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Listen in on top MCAT scorers discussing their best strategies to master the MCAT and get into med-school.

Future Doctors Should Help Future Doctors

Thinking back to when we were studying for the MCAT, going through the grind, we realized it would have been so helpful if we could listen in on top MCAT scorer discussions, as they shared their tips, the lessons they learned, and how they got through this tough journey with a competitive score!

“That would have been so inspiring!” we thought. And because it didn’t exist, we created it! 🎉

It’s now available wherever you listen to your podcasts! Below are our show links on popular podcast platforms, so you can just select the one you prefer/use and head on over to listen to the first episode!

And don't forget to the meet the team of top-scoring MCAT mentors you'll be listening to!

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What We Cover In Our MCAT Podcast

In these episodes, as you might have guessed, we’ll be releasing A LOT of MCAT Master Interviews with those who are excited to share their wisdom with you. BUT we’ll also be hosting conversations amongst top MCAT scorers as they discuss the nitty gritty of what it takes to succeed on the MCAT.

There are 70+ top scoring MCAT Mentors on our team right now, many of whom are in med-school, who will be taking turns appearing on the show to share their views and insights (like in first episode that’s already out!). This is important because unlike other places, you’re not just hearing from one or two, or five, MCAT “tutors/experts”, but you’re getting a massive variety of perspectives and approaches to the MCAT.

This way you can be sure that one of their approaches WILL click for you, and when it does, your MCAT score will skyrocket 🚀

Here’s a quick list of what’s to come on this podcast: 

1. Interviews with top MCAT scorers (as mentioned) 

Especially those who increased their scores very quickly. We're particularly interested in those who had difficult struggles on their journey. The goal: motivation + learn by observing, knowing what someone who was successful did, so you can confidently do the same.

2. Overall MCAT tips and strategies to get you through the journey

Bite-sized tips and nuggets of information for you to immediately apply in your MCAT prep.

3. Lots of CARS tips and section-specific tips

We’ll have 130+ scorers of specific sections take over an episode and offer guidance (Yea, especially C/P and CARS).

4. Important Updates In The AAMC World

Covering updates and answering questions on how to strategically react to/prepare for general MCAT related events - test day updates, cancellations, etc. 

5. MCAT Practice Question Walkthroughs

Giving you an inside-look into the mind of a top MCAT scorer as they go through MCAT practice questions and passages. The goal: give you a transparent view into the right way of thinking for the MCAT.

6. MCAT Content Review

We'll be breaking down high yield MCAT concepts in an easy to understand way. The goal: further drill them into your mind as you’re doing those mindless activities.

MCAT Podcast Episodes List

Frequently Asked Questions

Why listen to MCAT podcasts?

If you don’t listen to podcasts yet, you’re in for a treat! Why?

Sure - you can get a lot of top MCAT scorer insights from reading our success story emails, or reading posts on forums from premeds who share their MCAT journey (without verified scores, and it’s usually for bragging purposes which makes you feel all kinds of FOMO)…

But what about all those times you’re NOT at your computer or on your phone to read and still want to be productive? What about those times when you’re cooking, driving, brushing, showering, doing laundry, going on walks, exercising...

How can you amp up your “MCAT productivity” while doing these “mindless” activities?

Yup - listening in on top MCAT scorers sharing their best hacks to master the MCAT!

We like to think of the act of listening to podcasts as being a fly on the wall, listening in on really valuable conversations amongst credible people. 

How can I be on the MCAT Mastery podcast?!

If you're top scorer who wants to give back or if you believe you have something valuable to share with thousands of premeds, you can send in your application on this page! We look forward to meeting you!

Can you be a guest on our podcast?

Of course! We're definitely not trying exclusively only help premeds on our own platform! We're happy to spread the insights anywhere there's an audience who will listen and can be helped! Just reach out to us here on our contact page and we'll be in touch!

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