ExamKrackers MCAT Preparation Books Review

June 25, 2024

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There are several MCAT prep books out there that you can read to improve your chances of getting a high score. 

One of those prep books is from Examkrackers. The books come in a complete package and are filled with easy-to-understand explanations and advice that can help with all the subjects covered in the MCAT exam

The Examkrackers books are highly sought out by MCAT test-takers. In this article, we will tackle all the reasons why these books are favored by many. 

We’ll also discuss the contents of the books, pricing, reviews, etc.

Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books

Examkrackers has many MCAT books that you can purchase. They are available both individually and in bundles. Of course, you will save more if you buy them in a bundle, but you can always buy a single book if you don't need the rest.  

Examkrackers 11th Edition MCAT® Complete Study Package

Examkrackers Mcat All Books

The latest edition of Examkrackers MCAT books is the 11th edition. It claims to make learning MCAT subjects more effortless, and you can get access to full-length practice exams. The latest edition books also include all chapter quizzes in the Examkrackers online MCAT testing center that you can purchase separately on their site. 

The Examkrackers MCAT books are available to purchase in a complete study package. In addition, when you buy on their official site, you can get a free MCAT EK-A exam, which is extremely helpful for your review.

The materials were built to teach the students about the contents required for MCAT and how to approach them. It was developed by their team of doctors and admission counselors, and they came up with tools built to help students retain the information more effectively. 

They also include guides on how many times you need to read the materials, depending on how much you understand them based on the results of your quizzes. The study format consists of complete mini exam at the end of each chapter so you can immediately review how many of the newly-learned concepts you truly understand.  

Memorization and getting familiar with the materials are good. However, it is still better to understand each concept by heart, especially for an important examination like the MCAT.

This volume set includes six books on the subjects tackled in the MCAT, namely:

  • Reasoning Skills: Verbal, Research, and Math
  • Biology 1 Molecules: Biochemistry
  • Biology 2 Systems
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Chemistry: General and Organic Chemistry
  • Physics

Additionally, these are the things you can expect from this set:

  • A detailed review of all MCAT required contents
  • Test-taking strategies exclusively developed at Examkrackers
  • Links between concepts across disciplines
  • Engaging and vibrant instructive visuals on every page
  • 24 questions on each lecture
  • Simulated thirty-to (32) 30-minute practice exams in authentic MCAT format


USD 274.94 on Examkrackers

USD 195.49 on Amazon

MCAT Review Books

If you need the books individually, you can also buy them at the site. Here are the books with their respective prices:

Biology 1: Molecules

Examkrackers Mcat Biology 1

This book manual provides comprehensive instruction regarding biochemistry. It also includes simulated MCAT practice in biochemistry and biomolecular topics ranging from human health to the functioning of organisms.

Biology concepts have comprehensive coverage on the MCAT, usually in the section of Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems and the section of Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems.

Table of contents:

  • Biological Molecules and Enzymes
  • Genetics
  • Metabolism
  • Laboratory Techniques

Price: USD 41.99

Biology 2: Systems

Examkrackers Mcat Biology 2

This manual is all about the organ system, which is relevant to the Physical, Biological, and Psychosocial sections of the MCAT. It provides in-depth explanations of concepts and insights behind scientific reactions and terms. 

Table of contents:

  • The Cell
  • The Nervous System
  • The Endocrine System
  • The Circulatory, Respiratory, and Immune Systems
  • The Digestive and Excretory Systems
  • Muscle, Bone, and Skin

Price: USD 49.99


Examkrackers Mcat Chemistry

This is a manual of comprehensive explanations of general and organic chemistry. The two topics greatly contribute to the overall score on the MCAT. In addition, it highlights the connections between biological and chemical processes. If you could master this manual, it would greatly help you achieve a high score in the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems and the  Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems section.

Table of contents:

  • Introduction to General Chemistry
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry
  • Oxygen Containing Reactions
  • Thermodynamics and Kinetics
  • Phases
  • Solutions and Electrochemistry
  • Acids and Bases

Price: USD 52.99


Examkrackers Mcat Physics

The Physics manual provides instructions and MCAT practice tests on physics topics. It also highlights the connection between medicine, physics, and biological process, which is extremely helpful to ace the MCAT section "Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems."

Understanding the physics of the human body is also beneficial in understanding the section "Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems."

Table of contents:

Price: USD 48.99

Psychology and Sociology

Examkrackers Mcat Psychology And Sociology

For the Psychology and Sociology subject, this is the manual that provides detailed instruction on its concepts. In addition, it covers biopsychosocial topics that you will need to understand if you want to get a high score in the "Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior" section of the MCAT.

Table of contents:

  • The Biopsychosocial Model, Society, and Culture
  • Relationships and Behavior
  • Identity and the Individual
  • Thought and Emotion
  • Biological Correlates of Psychology

Price: 44.99

Reasoning Skills

Examkrackers Reasoning Skills Manual

This manual offers a common sense and practical approach needed for the "Critical Analysis and Reasoning" section of the MCAT, or simply CARS. 

Table of contents:

  •  Introduction to the MCAT and Math 
  • Research and Reasoning Skills for the MCAT
  • Introduction to CARS: Strategy and Tactics
  • The Main Idea
  • Answering the Questions
  • Advanced CARS Skills

Price: USD35.99

MCAT Workbooks

Examkrackers Mcat Workbooks All

Examkrackers also have workbooks. Each includes 101 timed MCAT passages for each of the MCAT sections. This will help you discover which sections are your weakest and the strongest. You can then adjust your study plan accordingly.

101 Passages: Biology 1: Molecules

The Biology 1: Molecules workbook includes:

  • Eight (8) 95-minute simulated exams for biochemistry
  • Four (4) 50-minute simulated mini exams for biochemistry
  • Explanations of answers using fast and efficient methods
  • Organized tests that match the contents of EK Biology 1: Molecules
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: Biology 2: Systems

The Biology 2: Systems workbook includes:

  • Six (6) 95-minute simulated exams for biology
  • Six (6) mini exams for biochemistry
  • Explanations of answers using fast and efficient methods
  • Organized tests that match the contents of EK Biology 2: Systems
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: Chemistry

The Chemistry workbook includes:

  • Seven (7) 95-minute simulated exams for chemistry
  • Seven (7) mini exams for chemistry
  • Explanations of answers using fast and efficient methods
  • Organized tests that match the contents of EK Chemistry
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: CARS

The CARS workbook includes:

  • Eleven (11) 95-minute simulated exams for CARS
  • 502 questions of CARS passages in exact MCAT content, style, and format
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: Physics

The Physics workbook includes:

  • Ten (10) 95-minute simulated exams for physics
  • Explanations of answers using fast and efficient methods
  • Organized tests that match the contents of EK Biology 2: Systems
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: Psychology and Sociology

The Psychology and Sociology workbook includes:

  • Ten (10) 95-minute simulated exams for psychology and sociology
  • Explanations of answers using fast and efficient methods
  • Organized tests that match the contents of EK Biology 2: Systems
  • A detailed guide to improving your score

Price: USD 49.95

101 Passages: Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning workbook includes:

  • Fourteen (14) 60-minute simulated exams for verbal exams in MCAT format
  • 560 verbal questions 
  • Detailed explanations of answer choices

Price: USD 39.95

MCAT Question Books

Examkrackers have question books that can help you further improve your understanding of the MCAT subjects. 

Actively practicing your knowledge in simulated MCAT examinations is a great way to teach you techniques that you should use and avoid during the actual test.

1001 Questions: Chemistry

Price: USD34.95

1001 Questions: Physics

Price: USD 34.95

How to Use the Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books Effectively?

To use the Examkrackers MCAT prep books more effectively, here are some of the tips that you can try:

1. Do the end-of-chapter quizzes

The practice tests of every chapter are a great tool to measure your understanding. Try not to look back at the chapter and figure out the questions as much as possible before you go back and check. 

2. Flashcards

There are available MCAT flashcards that you buy online, but you can also create one based on your Examkrackers manuals. This method of studying is more effective than re-reading whole chapters.

3. Pace your studying with intervals

When studying, it would be best to do intervals of the activities that you do. For example, you can try reading one day, then take practice exams and material quizzes the next day. A strict schedule of doing the same things every day is not essential as long as you keep up with lessons.

4. Take advantage of the practice tests

If you can religiously take practice tests, then do it. Not only does it measure your improvements in each subject, but it also gets you familiar with the actual format of the MCAT examinations.

Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books: Pros and Cons

After getting to know the MCAT prep books of Examkrackers, let us now discuss their pros and cons:


Notably, the practice questions of Examkrackers MCAT prep books are clear and concise. Therefore, they could accurately measure the student's improvement throughout the study journey. 

The material has the incorporation of humor as well, which makes it more enjoyable to read. This also helps retain knowledge because it makes learning the concepts more memorable and fun. 

Compared to other books, the approach used in the Examkrackers manuals is lighter. You can also notice the sleek formatting throughout the books.


There are very few notable disadvantages regarding the shortcomings of the Examkrackers manuals, and that is the limited focus on Psychology and Behavioral Science. Both are important topics on MCAT.

Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books Users' Reviews

To help you decide further whether or not you should buy the Examkrackers books, here are some of the reviews from their previous users:


Examkrackers Mcat Books On Amazon

Most of the reviews about the 11th Edition Examkrackers Complete Study Package are good, saying that the contents are beneficial in their review. 

One user said that the manual explains most subjects clearly. Another customer said that it made studying for the MCAT less daunting, perhaps due to the hint of humor in the explanations.

However, the users suggest purchasing the books from the official website instead of from Amazon because buying from the Examkrackers website provides additional practice exams. 

Here are some of the reviews from Amazon:

Amazon Review
Amazon Review
Amazon Review 3 V2

Verdict: Are Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books Worth it?

So, are the Examkrackers MCAT Preparation Books worth it? It's safe to say that they are. 

Although some MCAT prep books may be considered better than the ones offered by Examkrackers, they are still great manuals to check out for your MCAT review.

Let's not forget that it is not easy to find MCAT review manuals with humor and a light attitude anywhere. This is what sets these books apart. After all, who doesn't want a good laugh when you are studying for an important examination like MCAT?

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