BluePrint MCAT Private Tutoring Review

November 6, 2023

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If you are taking the MCAT and have tried looking online for MCAT prep courses and MCAT tutoring, chances are you have come across Blueprint MCAT. 

Through the years, Blueprint has proven to be a decent contender in MCAT preparation. Blueprint currently offers MCAT prep courses, private tutoring, and preparation materials to help students succeed on the MCAT. 

The main focus of this article is to review the Blueprint MCAT tutoring packages and programs. We will provide you with information on the different MCAT private tutoring packages Blueprint offers. 

For your reference, we have also gathered a few reviews and testimonials from past students who have purchased Blueprint MCAT private tutoring.

What is Blueprint MCAT Tutoring? 

Blueprint MCAT Tutoring

Blueprint, which has been around since 2005, specializes in test preparation programs and services for various exams such as LSAT, PA, etc.  Blueprint MCAT tutoring did not exist until they acquired an MCAT test-prep company, Next Step.

Since then, they have become a reliable and well-reviewed company in the MCAT preparation space. They have a thorough understanding of MCAT preparation techniques, and thousands of students were successfully helped to pass the MCAT.

Every MCAT student is unique; thus, no two Blueprint tutoring sessions are alike. No matter where you are in the test preparation process, a Blueprint MCAT expert tutor will consult with you closely to understand your needs and develop a comprehensive, individualized MCAT study plan.

If you purchase the Blueprint MCAT tutoring, you will have one or two weekly two-hour sessions with their private tutors. You will work with your individual MCAT tutor throughout each tutoring session to:

  • receive professional responses to all of your queries regarding your assignments or anything else;
  • evaluate your current study strategy and make changes in real-time; go over new material or review weak points;
  • receive homework or practice test exam assignments that are appropriate for you and will help you prepare for the examination.

Who Needs Blueprint MCAT Tutoring?

It costs money to hire a tutor for the MCAT. Some would contend that hiring an MCAT tutor is crucial for MCAT training. Others will argue that you may study independently and ace the MCAT. Whether or not you believe hiring an MCAT tutor will be advantageous is entirely up to you.

Blueprint can undoubtedly help you with MCAT. Now, the question is, do you need an MCAT tutor? Here are some things to think about.

  • What Should You Study for the MCAT?  You should likely consider hiring a tutor if you are unsure how to approach your MCAT study or what to do.
  • Do You Have the Motivation to Study for the MCAT on Your Own? Alternatively, an MCAT tutor might help you establish a study regimen with regular due dates to keep you on track.
  • Do You Like Studying by Yourself or With a Group? If you know that you cannot study independently, hiring a tutor might be wise for you. An MCAT expert is beneficial since they can tell you whether what you are saying is true or not.
  • When You Study, Do You Learn More Effectively in Big or Small Groups? If you enjoy studying in groups but do not want the hassle, you might consider hiring a tutor. Large study groups can be fun, but they are tailored and effective. On the other hand, a tutor will devote their entire time to helping you study.

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Blueprint MCAT Tutoring: What Does it Include? 

Contrary to other MCAT tutoring services, Blueprint MCAT private tutoring offers packages with add-on products and services to make it a point that you optimize your MCAT preparation.

When you enroll at Blueprint MCAT private tutoring, you get to have the following:

Blueprint MCAT Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic tests are a great way to start your MCAT preparation. Once you have signed up with one of Blueprint’s MCAT private tutoring programs, your tutor will give you a diagnostic test to evaluate where you are in your MCAT preparation

Your strong and weak areas are also identified through these diagnostic tests.

Blueprint MCAT Flashcards 

Another effective method of retaining information when preparing for the MCAT is using flashcards

You recall and remember MCAT concepts and equations better with these flashcards; thus, including them in Blueprint’s MCAT private tutoring programs is a bonus.

Blueprint MCAT Qbank (4,000+ Practice Questions)

With over 4,000 practice questions in their Qbank, you can make the most of your MCAT private tutoring with Blueprint. These practice questions cover all the subjects and content tested on the MCAT.

Blueprint MCAT Comprehensive Practice Exams 

Your Blueprint MCAT private tutor will give you practice exams right before you take the actual MCAT. 

As you answer these comprehensive exams, ensure that you mimic the actual MCAT testing schedule and conditions. You have to take as many practice exams as possible.

Blueprint MCAT Study Plan 

Right before your Blueprint MCAT preparation starts, your tutor will create a study plan tailored to your starting point. 

Make it a point that you follow and stick to this study plan to get your desired MCAT score.

Blueprint MCAT Group Lectures 

When you sign up for one of the Blueprint MCAT private tutoring programs, you also experience regular group lectures. 

These lectures allow you to interact with other students and an MCAT instructor where you can share ideas and insights about the MCAT.

Access to AAMC Practice Resources 

Lastly, you can access AAMC practice questions during your MCAT preparation. 

The AAMC is the administering body of the MCAT, and the materials they provide are reliable and will aid in your preparation for the real MCAT. Other MCAT prep service providers do not offer this benefit.

Blueprint MCAT Tutoring Pricing Options

Being well-known in the field of MCAT preparation, Blueprint may be expensive. But as many of their students would attest, Blueprint has indeed helped them improve their MCAT scores and, thus, is worth the price. 

Blueprint currently offers the following MCAT tutoring packages. 

Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring Pricing

Blueprint MCAT Essential Plan Core 

Number of Hours



USD 3,399

Blueprint MCAT Comprehensive Plan

Number of Hours



USD 4,249

Blueprint MCAT Intensive Review

Number of Hours



USD 6,249

Note that aside from the number of hours for each of the different Blueprint MCAT private tutoring, the packages are the same and therefore, receive the same benefits. When you enroll in any of these private tutoring programs, you get the following:

  • Pre-diagnostic test: The diagnostic tests are done at the beginning of your Blueprint MCAT private tutoring. This is where your study plan will be based.  
  • 1,600+ high-yield flashcards: To help you save time and effort while preparing for the MCAT, focusing on high-yield topics is the key. With these flashcards, you are guaranteed to maximize your time studying for the MCAT.
  • Qbank of 4,000 practice questions: Answering practice questions regularly also improves your chance of retaining the information you are learning. With Blueprint MCAT private tutoring’s Qbank, you have more than enough practice questions to answer.
  • 15 comprehensive practice exams: Taking full-length exams before the actual MCAT helps you prepare for what is ahead of you. These exams give you an idea of how the questions are formulated and help you recognize the areas that need improvement.
  • All AAMC practice resources online: The AAMC is the official MCAT provider; thus, its materials are reliable and closest to the actual MCAT. Other MCAT prep companies do not offer this benefit so ensure that you take advantage of this opportunity.
  • 12 hours of group lectures per week: Aside from private sessions with your Blueprint MCAT private tutor, you can also participate in group lectures. You can exchange ideas with other MCAT test-takers during these sessions, improving your chances of doing well on the exam.
  • Fully individualized study plan composed by a tutor: Your Blueprint MCAT private tutor will create a study plan at the program's start. This study plan will serve as your guide and timetable. You have to follow it and stick to it.
  • Newly-updated books that reflect the most current AAMC exam release: Blueprint also produces MCAT prep books that must be purchased separately by students who do not enroll in any of these programs. These books are an effective way to study and prepare for the MCAT since they reflect the most recent MCAT released by the AAMC.

In addition to the different Blueprint MCAT private tutoring programs mentioned above, you also have the option to upgrade to the premium plans:

Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring

Blueprint MCAT Premium Essential Plan Core 

Number of Hours



USD 4,399

Blueprint MCAT Premium Comprehensive Plan

Number of Hours



USD 6,449

Blueprint MCAT Premium Intensive Review

Number of Hours



USD 10,199

The premium plans offer the same benefits as the Blueprint MCAT Essential Core, Comprehensive, and Intensive Review plans

  • Pre-diagnostic test
  • 1,600+ high-yield flashcards
  • Qbank of 4,000 practice questions
  • 15 comprehensive practice exams
  • All AAMC practice resources online
  • 12 hours of group lectures per week
  • Fully individualized study plan composed by tutor
  • Newly-updated books that reflect the most current AAMC exam release

PLUS the following: 

  • 520+ Scoring Instructor: Premium teachers are the most sought-after tutors because of their experience, great instruction, and consistently excellent reviews. Premium tutors have at least a 520+ on an approved MCAT. This professional tutor is rare, highly qualified, and in demand.
  • 12-month access to Blueprint’s MCAT Online Course: This online course costs USD 2,699 if purchased separately. Purchasing one of the premium packages offered by Blueprint is a great offer. This MCAT course offers the ONLY fully personalized, time-adaptive study calendar.
Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring 12 month Access

Source: Blueprint Official Website 

Blueprint MCAT Tutoring Pros and Cons

No MCAT tutoring service is perfect, no matter how good it is. There’ll always be benefits and drawbacks, and it is up to you whether the benefits outweigh the setbacks. Here are some points to consider to help you make up your mind about whether Blueprint MCAT is the right way to go. 

The Pros of Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring: 

  • Supplementary materials and resources are top-notch. Blueprint MCAT ensures they provide their students with the best and most reliable MCAT materials.
  • Blueprint MCAT tutors are the most sought-after tutors because of their experience, great instruction, and consistently excellent reviews. They scored 520+ on their MCAT.
  • Students who enroll in Premium Tutoring receive a 12-month subscription to Blueprint's MCAT online course. This program alone costs USD 2,699.
  • Students who do not improve their grades can be qualified for a free extension to their study materials. They are also given the option to choose another MCAT tutor.
  • Tutors create a completely unique study plan for each tutoring plan. This study schedule will consider any personal development goals you may have.

The Cons of Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring:

  • Blueprint MCAT private tutoring is expensive. While most students would say it is worth the cost, some cannot afford its hefty price.
  • Depending on the season, you are booking a Blueprint MCAT tutor, most of them would be fully booked. You need to enroll early to ensure a tutoring program.
  • There is no mobile app to access other MCAT resources which are included in the tutoring packages. This is a minor setback since most students want access to different resources anytime and anywhere.

Student Review and Results – Blueprint MCAT Tutoring

Blueprint has received a good reputation since it started providing MCAT prep services. Through the years, a significant number of their students have attested to the fact that Blueprint is the reason they can achieve a great MCAT score

Below are the scores of a few students before and after being mentored by a Blueprint MCAT tutor.


MCAT Score BEFORE Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring

MCAT Score AFTER Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring 











Customer Reviews

Students who sign up for private MCAT instruction through Blueprint credit their tutors and services for helping them succeed on the exam. They have undoubtedly helped many students do well on one of the most demanding tests they have to take.

Having a 4.6 overall rating (Excellent) on Trustpilot, it is evident that Blueprint MCAT private tutors have assisted and helped their previous clients achieve a high scores on the MCAT. 

Here are a few reviews and feedback we have gathered about Blueprint MCAT private tutoring for your reference.

Blueprint Official Website MCAT Private 
Tutoring Reviews
Blueprint Official Website MCAT Private
Tutoring Reviews
Blueprint MCAT Private Trust Tutoring Trustpilot Reviews
Blueprint MCAT Private Trust Tutoring Trustpilot Reviews

Blueprint MCAT Supplemental Resources

Aside from offering MCAT private tutoring, Blueprint also provides other programs and materials to help you prepare for the MCAT. While some of them need to be purchased, some are free. 

A few of them are listed below:

Verdict – Is Blueprint Review MCAT Private Tutoring Worth It?

The MCAT is one of the most important exams you would have to take. You must ensure you give it your best shot on your first try. If you think you cannot do it alone, having a tutor guide you every step of the way would benefit you. 

However, the packages offered by Blueprint MCAT private tutoring are costly. Even their cheapest option costs USD 3,399. This amount can be overwhelming for a student who has to spend on other things for school and MCAT prep materials

That is why you need to look for other cost-affordable options. One of these is MCAT Mastery tutoring. We offer one of the market's most affordable MCAT private tutoring programs. MCAT Mastery has been around since 2016, and since then, we’ve  been helping aspiring physicians ace the MCAT. 

Check our website for the different MCAT private tutoring packages we offer.

MCATMastery Tutoring

Additional FAQs – Blueprint MCAT Tutoring Review

Is Blueprint the Best MCAT Tutoring Service?

Blueprint MCAT tutors are experienced and skilled in the field. They scored 520+ on their official MCAT.  

Furthermore, they create a customized study plan for each student because they believe students have different study needs. Hence, no two study plans are the same. 

So, yes, Blueprint is a reliable MCAT tutoring service provider.  However, they are expensive, making them out of reach for most students preparing for the MCAT. 

That is why you need to look for other cost-affordable options. One of these is MCAT Mastery tutors. We offer one of the market's most affordable MCAT private tutoring programs. MCAT Mastery has been around since 2016, and since then, we’ve  been helping aspiring physicians ace the MCAT. 

Are Blueprint MCAT Tutors Expensive?

The price and rate of Blueprint MCAT tutors differ depending on the package you purchase. 

The 16-hour program costs 3,399 USD, while the 24-hour program costs 4,249 USD.
Furthermore, the 40-hour program costs 6,249 USD.

Are MCAT Tutors Worth It?

MCAT tutoring is not cheap and is not for everyone. If you are a self-motivated student and can study independently, hiring an MCAT tutor can be a waste of money. 

However, suppose you are having difficulty and need help and assistance creating a study plan and identifying the areas in which you need improvement. In that case, MCAT tutors are definitely worth a try. 

They can create a study timetable designed according to your needs and help you monitor your progress as you prepare for the MCAT.

How Long Does the Blueprint MCAT Private Tutoring Take?

The MCAT currently offers 16-hour, 24-hour, and 40-hour tutoring programs. You can choose from these three programs that suit your needs the best. 

If at the end of the program, there is no improvement in your score at the end of the program, you may be eligible for the score increase guarantee. It means that you can extend the program free of charge. 

However, you must meet the guidelines Blueprint set to be eligible for this.

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