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June 25, 2024

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Before starting your medical school journey, you must pass the MCAT first. 

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for getting an excellent MCAT score, but if you’re looking for an MCAT prep course to take, then the Blueprint MCAT Preparation Courses might be the best course for most of you!

If you’re worried that your score might not be enough, the Blueprint MCAT Prep Course might be what you need to get into the medical field of your dreams. The Blueprint courses provide more comprehensive review materials and straightforward course options. 

This article will tell you what you wish to know about the Blueprint MCAT Online Preparation Courses and why you should consider taking them!

Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course: Everything You Need to Know

Blueprint Mcat Courses Home Page

Blueprint is a company that caters to students who are planning to not just take MCAT but to increase their score. Blueprint stands out in replicating authentic MCAT questions regarding content, length, and difficulty. 

Compared to other prep course companies, the Blueprint MCAT Prep Course offers only two courses that can help you achieve your MCAT score goals.

The Blueprint MCAT Prep Course has two options you can choose from:

  • Live online
  • Online course.

This allows you to select the best course depending on your needs. Let’s talk about all the Blueprint MCAT Prep Course has to offer:

Live Online

Blueprint Mcat Live Online Course

The Live Online MCAT course by Blueprint offers three monthly access options. 

You may enroll in either 6, 9, or 12-month courses.

  • The 6-month access amounts to USD 2,599,
  • the 9-month access is USD 3,199, and
  • the 12-month access is available for USD 3,499.

With the Live Online course, students are eligible for more than 40 hours of live instructor sessions with two 519+ MCAT scoring instructors teaching live. 

There are 160 learning modules containing video lectures, quizzes, and assessments to help you understand the topics in-depth. 

The Live Online course also provides over 10,000 practice questions, 6 MCAT strategy books and contents, and 15 full-length MCAT practice tests.

In addition, it offers highly engaging video lectures with custom illustrations and animation, which is suitable for visual learners. 

The advanced analytics on exams not only shows you the right and wrong answers but will also identify and explain where and why you went wrong.

Online Course

Blueprint Mcat Online Course

The Online Course by Blueprint is for aspiring medical students with busy schedules. 

The Blueprint MCAT Online Course has a customizable study planner tool that adapts to your schedule. All you have to do is put your MCAT date and when you are free to study, then let the study planner tool figure out the best time for you.

Like the Live Online, the Online course also offers three monthly access options for your course.

  • The 6-month access amounts to USD 1,999
  • the 9-month access is USD 2,399, and
  • the 12-month access is available for USD 2,399

Although you are mostly self-studying with this option, you can still access online live sessions. 

You are eligible for unlimited access to “office hours” or the online review sessions with the Blueprint MCAT experts five days a week.

Practice Exam Bundles

Blueprint Mcat Practice Questions

Aside from the above course options, you may also choose the practice exam bundles for better chances of acing your MCAT. 

A team of college professors and MCAT experts designed the practice exams to give students a realistic experience of taking the official MCAT exams

After taking the tests, advanced analytics will appear, providing you with a breakdown of your right and wrong answers.

  • The four practice exams with six months of access are available for USD 134 only.
  • On the other hand, the most famous six practice exams with six months of access amount to USD 179.
  • The ten practice exams with six months of access are USD 269, while the ten practice exams with QBank are available for USD 359 and are also accessible for six months.

Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course Pros and Cons

Check out the positive and negative things about Blueprint MCAT Prep Course to help you decide if it is the suitable option for you!

The Pros of Blueprint MCAT Courses 

Most students usually look for the top three categories for an MCAT prep course: quality, quantity (depth), and affordability.

The Blueprint MCAT Prep Courses offers an affordable package with only high-quality review materials. 

Although not much compared to other companies, their review materials could still get you the best MCAT score.

You would not have to worry about your schedule, as Blueprint offers a customizable study planner. This will plan which modules and lessons you need to complete on a particular day of your availability. It is best for students who have a busy schedule.

In addition, aside from Live Online and Online Course options, Blueprint also offers supplementary materials like practice exam bundles and private tutoring packages. This gives the enrollees a better chance of attaining high MCAT scores.

Blueprint also comes with a money-back guarantee like leading preparation course providers. This makes you eligible for a refund if you did not get an increase in your MCAT score after taking the prep course.

The Cons of Blueprint MCAT Courses

All MCAT course providers have their drawbacks. So, with all the perks mentioned, let us hop on to the cons of the Blueprint MCAT Prep Course.

Unlike other prep course providers, Blueprint does not have a mobile app. While students may be able to study with their computers once or thrice a week, a mobile app would be beneficial for those who are always on the go — not everyone has the time to sit down in front of their computers.

Another feature that needs improvement in the prep courses is the explanation for the practice tests. The explanations provided lack some detail with examples to further understand and appreciate the topics. 

Additionally, some students say that some quiz questions are a bit repetitive.

Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course Users’ Experience

Let’s explore what past students say about the Blueprint MCAT courses.

Reddit Reviews

Aside from the comprehensive review materials, the customizable schedule makes Blueprint stand out among other MCAT prep companies. 

Students who took the test have shared excellent experiences and reviews on Reddit  — from engaging content materials to interactive short video lessons. 

However, If you want to take advantage of the cost-effectiveness of the Blueprint prep courses, a student recommends buying the practice exam bundles.

Blueprint Mcat Courses Reddit Review

Unfortunately, not everyone is satisfied with what Blueprint has to offer. 

Some say it’s not worth the money and that other prep courses from different companies are way better. However, if you still want to take advantage of the affordability of the Blueprint prep courses, a student recommends buying the practice exam bundles. 

Blueprint Mcat Courses Reddit Review 2

MCAT Prep Hub Review

The Blueprint garnered 4.84 stars on MCAT Prep Hub

Students claim that Blueprint MCAT prep courses are the best on the market. Even though there is room for improvement with their review questions, the student’s overall experience was excellent.

Most students also enjoyed the interactive calendar feature. This gives them the ability to study within days of their availability. 

In addition, the video lectures and review books have helped in their score progressions.

Blueprint Mcat Courses Mcatprephub Reviews
Blueprint Mcat Courses Mcatprephub Reviews 2

Verdict: Is Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course Worth It?

One way to make MCAT studying time effective is by taking preparation courses. 

The Blueprint MCAT Prep Course is worth it if you struggle to study independently.

The MCAT is a challenging exam, and if you’re struggling with the subjects or just need some additional pro tips on your studies, you may consider availing of the Blueprint private tutoring package

Blueprint will likely increase your score as all courses engage with quality content and thousands of preparation materials. 

Overall, the Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course seems to be a highly comprehensive prep course. 

The pricing plans in Blueprint, compared to other companies, are more affordable, but are still quite expensive overall. 

Generally we always tell our students: you shouldn’t pay a lot for content review because that can be free from places like Khan Academy. The only thing that deserves an investment is learning the strategy of HOW to study for an exam like the MCAT. 

For example, practice is a great investment that helps with the ‘how to study’ or getting a tutor is another example of  a high yield approach to maximizing your MCAT score (as opposed to paying for content review). 

However, for content review we like that Blueprint is a little more affordable than others, so if you value that structure they offer, it will be beneficial for you.

Suggestion: Before dropping a lot of money into a prep course, consider running the idea by a tutor (if you’re going to get a tutor anyway). They can diagnose your situation and provide you with a better plan moving forward.

Once you have your content figured out, we also have MCAT strategy specific courses to help you achieve your goal MCAT score - all created from top MCAT scorers, who’ve been through the journey.

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Additional FAQs – Blueprint MCAT Preparation Course Review

How Long is a Blueprint MCAT Prep Course?

Each student is different. Some students work full-time, while others are focused only on studying for the MCAT. That’s why it’s best if you decide which prep course makes sense for you, depending on your time frame.
All the MCAT preparation courses offered by Blueprint are accessible in three options — six, nine, and twelve months, respectively. 
In addition, you are free to study at any time by following your calendar. This calendar provided by Blueprint follows your availability from the day you signed up until the day of your MCAT.

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