3 MCAT Attempts to 513: The Power of Persistence with Priya Leghari

August 11, 2023

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MCAT Mastery Podcast: Show Notes

About The MCAT Master Interview Series

Welcome to the MCAT Master Interview series!

We’re on an ongoing mission to put together THE formula for achieving a top MCAT score.

We’ve been doing this by gathering the most effective MCAT study strategies from verified top scorers, and then we bring them to you in the form of blog articles, daily emails, YouTube videos, strategy courses, through tutoring sessions and anything else that can help you along on this journey to reach YOUR maximum MCAT score.

We’ve been researching and holding interviews with top MCAT scorers for many years now, until recently we thought "Why not let you all in and give you a seat at the table during these interviews!”.

So, that’s what this series is for ????

We hope by listening to these interviews, you learn proven MCAT study strategies you never thought of, that you can start implementing right away!

And most importantly, we hope you feel an increase in inspiration and motivation because the MCAT journey can be very tough and it can be easy to fall into negative mental cycles...

But as you’ll learn from these success stories, every top scorer had to deal with the struggles, the challenges, and through perseverance, through strategy, through mindset work, they all made it to the top score that was right for them. ???? ???? ????

This episode you're in for an adventure. This top scorer's MCAT journey was a three-year endeavor, marked by determination and perseverance. Starting with a 503 on her first attempt and a 505 on her second, she tirelessly sought the strategies that resonated with her, ultimately achieving a remarkable 513 on her third and final attempt.

Meet our incredible guest, Priya Leghari, whose unwavering passion for medicine and personal growth has led her to extraordinary achievements, including conquering the MCAT as a pivotal step on her path to medical school.

In this episode Priya shares her biggest realization that the MCAT is not just a test of knowledge, but also endurance and the ability to grow as a learner. Taking breaks and engaging in activities outside of studying is essential for maintaining balance and preventing burnout.

Priya shares her experience of feeling guilty about taking breaks, but emphasizes that it is unnecessary as basic needs and a healthy mind are integral to performing well.

"If you're feeling burnt out, that's probably a sign that you should take a break and recover. As premeds, it's super easy to get swept up in studying and forget that we're humans that have complex needs."

Join us as we delve into Priya's incredible journey, uncovering the invaluable lessons she has learned along the way and the transformative power of introspection in her MCAT success and personal growth. Get ready to be inspired by her story of self-discovery and the remarkable impact it has had on her pursuit of dreams.

Some of what you'll learn in this episode with Priya:

  • How she developed fool-proof MCAT study sessions and schedules
  • The unique strategies required for each and every section
  • How navigate the inevitable problem of MCAT burnout
  • The best resources for MCAT prep that helped her reach her goal score

And so much more!

Topics Discussed

  • 00:30 Priya’s background, passion for medicine, and her decision to pursue the MCAT as a crucial step toward her medical school journey.
  • 02:15 The Importance of self-reflection and introspection.
  • 05:10 Priya’s journey to self-discovery: From burnout and disappointment from multiple practice exams to uncovering her motivations, strengths, and weaknesses
  • 09:42 Exam challenges, targeted studying, overcoming weaknesses, burnout.
  • 15:49 best free resources.
  • 18:54 Psych/Soc study tips and resources that got her 132!
  • 22:35 Reading comprehension tips for studying CARS passage.
  • 35:47 Anxiety and stress while waiting for her score.
  • 40:31 Great advice for listeners on their journey.

Memorable Quotes

  • Take breaks regularly and engage in activities outside of studying to prevent burnout and maintain balance.
  • Be kind to yourself and recognize that feeling burnt out during the MCAT is normal.
  • Prioritize content coverage, strong data analysis skills, and the ability to critically review literature for success in the P/S section.

  • Adapt your thinking to different passage types, switching between CARS, B/B, and other perspectives when necessary.
  • Focus your study time on your weakest sections, such as chemistry and physics, and implement different approaches, like using example questions with solutions from textbooks.

  • Practice active recall through Anki decks and consistently use question banks and practice exams like UWorld and AAMC materials.
  • Remember that while the MCAT is important, it's just one aspect of life; go easy on yourself and don't let it define your self-worth.
  • Train yourself to focus and reduce testing anxiety by practicing with multiple practice exams and reviewing solutions in detail; pattern recognition and time management are key skills to develop.

Resources Mentioned

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