Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Review

June 25, 2024

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Aspiring medical school students must achieve excellent MCAT scores to get accepted into medical schools. Usually, you will earn a higher chance if you have a mean score of 515 or greater. It may be a lot, but Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books can accompany you in preparing for it.

This book review will discuss the prep books offered by Mometrix, their content, basic information, pros, and cons. It will also include tips on using these MCAT preparation books to their maximum efficiency. So read on to know more!

Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books

Mometrix has three MCAT prep materials: the Secrets Study Guide, Exam Practice Questions, and Flashcards Study System. In this section, we will discuss these books and their contents.

MCAT Secrets Study Guide

Mcat Secrets Study Guide

Mometrix has been making the Secrets Study Guide for years. On August 14, 2021, Mometrix Media LLC published its latest edition, the 5th ed., also called the 2022-2023 version.

The MCAT Secrets Study Guide contains around 564 pages full of thorough information. It presents relevant topics, content, and question types found on the actual MCAT. It also tackles complex concepts in a well-organized and logistical format to help you understand the flow of topics.

This prep book also includes advanced strategies and tips for overcoming your anxiety in taking the MCAT. You can feel confident by taking its full-length practice test. No worries about answer keys because each question has detailed explanations.

If there is one thing this book is proud of, it would be its step-by-step video tutorials that work well with its excellent written content. It aims to let you understand the lessons better in a classroom-setting vibe. Usually, it works well with visual learners.

Generally, the MCAT Secrets Study Guide focuses on the following topics:

If this book has piqued your interest, you can buy its paperback book for USD 49.95 - 71.55. It also has a kindle version, which costs USD 39.99.

MCAT Exam Practice Questions

Mcat Exam Practice Questions

As people always say, practice makes perfect. Therefore, taking many practice questions to master the needed knowledge will always be a good idea. Mometrix Media LLC published the MCAT Exam Practice Questions on August 28, 2013.

This MCAT prep material has 92 pages of practice tests that allow you to test your knowledge. It helps you assess your performance, improve your weaknesses, and boost your strengths. It also explains the questions you may encounter on the actual exam and provides detailed answer explanations.

This prep book also discusses complex question types if you find things confusing. The questions usually cover everything in the MCAT. So, using this material is like taking the actual exam.

You can buy MCAT Exam Practice Questions for USD 49.95 in your favorite book shops and online stores.

MCAT Flashcards Study System

Mcat Exam Flashcards Study System

Aside from practice, repetition and memorization also play significant roles in preparing for the MCAT. Therefore, you will need to find creative ways to help you retain the lessons. Mometrix Media LLC released MCAT Flashcards Study System on February 14, 2013.

Although it is not a book, MCAT Flashcards Study System is a 684-page flashcard set containing all possible topics in the exam. It is easy to understand, fun, efficient, and straightforward. It no longer uses technical jargon to avoid confusion and complexity.

This study system usually covers all major content areas. It has in-depth explanations of the answers on the back of the cards. It uses a readable font with no one-word answers to make everything less confusing.

This MCAT prep material aims to engage your senses more in the learning process. It allows you to check if you understand the lessons and topics. It also gets you actively involved whenever you flip the flashcards.

The MCAT Flashcards Study System is available from USD 54.99 to 58.15.

How to Use the Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Effectively

Getting excellent books and materials will be nothing if you do not know how to use them effectively. In this case, we offer you these few tips below:

  • You can start studying with the MCAT Secrets Study Guide since this book primarily includes the lessons. In addition, you can use the provided video tutorials to support the written content.
  • Assess yourself using the MCAT Exam Practice Questions. This book contains practice tests, so it is an excellent material for checking your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Help yourself memorize everything with the MCAT Flashcards Study System. Since you have studied the lessons, using this material will lend a hand in retaining the knowledge.
  • Prepare for the exam in advance because you will never be able to finish everything in a short amount of time.
  • Create a healthy schedule and study area. Learning in a peaceful environment will help you reduce anxiety and stress.
  • Do not try to finish all the prep materials in one sitting because you will feel pressured and overworked.

Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Pros and Cons

Everything has its strengths and weaknesses, and so do these books from Mometrix. Below are the pros and cons of using MCAT preparation books to explain this further.


The Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books work well together. However, each material has specific uses, so it will be best to use them correctly.

These prep materials cover all concepts, including the complex ones found in the actual MCAT test. They ensure that you will have a detailed knowledge of what might appear in the exam. You also have an advantage if you are a visual learner because of its informative pictures and illustrations.

The Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books also have different test-taking techniques and strategies that may guarantee your success. They aim to make learning less complicated to achieve your desired percentile. Worry not about your anxiety because they have helpful tips for it too!


There are only a few cons to using these prep materials. First, the Secrets Study Guide has only one full-length test, so you must buy the Exam Practice Questions to find more. You will also need to purchase the book in a new condition to access the online videos.

Since these prep materials are separate and aren't sold in a set, you will need to find them one by one. It can be pretty expensive for students with insufficient budgets.

Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Users' Reviews

Many test takers have already used Mometrix MCAT Prep Books over the years. The majority gave positive remarks about the Secrets Study Guide and Flashcards Study System. Unfortunately, we have not found any user review of the MCAT Exam Practice Questions.

Nevertheless, here are the user ratings of these prep books.


Users from Amazon gave the Secrets Study Guide and Flashcards Study System ratings of 4.9 out of 5 and 4.6 out of 5, respectively. They stated that the prep books are clear, concise, and easy to understand. In addition, the content is thorough and the words used are not complex.

The video tutorials provided in the Secrets Study Guide are accurate and helpful. It also included diagrams and illustrations to support the written lessons. However, one customer said it would be better if they had colors.

On the other hand, flashcards are thick and portable. Its content is also straight to the point and detailed. As a result, it is effective for learning and memorizing complicated concepts.

Mcat Exam Flashcards Study System
Amazon Review 2 Mometrix Mcat Preparation Books


The Mometrix MCAT Prep Books garnered a user rating of 4.6 out of 5 on UBuy. The customers commented that the books are excellent, detailed, and concise. They also have video learning aspects that help them understand the content better.

Among many prep books, users found Mometrix engaging and thrilling to study. The materials cover the required concepts very well. They are helpful for any MCAT study routine.

Ubuy Review 1 Mometrix Mcat Preparation Books
Ubuy Review 2 Mometrix Mcat Preparation Books

Verdict: Are Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Worth it?

Preparing for the MCAT is challenging, but using the Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books is worth your time and money. These materials can be one of your stepping stones to achieving your goal of entering your dream medical school.

Considering its detailed and informative content, helpful practice questions, and engaging flashcards, we can conclude that these materials are a complete, excellent package for your MCAT preparation.

Additional FAQs – Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books Review

Are Mometrix MCAT Prep Books Worth It?

The Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books are worth it because they contain most of the essential things you need for the MCAT. They start with an overview of the exam's content and discuss the required topics and lessons. They also assess what you have learned using practice questions with detailed answer explanations.

Rest easy about memorization because the flashcards are also efficient and informative. Indeed, the Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books may have everything you want for your MCAT preparation.

What is the Best MCAT Prep Book?

If you are looking for a comprehensive MCAT prep book, you can opt to use Kaplan Complete Subject Review. It covers all seven subjects included in the actual exam. 

However, Princeton Review Complete Box Set is the most preferable for affordable prices due to its detailed seven-book set at a budget-friendly price.

Kaplan's MCAT 528 Advanced Prep is the best for practice questions. It has more than 500 practice questions with detailed explanations. Meanwhile, Test Prep Books' MCAT Prep Book is the most organized and concise prep material.

Lastly, Mometrix MCAT Preparation Books work best with visual learners. Its high-quality video tutorials can make complex concepts more understandable. 

Can I Self-Study for the MCAT?

You can study on your own for the MCAT. You can find books, materials, online prep guides, and other essential resources to help you prepare. Self-studying is also an excellent and preferable option for people who are more comfortable studying at their own pace.

However, to guarantee your passing rate in the MCAT, it is advisable to take 10 to 15 hours of study time per week for at least four to six months. Therefore, having 200 to 300 hours of study time is sufficient for the preparation.

Why are MCAT Prep Books Expensive?

MCAT prep books are usually pricey because they contain numerous lessons that require extensive research, fact check, and revisions. In addition, due to complex scientific terms and content, it can be challenging for authors to make prep materials for medical exams. They also need to write in detail, which takes too much time to finish.

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