How Much Should MCAT Tutoring Cost You?

June 25, 2024

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The MCAT is highly stressful because it is one of the most significant components of your medical school application. 

Your chances of being accepted into the medical schools of choice will drastically decrease if you approach MCAT preparation incorrectly and perform poorly on the exam. 

So, how can you be sure you ace the MCAT on your first try? 

Most students hire MCAT tutors. 

But should you do the same? 

If you are considering having a tutor for the MCAT but are hesitant because it might be expensive, you are on the right page. 

This article will discuss how much MCAT tutoring costs and everything associated with MCAT tutoring. Let’s get going! 

Should You Take an MCAT Tutor: 5 Things to Consider

Before we discuss the factors that you need to consider whether or not you need an MCAT tutor, – be it known that MCAT tutoring is not for everyone. Depending on your preferred method of learning, you might or might need a tutor. 

You might also be better at enrolling in an MCAT prep course. It depends on you (and your budget) which MCAT prep you think might be best for your MCAT preparation.

Here are the things you need to ponder if you are thinking of whether or not you should take an MCAT tutor.

Previous Exams You Have Taken

Recall the last time you prepared for a major exam in school. 

Did you find it simple to learn when you studied by yourself or with friends? 

If you have previously been successful at studying on your own for classes or standardized tests, it can be a good idea to try it before hiring a tutor. You may be able to save a ton of money by doing this.

Where You Are vs. Where You Should Be in Terms of Your MCAT Score.

You might consider changing your plans if your performance on practice exams has been uneven for a while or is not moving in the desired direction. A simple way to make that shift is to experiment with a different study method. 

If you are unsure which new study methods to employ, it may also be as complicated as getting advice from an MCAT tutor on the best course of action. But if you have seen steady improvements in your GPA when studying alone, your methods are definitely successful, so keep up the great work!

Your Budget 

It goes without saying that financial resources will be required for MCAT preparation and medical school applications

Even while many test-prep companies offer MCAT classes, one-on-one coaching may be the most cost-effective option because it is the most specialized help you can get.

If you decide that it is worthwhile to hire this tutor, you should carefully examine how many sessions your budget will support. 

Focusing on developing a long-term study plan with a tutor or working through difficult passages and problems to find lasting solutions that you can then practice on your own is the most excellent way to get the most out of your courses.

Your Previous MCAT Score (for retakers)

You should only take the exam a couple of times, and the subsequent attempt ought to be your last. Making sure that your application to medical school is as strong as possible while simultaneously saving money should be your ultimate goal.

When retaking the MCAT, you should carefully reflect on your prior preparation and think about what you can do differently this time. 

If you can correctly identify the errors you made in the past and fix them this time; you might not need a tutor. 

If you are unsure what to do differently or have previously retaken the test numerous times – then working one-on-one with a tutor can give you the specialized support you need to accomplish your goal.

Your MCAT Knowledge

Although there are many online resources, it can be challenging to get a definitive answer about how to prepare for the MCAT. This task is made more challenging by the possibility that various people may have different ideas of what is "right."

If you have no prior experience with how to prepare or if you do not know anyone who has gone through the same process before, an MCAT tutor with expertise in this area could be a helpful resource. 

A tutor can also provide expert guidance if you are in a unique situation and unclear about balancing education and other commitments.

How Much Should MCAT Tutoring Services Cost You?  

MCAT Tutoring and private sessions typically start at USD 30 per hour. You should budget USD 30 to USD 150 per hour if you want to hire an MCAT tutor to help you improve on the MCAT. 

The average cost of MCAT classes can vary widely depending on several factors, including location, subject specialization, session length (in minutes), frequency of sessions, online versus in-person instruction, and many more.

In addition, the cost of MCAT tutors is influenced by the tutor's location, credentials, level of expertise, and experience. 

For instance, a high school MCAT teacher will bill at a different rate than an MCAT graduate, master’s, or Ph.D. level. 

Thanks to MCAT tutors at all price ranges, you can raise your MCAT score online.

The best tutor is someone that can relate to you, is not trying to maximize your hours for an income, and wants to see you increase your score fast.

Those are the kind of tutors we have at MCAT Mastery.

MCAT Tutoring Services

With so many MCAT tutoring services to choose from, picking the best one that suits your needs and budget could be challenging. 

Do not worry; we have done the work for you, and to give you a clearer idea of how much MCAT tutors cost, please refer to the table below. 

(Please note that these are not hourly rates but the average price of their tutoring bundles and packages).

MCAT Tutoring Services



USD 3,700 – USD 7,000


USD 3,399


USD 300 – USD 4,000


USD 3,000


USD 327 - USD 1,697

MCAT Self-Prep

USD 150 – USD 340 per session

MedSchool Coach

USD 2,000

The Princeton Review

USD 3,299

Varsity Tutors

USD 3,000 – USD 5,000


USD 35 – USD 75, Pay as You Go

Are MCAT Tutors Worth It?

The MCAT could be nerve-wracking. It is a test that will determine your fate in medical school. 

As much as possible, you need to ace it and get your desired score on your first attempt. That is why most students resort to hiring an MCAT tutor. 

MCAT tutors are experts and know what they are doing. Most of them, if not all, took the MCAT themselves and understood the feeling that goes along with taking the MCAT. They can help you with everything you might need to gear up for this major exam. 

However, hiring an MCAT tutor can be expensive regardless of your financial status. But so is your entire medical school journey.

All in all, you are expected to spend around USD 215,000 for medical school. The most expensive MCAT tutor could cost around USD 10,000 at the most (which is rare). 

If you think about it, this amount could mean the difference between advancing to the next step of your medical school journey and having to retake the MCAT. 

So, if you are unsure of how things are going with your MCAT preparation, MCAT tutors are definitely worth a try. 

Additional FAQs

Can I Get a 520 on the MCAT Without a Tutor?

Some students have aced the MCAT and got a 520 without the help of a tutor. 

They are A+ students and have an excellent understanding of the MCAT. They utilized all MCAT materials and resources they have and studied for the MCAT every chance they got. 

These students also created an effective study plan and stuck with it. They know their strengths and weaknesses and focus on their weak areas. 

They have excellent time management skills as well. 

If you are one of these students, you can get a 520 on the MCAT without needing to hire a tutor.

What is the Cheapest MCAT Tutor?

MCAT Mastery offers some of the cheapest packages when it comes to MCAT tutoring, costing anywhere from $54 USD to $107 USD per hour, for extremely high quality tutoring. They, too, have excellent reviews and have helped many students achieve their target MCAT scores. 

If you cannot afford the likes of Blueprint or Princeton Review because of their high price tags, you can give MCAT Mastery MCAT Tutoring  a try and still get your desired MCAT score.

Does Hiring a Tutor Guarantee a High MCAT Score?

Hiring an MCAT tutor and enrolling in an MCAT prep course does not guarantee a high MCAT score. 

They can only guarantee to provide you with all the help you can get before taking the MCAT. 

Your dedication to maximizing MCAT tutoring and MCAT prep courses guarantees a high MCAT score.

Why are MCAT Tutors Expensive?

MCAT tutoring is expensive because your tutors have to be paid. They also spend money on the programs and materials they use during your sessions. 

Furthermore, most MCAT tutoring services include practice exams, question banks, and other resources in their packages to make the most of your MCAT preparation.

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