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"Success leaves clues. Go figure out what someone who was successful did, and model it. Improve it, but learn their steps. They have knowledge."

Tony Robbins
World's #1 Success & Performance Coach

Why 2024 Will Be The Year You Get A Competitive MCAT Score That Opens Doors To Med-School:

So you won't have to retake, and potentially miss out on the next application cycle.

Inside this free MCAT strategy course you'll discover what we realized about the smartest ways to study for the MCAT, after researching and interviewing dozens of 90+ percentile MCAT scorers.

  • Our mission is to enable you to score 510+ on the MCAT, so you can get into the med-school of your dreams. How? By giving you the exact same MCAT prep strategies 90+ percentile scorers used during their MCAT journey, that led them to getting multiple med-school offers.
  • Get 515+ scorer case studies and success stories that are full of wisdom and motivation, showing you that there were others who were "stuck", who were scoring below 500, who were frustrated and overwhelmed, yet they managed to figure it out... and so can you.

Free MCAT Strategy Course Breakdown

Day 1

The #1 Biggest MCAT Study Mistake 515+ Scorers Always Avoid

Day 2

How To Adopt The 515+ Scorer's MCAT Success Mindset

Day 3

How 130+ CARS Scorers Studied and Got "Right Answer Hints" on CARS Passages

Day 4

How 515+ Scorers Take & Review MCAT Practice Exams

Day 5

How 130+ Chem/Phys Scorers Studied and What Strategies They Used

Day 6

515+ Scorer Science Passage Hacks For Instant Score Boosts

Day 7

How 130+ Bio/BioChem Scorers Studied and What Strategies They Used

Day 8

How Top Scorers Retook the MCAT; The New Mindset & The Retaking Strategies

PLUS We'll Also Send You...

  • A Free PDF Checklist of the 48 Highest Yield MCAT Topics To Study: Recommended By 90+ Percentile MCAT Scorers Based On Their Experience
  • 15 Free 510+ Scorer Case Studies: MCAT Success Stories Detailing Exactly What Steps Others Took To Master The MCAT
  • And a lot more free high quality MCAT study tips and resources to help you achieve your goal MCAT score that gets you into med-school...

What others have said after signing up for the Free MCAT Strategy Course:

"The strategies that are shared in the guides and in the emails are game-changers!"

"...Another thing I found really helpful about MCAT Mastery were the emails of encouragement. I read each one! If I didn't have time at the moment to read one, I flagged it to read it later. Often, I would read one in the morning, before I got out of bed to go take a practice test or begin reviewing a practice test. Not only are they chock-full of helpful tips, they also share other people's success stories. Reading about other student's score transformations motivated me and reminded me it was possible. The strategies that are shared in the guides and in the emails are game-changers!"

JENNIFER NEDIMYER  // MCAT Strategy Email Course Member // Scored 511 on the MCAT

Tim - MCAT Tutor

"The MCAT Mastery strategies sent via email were immensely helpful..."

The MCAT Mastery strategies sent via email were immensely helpful. One of the reasons they were helpful was they had strategies and approaches to the exam and to studying that I never would've figured out in a million years.... they helped me formalize and improve on strategies that I figured out on my own (sometimes without realizing that I was doing it). For example, I started reading passages while trying to get into the mindset of the writer without realizing that I was doing that. When I read the tip about reading questions with the writer in mind, the strategy clicked and I was able to maximize it as a result.

TIM KNEBEL //  MCAT Strategy Email Course Member // Scored 513 on the MCAT

"I enjoy your emails so much..."

"I've noticed I have a much more clear idea of what I need to do during my studying time, and my focus has greatly improved ... I enjoy your emails so so much because they don't solely focus on the score and the studying like all other companies. You incorporate the training of your mind and not just the quantifiable success aspect of the MCAT, but the lifelong skills that we should be learning. I thank you all!!"

KAYLA S.  //  MCAT Strategy Email Course Member // Scored 511 on the MCAT

"... MCAT Mastery emails helped motivate me to continue studying..."

"I felt that being subscribed to MCAT Mastery emails helped motivate me to continue studying, as well as remind me to study (due to the daily emails I received on my phone). They introduce people of all levels, rather than only focusing on top 1% scores, which helped me visualize my own goal and motivated me."

OLEKSANDRA KASKUN  //  MCAT Strategy Email Course Member // Scored 510 on the MCAT

"I think I stumbled upon MCAT Mastery at the right time..."

"I have found the daily emails an important part of preparing in my last month since this is when the crazies really start to set in.  Many things in your emails I have wanted to achieve, but didn't know how.  Such as a calm mind, confidence, and positivity.  Hearing from you every day has helped in keeping up the good fight.

This exam is 50% mental stamina/strategy and MCAT Mastery is unique in focusing on these mental aspects of the exam, in addition to logistical strategies. I think I stumbled upon MCAT Mastery at the right time; these last few weeks are crucial for me to keep my wits about me and keep making progress until the very end (without falling apart)." 

DANIELLE FREDRICKS  //  MCAT Mastery Strategy Course Member

miriam - improved mcat score

"...Literally the catalyst to my positive attitude and confidence throughout my entire prep..."

Thanks so much MCAT Mastery Team!! I really loved reading your success stories and daily emails while I was prepping for my MCAT. They were literally the catalyst to my positive attitude and confidence throughout my entire prep because it was so easy for burnout and negative attitude to take over.

MIRIAM A.  //  MCAT Mastery Strategy Course Member // Improved MCAT score by 20 points

"Their emails give you concrete strategies to apply from day 1 that are essential to scoring well on test day"

"When it comes to MCAT prep, the sheer volume of information (about what to study, which courses to buy, etc..) can be overwhelming. The email tips sent out from MCAT Mastery is the easiest and the best way to start your journey. Their emails give you concrete strategies to apply from day 1 that are essential to scoring well on test day."

DANIELA HINCHMAN-D  //  MCAT Mastery Strategy Course Member

"I've always loved receiving MCAT Mastery emails..."

"I've always loved receiving the MCAT Mastery emails... As an undergraduate minority student, you're often lost and don't know where to turn to for help and guidance. With MCAT Mastery, you know what you need to do in order to achieve your goals. What's best about it is the interest that is poured in every word in order to make you desire a better score. Would definitely recommend to any future doctors out there."

Almarely L. Barrios Negron   //   MCAT Mastery Strategy Course Member

The MCAT Is Not Like Any Other Exam You've Written Before...

It wasn't designed to be. The frustrations add up with every week you get closer to test date. The key is in how you approach it and the smartest approach has already been figured out for you!

You don't have to waste time, money, and energy, or be forced to take the MCAT multiple times, just so you could figure out the same strategies yourself! 

Simply join us in this free course and get the reliable MCAT prep strategies top MCAT scorers have used to conquer the most painful struggles of the MCAT journey...

And achieve their competitive MCAT score that got them into med-school.

You have what it takes. You were born to be a doctor.

Let us take you on the proven path to get over the biggest barrier holding you back from reaching that dream!

We look forward to seeing you on the inside :)

The MedLife Mastery Team

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