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June 25, 2024

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The MCAT is challenging. We know because we’ve all written it!

It is highly stressful because it is one of the most significant components of your medical school application. The chances of getting into your desired medical schools will drastically decrease if you approach MCAT preparation incorrectly and perform poorly on the exam

Here’s the reality. It doesn’t matter how much science you study; if you do not have a firm grasp of the different MCAT techniques, you will not get your best possible MCAT score. 

Fortunately, MCAT tutoring services are available to help premed students maximize their full potential as they prepare for the exam. 

This article will provide you with a list of the best MCAT tutoring services out there. 

MCAT Tutoring: Pros and Cons 

MCAT tutors are professionals at organizing and creating individualized MCAT study schedules and tactics for each student they work with.

Some might say, having an MCAT tutor is a must when it comes to MCAT prep.

Nevertheless, some will argue that hiring MCAT tutors has its setbacks. 

If you are undecided about whether or not you should hire an MCAT tutor, here are the MCAT tutoring pros and cons that can help you come to the right decision. 

The Pros of MCAT Tutoring

  • MCAT tutors can support you in various ways, including providing materials, critical thinking abilities, MCAT scheduling, stress management, test-taking endurance, and much more.
  • MCAT tutors can assist you in identifying your areas of weakness and advise on how to strengthen them.
  • Most MCAT tutors, if not all, have taken the MCAT themselves and, therefore, have a first-hand experience of what it is like taking the exam.
  • MCAT tutors are completely aware of the preparation process and are totally committed to helping you succeed.
  • MCAT tutors evaluate your study progress, how well you do on practice exams, how much you can increase your score by delaying taking the exam, and more.
  • For some, MCAT tutoring provides peace of mind. You will feel more at ease and less anxious after speaking with MCAT professionals and getting their guidance.

The Cons of MCAT Tutoring

  • MCAT tutoring is not typically cheap. In addition to the other financial requirements for  medical school preparation, the cost of MCAT tutoring can be challenging for many students.
  • Having an MCAT tutor does not guarantee you will get your desired MCAT score.

What Kind of MCAT Tutor Do You Need?

Before we discuss what kind of tutor you might need, we want to clarify that not everyone requires an MCAT tutor. 

Some students feel completely at ease doing their independent study, locating the appropriate materials, and adapting study techniques they find online to their particular learning preferences. 

In addition, finding an excellent MCAT tutor is a commitment and an investment that you should not take lightly.

Please refer to the steps listed below to help you decide what kind of MCAT tutor you might need. 

Step 1: Take a Diagnostic Test.

You should start by establishing your baseline knowledge with an MCAT diagnostic test, regardless of whether you have taken the MCAT before or are getting ready for your first sitting. 

It also helps to identify your unique strengths and weaknesses. We advise using a full-length test from the AAMC for your diagnostic test.

Step 2: Review the Result of Your Diagnostic Test. 

Review the diagnostic results and note your strengths and potential improvement areas. Examine the portions and content that require your focused attention. 

You might want to brush up on your science subjects if you do not have a solid understanding. 

The capacity to apply their knowledge to questions based on passages, rather than their understanding of specific disciplines, is frequently what students struggle with. Along with the subject review, a tutor may unquestionably assist with this.

Step 3: Decipher How Important Your MCAT Score Is Considering Other Aspects of Your Application

Consider the significance of your MCAT score before beginning your search for an MCAT tutor. 

For instance, you might be relying on the MCAT to make up for a below-average GPA, a good MCAT score will not compensate for a GPA of 1.5, but if the rest of your application is strong, it might be able to. 

You should ensure your MCAT score is excellent if your GPA is on the lower end of the spectrum.

Step 4: Consider the Time Left Before Your MCAT Test Date.

Time is, as always, an important consideration. Your time frame may be even more constrained if you plan to retake the MCAT during a specific testing year. 

Alternatively, you might be in such a rush that you just have one chance to take the MCAT and must make sure you ace it on your first try. 

Doing it alone could lead to burnout if you find yourself in such a scenario when the pressure to perform well can become overpowering. Hiring an MCAT tutor is an excellent choice if your next MCAT attempt is crucial. 

Step 5: Examine your Learning Preferences.

Some students find that studying alone makes them more productive. The ideal preparation method for some students is to have someone present to mentor them because they find it difficult to study alone. 

An MCAT tutor can help you stay motivated and on track if you need the motivation to get through the months of MCAT preparation ahead of you. 

A tutor can set the pace for your MCAT preparation and hold you accountable to deadlines if you create a study regimen but are having problems sticking to it.

Step 6: Are You a Non-Traditional Med School Student?

If you are a non-traditional applicant, working with an MCAT tutor can be very beneficial. By non-traditional, we mean someone who has not followed a straight path to medical school. 

It could include, among many other things, someone who took a gap year, someone with a background in the humanities, someone who decided to pursue a career in medicine later in life, or someone who left the military. 

Those who completed their introductory science courses a decade ago or have no current academic experience in the sciences can benefit significantly from MCAT tutors.

After completing all these steps, you should determine whether you require an MCAT tutor. 

As you make this decision, there are a few things we want you to bear in mind. 

It makes sense that many students are reluctant to commit to a detailed, all-encompassing study schedule with a tutor. 

You should not simply accept anything offered to you; instead, you need to choose a tutor who can customize the study schedule to your demands. Be aware of your requirements, learning preferences, and development.

When is MCAT Tutoring the Most Effective? 

Private MCAT tutoring works best for students with trouble in one or more areas. Without wasting too much time on ideas you already understand, MCAT tutoring enables you to zero in on your unique areas of weakness. 

MCAT tutoring offers a more in-depth manner to learn the material and do well on the MCAT exam than a course, which may provide a wonderful overview of all the subjects. 

You also want to come into tutoring when you have a good amount of time before test day. MCAT tutoring is effective no matter what, but it will be most beneficial the sooner you meet your tutor, as opposed to a week before test day.

Remember that MCAT tutoring will only be effective if you have a tutor who can relate to you and gauge where you are in the MCAT preparation process. Having a tutor who took the MCAT 12 years ago is going to be less effective than someone who took it last year.

You have to be honest and open with your tutor regarding the areas you are having problems with. Do not be afraid to ask questions. 

Another thing to keep in mind has regular feedback. Tutoring does not only mean teaching. It is more on mentoring. This feedback can be done weekly or every other day. 

It is up to you and your tutor to ensure that all concerns are addressed before moving on to the next topics.  

How to Get the Most Out of MCAT Tutoring Programs? 5 Tips

Having an MCAT tutor requires a significant amount of your time, effort, and above all, money. 

With all your med school preparation, spending, let's say, USD 2000 for MCAT tutors is no joke. You have to make it a point that you are getting the best service available when hiring an MCAT tutor. 

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your MCAT tutoring experience.

Look for a Teacher, Not Just a Student Who Got A High Score On Their Own MCAT.

At MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery), we believe that just because someone scored well on the MCAT does not imply they can automatically teach you how to achieve the same. 

This is why we never bring on tutors just because of a high score. Some of our best tutors are 515 scorers, whereas we’ve let go of tutors who have 524+ scores

Being a good teacher and being able to relate to our students is a core value we don’t take lightly.

You should ensure that your tutor has teaching experience and has received thorough training because MCAT tutors are only as good as their teaching ability. 

Anyone who has switched from student to teacher will attest that effectively imparting knowledge and assisting others in understanding it differs from merely taking in learning and applying it to an exam or paper.

Make Certain You'll Receive Customized Feedback

You need your MCAT tutors to focus on you and your individual demands; a tutor who merely offers solutions to practice physics or chemistry problems will not be helpful. 

A skilled instructor will recognize the specific MCAT question types you struggle with and provide feedback focused on these deficiencies rather than providing general or sparse criticism. 

The precise format of this type of feedback will vary. Still, the key is that your instructor should be able to assess your progress in learning, collaborate with you, and provide you with a precise and helpful next step without overly depending on generalizations or pre-packaged programming.

Ask for Recommendations & Look For Reviews

Several top MCAT tutors rely on word-of-mouth recommendations. There's a good possibility that you know a few students who have taken the MCAT and performed well if you are studying for it. Did any of them work with a tutor? 

Finding an MCAT teacher who will work for you can be a lot easier if you ask members of your family or friends for their recommendation. 

It is a great place to start your search if you and your friend have similar learning styles and their instructor helped them reach a competitive MCAT score. 

You can also look up tutoring reviews quite easily now days. 

Here is our public TrustPilot page, with our tutoring service reviews.

Work With Tutors Who Care More About You Than Making Money

In addition to being able to raise your MCAT scores, a top-notch MCAT tutor will genuinely care about your success and let you try out their services before committing to a longer relationship. 

They will recommend that you no longer book more sessions than you need. 

The best tutors want to see you get your score goal FAST, so you can stop needing them. 

This is our philosophy as MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery). No one else preaches a fast score increase philosophy with a focus on strategy, because that means less hours they get paid for. 

DO NOT spend money on an MCAT tutor before understanding their values, just as you would not apply to a medical school without doing your research beforehand.

Work with Tutors Who Focus On MCAT Strategy More Than MCAT Content Review

There is a lot of content review guidance available online. Free YouTube videos and Khan Academy are your resources to master content from a variety of sources. 

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t ask your tutor for content help, but only for things that you need to solidify your understanding on. The highest leverage way to use time with a tutor is to focus on strategy - and every great tutor should know this. 

The strategy is all about how you’re approaching your MCAT prep. How you’re understanding passages, question stems, answer choices. How you’re applying content review knowledge. This will give you the biggest score increases. This is what we focus on. 

10 Best MCAT Tutoring Services 

The MCAT is a crucial exam for your academic career. Thus you should spend money on the top MCAT tutoring services to achieve the greatest score possible. The problem is that so many options are available that choosing one is challenging.

We are here to help you, so we have done the work for you. 

Below are the best MCAT tutoring services (arranged in an unbiased alphabetical order) that offer professional guidance to medical students. 

Altius Test Prep MCAT Tutoring

Altius Test Prep Home Page

Program Overview:

To make the experience more individualized, Altius Test Prep concentrates on smaller groups rather than employing the same methodology as dozens of other MCAT tutors. They will not randomly choose a partner for you, either. 

Scores in the 95th percentile or better are required to become mentors at Altius. This strategy is more recent, yet it seems to have a significant positive impact on the program. 

To discuss their studies, students will often meet with their mentors. This program's whole structure is built around a special mentorship model.

Key Features:



Complete 14-day free trial


Tuition in small groups and one-on-one

No available financing

Promised 90th percentile score

Online platform is confusing


  • Silver Package – USD 3,700 
  • Gold Package – USD 5,000 
  • Platinum Package – USD 7,000 

Altius Tutoring Program Review:

Blueprint MCAT Tutoring Service

Blueprint Mcat Tutoring Home Page

Program Overview:

Blueprint Tutoring Programs provide one of the best live-online courses, including more than 40 hours of in-person training (and unlimited class retakes for complicated content). 

You will have access to a study planner tool, 160 learning modules, videos, animations, advanced analytics, explanations for questions you answered incorrectly, multiple full-length examinations, question banks, six MCAT books, and over 10,000 total MCAT practice questions in addition to the live sessions.

Key Features:

  • Access to all of those features and the self-paced course
  • Private instructors with MCAT scores in the 99th percentile
  • 15 accurate MCAT practice exams to help you get ready for the real thing
  • A method of guided learning that presents videos in a clear, fluff-free manner



Best course design

Absence of a certain app

Top videos for supplementing tutoring

No free trial with full access

Individualized timetable

Some fees not included in the money-back guarantee


  • USD 3,399 

Blueprint Tutoring Program Review:

Examkrackers MCAT Tutoring Service

Examkrackers Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

For over 20 years, Examkrackers’ MCAT tutoring programs have helped thousands of students prepare for the most difficult test.

Your study efforts will take on a unique dimension thanks to their tutors' and instructors' colorful and enthused personalities. Whether or not you like Examkrackers' specific style depends on your personal preferences; however, having fun while learning can significantly lessen boredom and exhaustion.

Key Features:

  • Unique and distinct teaching/learning experience
  • Customizable packages depending on student’s preference



Students can contact their tutors at any time of day with any questions they may have

Not enough practice tests, which are crucial for boosting medical students' stamina

Students receive a personalized study schedule and curriculum

There aren’t enough questions based on the passages (for the CARS section)

Comprehensive justifications, graphs, and examples offered in the reading materials and resources

Limited feedbacks from clients/students


  • USD 300 – USD 4,000

Examkrackers Tutoring Program Review:

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Service

Kaplan Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

Kaplan provides various MCAT preparation services and ad-hoc study opportunities. Aside from MCAT tutoring from Kaplan, you can also select one of the in-depth live online or on-demand courses if you need to study intensively for several months before taking the MCAT. 

However, if you are confident and just need a review before your examination, you can buy a set of practice questions or the quiz bank, a collection of interactive online tests.

Notably, Kaplan provides prospective students with no-cost consultations to assist them to choose the best MCAT prep service. 

Students can apply for interest-free financing through Affirm, which helps lessen the burden of the cost.

Key Features:

  • Offers free course trials
  • Has been in the industry since 1938



Financing aid is offered


Various course types accommodate various learning styles

Limited time for course access

Free assessments, a higher grade, and a money-back guarantee

No completely free trial available


  • USD 3,000

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Review:

MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery) Tutoring Service

Affordable 1 To 1 Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery) is a team of future doctors working hard to mentor future doctors since 2016. They have taken the MCAT themselves, scored in the 90th+ percentile,  and wish to return the favor by sharing their knowledge with other pre-meds. 

They discover the secrets to success (based on their accumulated experience) and place high importance on learning centered on strategies, positivism, personal development, and mental wellness.

MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery) tutoring matches you with a teacher who can assist you with your areas of weakness and support you during your MCAT preparation. 

MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery) will work closely with you the moment you have chosen a tutor and will even help you find another tutor if you are dissatisfied with the first one. 

Key Features:

  • Tutors’ average MCAT score is 519 (all scored 515+)
  • Focuses on fast score improvement
  • Regular meetings and feedbacks from the tutors
  • Available payment plan for each tutoring package
  • Founded by a group of pre-med students and future doctors so they can relate to you 



The most affordable option and with a lot of tutoring packages to choose from

Availability of tutors –  since they are in high-demand.

100% satisfaction guarantee

AAMC materials need to be purchased separately

Guaranteed increase in score

Ability to choose and change tutor

Effective and reliable technique of identifying the student’s starting point/level

Free session every week with a 515+ scoring mentor regardless of which package you choose


  • USD 327 - USD 1,987 (depending on the number of sessions)
  • Anywhere from $66/session to $109/session (depending on package)

Tutoring Program Review:

MCAT Self-Prep MCAT Tutoring Service

Mcat Self-Prep Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

In contrast to other MCAT prep courses with expensive price tags and recorded lectures, MCAT Self Prep provides a unique prep course that combines a variety of materials onto a single platform. 

You will first take a diagnostic test to determine your current level of knowledge and test-taking skills.

Key Features:

  • Recorded sessions with tutors
  • Tutors are required to present at least 5 testimonials from past students  



One of the most affordable yet reliable in the industry

Some videos are low-resolution and out-of-date

Tutors are seasoned MCAT mentors with MCAT scores of 520+ (97th percentile)

You must buy third-party MCAT study resources, like as AAMC's

Access to MCAT information whenever and wherever you want because every course is offered online


  • Elite Tutor – USD 150 per session
  • Private Elite Tutor – USD 250 per session
  • Premium Elite Tutor – USD 340 per session

Tutoring Program Review:

MedSchool Coach MCAT Tutoring Service

Medschoolcoach Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

The main goal of MedSchool Coach is to aid in your MCAT preparation during your time in medical school. As a result, they take a highly focused approach and have staff members who are all very familiar with medical school exams. 

Their online MCAT tutoring packages include access to their MCAT video library to aid with review outside of tutoring sessions, several MCAT practice exams, and 1-on-1 online services with a qualified tutor with a track record of success (>95 percentile score on the MCAT). 

Key Features:

  • Fantastic mobile experience
  • Recorded sessions with tutors
  • Around 80 hours of clear, excellent videos



Top quality MCAT materials


High-scoring MCAT tutors

Lack of detailed explanations

Flexibility in the number of hours and type of tutor

No money-back guarantee


  • USD 2,000+

Tutoring Program Review:

The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring Service

The Princeton Review Mcat Tutoring

Program Overview:

Princeton Review adheres to the conventional method of instruction, which involves much classroom instruction. This strategy has been tried and proven and is sure to work. You will get a lot of study material for your money from this tutor because of the total mountain of resources available. 

The Princeton Review positions itself as one of the finest MCAT tutors in the world, with more than 120 hours of live instruction, 16 sample exams, and about 3,000 practice questions.

Key Features:

  • Great extra reading to go along with your tutoring time
  • 3,000 practice questions over 16 complete practice exams
  • All MCAT topics covered in-depth in more than 120 hours of videos



Several options for courses

Not all course selections offer a score guarantee

Numerous positive reviews

Costly in comparison to other tutoring services

Online instruction for one student at a reasonable price

Only the 60-hour bundle offers access to the training course


  • USD 3,299

Tutoring Program Review:

Varsity Tutors MCAT Tutoring Service

Varsity Tutors Mcat Prep

Program Overview:

Self-paced and group MCAT test preparation have numerous advantages, but nothing compares to face-to-face (online or in-person), individualized tutoring. Consider Varsity Tutors if you think you need a lot of preparation before taking the MCAT.

Additionally, one-on-one tutoring gives you the freedom to concentrate on the subjects you need help with and ignore those you don't. For students who just need to raise their MCAT score on one of the four sections, this is a significant advantage.

Key Features:

  • You decide when you want to start your tutoring journey
  • Price of sessions varies because tutors decide their own fees
  • All MCAT topics covered in-depth in more than 120 hours of videos



Flexible private instruction

No definite price

Online and in-person alternatives

No available financial help

Great for addressing particular problem areas

Books and supplies must be purchased individually


  • USD 3,000 – USD 5,000

Tutoring Program Review:

Wyzant MCAT Tutoring Service

Wyzant Mcat Tutors

Program Overview:

Compared to other MCAT tutoring services, Wyzant is definitely one of the cheapest. The use of a matchmaking strategy reduces costs. Students can select a tutor from a list based on their own learning preferences. At first appearance, this would seem ideal, but it is really a hit or miss. 

The tutor's instructional strategies will not be known to you until you put them to use. You might be forced to work with an incompatible tutor because you can always make a different decision. 

Key Features:

  • Tutors are permitted to use any teaching strategy
  • Pick from a variety of tutors at various price points
  • A screening process that aims to pair you with the ideal tutor




No extra resources

Flexibility to pick your own instructor

Tutors use a variety of teaching techniques


  • USD 35 – USD 75, Pay as You Go

Tutoring Program Review:

Summary Table – Best MCAT Tutoring Service

MCAT Tutoring Services


Number of Tutoring Hours

Number of Full-Length Practice Exams

Average Customer Ratings

MedLife Mastery (formerly MCAT Mastery)

USD 327 to USD 1,987

3 to 30, depending on the package


4.9 / 5


USD 3,000 to USD 7,000



8.8 / 10


USD 3,399



9.6 / 10


USD 300 to USD 3,900

2 - 30, depending on the package

Need to be purchased separately

7.5 / 10


USD 3,000

10 - 40, depending on the package


9.2 / 10

MCAT Self-Prep

USD 150 to USD 340

As per students’ needs

Need to be purchased separately

8.0 / 10

MedSchool Coach

USD 2,000

10, with an option to extend


8.6 / 10

The Princeton Review

USD 3,299



9.4 / 10

Varsity Tutors

USD 3,000 to USD 5,000

10 or more, depending on the package

Need to be purchased separately

8.8 / 10


USD 35 to USD 75

‘Pay As You Go’ plan

Need to be purchased separately

7.5 / 10

Is MCAT Tutoring Worth It?

From a purely financial standpoint, hiring an MCAT is definitely worth any investment you make. 

If you can increase your score by 5 points and get into medical school, your earning potential as a doctor is significantly higher than it is for most other professions. 

Getting a private MCAT tutor can cost you nearly $3,000 or more. Your medical school education will probably end up costing more than $400,000, so it is not a little investment. 

The most significant test of your life, which will determine whether you can become a physician or not, will cost you about 1 to 2% of your education budget. 

So, after weighing the benefits and setbacks, hiring an MCAT tutor may be worth it. 

Working with the correct instructor can actually mean the difference between receiving an admission offer from your top-choice medical school and receiving a rejection from another medical school.

Additional FAQs – Best MCAT Tutoring Services 

How Much Do MCAT Tutors Charge?

MCAT tutors charge differently. There are those who charge as low as 30 USD per hour and those who cost 5,000 USD for the whole package. 

Keep in mind that the price of MCAT tutoring services depends on the qualifications of their tutors and the quality of service they provide. 

More often than not, MCAT tutoring services that charge higher than others have proven their worth in the industry and therefore earn the right to ask for a more expensive price.

What MCAT Score Do I Need a Tutor For?

The answer is when you have a low MCAT score. 

A low MCAT is one that does not satisfy the standards of the med school you are applying to. A score of 506 is explicitly regarded as being at the lower end of the range. 

You will not be a very competitive contender if your score is 504-506 or lower. Therefore, if your score lies in this range, you should consider hiring an MCAT tutor. 

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