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Note: If You Also Added 1:1 MCAT Private Tutoring Sessions

If you added tutoring sessions, you will need to complete another questionnaire. Please check your inbox for the email with the subject "Next Steps for MCAT Tutoring". The link to the tutoring questionnaire will be in there!

If you'd like to change your package to include tutoring, please reach out to support.

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Redeem your referral bonus: A free private tutoring session for you and a friend! 

Preparing for the MCAT just got even better! Invite a friend to join our MCAT live course, and both of you will receive a complimentary MCAT private tutoring session ($147 in value!). It's simple – once both you and your friend enroll in the live course, just shoot us an email at [email protected] with the details of who referred whom and we'll get you all set up. Elevate your MCAT journey together with this exclusive referral bonus!

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Note: this can be found in the "Courses" section of our website. At any time in the future, you can simply log into your MedLife Mastery member's account, navigate to "Courses" in the top menu bar, and you'll find the private tutoring listed there.

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