MCAT Prep Headstart: A Free Live Online Class on How To Study Like A Top MCAT Scorer

With a 96th Percentile (518) MCAT Scorer & 3rd Year Med-Student

Investment: $0 & 120-Minutes → Payoff: Get Ahead of All MCAT Testers

MCAT Prep Wasn’t Easy For Any Of Us, But It Can Be For You.

We’re a team of 70+ MCAT mentors who struggled to get to our 515+ MCAT scores.

Today, we’re in med school, but at MedLife, we’re dedicated to preventing as many future doctors as possible from experiencing the same frustrations we did!

If you’re just starting MCAT prep or are in the beginning stages, we made this free live event for you.

Your MedLife Mastery Mentors are from:

It was really helpful and showed me a large amount of resources (both free and paid) that I wasn't previously aware of. I am excited to use more of Medlife Mastery's resources as I go through my studying. Julia was a wonderful mentor and it was clear that she really cared!

Eleonor A.

Live Online Class Student

Very nice and polite person to listen too! Explanation was very clear in the CARS section as well- made me feel much better about taking the MCAT soon. Would recommend to others, and I will probably take more courses through the company. Thank you! 

Sarah B.

Live Online Class Student

This free course was awesome! Julia gave great advice, strategy for tackling CARS passages, and reinforced many of the practices I'm currently doing (taking one day off, using certain resources, making time for family/friends/exercise).

Lea G.

Live Online Class Student

120 Min Session To Get A Headstart In Your mCAT Prep

Your investment: $0

Save Hundreds of Hours

Save hundreds of hours from studying for the MCAT in the wrong way

Prevent Retakes

Save yourself from potentially having to retake the MCAT (1 in 2 successful premeds retake)

Gain An Advantage

The MCAT is a competitive exam - get an advantage by learning how to study the right way from the very beginning, from someone who has been there and aced it!

Offering these types of free sessions is extremely helpful!!! Thank you so much!!

Sarah S.

Live Online Class Student

I love how informative this section is about MCAT. The practice CARS question and walkthrough was really helpful too!

Xiyue Z.

Live Online Class Student

This class did a great job in familiarizing us with ways to prep for the MCAT and I found it very insightful.

Andrea M.

Live Online Class Student

Meet Your Free Live Session MCAT Instructor: Julia Wickman

One of our top tutors, a 518 scorer, and 3rd Year MS

MCAT Score

518 (96th Percentile)

After 400+ hours of studying while taking undergraduate classes and working several part-time internships, Julia found her MCAT score plateauing far below her 90+ percentile score goal. Shortly after, in 6 weeks, she figured out what the MCAT really requires and skyrocketed her score to the 96th percentile. If you could learn her lessons sooner, in this free session, you can reach a higher score and save yourself from the plateaus and challenges she (and we all) faced.

MCAT Tutor

200+ Hours of Tutoring - Since 2020

Today, Julia is a mentor and is committed to help students through the grueling MCAT prep process, ensuring no one has to face the same frustrations she did.

What You'll Learn In This Free Live MCAT Class

When you understand what the MCAT really is, what it's really testing you on, you'll be set to succeed by test date. This is our gift to you, future doctor. 

The most common mistakes to avoid in MCAT prep that we wish someone would’ve told us

The best resources to use when studying for the MCAT (free and paid)

How 90+ percentile scorers studied for the MCAT (so you can just copy their blueprint)

How to plan your MCAT studying (from now until test date)

How to space out content review with practice

How to study for a passage-based exam, when you’ve never studied for one before

How to remember information for a test that is 3-6 months in the future (when we’re used to studying for one that is a few days away)

What is the CARS (Critical Analysis & Reasoning Skills) section and how to get good at it (this is the section most premeds struggle with)

And much more. You'll even get a sample passage to try and a top scorer walking you through their thought process on how to tackle it.

You'll also be able to submit questions beforehand for the Q&A portion.

Free Bonus: The MCAT Launchpad Course

A mini video course created by your MedLife MCAT Mentors with 19 video lessons, strictly for those who are still early in their MCAT prep. Learn how to make an MCAT study schedule, how to study on a budget, how to juggle the MCAT with a full schedule and so much more!

MedLife MCAT Checklist

Free Download: A PDF Checklist with the Highest Yield MCAT Topics To Know - Created By Top Scorers

Top scorers swear by this study checklist when preparing for the MCAT. When you know exactly what to give most of your attention to, MCAT prep gets a lot easier.

Very helpful, thank you!

J. Rodriguez

Live Online Class Student

You were so clear and effective. Thank you for taking the time to do this and hope there will be more

Justa F.

Good class lots of helpful information and strategies

Khyleisha C.

Live Online Class Student

The MCAT Is The Biggest Barrier To Med-School. Most Aren't Able To Cross It...

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