivers what it promises. If you don’t like this course or you don’t feel like you’re getting more value out of it than the money you invested, just let us know within 14 days of your purchase date and we’ll send you a refund, no questions asked. 

*With our course + coaching options, we won't be able to refund any used coaching sessions, but can definitely refund the full price of the course. All course + coaching packages include savings when bundled together and therefore any refunds with used coaching sessions will result in a loss of these savings (aka adjusting your sessions to the normal price value)

Don't let C/P or B/B hold your score back.

Increase Your MCAT C/P + B/B Score In Less Than 30 Days

For every MedLife Mastery Mentor on the team, there came a point where the right way of thinking for each section of the MCAT just "clicked". That's when scores skyrocketed. The video lessons in this course are designed to get you to that "click", by showing you how to actually apply the content knowledge you naturally are able to pick up, by showing you how a 130+ scorer thinks through entire passages, and by ultimately helping you increasing your confidence as you walk into test day.

Absorb The 130+ C/P & B/B Scorer Thought Process

If you have the content down a decent amount, what's lacking is your ability to apply it. Your approach. So once you learn how to apply it and then spend countless sessions WATCHING a 130+ scorer go through actual AAMC passages, whether you realize it or not, you're ABSORBING how they think. You'll automatically start doing the same things they do, spotting the same things they see, when you're going through passages on your own. And it doesn't take long for this to happen. Within days, you'll see your thought process improve and as a result, you'll also see your score jump. 

Let The Success of the First Section Bleed Into The Next

How we perform on the first section matters. Chem/Phys is the first section of the MCAT. How well can you handle a 95 minute C/P section with intense focus, take a short 10 minute break, then tackle a 90 minute CARS section without letting anxiety of the previous section bleed into the next? If you let C/P throw you off your months of preparation, your mindset could negatively affect the rest of the sections as well. AAMC accomplishes this using long reactions with organic chemistry molecules, a complicated experiment, or a lot of acronyms. However the opposite is also true. When you start off the exam knowing you dominated the first (usually the hardest) section of the MCAT, you'll continue through the other sections with greater motivation and clarity of mind.

Improve Your C/P & B/B Confidence

Confidence alone has led to score jumps for the many top scorers we've interviewed. It's truly amazing to see; maybe it's because you don't second guess yourself on an answer choice, maybe you re-read less and finish faster. Whatever it is, when you've learned the exact SAME strategies that previous 130+ scorers used, you can be sure you're studying for this section in the BEST way possible. You can be sure you're seeing the passage, question, answer choices in a way that others aren't - and that will be your advantage on this bell-curved exam.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the course after signing up?

If you don't already have an account with us:

Once you sign up, your username and password will be emailed to you, along with a login link. You'll simply need to click the link, sign in with the information, and you'll be able to start going through the course right away!

If you already have an account with us:

The course will be added to your account after the purchase has been made and you would simply login with your existing username and password!

What's the difference between this and the previous written reports?

If you've been with us for a while, you've seen that we've had other strategy resources over many years in the form of text and not videos. In short, the Complete MCAT Strategy Course is an evolved version of our older PDF guides and reports.

So while less than 25-30% is similar content to what you would have found in those resources, the majority of this course is never-before-seen strategies and section-specific approaches to dominating the MCAT. 

In fact here's why everything in this course is far more effective than anything we've ever released...

  1. Reading takes way too much time.

    Our downloadable resources have been super valuable to many students - but ONLY to those students who took the time to read them. We’ve realized a big barrier for a lot of students is having to plow through a lot of text of strategies, especially when you're already bombarded with so much content-based prep books that you need to go through. The last thing many of you want is extra reading.

  2. A "course" allows for a step-by-step system. 

    This course has been designed to have a logical strategic progression for you to go from not knowing anything about where to start studying for the MCAT and wanting quick hacks, tips, and tricks to get more answers right, to truly becoming a master of thinking like a top scorer/future doctor by the end of it. This is something that's very difficult to achieve through a written guide.

  3. Continuous improvements and upgrades. 

    This is a big one. There have been SO many times over the years that we've improved our resources and added amazing new strategies that we've found, but it was always so painful to think that all the students who already had downloaded the PDFs would not be able to get any new material. With an online course, we can go in and make improvements like adding lessons to modules, and the next time you login, you'll get all the fresh insights to add to your MCAT prep.

  4. Easier to learn with video AND text, as opposed to just text.

    Let's face it, video is so much easier to digest and learn from. That already is a big factor for why we decided to transition to video. But we're not JUST giving video - each lesson has the written summary notes included, so as students complete the video lessons and read the notes below, they better absorb the strategies and insights of a top scorer to quickly start thinking like one.

Does it take a lot of time and effort to learn and apply these strategies?

In short, no. You can get through all the strategy videos in a day if you wanted (we'd only recommend that if you're short on time). The dissections however, you'll need to space out to one or two per day. Ideally, spread out over a week at one or two hours a day, you should be at a point where you've got a significantly stronger handle on how to approach C/P & B/B. There's zero fluff and pure strategies in every video. We've kept them all succinct. You'll be able to apply strategies from the very first module. 

If you know anything about us, you know we're huge on productivity. We're huge on "high yield" and focusing on the easiest actions that deliver the greatest results. Which is exactly what has led us to focus our entire mission around "strategy". If there's one thing we know without a shadow of a doubt, understanding study and testing strategies for this exam as soon as possible, is an INVESTMENT. It will SAVE you time from having to figure it all out on your own. It is THE smartest way to approach C/P & B/B and the MCAT. No question.

How are the live office hour sessions conducted?

The live office hour sessions will be a weekly online group call with an MCAT Mastery Mentor. They'll be answering questions as they come up but also doing live passage breakdowns. You'll receive a reminder and link to join the call a few days before and the day of. Recordings will be available to view for members of the Complete MCAT Strategy Course if you're not able to attend.

I need this course but I can't afford the full price. Do you offer a payment plan option?

Yes! If you click on the button underneath the package of your choice, you'll be taken to the checkout page. You'll then be able to see the different payment plan options! You'll also see a way to use the PayPal "pay in 4" or in 6 months with no interest option. 

I’m on the fence and I'm not sure if this course is right for me. What do you suggest?

Well we’d ask ourselves these questions…

Have you started studying already?

If you have, then how is your progress going? 

How are you feeling about your performance on the MCAT overall? 

Are you feeling confident that you can achieve your MCAT score goal?

Before we even begin getting into the questions, we’ll just remind you that you don’t need to be on the fence at all - you can literally get the course, and if you don’t feel it’s worth it for you, just ask for your money back.

You have no risk to just check out the other side of the fence, and if you don’t like it, get back to your side!

If you haven’t already started studying, the benefit of getting the course is that there’s no guessing, no wasting time.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do, and exactly how top-scorers on the MCAT approach this process. 

If you’re still unsure, then try to study on your own. Who knows - maybe you don’t need a step-by-step process. Maybe you’re retaining all the information, making the most efficient use of your time, and seeing scores increase with every practice exam.

If you’re not seeing progress, aren’t feeling confident, and lacking in performance, then you need to change something. Fast. 

Albert Einstein said that “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”

Something needs to change in your MCAT studying process.

The question is what do you change?

The answer… is in the Complete MCAT Strategy Course.

Does this course come with any AAMC material?

No this course doesn't come with ANY AAMC material.

You'll need to get the practice passages/exams yourself from the AAMC website to benefit from the dissections. The dissections will not show the passages as that would infringe on copyright.

If you haven't already however, we highly recommend you get all the AAMC questions available, regardless of whether you enrol in this course, as those are going to be the most representative of your actual MCAT!

Will this course help nontraditional students?

YES! We welcome and love working with nontraditional students. Several of the mentors on the team were also nontraditional students when taking the MCAT, so we can definitely relate. We all credit strategy to getting us to a competitive score because it's the strategy that helps you master content easier when you haven't seen this much science-heavy material in a long time (or ever!). It's the strategy that's going to get you comfortable and able to apply your knowledge to passage-based exams, for a 7.5 hour exam. It's the strategy that's going to help you plan your prep properly and optimize accordingly. It's scary going towards your doctor dream but having to face the hardest exam ever (which deters even traditional students!). So we completely get it. This course will make this exam a lot less intimidating. If you fall under the 'nontrad' category, your level of passion and dedication towards beating this exam inspires us. We've worked with many in the past in improving their scores and through this course, are excited to help you too!

Will this course help students who have special accommodations?

Yes definitely! We've worked with many students who need MCAT accommodations and have guided them through that process as well. This course was designed to do the same. We understand how frustrating it might be when you're trying to make progress on the MCAT but feel like you're at a disadvantage. Learning such an overwhelming amount of content, or having to focus for all 7.5 hours, is likely more difficult for you than everyone else taking the MCAT. You're the person we've ESPECIALLY made this course for because it's the strategy that's going to help you level the playing field. It's the strategy that's going to help you learn quicker, apply better, and achieve a competitive MCAT score.

Who is this course for? Who has this material helped in the past?

Here's who the strategies in this guide have worked for. Anyone who:

  • Is scoring 500 or less on the MCAT and needs a FAST score improvement of at least 10 points
  • Has already written the MCAT before and suffered a low score
  • Doesn’t know how to start studying for the MCAT
  • Is not seeing scores improve consistently with every practice exam
  • Wants to score close to or higher than 510
  • Feels stressed or discouraged about the MCAT
  • Wants to avoid the same mistakes most re-testers make
  • Is overwhelmed with the amount of material required to learn and apply
  • Is not retaining enough information
  • Is struggling with finishing the exam on time
  • Is finding time to be a huge barrier and is feeling like time is running out fast
  • Is feeling like they’ve got a later start than everybody else
  • Doesn’t know how to approach poorly written/vague MCAT questions
  • Is struggling with specific sections 
  • Has spent months studying for the MCAT but isn’t getting any results
  • Is finding it hard to study boring topics
  • Wants to know the most effective way to use practice exams
  • Keeps making stupid mistakes when they know the material
  • Is struggling to stay motivated and focused to study and prep efficiently for the MCAT
  • Desperately needs a high MCAT score because of low or average GPA

Can you tell me more about MedLife Mastery?

Since 2014 we've helped thousands of premeds and MCAT writers improve their MCAT score, who were once exactly where you are now; standing face to face with the biggest challenge of their premed careers.

We conduct ongoing research and hold paid interviews with 515+ MCAT scorers to bring you the most credible, most proven MCAT prep strategies in the world. We also bring in our own MCAT prep experiences and strategies and how 30+ mentors on the team scored competitively on the MCAT. Unlike most prep companies, we understand exactly what it's like to be in your shoes. We know the pressure is intense, the worry is never-ending, the study days are long, and it feels like the MCAT is getting closer by the second.

When you use our resources and start seeing an improvement in your MCAT score, you'll realize that med-school isn't some distant goal. It's closer than ever before and it's well within your reach. We created MCAT Mastery to show you how you can get to the point where you have your choice of which school's invitation you want to accept.  

It starts with being a little strategic and smarter in your approach in preparing for the MCAT, the most important and most competitive factor in determining your med-school admission.

What if the information inside doesn’t work for me?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee. If within the next 14 days, you apply the strategies in this course and don't see an improvement in your MCAT score or performance, you can ask for your money back and we'll happily give you a refund.

How does this compare to all the other MCAT prep and strategy courses out there?

There are two types of MCAT prep companies you will find online. We have seen it all - not only because it's our responsibility as we're serving you, but ALSO because we were in your shoes looking for help when we were studying.

The first is the obvious - big name MCAT prep companies. Their focus is on content primarily, not strategy, which is interesting because the MCAT is 70% 'how you think' and 30% 'what you know'. But guess what? The money is in the content and prep books (many of us pay an arm and a leg to get their courses/books). So that's what they stick to. They eat our arms and legs for breakfast.

The second are the very few companies like ours, who also offer "MCAT strategy" help. 

Here's where we differ: 

The common story there is a student in med-school who did well on the MCAT and wants to give back, so he/she creates content on how to study for the MCAT and calls it MCAT strategy. Which is awesome, but it's just one person's method unfortunately. 

Sometimes we see an MCAT strategy course or a CARS strategy course by a top MCAT scorer who didn't get into med-school, or is in med-school and is doing it as a side-hustle, but then they have the audacity to charge ridiculous prices. 

Again this doesn't discount what they know, but the longer they stay away from medicine, the relatability factor is lost. They don't really get where you're coming from anymore.

Also the few companies, courses, and tutors who focus on critical thinking and strategy, maybe have one or two instructors (who may or may not have gotten a high MCAT score) who tell you what strategies they applied for their MCAT, or the strategies they are told to teach.

That doesn’t compare to what we do at MCAT Mastery:

  • We bring you strategies from hundreds of top MCAT scorers and only provide you with the most common, most recommended ones that have the highest probability of working because they’ve been proven multiple times.
  • PLUS, you're not learning from just one, or two, top scorers - you're learning from an entire army of future doctors who are passionate about seeing you make it through this journey.
  • You have dozens of MCAT Strategy Instructors who scored competitively on the MCAT, actually struggled through the journey, increased their scores quickly, and have tutored many students along the way so you know they not only can relate, are credible, but they also know how to teach.

Again, we don't want to waste your time or your money. We just want you to know the best way to study for the MCAT so you can spend as much time as possible ACTUALLY studying for the MCAT so you can get into med-school. 

Will any MedLife Mastery Mentors be available to answer questions?

Yes! All your questions can be answered during the Live Weekly Office Hour sessions :)

Why did you create this course?

We decided to create this course because so many premeds in the community have been wanting something that can hold their hand to a higher C/P & B/B (and MCAT) score in a step-by-step manner, in a systematic way, in a way that's easy to absorb and implement.

This became more clear when we started tutoring students one-on-one, when we would see C/P & B/B scores jump, simply because we were able to walk our students through how and when to implement the right strategies.

There came a point where we also realized that we couldn't possibly tutor thousands of students in the community who need help in these sections. Plus, some just can't afford one-on-one individual tutoring, but they desperately need to improve their C/P and/or B/B score if they're going to make it to med-school.  

So we did the next best thing and created this online video course, that simulates a one-on-one tutoring experience. We realized that even though we can't work with every student, we've tutored ENOUGH premeds to be able to create a system that can take premeds from a mediocre to competitive MCAT score. 

Why does the course come with private tutoring?

The CP/BB Mastery Course is jam packed with a lot of resources and value! It's for that reason we want our students to go into the resources with guidance and support in the form of private tutoring. You can get as much or as little tutoring as you'd like. For those who are on the fence about tutoring, we have a special package with only 1 session that comes at a special rate!

Still have questions? Reach out to us at or fill out this form!

You are capable of mastering MCAT Chem/Phys & Bio/Biochem

We know a lack of progress in the MCAT lowers our confidence and belief in our capabilities of being med-school material. We know sometimes when you hear, or even when we say, that "the MCAT is a way for med-schools to see if you’re future doctor material", and if you’re not doing well at C/P, B/B, or on the MCAT as a whole, you can start questioning your worthiness of going to med-school or even becoming a doctor...

But we want you to know you are worthy. You were born for this. You've worked way too hard for this.

You just need to understand a certain way of thinking and our aim through this course is to help you prove to yourself that you are smart enough to master this section and you ARE capable.

In fact, as you go through this course and apply the strategies, very soon you’ll start proving to yourself that you are actually capable. We want you to build up this feeling of knowingness, proving to yourself that you are actually capable of making clear, noticeable, and consistent strides towards your C/P, B/B, and MCAT score goal.  As you see progress and see it is actually possible, you’ll feel motivated and it’ll be easier to implement more and more strategies to get better at C/P & B/B.

So if you’re ready to start feeling confident about the MCAT - knowing you can dominate one of the hardest sections on the MCAT, if you’re ready to stop hovering around the low to mid 120s by understanding how the AAMC actually wants you to think, if you’re ready for the questions and passages that use to scare and confuse you, to now be a walk in the park… 

Then this strategy course is for you. This course was created to make C/P & B/B easy. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then now is the time to enrol in this course. Many of our students have used these strategies to significantly increase their C/P, B/B (and MCAT) scores. We know you will too.

We'll be waiting for you on the inside. 

You got this, 

The MedLife Mastery Team

Your MCAT Success Mentors

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