3 Proven Study Methods I Used To Score 516 On The MCAT

June 25, 2024

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If you clicked on this article, you're taking the necessary steps to improve your score and enhance your testing experience. 

I want to share my favorite strategies for studying effectively for the MCAT exam. I still use some of these techniques now as a medical student. 

Are you ready to begin your own journey? Buckle up, and let's go. 

Before anything else, I just want to preface by saying that there isn't a magical method that will work for everyone.

The methods that work for me may not work for you.

However, I have discovered three methods that have helped me study more effectively. I want to share these methods with you so that you can add these tools to your arsenal of study tips!

Building Confidence with the Leitner Method

The first method that I want to share with you is the Leitner Method.

In this technique, you make flashcards on the content you are reviewing, and then you’ll rank them based on how well you know them. Content that you are less confident in will appear more frequently than content that you're more confident in.

This method can be used in all sections of the MCAT! To best use it, I advise making flashcards of facts or equations that you tend to forget. You can also make flashcards out of the questions that you got wrong previously.

In doing so, you can practice reviewing the content that you are confident in.

The best platforms for this are Anki and Quizlet for example. Pre-made decks are great, but if you can make your own, that would be even better.

Active Recall with the Blurting Method

The second method I want to share with you is the Blurting Method.

The basis of this method is that you start from scratch and recall as much information as possible. It can be done orally, but I find that writing the information down is just as effective.

My favorite way to use a blurting method is to remember complex metabolic pathways and organic reactions.

First, you write down or draw as much information as you can remember about a pathway. Second, you use a different color pen to fill in the missing information. Lastly, you repeat the first two steps until you memorize the pathway.

Identifying Knowledge Gaps with the Feynman Method 

The third method that I found super helpful is the Feynman method.

In this method, you'll pick a topic that you wanna focus on. Then you explain the concept to someone else and identify any knowledge gaps that you might have. Lastly, the most important step is to return to the literature to fill in the content gaps so that you can learn from your mistakes.

For me, I use this method when I'm not motivated to sit down and focus after a long day of studying.

Research has shown that explaining information to someone else will help you to remember it.

I'm going to challenge you one step further: think about your audience. Explain the material to a crowd of non-science and science people. Next, ask your audience to ask you some questions that might relate to the topic. Even if the questions seem dumb, you would then have to answer all the questions on the spot. By telling them to ask questions, you can identify any knowledge gaps that you might not be aware of. 

I hope that these methods will help you study more effectively in the future. MedLife Mastery also has resources that can help with focus and stamina

Thank you for taking the time to read through my tips, and I hope that the methods I have shared with you will help you get a score that you’re proud of! 

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