11 Last-Minute MCAT Tips Recommended By Top Scorers

June 25, 2024

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The big day to take the MCAT exam is now closer than ever before... In fact, it's here! To help you through this, here are 11 last-minute MCAT tips to make sure you maximize your chances of hitting your score goal!


Having sleepless nights? Getting paranoid and starting to cram? 

We completely get it. We were literally in the same boat not too long ago! Everything you've been studying for during the last few months comes down to this day.

In any test, the last few hours before it starts are some of the most stressful and anxiety-inducing moments you’ll ever have. It's normal to feel nervous. Many top scorers did. 

And for an exam as big as the MCAT, we know that no matter how much and how long you study before, your brain will go into overdrive and turn you into a bunch of jangled nerves the moment you get aware of the clock ticking!

We've have helped thousands of MCAT test takers increase their scores by providing them with powerful strategies born from research on 515+ scorers. This include strategies to use in the last moments, the last few days, and the last few weeks, before the test day. 

In this article we'll cover 11  tips - recommended by top scorers - on how to make use of your remaining time before the test and soothe your nerves to be able to give it your best shot!

Final Studying MCAT Tips for When You're Just Weeks Away from Test Day

When you're just a few weeks away from the exam, your anxiety tends to build up as the days pass which brings about a frantic attempt to make sure you have gone over the entire scope of the test. 

So it’s important to maintain a clear head and find the balance between reviewing and resting.

Here are tips on what you can do on the weeks leading to exam week:

  • Take strategically spaced out full-length practice exams

It’s vital to schedule your week and strategize the practice exams you’ll take so as not to drain your mental stamina.  Give yourself time to go over the results and chart what you need to review.

  • Focus on your weak topics and review target subjects

Observe the trend in your practice exams. Maintain a list of the concepts and topics you struggle in and note your improvement in them after revisiting your notes. Do little quizzes to drill these concepts to your brain.

Remember, having a good foundation in the fundamentals will get you a long way. If you really need help improving your weak areas, consider working with a tutor for a few hours to make sure you're good to go by test date.

  • Review data interpretation

Imagine this, you read the question and you know the scientific concept behind it but you’re at a loss on how to use the data given. Review statistical tests and other data interpretation techniques to avoid this frustration. Get a good grip in statistics so that understanding the data given in the MCAT test problems will be a breeze.

  • Read MCAT success stories to keep you motivated

MCAT doubts show up all throughout prep, and they tend to ramp up as days get closer. Which is why we always stress to take care of your mind and your mental health. Take breaks and make a commitment to optimism. T

o further help you stay positive, we're constantly emailing success stories to our community of how normal students, who were struggling during MCAT prep, managed to increase their scores to a competitive level. We also have a bunch of success stories right here on our blog =)

Last-Minute MCAT Tips for When You're Just Days Away from Test Day!

You might start to feel frazzled on the week of the MCAT and you might have this great urge to start cramming.

Hold your horses because this is the period where you should start reserving your mental strength for the test ahead.

You have studied for several months now, so here are tips to lessen that anxiety and prepare for the big day:

  • Do a complete MCAT test day rehearsal

Plan your routine for the upcoming test day. Plan and pack the things you have to bring. Visit the testing center to know the best route to take and the time to allot in reaching it in order to avoid delays.

Find out ahead the specifics such as parking lot matters, location of the entrance and bathrooms in the center and the conditions in the room where you’ll be taking the.

Knowing the specifics will make you feel more prepared and confident and will lessen the chance of having you rattled by unpleasant surprises and problems. Also, this gives you a chance to think of back-up plans.

  • Fix your sleep schedule and take care of your body

If you don’t have healthy habits to begin with, start readjusting your body to a better schedule to get all the rest you’ll need. Eat nutritious meals, exercise and get some fresh air and sun outside. A fresh mind and healthy body will help you do better on your exam.

  • Build a support system and build confidence

Relax your nerves in the presence of friends, family or whoever you are most comfortable with. Communicate with your support system so that they may help ease your problems in the way that they can and so that you can focus all your energy on the exam.

If it helps, plan your celebrations to have something to look forward to. Absorb the positive energy from your loved ones!

  • No more hard studying!

It’s time to drop those passages, books and reviewers. Going berserk will not help. Instead, pick up flashcards or light and summarized review materials to skim on. These will keep you mind active but won’t stress it at the same time. 

"Down To The Wire" Tips For MCAT Test Day!

It’s finally the day that culminates all the effort you poured in the last months. Feeling jittery? Don’t stress, keep calm and read these last-minute MCAT tips:

  • Be early

Wake up early to give yourself time to prepare mentally and physically. Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast. Follow the plans you made ahead to avoid stress. 

  • Check your list

Make sure all the supplies you need to bring are packed to avoid last minute fuss. Check your list before leaving and make sure to have your snacks and drinks secure. 

  • Release stress and take confidence in yourself

Turn your nerves to competitive feelings and give yourself the challenge to score high. Feeling nervous is completely normal. Do all your personal rituals to feel good. Look back to all the studying you’ve done and know you’ve done your part. Focus and clear your mind and believe in that medical school dream!

These are just some of the last-minute MCAT recommendations we’ve received from the top MCAT scorers we research and interview.

There are a lot more insights in this MCAT Strategy Guide. In fact, we have an entire section in there dedicated on 'MCAT Exam Day Strategies'. So many students have used these strategies to improve their scores by 10 or more points in the last few weeks before test date...

For example, there was Rachel who increased her MCAT score by 6 points in the last week before her MCAT exam. Her story is super inspiring! Read it here.

Lastly, we just want to say you're awesome! You've put in A LOT of work over the last while and you deserve to not only get this over with, but dominate this test with flying colors...

So you NEVER have to go through this process again. 

And if you need someone to support, guide, and hold your hand all the way until your test date, reach out to us here.

You got this,

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