Now You Can Earn Passive Income To Help Pay For Med-School By Helping Premeds Dominate the MCAT + Get Into & Through Med-School!

Here's how it works in 2 easy steps:

1. Become a MedLife Mastery affiliate/partner!

You first step is to take two minutes to fill out the application form below. Once your form is received, our team will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) with your next step links to create a partner account with us! Creating an account will take approximately 10-15 minutes. 

Once your partner account is created and a personal payment method is set for you to collect your money, you'll receive your own unique coupon code and link for all our MedLife products!

2. Share your coupon code and make money!

This next step is simple. In fact, it just gets really easy from here...

This is where you share your unique coupon code and/or link with your friends, classmates, your YouTube subscribers, your other social media following, your newsletter subscribers, and anyone else you can think of who will benefit from using MedLife Mastery resources :)

Every time someone uses your unique coupon code or clicks on your link to purchase any of our courses, tutoring packages, or any other paid product, you'll earn a commission on each sale!

Now, getting a friend to buy here and there and making up to $30 each time is not bad. It's a nice little way to treat yourself. But what if you could make that $30 or more per day on autopilot, while you take care of more important things like studying! Step 3 is how things get really interesting...

[Optional Step] Create a passive income stream!

The idea behind passive income is simple: you do the work once and get paid indefinitely after

For example, imagine you created a YouTube video simply reviewing one or more of our products; giving your honest thoughts about it, talking about how it helped you, and then encouraging viewers to click your link and use your coupon code to get the products. That video will be up forever and every time someone comes across it, you have the opportunity to make money!

There are many ways to do minimal work and earn money continuously, WHILE promoting something you believe in, that you know will make a positive difference in someone's med-school journey.

Tell us about yourself; be sure to include how you find out about MedLife Mastery and how do you plan on encouraging others to use our materials!
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