2024 MCAT? 3 Reasons Why NOW Is The Ideal Time To Get A Tutor

September 22, 2023

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“I wish I started working with a tutor earlier!”

We hear this so often...

Below are just a few examples of students who met with us when they were panicking with a close test date...

And then later realized how much of a higher score increase they would have had if they just started working with us at the beginning of their prep! 👇

We're meeting too many premeds planning to get a mentor "when they need it"... 

Not realizing that when they 'need' an MCAT mentor, they'll already be too late.

Which is why if you're thinking of working with an MCAT Mastery Mentor to get to your score goal by your 2024 test date...

Here are 3 reasons to not wait until later this year to meet with one of us:

1. The Optimal MCAT Prep Schedule

When you work with an MCAT Mastery Mentor, you'll have an optimal MCAT prep schedule created for you from the very beginning, that will be regularly updated.

Creating an MCAT study schedule that:

  • Has the right balance of content and practice
  • Uses your available content + practice resources in the smartest way possible
  • Takes into account your work/school/life schedule, your study habits, your strengths/weaknesses, your score goal, and starting scores... 
  • And adapts on the fly as practice scores change and life happens...

Is not easy to do on your own, or get right on the first or second try. How do we know?

We've all tried 😅 You can use templates, and watch videos on the optimal way to create your own study schedule...

But nothing will be as convenient, and as reliable, as having a top MCAT scorer - who's made all the mistakes and succeeded - do it for you!

2. Unlocking The Highest MCAT Score Possible, For You Personally

When you work with an MCAT Mastery Mentor, you'll maximize your chances of getting the highest score you're capable of.

Many students meet a tutor 4-6 weeks before their test day and don't get as much of a score increase, than if they met at the start of MCAT prep.

You'll increase your score at any point you get a mentor - no doubt...

But you'll come in having wasted so much time trying to reinvent the wheel, second-guessing your approach, and making avoidable mistakes like:

  • Wasting high-yield content and practice resources
  • Diagnosing your weaknesses incorrectly
  • Following a sub-par schedule
  • Not interpreting passages, question stems, and answer choices the way AAMC expects you to

These are just a few but there are so many more emotionally and mentally draining moments that can be avoided.

If it gets too late, you're not left with enough time to truly hit your highest score that we all know you're capable of.

You can even meet with a mentor for only one or two sessions in the beginning, and save the rest for when you think you need it...

But the early sessions will be extremely beneficial to make sure you're planning and approaching your prep in the right way

3. Maximize Motivation, Minimize Procrastination

When you meet with an MCAT Mastery Mentor, you won't procrastinate or lose motivation for your far test date.

As premeds, we've never had to study for such a foreign exam that's months into the future. For some, you're doing it again for a second or third time.

It's so easy to get demotivated halfway through and feel tempted to procrastinate 😫

This inevitable 'low' you're going to feel, is where a huge percentage of premeds drop off...

It's a slippery slope and we want to see you make it because once you get a strong MCAT score, med-school admission gets a lot easier. 

In fact, if you let us, we'll be your side holding you accountable, keeping you motivated, reminding you of your dream when you forget it, and ensuring your scores improve with a strategy-focused approach, so you naturally feel more confident...

Basically, we'll be holding your hand all the way until your test date 🤝

There are so many more reasons to work with an MCAT mentor that you can find out here.

But at the end of the day, when you're not going at it alone, when you have a coach and a friend by your side through this journey, you'll know...

You got this,

The MedLife Mastery Team
Your MCAT Success Mentors


We love helping students get to their MCAT score goal without the stress that we went through...

And we can really minimize that stress if they just came to us earlier! 😅

That way they would save so much time and energy by not making all the mistakes trying to figure it out on their own first!

With that said if you're thinking of having one of us be with you on this journey, we're here for you.

Your MCAT Success Mentors

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