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Discover overall strategies for how top scorers master MCAT content, master the style of the MCAT, answer any MCAT questions and find the right answer, take and review practice exams, schedule/plan their entire MCAT prep journey, and how top scorers cultivate the right MCAT success mindset. This course covers everything you need to know to study for the MCAT like a 90+ percentile scorer.

Course FAQs

I'm low on time, what's the best way to learn and use the strategies in this course?

Great question! No, you don't have to go through every lesson in this course. There are a lot of strategy lessons here for you so we'd definitely recommend being a little proactive in how you choose which ones to go through.

Depending on your specific situation, all of the lessons may not apply to you. So we don't want you to spend your time going through anything that isn't going to lead to your score goal in the fastest amount of time.

If you'd like, you can skip around and go through the strategy lessons you feel like would give you the greatest boost in your score. That's completely fine.

We hope that helps!

Where is this information coming from?

After interviewing and researching hundreds of top MCAT scorers, having our own experiences scoring 515+ on the MCAT, and helping over 1,500 students individually with increasing their MCAT scores, The MedLife Mastery Team has collaboratively put these MCAT strategy video lessons together for you.

These are your blueprints to achieving a competitive MCAT score that helps you open doors to med-school, and ultimately helps you achieve your physician dream. We're super excited to see you on the inside!

What is MCAT strategy?

"MCAT strategy" gets tossed around so much that it's become another buzz word that's used irresponsibly. Let's clarify what it really means in the context of the MCAT. As you know by now, you need to learn new ways to study for this exam...

→ You need to absorb and memorize such a large amount of content with endless detail and store it in memory for an exam that's 2-6 months in the future.

→ You need to apply memorized content to tricky questions based on confusing passages with wordy paragraphs, unfamiliar concepts, and 2-4 figures per passage

→You need to learn how to think critically through passages, graphs/figures, question stems, and answer choices.

→ You need to maintain stamina + focus for 7.5 hours, comprehending everything and reading quickly, while not running out of time.

→ You need to learn how to practice/review strategically with the limited AAMC material.

→ For CARS especially, you need to learn how to identify the main idea, understand the author, see through trick answer choices.

→ You need to learn to plan, schedule, and optimize your prep as your score progresses.

→ You need to take care of other important areas of life (job, school, relationships), but especially your mindset so you can stay confident, motivated, and determined as you write the hardest exam of your life.
... And there's so much more.

Clearly all of this is NOT easy.

To make it easier to learn all of these skills FAST, you need MCAT strategy.

MCAT strategy is about finding and using the simplest, easiest, quickest techniques that give you the largest jumps in your score.

The best part? You don't need to find the best strategies anymore because...

We figured out the best MCAT strategies, increased scores fast to 515-526 using them, and are now passing them on to you.

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This is a video we also have up on YouTube. You may have seen it already if you've been following our channel. If a video doesn't have this icon, it is an exclusive video you can only get by joining this course. Don't let this undervalue our YouTube videos in your mind. Some of our BEST and most helpful stuff is on YouTube!

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We're a team of future doctors passionate about giving back and mentoring other future doctors! All mentors on the team are top MCAT scorers and we all are committed to seeing you succeed in achieving your physician dreams ???? To help you achieve your goal MCAT score, we take turns hosting these Live MCAT Courses and are also available for 1:1 private tutoring!

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