5 Reasons Why MCAT CARS Will Make You A Better Med School Student

June 25, 2024

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Do us a favor and ask yourself this question:

"Which MCAT section is most important for medical school? 🤔 "

All sections are important (which is why they're on the exam), but there's one section in particular that top scorers will tell you is more valuable than the rest.

Turns out that the section that you want to make sure that you do well on and will help you the most in both medical school and as a doctor is CARS!

Wondering why it's CARS and not any of the science-related sections? Then you'll enjoy our newest YouTube video where your MCAT Mastery mentor, Ariana (a 515 scorer), shares her top 5 reasons for why doing well in CARS will set you up for success in both med school and as a physician.

If you're looking for some motivation to get through what is arguably one of the hardest MCAT sections and reach your score goal, then you'll find Ariana's video and blog post super useful!

We'll pass it off to Ariana from here!

CARS Trains You To Condense And Understand Heavy Pieces Of Information

It might be your first instinct to focus on the Biology or Psychological and Social sections in the MCAT. But in reality, med school will teach everything you need to know about these subjects in school.

What they don't teach you are the skills you develop from CARS.

With the amount of information you need to learn in med school, you need to be able to go through things both quickly and effectively.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should just skim or speed-read multiple pages of important text. You have to read and understand information quickly, as it’s most likely that you will encounter them again in medical school and beyond.

CARS Practice Helps You Identify Relevant Information

Throughout your journey in medical school up to fellowships, you will have to digest information from a syllabus, textbook, or patient chart. You will then have to ask yourself:

“What is the point of this?” or “why is the patient here right now?”.

When taking the patient’s history and loads of previous clinical check-ups or laboratory results, you have to look for and dig through all of the information given and find relevant pieces of information buried in all of these to ultimately find the answer or solution.

Experience With CARS Can Help You Succeed In Your Medical School Exams

CARS may also be helpful for medical school exams. If your school has USMLE or Step One types of tests, it will be easier for you to take these tests because although they might not include passage-type questions in these exams, they do have lengthy paragraphs for questions that look for a specific answer.

These answers might not be easy to find, or they might not even be relevant to the lengthy text right before the question, but since you have experience with passages in CARS, it will be easier for you to take on these kinds of exams.

“What are they asking me?” and “What is the relevant information in this question, and how am I going to answer it?”

CARS helps you how to better approach these questions as you go through them in medical school exams.

CARS Will Teach You To Pick The Correct Answer

From the CARS passages themselves, you can eliminate one or most of the choices to find the correct answer when one option is not true or another is only partially correct. 

“You won’t be able to know everything in your medical school exams.” This tip is not only applicable to the MCAT but also to all other exams you will take in medical school. 

But CARS helps you to develop good test-taking skills. One of these is the elimination technique in a multiple-choice exam. 

In CARS, you will ultimately find the answer to the question in the passage. So, if one or a couple of the choices are wrong or only partially correct, if they are at all relevant to the given text, you will be able to eliminate these options, leading you into picking the right answer.

CARS Prepares You For How Much Reading You’ll Do In Med School

In between all of your lectures or even the Anki flashcards you have prepared for the MCAT or medical school exam, you will still be given and required to go through a bunch of reading materials in the duration of medical school.

CARS prepares for this by training you to take in a lot of information and process it in your brain to put the pieces together. CARS will show you how to digest and actively create connections between your lessons to make medical school a breeze.

Here at MCAT Mastery, we recognize that CARS is different from all other sections in the MCAT. We have put in a lot of time and effort to create CARS-focused courses for you to be able to master CARS. Out of all the sections, CARS is the most helpful as it will strengthen your study and test-taking skills more than the knowledge you can acquire from studying for the MCAT.

Doing Well In CARS Shows Med-Schools This Key Quality About You

So how was that?!

It's focusing on mindsets and strategies like these that separate top scorers from the average MCAT test-taker, and we want to make sure that you crush the MCAT on test day 👊💪!!

If you're looking for even more top scorer strategies that will help you reach your goal score, look no further than should definitely check out our CARS Strategy Course and affordable 1:1 private tutoring options.

We get that sometimes studying for the MCAT can feel frustrating and pointless (especially CARS 😮‍💨), but if you have to remember one thing, it should be this:

Doing well in CARS is so much more than just becoming a top scorer. Doing well in CARS shows med schools that you have what it takes to succeed in med school and as a doctor.

You do want to become a doctor, right?

So let this serve as motivation for whenever you feel like the MCAT is pointless or frustrating. Remind yourself that this is your ticket to success and making your doctor dreams a reality. 

You're already off to a great start; now, all you have to do is keep going!

The MedLife Mastery Team
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