Why is MCAT Tutoring Expensive?

June 25, 2024

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It is every medical student’s dream to score over 515 on the MCAT and get accepted into the medical school of their choice

However, one of your best shots of attending the MCAT is through private tutoring, which could be pricey depending on who you choose to work with. Not many pre-med students can afford that, especially with a tight budget. 

But why is MCAT tutoring expensive? That is what this article is for. If you want to find out what makes MCAT tutoring costly, please stay on this page.

How Much Does MCAT Tutoring Cost?  

Private lessons and MCAT tutoring usually start at USD 30 per hour. If you want to engage an MCAT tutor to help you improve the test, set aside USD 30 to USD 150 per hour.

The location, subject specialization, session length (in minutes), frequency of sessions, online versus in-person instruction, and many other factors substantially impact the average cost of MCAT tutoring.

For instance, a premed MCAT tutor will bill at a different rate than a Ph.D., master's level, or MCAT “expert”. Thanks to MCAT tutors in different pricing ranges, you can choose the best ones depending on your learning style and budget.

See the table below for a clearer understanding of the costs of the different MCAT tutoring services:

(Please note that these are not hourly rates, but the cost of their various pricing bundles and packages)

MCAT Tutoring Services



USD 3,700 – USD 7,000


USD 3,399


USD 300 – USD 4,000


USD 3,000

MCAT Mastery

USD 59 - USD 99 per session

MCAT Self-Prep

USD 150 – USD 340 per session

MedSchool Coach

USD 2,000

The Princeton Review

USD 3,299

Varsity Tutors

USD 3,000 – USD 5,000


USD 35 – USD 75, Pay as You Go

Why is MCAT Tutoring Expensive? 

With thousands of students taking the MCAT every year, the demand for MCAT tutoring has skyrocketed. Every year, many pre-medical students seek the assistance of MCAT tutors to help them fulfill their dream of becoming doctors. 

However, one problem encountered by many is its high price tag. With other things to spend money on, some students could be hesitant to hire an MCAT tutor. 

But why is MCAT tutoring expensive, really?

MCAT tutoring is costly because your tutors need to be paid. Depending on their credentials, and level of expertise, the price also varies. 

Remember that MCAT tutors are experts on the subject and know what they are doing. They find ways how to help you prepare for the MCAT in the best possible ways.

In addition, the MCAT tutoring services have to spend money on the different programs they use for tutoring. They make sure that they deliver the best services to the students. These programs are not cheap and are utilized to ensure you get the most of what you pay.

Furthermore, when you enroll in an MCAT tutoring program, different MCAT materials, such as practice exams, flashcards, question banks, etc., are included in the package. 

These materials cost money to make and produce. The people who create these materials contribute to the cost of MCAT tutoring because they, too, need to be paid.

Lastly, when you hire a tutor, you are paying for a stress-free (or reduced stress) MCAT preparation. Let’s admit it, studying for the MCAT with an expert to guide you is better than studying on your own. 

Are MCAT Tutors Worth It?

An MCAT tutor has its advantages and disadvantages, which may not be for everyone. Some would instead study on their own or enroll in MCAT prep courses. There is indeed no “one size fits all” in MCAT preparation. 

But if you are one of those students leaning towards hiring an MCAT tutor but reluctant because of how much it costs, think again. 

The MCAT is a challenging exam, and having a tutor to guide you can help you in more ways than one. 

The following are some advantages of hiring an MCAT tutor:

MCAT Tutoring Assesses Your Weaknesses and Strengths 

Before beginning your MCAT preparation, your tutor will evaluate your abilities and limitations accurately. 

On your own, it may be challenging for you to choose which area of the MCAT you should focus your attention on because the amount of medical knowledge that is demanded of you is overwhelming. 

Remember that, unlike your MCAT tutor, you have never taken an exam like this. Make use of their knowledge –  so you do not approach your MCAT preparation with stale study techniques that are not suited to your skills and weaknesses.

MCAT Tutoring Uses Your Time Effectively

Your MCAT tutors will decide how to effectively allocate your time by working with you to create a unique MCAT study strategy. You do not have to start from scratch. 

MCAT tutors are completely aware of the preparation process and are totally committed to helping you succeed. 

With their assistance, you can start the studying phase with tried-and-true methods for retaining the most data possible, all of which are catered to your particular skills, limitations, and habits. 

If you do not make the most of your study time, it will not be enough to get the work done.

MCAT Tutoring Can Help You Determine Your Readiness

Many students put off taking the MCAT for too long because they think they are not prepared when in fact, they are. Making the process take longer wastes your time and may possibly lower your score. 

The truth is that the more time you devote to studying, the more probable, it is that you will forget critical information and grow weary along the way.

MCAT instructors evaluate your study progress, how well you do on practice exams, how much you can increase your score by delaying taking the exam, and more. 

For you to go into the MCAT confidently, they are there to assist you in determining when you are prepared to take it.

MCAT Tutoring Gives You Assurance and Peace of Mind

There is absolutely no justification for starting this difficult journey alone. There are a ton of students who have been in your exact position and have graduated from medical school. 

Avoid trying to handle everything on your own to overcome your anxiety. Utilize the amount of MCAT knowledge at your disposal to increase your chances of success.

You will feel less anxious and more at ease after speaking with MCAT tutors and getting their guidance. 

MCAT tutors offer exclusive tips to help you prepare exactly what to anticipate during the preparation process and on test day. They will eliminate every uncertainty so that you may prepare for your test knowing exactly where you stand.

MCAT Tutoring is a Relatively Low Cost Endeavour (Big Picture).

Despite the fact that MCAT tutoring can be pricey, it pales in comparison to the overall high cost of medical school

According to Forbes, the cost of attending medical school ranges from USD255,000 - USD337,000.

Paying even USD 10,000 at most for MCAT tutoring is a small amount compared to this amount. Though in most cases, you don’t have to pay that much. 

The key is setting a budget for your own schooling. Although tutoring is expensive, you will be able to take the test with complete assurance and leave with a higher MCAT score than you could have gotten on your own.

MCAT Tutoring WILL Help You Improve Your Score

In the end, getting MCAT assistance is primarily for improving your score. You will be able to achieve it faster and more effectively using study plans and techniques that real doctors tailor to your skills, weaknesses, and habits.

Make the most of your investment in MCAT tutoring. The only person you truly have to compete with is yourself, despite the fact that you are up against fierce competition from your fellow medical school applicants. 

There is always space for improvement unless you are sure that you can get a perfect score. Tutoring will enable you to perform to your highest potential.

Additional FAQs – Why is MCAT Tutoring Expensive?

How Far in Advance Should I Prepare for the MCAT?

It depends on the level you are at and your current obligations. You are encouraged to start studying for the MCAT at the earliest possible time. 

Students who do not have a high understanding of the MCAT need to start really early, six months being the latest. 

While not everyone can achieve this because of specific commitments, everyone is encouraged to have 200 – 300 hours of MCAT preparation in 3 to 6 months.

When Should I Hire an MCAT Tutor? 

Some students find that the optimum time to get an MCAT tutor is just before they begin their MCAT preparation and study. They can design a study schedule that is more convenient by working with MCAT tutors. The MCAT study schedule provides the students with guidance on what subjects to cover at specific times.

On the other hand, some people choose to employ MCAT tutors in the middle of their MCAT preparation. They may believe they can adequately prepare and study for the MCAT independently but afterward discover they have fallen short of their goals. 

MCAT tutors can assist them in these situations by catching up and putting them on the correct track.

Are MCAT Prep Courses Better than MCAT Tutors? 

MCAT prep courses and MCAT tutors are both effective MCAT preparation methods. However, its effectiveness depends on what kind of learner you are. 

MCAT tutoring is for you if you are a student who cannot study independently and need guidance from a mentor.

In contrast, if you are an independent student and think you can tackle MCAT preparation with minimum supervision, an MCAT prep course is the way to go.

Can I Ace the MCAT Without a Tutor or a Prep Course? 

There have been students in the past who have excelled in the MCAT without having to enroll in MCAT tutoring and prep courses. 

These are A+ students who prepared and studied for the MCAT really hard.  They started rather early, utilized their materials to the maximum, and managed their time excellently. They put in a tremendous amount of hard work preparing for the MCAT.

If you are this kind of student, you can also ace the MCAT without enrolling in MCAT tutoring and a prep course.  

However, keep in mind that only a few students did well on the MCAT without tutoring and prep courses. 

MCAT is a challenging exam, and you do not want the risk of having to retake it. If you have the means, enroll in either of the two: MCAT tutoring or MCAT prep courses.

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