How To Score 510+ On The MCAT

June 25, 2024

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In this article, we'll discuss the formula for how to get a 510 on the MCAT!

How To Score 510 Or More On The MCAT: The Fuel To Get You There

You must have heard this already...

60% of med-school applicants are rejected with the biggest factor being the MCAT score.

Well, from all the interviews we've done and from our own experiences scoring competitively on the MCAT...

It seems that top scorers have always had a strong sense of how ridiculously important this one standardized exam is…

And that sense is the primary cause of their extreme motivation...

And that extreme motivation is the cause of their MCAT success.

It’s what causes them to study the extra hours. It’s what sometimes makes them quit their job (temporarily) if they can, so they can just strictly focus on the MCAT.

It’s what fuels them to step back and look at the big picture to figure out how they can guarantee they get a competitive score.

It’s what fuels them to get out of their comfort zone, question their current methods, ask top scorers for their advice, and do whatever it takes to figure out the most effective MCAT prep secrets that can give them the 'high MCAT score guarantee' they need, to become the doctor they know they can and will be.

We can try our best, but we can’t truly instill this level of extreme motivation in you…

We can’t make you put other priorities on hold or force you to put in the extra hours to study. That’s all you.

The only thing we can do is provide you with the frameworks, the strategies, and the proven approaches of 90+ percentile scorers that have stood the test of time, and have helped hundreds dominate the MCAT. 

But again, it all begins with the extreme motivation to not be in that pool of 60% of applicants that get rejected from med-school…

This motivation is the foundation for all your actions during MCAT prep and we want you to embody that.

The fact is that you CAN succeed on this exam with that level of motivation because that level of motivation makes you unstoppable.

Procrastination goes out the window. Self-doubt? There’s no room for that. Progress in your comprehension and application abilities + improvement in your score becomes your sole purpose and focus.

So how can you get yourself to that degree of motivation on a daily basis? 

Ask yourself what it would mean for you to get into med-school, to become a doctor. What it would mean for your family? What kind of difference do you want to make in the lives of your future patients? 

Make a list of all the reasons why you want to become a doctor.

Seriously, do it now. Pull out a fresh piece of paper in your notebook or open up a word document, put a timer on your phone for 10 minutes, keep writing until you've got it all down, and then come back to reading this.

It's taking 'out of the ordinary' actions like this, that got top MCAT scorers 'out of the ordinary' MCAT scores. 

--- Pause here and make the list! ---

Done with the list? Good. Reflect on that list at the beginning and the ending of each MCAT prep day.

Put it up somewhere you can see it and read it daily. Remind yourself every day that even though the odds are stacked against you to get into a good med-school and to make this dream a reality, you CAN conquer the MCAT.

You have what it takes. You were born to be a doctor.

In fact, write that down as well on that same paper:

"I can conquer the MCAT."

"I have what it takes."

"I was born to be a doctor."

This will feed your mind every day with the top scorer beliefs that will motivate you to do all that you need to do to guarantee a competitive MCAT score.

If you can get that level of motivation down, we got you for the strategies to boost your progress and score, and with that combination, you will destroy the MCAT this year.

There’s no question about it. With that combination, you can get to the 510+ score level to make sure med-schools give your application their highest consideration.

Often working with a personal MCAT coach/mentor makes a substantial difference in motivation. If you could use that support, accountability, and personal guidance, you can work with one of us by signing up here.

How To Score 510 Or More On The MCAT: The Second Key Ingredient

The second ingredient to score 510 or more on the MCAT, is using strategy. It's in changing your approach.

Strategy is just as important as motivation, because without strategy...

  • You won't know how to analyze MCAT passages and questions in the correct way to guide you to the right answer choices.
  • You won't know how to take apart an MCAT passage the way AAMC (the creators of the MCAT) want you to but won’t tell you.
  • You won't know how to get all the right answer hints you can get from a passage that most people miss.
  • You won't know how to stay focused, keep anxiousness low, and confidence high so your scoring potential stays at its maximum.
  • You won't know how to recognize why certain answers are wrong and why others are correct by identifying which answer choice is actually answering the question and which isn’t.
  • You won't know how to finish the exam on time.
  • You won't know how to enhance your test-taking stamina, understand the author and the passages faster, or identify the most useful points so you can speed through the rest.
  • You won't know how to correctly perform self-assessment and mistake analysis to raise your MCAT score with every practice exam.

... And there's so much more.

We’ve just listed a few of the dozens of benefits of applying strategy to MCAT prep, but in the end, it will all come down to this #1 biggest reason you must use proven MCAT strategy…

By the time you go through all the top scorer MCAT strategies we have for you, you’ll come out knowing how to naturally think like a top scorer…

You’ll get ‘it’.

For the first time in a long time during MCAT prep, you’ll have clarity.

That moment of clarity is priceless. It’s a moment where you’ll be thinking “I got this.”

Not only will you be thinking like a top scorer but by the exam date, you’ll be walking into the exam exuding true confidence, like most top scorers do, because your practice test scores will be hovering around your target score – and you’ll have a strong knowing of what kind of awesome score will be waiting for you a month down the road.

Being able to think in a strategic way like this is the end goal. This is also the AAMC's goal for you. Admissions Committee wants to see who’s thinking like a ‘top scorer’ (i.e. someone who will be able to handle med-school) and the MCAT shows them exactly that...

It’s why they use the MCAT as a filtering strategy; if your MCAT score doesn’t meet a certain score threshold, they don’t even look at the rest of your application. This means all your years of hard work (including extracurriculars, references, etc) get tossed away.

With that said, there are two types of premeds. We see this all the time…

  • Those who achieve their med-school dreams
  • Those who watch others achieve their med-school dreams

We don’t want you to fall into the second category. We want to help you achieve your competitive 510+ MCAT score and become the doctor you were born to be because we’re passionate about helping people who can make a positive difference in the world.

Remember the proven formula for how to score 510 on the MCAT (or higher)...

High Motivation + The Correct MCAT Strategies = A Competitive MCAT Score That Gets Med-Schools Knocking On Your Door

Your motivation comes from within and we have no control over that. But the top scorer strategies that you need, are right here for you to go through today.

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