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The [MedLIfe] Mastery CARS prep course was awesome, I struggled with CARS throughout my prep until I was able to watch someone else reason through the passages. I adapted their strategies and modified them to fit my style and ended up scoring 90th+ percentile in CARS!

Nate Hubert  MCAT CARS Mastery Course Student

The [MedLIfe] Mastery CARS course was the best decision I made about my MCAT prep. I had tried watching YouTube, learning to speed read, learning from others, and just about everything else. Nothing was sticking with me and I was growing more confused about the CARS section and my abilities. However, I truly believe anyone can find more success in their CARS journey with this course. The strategies are consistent, easy to understand, and helped my score jump within days. Would recommend to anyone!!

Cole Theisen MCAT CARS Mastery Course Student

I'm slowly finding my way through these passages and am more able than ever before to point out little tricks and traps that no longer cause me to fall for them. I have seen my score increase in the CARS section alone from a 123 to a 126 within one week of really strapping down and going over the AAMC logic.

Joelle Fink  MCAT CARS Mastery Student

What's Inside The CARS Mastery Course

8 Modules | 14 Chapters | 108 Video Lessons | 51 AAMC Passage Walkthroughs

[Module 1] Quick Start: Rapid Implementation CARS Strategies + Getting Started

16 Lessons

Meet Your CARS Strategy Instructors

Meet Your Instructor, Ariana Campbell: How I Scored 130 In CARS with a Key Mindset Shift

Meet Your Instructor: Ryan Anderson: How I Went From Low 120s to 130 in CARS

Meet Your Instructor: Hanes Grafe: From 500 to 520 on the MCAT (130 in CARS)

[Module 8] CARS Mastery Strategies Installation: MedLife Mastery Passages

1 Lesson

MCAT CARS Passage Walkthrough By 131 CARS (522 MCAT) Scorer


Live 60-90 Minute Weekly Office Hours With A 515+ MCAT Scorer!

Every week a different [MedLIfe] Mastery Mentor will be hosting live 60-90 minute office hours on Zoom with students enrolled. This is where you'll be able to ask your questions, learn from other student's questions, see live passage breakdowns, and get the overall live support of a top scorer who has been in your shoes, as well as that of other students who are going through MCAT prep! If you can't make it to a session, recordings will always be available to view later. You'll also be able to send in questions beforehand :)

What students have said about these CARS strategies

We've released a lot of these strategies through our reports, guides, and emails in text format. Through this CARS Mastery course, we're releasing an upgraded form of those strategies plus many more additional never-before-seen strategies, in a systematized step-by-step video format so it's more easily digestible and easy to follow. We'd love for you to read what students have said about the time-tested proven strategies we've been teaching for years, which you'll learn in this course:

The tips have been great especially at eliminating bad answers and focusing on choices that ANSWER the question. The passage dissections are very detailed and the logical step-by-step explanation is definitely helpful. I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting the perspective of a top-scorer.

Peter Kim

Learning to break the passages down by paragraph and then tying it all in to the main idea has not only helped me save time in answering questions but also increased my overall score. I'm slowly finding my way through these passages and am more able than ever before to point out little tricks and traps that no longer cause me to fall for them. I have seen my score increase in the CARS section alone from a 123 to a 126 within one week of really strapping down and going over the AAMC logic.

Joelle Fink

The CARS strategies presented here give you a whole new perspective on how to start from scratch and build a solid foundation of skills... I have learned new skills that have let me see the test and CARS from a new point of view and how to best tackle one of my weakest sections. Just from a little practice, I improved by 2-3 points.

Lauren Evelti

I took the MCAT Mastery CARS strategy course as well as one-on-one MCAT CARS tutoring. I took about 10-15 sessions and my tutor Nate did an excellent job helping me improve my reading comprehension/speed rather than just teaching me test-taking hacks. I got a 129 (95th percentile CARS score), 3 points higher than my best practice exam. My overall MCAT was a 520 (3 pts higher than my best practice exam score). He did a good job keeping me motivated. :)

Venkata Chengalvala

About Your CARS Strategy Instructors

Ariana Campbell

[MedLIfe] Mastery Strategy Coach | 130 CARS, 515 MCAT

Ariana still remembers feeling like the MCAT was the biggest hurdle standing between her and medical school. Especially since she was also juggling MCAT studying, a full course load, work, extracurricular activities, and other major personal challenges at the time. She struggled with CARS especially, with scores going DOWN at one point.

Given her situation, she had to find the best way to manage her schedule while maintaining a positive mindset, so she could achieve a competitive MCAT score. Despite it all, Ariana managed to increase her score from a 498 to 515 on the MCAT in just 3 months, WITHOUT studying full time and studying 8+ hours a day! She also lifted her CARS score to a 130!

Fast forward to today, Ariana is now in med-school and specializes in helping students skyrocket their CARS scores on the MCAT! As one of the very first tutors at MCAT Mastery, Ariana has spent hundreds of hours working one-on-one with students from different backgrounds, helping them increase their MCAT and CARS scores.

Ryan Anderson

[MedLIfe] Mastery Strategy Coach | 130 CARS, 513 MCAT

Ryan is a current medical student who studied for six weeks in total for the MCAT. After the first two weeks, he found himself scoring a 488. He especially found himself struggling in CARS, scoring in the low 120s!

At this (very low) point, with only a month left before the MCAT, he found himself re-evaluating his approach to the exam overall. In this limited time, he developed test taking strategies that improved his score by 25 points to a 513 by the time test day rolled around! Plus his CARS score hit 130.

Take that in: a 25 point score increase in 4 weeks! Keep in mind, all he did was focus on STRATEGY to achieve this result.

After personally tutoring and coaching MANY students in CARS and the MCAT overall, Ryan has developed a solid understanding of exactly how to teach the best strategies for improving one's score with NO additional knowledge on content.

Julia Wickman

[MedLIfe] Mastery Strategy Coach | 131 CARS, 518 MCAT

After 400+ hours of studying, Julia found herself plateauing in the mid 500s just 6 weeks before her test date. At the beginning of her process, she had a hard time seeing that the MCAT was so much more than a content-based exam, but rather a test of strategy and pacing as well! She felt like she was burning out, and didn’t know if she could do it, but once she realized both that she needed better testing strategies and that she had to be more positive in her approach, there was a huge learning curve.

That's when the strategy clicked and her scores jumped to 513-519. Ultimately in those final 45 days, she managed to increase her to score by 10+ points and achieved a 518 (96th percentile) by test day! Julia also scored in the 99th percentile in CARS!

Fast forward to today, Julia is starting med-school and specializes in helping students increase their CARS scores

Hanes Grafe

[MedLIfe] Mastery Strategy Coach | 130 CARS, 520 MCAT

Starting his MCAT prep, Hanes knew he was going to be challenged. Keeping himself motivated was an obstacle and time management was complicated when he had a full schedule. As he continued his prep, he found himself scoring lower than he wanted because he was overthinking the passages. Once he started to approach with better strategies, he increased his score from a 500 to a 520 (98th percentile) in 3 months!

What other students are saying about your instructors

They were in your shoes not too long, struggling with scores not improving, and they all ended up dominating CARS (as well as the MCAT). They've collectively worked 1-on-1 with over 200 premeds, coaching each one of them on how to apply MCAT and CARS strategies to improve their scores. They know exactly how to teach you to think through CARS like a 130+ CARS scorer.

When I first started tutoring with Ariana, I immediately knew she was going to be my saving grace. Prior to working with her, I had taken my MCAT twice and felt extremely hopeless for my future.

Ariana is one of the most caring and patient tutors I've ever worked with. We targeted my weaknesses and worked on improving them... My biggest improvement was not only demonstrated by my score, but by my ability to critically think.

She helped me dissect every passage and answer choice, which allowed me to have an eye for tricks/attractors that would be thrown my way. My score and ability to critically think/catch easy mistakes definitely heightened after working with Ariana.

Neda Azizi  A previous student of Ariana

...I knew the material, but became overwhelmed with the questions and the distractor answer choices. After working with Ryan, I learned how to build stamina, how to understand CARS passages better, and overall how to appreciate the MCAT process.

Ryan was very flexible and gave great advice as far as how to stay positive, how to understand the questions, how to prepare for the questions, and even how to prepare the day before the exam.

I noticed increasing scores... I absolutely would recommend Ryan. He was extremely friendly and had great learning strategies that helped me so much!

Tiffany Scheader  A previous student of Ryan

... [Ariana] helped me so, so much. She was really able to understand where I was getting stuck and why and then how to help. Having someone to show how they went through each passage, what they highlighted, or what they wrote down helped me a lot to actually figure out what to focus on in passages and boosted my score a ton.

Ariana was able to really emphasize how important going through the passage was and understanding the details in it to bring it all together, which is something I was continuously getting tripped up on... I was able to raise my score 19 points in about 6 weeks from all the tips she gave me...

Annabella D.  A previous student of Ariana


1:1 Tutoring Session(s) with a 130+ CARS Scorer

Every course purchase comes with not just strategy lessons, but a one-on-one 60 minute tutoring session with a 130+ CARS scorer!

You can choose if you want just one session or add an additional 3, 5, or even 10 sessions with your enrolment. 

Joelle Fink

Helped me save time answering questions but also increased my overall score... 

Course Description

Sourced from the collective experiences and strategies of strictly 130+ CARS scorers. Carefully pieced together over several years through constant testing and optimization. This is the ultimate step-by-step system to master CARS on the MCAT.  Using these strategies, anyone can learn how to think like a top scorer. This is CARS made easy.

  • Strategy lessons taught by 130+ CARS scorers
  • Unlimited weekly office hours with a 515+ scorer (recordings available)
  • 48 premium MCAT practice passages with explanations on an AAMC style interface
  • 600+ MCAT practice questions
  • 1:1 CARS tutoring with a 130+ CARS scorer
  • Installment payment plans available
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The complete CARS strategy course with one 60 minute coaching session with a 130+ CARS scorer.

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The complete CARS strategy course with three 60 minute coaching sessions with a 130+ CARS scorer.

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