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February 20, 2024

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Preparing for the MCAT can be physically, mentally, and financially challenging.  With many expenses to allot your budget on, utilizing free resources is a great way to ensure you are preparing for the MCAT while saving money.      

Thanks to many free online resources, you can study and prepare for the MCAT without spending additional money. All you need is a device and a good internet connection. Many students have aced their MCAT with the help of these free online resources. 

If you're searching for the best online resources for the MCAT, you have come to the right page. This article focuses on the best of them and how to use them properly. 

How Should You Use the Free Online Resources to Prepare for the MCAT? 

Using free online resources for the MCAT will not yield good results if you do not use them properly. Utilizing them effectively is the key. Otherwise, you are bound to waste your time and effort. You will also not be able to achieve the results you want. 

Here are a few tips on using the MCAT's free resources for optimum results. 

Know Your MCAT Weaknesses and Strengths

Some MCAT online free resources focus on different topics and subjects. Before using the free online resources, you must assess your strengths and weaknesses. 

Doing so allows you to identify which online resources for the MCAT to use.  Doing so helps you to determine which online resources for the MCAT to use.

Use Free Resources for the MCAT with a Good Reputation

There are many free resources for the MCAT you can find these days. While they are free and you won’t waste any money if you use them, we recommend you do your research first. 

Ask other MCAT students, visit MCAT online forums, and check out the websites. It It helps you save time.

Do Not Be Afraid to Use More than One Resource.

Since these MCAT resources are free, we encourage you to use more than one. 

You will not find all the information and help you need in only one free online resource. Pair them together to ensure maximum results.

Do Not Only Rely on the Free MCAT Online Resources

The MCAT is one of the most important exams in your pursuit of becoming a doctor. It may be costly. However, the amount you will spend for your MCAT preparation is nothing compared to how much you will spend in medical school. 

Additionally, once you become a doctor, you will earn more than you spent on the MCAT and medical school. With the MCAT's free online resources, spending on other MCAT prep books, prep courses, and MCAT tutoring programs wouldn't be a bad idea.

Take MCAT Practice Tests Now and Then.

Your goal for using MCAT resources is to improve your score. Therefore, you must answer MCAT practice questions and practice tests to ensure that your scores are improving. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and effort.

Free Online MCAT Resources: Pros and Cons

Like other MCAT prep resources, these also have advantages and disadvantages.  In that case, assessing if the benefits exceed the drawbacks is essential.

For your reference, here are the pros and cons of using the best free online resources for the MCAT.

The Pros of Using Free MCAT Online Resources:

  • Online free resources for the MCAT are free, as the name suggests. You do not have to pay anything. You only need a device and a good internet connection. 
  • They are convenient. You do not have to go to review centers and follow a specific timetable. You can use the free online resources anytime, anywhere. 
  • Many options to choose from. You can choose which one you think would help you the most. However, ensure proper research before deciding which online free resources to use for the MCAT. 

The Cons of Using Free MCAT Online Resources:

  • Some of the online resources are not reliable. You must be selective and intelligent about which to employ during your MCAT preparation. Ask other students and do proper research before deciding which to use. 
  • The content and structure of these free resources for the MCAT may be limited. Since they are free, this is something you should take note of. Unlike other paid MCAT prep materials, you may not have all you need for the MCAT in these free online resources. 
  • The materials from these resources do not have the same quality as those that are paid. Some of them may have not-so-favorable feedback and reviews. It is up to you which ones are worth trying. 

10 Best Free Online MCAT Resources

As you prepare for the MCAT, using online resources could be your saving grace, especially if you are on a tight budget. If you ask other MCAT students, most of them would say that these online resources helped them a great deal to achieve a strong MCAT score

To help you choose the best online resources for the MCAT, here are a few that you might want to check out.

1. AAMC Free Online MCAT Resource

Screenshot of AAMC’s guide on making an MCAT study plan

Source: AAMC Official Website

The AAMC's website is home to a wealth of other resources on the MCAT, including guidelines, suggestions, and recommendations from prior medical students who have already taken the exam.

If you are taking the MCAT, the AAMC is the first online resource you should check out. Even if they do not have free practice exams, it is still a good source of information you might need for the MCAT. 

What’s Included:

  • MCAT guidelines
  • Foundational topics and key concepts required
  • ALL information about the MCAT



Official body that administers the MCAT

Reliable information

Relevant data about past MCAT

No free MCAT prep materials

Additional Reading:

2. Khan Academy Free Online MCAT Prep Course

Screenshot of the Khan Academy MCAT prep course

Source: Khan Academy Official Website

A non-profit online learning environment, Khan Academy focuses on providing academic courses in a range of areas for learners of all ages. 

The Khan Academy MCAT course comprises 1,100 videos and 3,000 review questions to help you prepare for the MCAT. 

The inclusion of Khan Academy in this list of study guides is because, as a stand-alone product, it might not provide an adequate content review for people who require more in-depth MCAT preparation.

What’s included:

  • MCAT videos
  • Prep course curriculum
  • Hundreds of MCAT passages covering all sections
  • Thousands of practice questions 



Approved by the AAMC

Has a good reputation

Good quality of videos

Limited content

No MCAT full-length exams

No personalized study plan

Additional Reading:

3. Princeton Review Free Online Biology Course (Trial)

Screenshot of Princeton Review’s free Biology Course sign-up page

Source: Princeton Review Official Website

Despite being only 7 days long, this trial made our list of the best MCAT study materials since it includes the same biochemistry learning module as the Princeton Review's commercial MCAT courses. 

This free trial includes an in-depth score report for a full-length practice exam and on-demand Medflix films on topics including biological macromolecules, catalysts and enzymes, thermodynamics, and reaction coupling. 

Additionally, you get to participate in practice exercises and quizzes that evaluate your understanding of enzymes and hyperuricemia.

What’s included:

  • Medflix videos
  • Practice questions and exercises
  • Detailed explanations of questions



Has a good reputation

Quality practice materials

Engaging and good quality videos

Good for only 7 days

Limited content compared to the paid program

Additional Reading:

4. MCAT Self-Prep Free Online Resource

Screenshot of the MCAT Self-Prep Free Prep Course sign-up page

Source: MCAT Self-Prep Official Website

You can make a thorough walkthrough of everything on the MCAT using the YouTube playlists provided by the MCAT Self Prep website, which offers a wide range of different MCAT prep channels.

If you'd prefer to read through the material in preparation books. The fact that this course incorporates the AAMC practice materials into mini-tests for monitoring your progress frequently is a great feature.

What’s included: 

  • MCAT modules
  • Weekly study tips
  • Practice questions
  • Informative MCAT videos



Access to Facebook study group

Included 10 MCAT modules and other MCAT prep materials

Offers alternative MCAT programs at an affordable price

Lots of ads

No mobile app

Lack of detailed explanations

Additional Reading:

5. Kaplan Free MCAT Practice Test

Kaplan is renowned for offering top-notch practice materials for standardized tests. While you may opt to do so, you could also wish to take advantage of Kaplan's free MCAT Practice Test. Most of its products demand payment from customers.

You may be confident that you are receiving the most recent practice material because Kaplan does an excellent job updating its practice test content. The redesigned, condensed MCAT is used in their current practice exam. 

What’s included: 

  • A full-length exam to assess your level
  • Practice questions patterned from the actual MCAT



Quality questions

Has a good reputation

Offers MCAT prep courses and tutoring programs

Some explanations lack details

Prep courses and tutoring programs offered are expensive

Additional Reading:

6. Jack Westin Free MCAT CARS Course

Screenshot of the Free MCAT CARS practice questions from JackWestin

Source: JackWestin Official Website  

JackWestin has published free daily CARS chapters that they have structured to the AAMC format. Although their questions are a little more challenging than the original AAMC CARS passages, we still think everyone should use them.

They occasionally create questions where most students select the incorrect response. The question should then be disregarded because it was probably inadequately phrased. 

What’s included:

  • Practice questions
  • MCAT CARS passages
  • Explanations of right and wrong answers



Detailed explanations

Patterned from the actual MCAT

Lots of MCAT CARS passages and questions

More difficult than the actual MCAT

Free course focuses on MCAT CARS only

Some questions and passages have grammar and spelling mistakes

7. Blueprint (Next Step) Free MCAT Test Bundle

Screenshot of Blueprint’s free MCAT test bundle’s sign-up page

Source: Blueprint Official Website

A free package from Blueprint, formerly known as Next Step Test Prep, comprises a full-length exam, a diagnostic exam that is just half as long, and then some additional free material from their MCAT course.

Additionally, they provide a free 90-minute MCAT Verbal Strategy course and a free daily MCAT question newsletter. Once more, fragmenting your test preparation is not advised. Therefore if you are only interested in the free part of this test, we propose taking their free practice exam.

What’s included:

  • Practice exam
  • Diagnostic exam
  • MCAT flashcards
  • Free course on verbal strategy
  • Daily MCAT question newsletter



Has a good reputation

Quality MCAT prep materials

Offers alternative MCAT prep courses and tutoring programs  

Some explanations may lack details

No program to collaborate with other MCAT students

Additional Reading:

8. Magoosh Free Online MCAT Prep Review (Trial)

Screenshot of Magoosh’s free MCAT prep review sign-up page

Source: Magoosh Official Website 

The way that Magoosh teaches sets it apart from other MCAT prep programs. With other services, potential medical students are subject to months of strict practice regimens. However, this is not the case with Magoosh.

The programs are all self-paced. You can select from a variety of pre-made schedules based on the length of your testing. However, those timetables can be modified to fit your specific needs.

Magoosh does not provide study tips, in contrast to some other test prep software. As a result, it's well-liked by those who want a more independent approach or are professionals.

What’s included:

  • 16 practice questions
  • Full-length practice tests
  • 24/7 support from tutors
  • 60 MCAT content videos



Has a mobile app platform

Score predictor feature

Thorough content evaluation videos

Low quality of videos

Few practice questions

Does not include printed materials

Additional Reading:

9. Charles Feng Free Online MCAT Resource

Screenshot of Charles Feng’s downloadable MCAT practice questions

Source Charles Feng Official Website

Charles Feng offers the lesson plans he developed for his classes during his four years of teaching for Examkrackers. There he worked after receiving a score that placed him in the 99.9th percentile in 2008.

Although these guides were written before the 2015 MCAT modifications, you can still utilize them as excellent subject guides for the four sections of the MCAT. 

What’s included:

  • Study tips
  • Practice questions and passages



Good and detailed illustrations

Printable and downloadable materials

Created by an actual MCAT test-taker

Patterned from the old MCAT format

Not as well-known as the others in this list

Does not offer alternative MCAT prep course and tutoring programs

10. MCAT Mastery Free Online MCAT Resource 

Screenshot of MCAT Mastery’s sign-up page

Source: MCAT Mastery Official Website  

You may help yourself succeed on the MCAT by using MCAT Mastery as a resource for your medical school studies. 

However, MCAT Mastery does not offer free MCAT prep courses and practice questions. We have multiple blog posts and videos about biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and physics. We have everything you need to know about the MCAT.  

What’s included:



Covers everything about the MCAT

Founded by actual MCAT test-takers

Covers everything about the MCAT Offers alternative MCAT prep course and tutoring programs

Lack of in-depth explanations on some topics

No full-length exams and practice materials provided

Additional Reading:

Additional Free Resources for MCAT Preparation

Free MCAT YouTube Channels

You can check out many free MCAT YouTube channels to study and prepare for the MCAT.  It is especially beneficial if you are a visual learner. YouTube channels are also a good break since you do not have to read and flip pages of an MCAT prep book.

Free MCAT Podcasts

Like YouTube channels for the MCAT, you can also opt to listen to podcasts as you gear up for the MCAT. Many students claim that listening to these MCAT podcasts helped them immensely during their MCAT preparation.

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