Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course Review

June 25, 2024

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Preparation courses are beneficial when studying for MCAT. Although book sets and resources are already great material to lean your knowledge on, you will get many benefits from following a particular program that caters to your weakest areas among the MCAT subjects.

Today, let's get to know the platform with this Magoosh MCAT prep course review and see how it can help you to kick-start your medical journey. 

Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course: Everything You Need to Know

To give you an idea of what Magoosh has to offer, here is everything you know about the test prep platform:

What is Magoosh?

Magoosh Mcat Prep Courses Home Page

When looking for reliable and effective MCAT prep course companies to try, one of the most popular options people often think about is Magoosh. Unlike other platforms, this company is not older than a decade, yet it was able to take place in the industry. 

Magoosh provides excellent online services and technological innovations in its programs. They also have affordable pricing that allows students to enjoy their offerings without breaking the bank. 

Another thing people love about Magoosh is that its contents are supported on various devices using Android, Mac, PC, and iOS. In addition, all of its study materials are online-based. 

They do not provide organized in-person classes as they primarily value accessibility and convenience. Therefore, this might not be the best MCAT program for students who prefer interaction with actual teachers. 

Their classes are optimized, allowing the enrolled students to access enhanced resources. This is beneficial for those who couldn't attend the scheduled MCAT classes.

Magoosh offers two kinds of program classes: live and on-demand. Both of these include the following:

  • in-depth videos
  • Practice questions
  • Full-length practice tests
  • Email assistance

Magoosh also takes pride in its capacity to cater to people with learning disabilities. Unfortunately, most platforms disregard this aspect, leaving many students with difficulties and limited options in studying for MCAT.

Their on-demand learning option offers maximum flexibility for students. They can study for the MCAT in line with their schedule and needs at the moment, making it more efficient and effective for different kinds of people. This also works well for those with working schedules and busy lifestyles.

Many reasons make the Magoosh MCAT preparation courses worth the money. First, they present their system in a simple, well-constructed, yet fun way that any student will enjoy. After all, studying doesn't always have to feel like a chore. 

If you are searching for a cost-efficient and flexible company, then Magoosh is an excellent choice. 

Who Is The Magoosh MCAT Prep Course For?

Magoosh Mcat Prep Course Overview

Magoosh MCAT prep course is for students working on a budget and would want to study on their own time. This course structure is available on other company platforms, but Magoosh takes it to the next level. They have a better presentation of materials available for both phones and computers. 

Aside from that, Magoosh also does not require you to attend an in-person class. 

You can study whenever from anywhere across the globe. It will also help you manage yourself and create a studying schedule that works best for you.

Curriculum And Coursework

Magoosh provides a wide selection of services that would be extremely useful for students who choose to purchase and use their products. 

Unlike other platforms, you can access their packages through subscriptions. For example, you can choose to subscribe for a month if you plan to study short-term or for 12 months for year-long access to their resources.

These are what you can expect to be included in the package if you choose to study with Magoosh:

1. Full-length practice tests

Magoosh makes sure to give the students an idea of what they can expect in the actual MCAT examination. This is evident in how they present their practice tests

These practice tests are also shorter, giving the students enough time to review and understand each question further. It also decreases stress and pressure from extensive content, which is essential to make studying more effective and efficient. 

2. Video Lessons

Magoosh provides over 380 content of high-quality video lessons for its students. This is the primary material of their on-demand course. It also works well for those who learn better visually.

The videos are simple, clear, and present concepts in a way that makes them easier to understand. 

They also provide shortcuts on high-yield topics so you can absorb the information faster. It will keep you up to speed upon making a habit of actual MCAT test patterns.

Experienced tutors present videos with several years of experience in the industry. 

3. Email assistance

Magoosh has a feature that lets you press the "Help" button whenever you feel lost in your self-studying. This gives the students reliable guidance on the topics they find challenging. A certified tutor will assist you in doing so.

4. 745+ practice questions

These practice questions are shorter than those provided by different MCAT course programs. 

Shorter exams help students minimize the pressure and find better ways to review the items they answered incorrectly and do better in the next.

5. Detailed answers

After answering the provided practice tests, you will be given a detailed explanation of the answers for each item. This will help you understand the covered subjects better and determine the areas that need improvement in your studying.

MCAT exams can be tricky at times, as the questions will truly see if you understand the concepts on a deeper level. 

Knowing the concepts, especially in the passage questions, will be beneficial to get a higher score on your MCAT test

6. Additional resources

Magoosh also provides blogs, lecture notes, flashcards, MCAT applications, and a long list of topics that you need to cover for the MCAT. 

Magoosh Content Videos

You probably think you already have an idea of Magoosh's content videos with the brief discussion above, but they have more to offer. 

You will get unlimited access to their vast library of relevant online lessons upon enrollment. It is impressive to have high technological expectations designed to help students find comfort and efficiency in studying alone.

Most students in their program state that the Magoosh library is easy to navigate as they look for high-yielding resources.

The lessons are presented well and utilize big-picture displays for engagement and interaction. Such visuals can mobilize students to come back and look for similarly shown videos. 

The videos are organized well per subject, making them easier to access and less time scrolling through an ocean of videos. 

Additionally, these videos come with strategy lessons to help you understand the topics better and develop a way to remember the concepts accurately during the exam.

Their lessons also offer sample exercises that help improve the retention of ideas. In addition, each video comes with a transcript for a quick look at the concepts discussed in the lesson. 

You can view the transcript as a whole or see sections of moments you want to review once again.

The good thing about these is that they are clear on different devices, on your phone or PC. 

Magoosh content videos also have a feature that informs you whether or not you have already watched a particular video, so you can skip it next time and move on to the next. 

With the constant availability of visual content for youths, this approach is the most appealing to those who want to study for the MCAT

Magoosh Practice Tests

Although most of Magoosh's practice exams are shorter, they still offer three (3) full-length practice tests for their students on their platform. The main reason why they do this is that shorter exams simulate the actual 2022 MCAT test model better.

These exams are developed by certified MCAT tutors who ensure they are closely similar to the MCAT test.

When you are taking these practice tests, expect that there will be a timer, so it is essential that you learn how to manage your time properly. In addition, it is crucial to achieve an excellent score on your MCAT exam

They have detailed explanations of each item after every test, so be sure to check that out and find out how well you did on the simulated test. 

Magoosh prioritizes accessibility. When you click a video, you can access the practice questions attached to the topic discussed. It is excellent for when you are trying to catch up with missed lessons. 

Do not expect the questions to be easy. They are made challenging for a reason, and you will do fine if you diligently review your resources. 

It is better to start somewhere than be surprised by the difficulty of the actual MCAT test. Some even say that the practice exams are even more challenging than the actual test, but it's so much better to over-prepare than to regret it later. 

Magoosh App

Magoosh Mcat App

Magoosh has a mobile app you can access with your PC and smartphone. This takes convenience and accessibility to the next level.

You can download it on your device so you can have access to it wherever you go. In addition, it comes with MCAT flashcards that you can use for fun learning and videos that contain an explanation of each concept. 

The flashcards cover many topics related to the MCAT, such as Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and more. 

A feature lets you mark cards as "I knew this card" and "I don't know this card." This reminds you of what you already covered in your progress and everything else you need a master further.

They also have one for the common words you need to know in the medical field. This lets you have a head start on what you can expect in case you were able to pass the examination. 

There are a total of over 230 concepts developed by highly-qualified Magoosh tutors. However, it only comes in 40 items, which is limited.

Overall, the design of the app is excellent. The quality of the contents is the same, no matter what device you are currently on. They are genuinely valuable in studying for MCAT and worth your time and money. 

Magoosh Score Guarantee

Magoosh Mcat Course Score Guarantee

Magoosh claims to help you achieve a 10-point score increase on your MCAT. If you can't accomplish this, they offer a money-back guarantee policy. This makes it risk-free despite its already affordable offering. 

This indicates that the company is confident with its offered course. They also have had good reviews from their students in the past years, so you can be secure that Magoosh is legit and provides excellent resources. 

However, there is a qualification to qualify for the money-back guarantee policy. You must:

  • Have taken the MCAT before you enrolled with Magoosh

  • Email them a copy or screenshot of your previous score upon registration

  • Make sure that the score is administered after the 2015 MCAT revisions

You won't qualify for this policy if you haven't taken the MCAT test before. 

If you are not yet ready to commit, they offer a 7-day money-back guarantee where you can access the contents of the course risk-free. You can get your payment back if you don't find the product helpful.

Magoosh MCAT Courses Pricing

Magoosh Mcat Prep Course Pricing Information

Magoosh offers three plan options for everyone interested in their products: the 1-month premium subscription and the 12-month premium subscription.

a. Free Plan

  • Price: Free

  • Duration: 7 days

They have a free plan you can start with if you want to look through what they offer. Once you sign up for this free plan, you will access 60 content review videos developed 

by their expert MCAT instructors and 16 practice questions.

This one doesn't require a credit card because it lasts only seven days. Still, you will be able to access email assistance 24/7.

b. 1-Month Premium

  • Price: USD 379

  • Duration: 1 month

This premium course is available at only USD 379. If you choose to avail of this plan, you will have access to the following:

  • 380+ content videos

  • 740+ practice questions

  • A detailed explanation of each practice question item

  • Customizable study plan

It also comes with an increase of 10 points guarantee and email support at any time of the day. 

Additionally, you can pause your account anytime in case something significant happens in your personal life. You can always return to where you last finished and continue.

All of these are available for a month in this subscription.

c. 12-Month Premium

  • Price: USD 399

  • Duration: 12 months

Among all plans, the 12-month Premium is the most cost-efficient. 

With very little difference from the one-month premium plan, you can also get access to all services provided by Magoosh for one year. In addition, you can always pause your account at any time within 12 months.

The contents included in this plan are the following:

  • 380+ content videos

  • 740+ practice questions

  • A detailed explanation of each practice question item

  • Customizable study plan

This comes with a 10-point score increase guarantee and 24/7 email support from your MCAT instructors. 

If you cannot afford a one-time payment, you can opt to make four monthly payments of USD 99.75 each. 

Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course Pros and Cons 

Now that we know the contents of the Magoosh MCAT prep course, let us discuss the pros and cons of their program:

The Pros of Magoosh MCAT Prep Courses

Magoosh values accessibility and flexibility. You can access their content on any device without compromising the quality of learning. This makes it the perfect option for those students who are working and have other commitments in their lives.

Their programs are also relatively more affordable than other companies. At a price that does not exceed USD 400, you can get high-quality resources to help you study for the MCAT. It may be cheaper, but the contents are comparably valuable and practical. They also have an app where you can access flashcards to help you study on the go. 

For their practice exams, each item comes with a detailed explanation which helps retain information and immediate revision. 

They also offer a money-back guarantee policy for their 7-day free trial and a guaranteed 10-point increase from your previous MCAT score. 

The program and services offered by Magoosh are great for those who do not have the time to attend a live class and are looking for a more affordable version of expensive MCAT prep courses online.

The Cons of Magoosh MCAT Prep Courses

Although Magoosh is an excellent platform, it is not perfect. We will discuss the disadvantages of using Magoosh as your MCAT prep course.

The first noticeable drawback of Magoosh is its lack of live and one-on-one tutoring options that many students prefer. In addition, their program is purely online, which may not be recommended for those who learn better through tutor interactions.

When it comes to their flashcards, it is limited to only 40 cards. Some students say it is limiting and would be better if they had more.

Magoosh offers only three full-length practice tests; the rest consist of shorter exams. This limits the students to only three tries of simulating the actual MCAT exam with the same duration and time counter.

Lastly, they do not provide printed materials in their program. Most resources come in a video lesson, but you can always get the transcript and refer to that. 

Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course: Customer User-Experience and Reviews

Many of Magoosh’s students only have good things to say about their experience using their course materials. 

The following are some of the platforms that show the reviews of the students who previously and currently availing of their programs:

Facebook Review

Magoosh has 4.9 out of 5 stars on its Facebook page in customer ratings. 

Many of their students only have good things to say about the programs' contents. These are some of the relevant reviews in the past years:

Magoosh Mcat Courses Facebook Review 1
Magoosh Mcat Courses Facebook Review 2
Magoosh Mcat Courses Facebook Review 3
Magoosh Mcat Courses Facebook Review 4
Magoosh Mcat Courses Facebook Review 5

G2 Review

Magoosh has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. their students are praising their review materials for different kinds of examinations, including the MCAT. Here are some of the things they have to say:

Magoosh Mcat Courses G2 Review 1
Magoosh Mcat Courses G2 Review 2

Trust Pilot Reviews

On Trustpilot, Magoosh has over 259 reviews from its users, rated 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Most of the reviews state that the contents are well-structured and that they were able to get a higher scores on their respective examinations. 

Aside from MCAT, many students also praise their review program for GRE, LSAT, TOEFL, and more. Here are some of their reviews:

Magoosh Mcat Courses Trustpilot Review 1
Magoosh Mcat Courses Trustpilot Review 2

Verdict: Is Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course Worth it?

Considering all the factors and features that Magoosh offers its students, it is safe to say that the course is worth the money. It is cost-efficient and just as effective as other MCAT prep courses. 

Their contents are relevant to the covered subject and presented in a way that appeals to the learners.

You can also get year-long access to a wide selection of resources that would be extremely useful for your self-review. 

When looking for a good MCAT prep course, you should consider Magoosh. 

Generally we always tell our students: you shouldn’t pay a lot for content review because that can be free from places like Khan Academy. The only thing that deserves an investment is learning the strategy of HOW to study for an exam like the MCAT. 

For example, practice is a great investment that helps with the ‘how to study’ or getting a tutor is another example of  a high yield approach to maximizing your MCAT score (as opposed to paying for content review).

However, for content review we like how affordable Magoosh is so we do support and recommend them to students who are looking to pay for content review.

Once you have your content figured out, we also have MCAT strategy specific courses to help you achieve your goal MCAT score - all created from top MCAT scorers, who’ve been through the journey.

Additional FAQs – Magoosh MCAT Preparation Course Review

1. Is Magoosh MCAT Prep Course Affordable?

Compared to other platforms offering MCAT preparation courses, Magoosh provides one of the most affordable services. Their course is no more than USD 400, unlike others that can reach up to USD 5,000 or more depending on the inclusions.
You can get excellent materials and resources to study for the MCAT at such a low price.  

2. When Should I Begin Preparing for the MCAT?

You should study for the MCAT 4 to 5 months before the examinations. This gives you enough time to cover all necessary subjects and review them once again for complete understanding.
If you think you can do it for 2 to 3 months, it would require you to study for at least 8 to 10 hours a day of studying to cover all topics before the MCAT examinations. 

3. Is the Magoosh MCAT Harder than the Actual MCAT?

Yes. Magoosh practice tests are relatively harder than the actual MCAT tests (according to some user reviews) –  and this benefits the students. 
Preparing for the more challenging questions can help you train and understand the concepts more comprehensively.
If you were able to score high in your Magoosh practice tests, there is a high chance of getting a good score on your MCAT. 

4. How Long is the Magoosh MCAT Prep Course?

Depending on your chosen plan, the duration of your review with Magoosh may vary. 
You can choose to enroll in a one-month plan and make the most out of that month. 
On the other hand, you can avail of their 12-month program and have unlimited access to all of their contents, resources, and materials.

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