Barrons MCAT Preparation Books Review

June 25, 2024

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Barron’s MCAT Preparation books are helpful training guides for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Barron's MCAT test preparation books offer detailed chemistry, Biology, Physics, Sociology, and psychology lessons. Using this book will help you pass the MCAT with ease.

The guides cover all the essential skills you need for the exam, including training tests similar to the actual MCAT questions. In addition, the newer versions offer downloadable ebook formats for Amazon Kindle, giving all students easier access to the resource. 

This article will explain how to use Barron’s MCAT guides and its various available textbook versions. You will also read honest opinions and feedback from users about how the book helped them.

List Of Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books

Barron’s books constantly update their content to match the requirements of the current MCAT. This book review article will show the three different reviewer editions. 

Each new model has unique features that make it more accessible to incoming exam takers.

Barron’s MCAT 2008: Medical College Admission Test 12th Edition

Barrons How To Prepare For The New Mcat

This book (Barron’s: How to Prepare for the New Medical College Admission Test MCAT) focuses on you learning essential exam skills like time management, essay writing, and reading comprehension. This book came out in 2008, and it costs 34.99 to order it online from Amazon.

The authors have several years of hands-on experience in training for the MCAT. 

You can find these topics in this particular guide:

  • A test overview for the MCAT
  • Strategies to develop effective study habits and decrease stress during tests
  • Reviewers for science and math
  • Tips on how to write an MCAT essay
  • Four practice exams with answer keys and explanations
  • Two model tests on the CD-ROM

Barron’s New MCAT with CD-ROM, Second Edition

Barrons New Mcat With Cd-Rom

Barron’s New MCAT has updated some concepts from the previous version. 

The MCAT has become a computer-based exam, so this reviewer includes CD-ROMs with test preparation to prepare the students for the online format. 

This book will teach you essential exam-taking skills like critical analysis or how to deal with exam anxiety. In addition, this book has new features that test-takers will find helpful. 

  • Revised science topics that include AAMC recommendations can help students learn the concepts by heart rather than memorize them.
  • Review for new MCAT content areas.
    • Psychology

    • Biochemistry

    • Sociology

  • Two practice tests modeled after the actual MCAT exam.
  • A study plan for several months.
  • A CD-ROM with two additional tests to prepare for the online format test.

Barron’s New MCAT with CD-ROM, 2nd edition, was published in 2015, and it costs USD 23.98 to order. You can find several stocks on Amazon Kindle and other eBook websites. 

MCAT With Online Tests (Barron’s Test Prep) Third Edition

Mcat With Online Test Barrons Test Prep

This book is the improved version of the second edition reviewer. It offers more helpful practice tests and answer sheets with complete explanations. 

The MCAT with online tests third edition was published in 2017, and you can buy it for USD 34.99 on Amazon. 

Each exam will help you test your exam speed, and it will give you strategies on how to improve. 

You can find this content in the third edition books:

Exam Preparation

  • Orientation to the MCAT
  • Test study guide
  • Strategies to help you manage to answer questions with speed
  • Strategies to help you remember the correct answers
  • Three-month study plan
  • Online resources for practice

Biological And Physical Sciences

Social Science Principles

Critical Reasoning

Two Practice Tests

The authors of this book made strategic plans to ensure students get the best reviewing experience. These are the steps they made to construct a good-quality reviewer:

  • They give the right tools for the students to study, like practice tests and study plans.
  • The book details precisely what the MCAT covers and how students must prepare for it.
  • The authors suggest students must identify their problem areas and work to improve them. Then, use the answer sheets and guides to develop better study habits.
  • Allow the students to keep practicing. The books have several written and digital tests students can use to train themselves.

How To Use The Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books Effectively

Barron’s MCAT preparation books focus on your test-taking strategies and your ability to memorize information. In addition, this guide has strategies to train you on how to answer exams within a time limit.

You must use this book properly to get the best reviewing experience. 

  • The first thing you should do is read the introduction and take the practice test. This step will help you find your strengths and problem areas in the exam.
  • Develop a study plan with the skills you have learned. You may consult the three-month program included in the book.
  • Keep on testing your exam speed by answering the time-limited worksheets. This skill will help you think quickly on the actual exam day.
  • Review the answer sheet when you have errors. This book includes complete explanations with its answer sheet.
  • Use the online CD-ROM exercises to practice the MCAT's digital version.
  • Remember also to use additional tools like the internet and other science-related books when you're studying.

Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books Pros and Cons

Barron’s MCAT books are some of the top choices for the MCAT test-takers. However, knowing that this helpful book may have some aspects that need improving is essential. This knowledge will help the clients and the author develop a better book version. 

The Pros of Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books

Barron’s MCAT has complete information and teaches students other essential exam skills. You can’t just depend on memorization to pass an exam; you must be quick and confident when you pick your answers.

This book includes digital resources useful for students taking the new MCAT. They will get used to maneuvering the software.

It is also one of the most affordable books you can buy online. You can get complete and helpful training for only USD 30.00

The Cons of Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books

Some users noted the content of this book seemed too cluttered because of all the information they included. 

Some practice tests’ content is outdated, so try to look for the latest version of Barron’s MCAT reviewers to get the correct information. 

Finally, some explanations don’t give detailed guides on the answer sheet.

Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books: User Reviews

The best way to know the book’s quality is by checking consumer reviews. Here is a compilation of feedback from people who made purchases of Barron’s MCAT books in the past

Amazon Review

The original Barron’s MCAT 2008: Medical College Admission Test has 4 out of 5 on Amazon. Most people enjoy how informative this book is and how it teaches them various exam skills.

Barron’s new MCAT second edition has a 3.5 rating out of 5 from customers. The book content was helpful, but some people have problems with the digital files. These concerns show the aspects where this book needs improvement.

The third edition of Barron's MCAT with online tests has the highest rating. 

It got a 4.8 out of 5 stars review on Amazon, with many customers saying the book helped them pass their MCAT test.

This edition is the latest from Barron’s, so the team fixed all the concerns with the previous versions. 

Several users are satisfied with the current book content and layout, and it’s the most popular guide people use when they review for the MCAT.

Barron's Mcat Books Amazon Review 1
Barron's Mcat Books Amazon Review 2
Barron's Mcat Books Amazon Review 3


Barron's MCAT with CD-ROM has a total rating of 3.67 out of 5 on the Goodreads page. Twelve people gave their ratings on the website, but none left reviews.

Seven people gave the book a four to five-star ranking, so this book is user-friendly and is an excellent reviewer guide for the MCAT.

This website doesn’t carry other versions of Barron's MCAT reviewer. Instead, they focused their marketing on websites with more extensive reach, like Amazon.

Barron's Mcat Books Goodreads Review


The users on Thriftbooks gave Barron’s MCAT 2008: Medical College Admission Test a 4.5 rating out of 5. 

Several positive comments say how the book helped refresh the person’s mind about physical and social sciences.

The exams on the CD-ROM are also excellent practice for the actual MCAT. 

Barron's Mcat Books Thriftbooks Review

Verdict: Are Barron’s MCAT Preparation Books Worth It? 

Barron’s MCAT preparation books are beneficial as a study guide. They have the proper outline and practice tests to help you prepare for the actual MCAT exam. 

These books and guides also include study tips and strategies to ensure you get the most out of your materials. It’s a complete tool for training yourself to answer quickly and well during the MCAT exam. 

Other MCAT preparation books may also provide supplemental information for your Barron’s guide. Finally, try various approaches to your study routine to perform your best. 

Generally we always tell our students: you shouldn’t pay a lot for content review because that can be free from places like Khan Academy. The only thing that deserves an investment is learning the strategy of HOW to study for an exam like the MCAT

For example, practice is a great investment that helps with the ‘how to study’ or getting a tutor is another example of  a high yield approach to maximizing your MCAT score (as opposed to paying for content review). 

Suggestion: Before dropping a lot of money into a prep course, consider running the idea by a tutor (if you’re going to get a tutor anyway). They can diagnose your situation and provide you with a better plan moving forward.

Once you have your content figured out, we also have MCAT strategy specific courses to help you achieve your goal MCAT score - all created from top MCAT scorers, who’ve been through the journey.

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