Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books Review

June 25, 2024

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The Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books are books written by experts who want to give students the chance to achieve their best possible MCAT results. They offer extensive study materials and resources to help you survive the exam!

Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books: Overview


The experts behind The Princeton Review have always aimed to help students, professors, and parents achieve the best possible results and scores at every stage of the education process since the 1980s. Among the many products they offer are the Princeton Review MCAT prep books. 

Princeton Review MCAT books were written to help prepare students for the MCAT exam. They are a set of prep books that cover specific content. 

They span the subjects of general chemistry, psychology and sociology, physics and math, organic chemistry, biology, and biochemistry. These books also cover practice tests, questions, and essential test-taking strategies.

These Princeton Review MCAT books make for comprehensive resource material! They do a fine job of breaking down complex study materials in ways that can help students understand them better.

List of Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books 

There are many Princeton Review MCAT books available. Each varies in content, focus, and coverage. 

Separately, these books are excellent MCAT-related resources. Together, they make a comprehensive prep journey that can aid you in achieving a competitive MCAT score!

Princeton Review Complete Box Set

The Princeton Review Box Set is a 7-book MCAT set that includes techniques and strategies that can increase a student’s MCAT score. With its extensive content coverage and scope, this book set is something you can rely on if you plan to take the MCAT exam. 

These books include three full-length practice tests that mimic the actual exam structure. In addition, they help readers familiarize themselves with the exam format

It is also perfect for visual learners as the books are rich with diagrams, illustrations, tables, charts, formulas, and concepts covering every MCAT section.

You can access topics easily using their index and learn more about how to master them with the detailed explanations found in the books. 

The box set is the 3rd edition published in 2018. A new edition of the books will be released in December 2022. The 7-book box set is available on Amazon for USD 190.

Mcat Prep

This Princeton review book is an all-in-one resource that can prepare you for your exam day. It has content reviews, test-taking strategies, and four full-length practice tests that can help you increase your MCAT score. With this book, you will be prepared once test day arrives.

The book is a resource explicitly designed to help guide students to achieve higher MCAT scores. It covers the MCAT essentials, plus a topic-by-topic review of the subjects included in the exam. 

Moreover, you have a full-colour 16-page reference guide with essential information, formulas, and concepts for every section.

This 1,328-paged book will surely help you survive the big test. Published in 2021, you can expect it to contain the latest and most up-to-date content. You can purchase it for USD 80 at Amazon.  


Looking for workbooks that can train you for the MCAT? The Princeton Review MCAT Workout can certainly help you! This book contains 780 challenging MCAT practice questions that can prepare you for the exam.

The many MCAT practice questions within the workbook will help your competency, skills, and test-taking abilities. In addition, this book can train you to think faster, solve better, and comprehend deeper.

With 320+ passage-based questions, nearly 400 freestanding questions, and 55+ MCAT-style passages, this book will undoubtedly give you the extra prep you need. It even gives you thorough explanations so you can avoid common mistakes in the future! Not to mention a step-by-step problem-solving process to help you face challenging questions. 

The 4th edition is the latest version of the book, published in 2021. You can buy it on Amazon for USD 29. 

How to Use Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books Effectively?

If you are studying alone, then there is no proper way to use the Princeton Review MCAT prep books. The order falls entirely on you. You can work at your own pace. Be mindful not to overwhelm yourself.

To help make it easier for you, here are tips on how you can use these books more effectively:

  • It is best to create a study plan that will cover your entire MCAT preparation journey. You can adequately plan for your study sessions. That way, you can avoid getting overwhelmed or confused with the amount of knowledge you are studying.
  • Get your hands on as much Princeton Review MCAT prep material as possible. You may sign up for the Princeton Review prep online course if you wish for more organized coursework. The prep course consists of about 500+ video lessons, 16 full-length practice tests, and 2,500+ practice problems.
  • Go through the Princeton review books carefully. Do not just read them. Try to answer the practice questions honestly. Then, actively practice, take notes and make flashcards so you can remember topics and concepts you found hard to understand. 
  • Answer the full-length practice tests as if you're taking the MCAT exam. Take the exam in a quiet and test-appropriate place and time yourself. Taking these practice tests will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths. It will help you determine which subjects and concepts you should focus more on.

Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books Pros and Cons 

Have trouble deciding? Knowing the pros and cons of books you are interested in buying might help you make a decision.

Below are some advantages and disadvantages of the Princeton Review MCAT books.


Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books have several advantages. Here are some notable ones:

  • Deep Coverage of Topics

The Princeton Review MCAT Prep books cover a significant amount of content review for each section of the MCAT exam. The box set, in particular, contains detailed subject review coverage for each test subject. It also has techniques, test-taking guidelines, and an extensive glossary. 

  • Full-length Practice Tests

Aside from the thousands of practice questions at the end of each chapter, the box set has three full-length practice tests you can use to help keep track of your score and progress. So you wouldn't run out of problems to solve and practice with.  

  • Right Amount of Detail

A good thing about the Princeton Review MCAT books is that they are on the right side of detail. The content is not complex to the point that it will overwhelm the reader.

At the same time, it is not concise enough to be lacking. It is the perfect middle ground. 


Unfortunately, these books are not perfect. They have weaknesses and flaws that can be deal-breakers for some readers. 

  • Difficult

Another thing that Princeton Review MCAT Books are famous for is its challenging questions and practice tests. But, unfortunately, the high difficulty level makes it hard for some readers to complete the books. 

  • Editing Errors

Another main weakness is the disappointing amount of editing errors in the books. These errors sometimes leave the readers confused, effectively wasting their time. 

Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books Users' Experience

The Princeton Review Books are not exactly the cheapest MCAT prep book on the shelf. So, it is natural for takers' to be hesitant in purchasing it.

Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Box Set

According to readers, Princeton's well-known box set is a study tool that can help graduate-level medical students prepare for their MCAT exams. The books highlight what you need to focus on and how you can attack and face the MCAT. They fuel your brain with knowledge and increase your test-taking stamina

The practice tests are challenging but worth the struggle. The books give you a way to identify your weak points and track your progress, which readers appreciate.

Some readers said that the content is wordy and hard to read. Several typos also throw test-takers off. Furthermore, readers claim that the explanations are oversimplified and unclear.

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Princeton Review MCAT Prep, 2015 (1st Edition)

This Princeton Review book is not as popular as the other books as it didn't have many reviews. However, a reader claimed that this book helped them get into medical school thanks to the heavy studying material that came with it. According to them, the content was detailed and covered the necessary things included in the exam.

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Princeton Review MCAT Workout, Revised 3rd Edition

As for the Princeton Review MCAT Workout book, it got 4.7 stars and 156 global ratings. Readers find the book helpful. It deeply compliments other Princeton Review books and is excellent practice for the MCAT. 

Some readers did find minimal errors in the book. Though, they can be quickly resolved if readers pay attention to minor details. 


Verdict: Are Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books Worth it?

Yes, the Princeton Review MCAT Preparation Books are worth it! These books can provide you with enough knowledge and information to achieve the test results you are aiming for. 

Pair these books with patience, determination, willingness, and a phenomenal study plan and you'll have this exam in the bag!

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