How To Study for the MCAT to Score in the 90th Percentile

June 25, 2024

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Are you unsure of how to start studying for the MCAT?

Are you overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated with the amount of information you need to cover?

Have you already been studying and not seeing scores improve as fast as they should?

We wrote this in-depth article on How To Study for the MCAT and Score in the 90the Percentile for you if you're determined to get a competitive MCAT score but aren't feeling the most confident right now.

We've done months and months of research and I can tell you with 100% certainty that those who destroy the MCAT, are approaching the MCAT from a different, more strategic angle than 90% of MCAT writers out there.


There's a very tiny percentage of people who understand the the secrets of doing well on the MCAT. That's the same tiny percentage of people who master the MCAT and get noticed by med-schools.

Few of them understand it naturally, others learn it from older brothers or sisters who crushed the MCAT and are probably in med-school, and some just figure it out after writing the MCAT multiple times.

We created this guide, and MCAT Mastery overall, with the sole purpose of revealing those secrets to you.

Before you continue, keep in mind...

This isn't a short article. If you want a quick and easy fix to your MCAT score or magic formula, this isn't the place to be.

There are techniques to make your MCAT experience smoother and easier, but you have to first be open to them, and be willing to do whatever it takes to differentiate yourself from the herd. 

And no, unlike everyone else we're not going to tell you to just "study hard". 

In fact, we're going to show you how to "study smart".

This article will be particularly beneficial to you if you...

  • Are unsure of how to start studying for the MCAT
  • Want to score in the (or at least near to) the 90th percentile
  • Want to know the best and smartest way to study for the MCAT
  • Aren't seeing scores increase with every practice exam
  • Are scoring 500 or less on the MCAT and needs a FAST score improvement
  • Are feeling stressed or discouraged about the MCAT
  • Want to avoid the same mistakes most-retesters make the first 

With that said, are you ready to discover how to master the MCAT this year?

 Good. Let's begin.

Your First Step To Getting A Top MCAT Score

We know what it's like.

Most premeds have been trying not to think of how the MCAT is coming up soon.

As classes are still going on, some use their school work to distract themselves, whereas others think they have it all planned.

They know they're going to give themselves approximately 3 months to study.

“I should be good with 3 months…” most premeds think.

You reason that there are people who do really well with just eight weeks or just a month of studying.

“… so 3 months is more than enough time!”

Only a few 'future 90 percentile scorers' realize that those who did really well in such a limited time are doing something different than most. Something they must do as well.

Most premeds don't understand why they're still so put off with the idea that MCAT prep is approaching soon...

I'm sure you've felt it too.

As much as you try to ignore it, it remains there, like "a splinter, in the mind.” (Matrix reference!)

Truth is, environment plays a big role.

Maybe it's the parents and non-science friends who are already excited that you're "going to med-school!"

It's like they think the MCAT "isn't that hard" and everyone just gets through it like any other exam. Truth is, it's far from a joke (you'll see why soon).

Which is why there's usually a lot of tension around from friends and classmates, who are also writing the MCAT soon.

It makes us nervous.

People around you are stressed, feeling the pressure, and are anxious. As a result, you too get worried.

But the environment isn't the biggest stress trigger...

The real problem is that deep down you know what the MCAT truly means.

You've realized it’s not like preparing for any other test.

This test determines so much more.

Especially when the med-school Admission Committee (AdComs) use MCAT scores as the major factor in determining who will get into med-school, by using computers to do the screening.

Which means if your MCAT score doesn't meet the minimum requirements for that particular med-school, the computer automatically drops your entire application in the rejection pile.

With all of this going on, it can be incredibly difficult to get into an "MCAT acing" mindset. There's pressure from everywhere. You may not even feel it yet but you eventually will and you'll be thankful you read this so you know exactly how to deal with it.

Especially if you're like most of our students and are financially backed by your parents. You definitely don't want to let them down by not getting into med-school. And if you don't have financial backing, then you have a part time job to worry about.

The first step to achieving your maximum MCAT score is to train your MCAT mindset so you can achieve your doctor dreams regardless of all the environmental torture surrounding you.

Top MCAT Scorers know how to do this. They know that mindset is everything.

The right mindset determines how you approach your studying. How open you are to opportunities around you that can help you. Mindset is also the difference between you deciding to start studying soon, or putting off until 'later'. It is a key factor in many aspects of this journey you're about to embark upon.

Which is why you need to keep the following in mind if you want to differentiate yourself and your MCAT score from everyone else writing with you...

How The MCAT Mindset of a 90th Percentile Scorer Compares to Most Premeds

Common Mindset 1 
"The MCAT is a barrier to my dreams, to my goals, and to my future."

Do you see the MCAT as an obstacle standing in between you and your goal?

Your goal to get the education you need to become a successful doctor?

It's not an extreme thought. At the core of it, that's what the MCAT really is.

Some feel like this thought keeps them from moving forward. This can get overwhelming...

The key is that you need to change your  perspective of it...

You could either have a ‘victim’ mentality or a ‘conqueror’ mentality.

The ‘conqueror’ mentality will feel much better because that frees up your mind to approach the MCAT like overcoming a barrier in a game – it becomes fun.

Common Mindset 2 
"How many MCAT attempts is too many attempts?

We can't stress this enough... you only want to write the MCAT ONCE! Make that decision right now that this is the last time you'll be writing it.

Top-scorers don't think about how they may have more than one opportunity to write the MCAT.

You know how mentally draining and time-consuming MCAT prep is going to be. Trust me, you don't want to be forced to re-live MCAT prep EVER again.

You have to do it once and only once.

If you get anything less than what you want, you will have to re-write. It'll place a toll on your self-esteem, confidence, and will lead to more mental hurdles.

If you've already written the MCAT before, you know exactly what I mean. But don't worry, because now that you're here, this will be the last time you write if you follow our MCAT acing techniques.

Common Mindset 3 
“If I don't do well, is that representative of how good of a doctor I’m going to be?”

That’s right - although not very logical, most know that performing poorly has some effect on their confidence. Things have changed with the new MCAT. It's now been designed to identify those premeds who already 'think like doctors'.

Knowing this, you're already ahead of most writers and you can train your mind to think like one and score high on the MCAT.

Top-scorers succeed on the MCAT because they've knowingly or unknowingly, discovered how to think in the way that AdComs are searching for.

We'll be covering that in detail later in this article...

Truth is, if you don't do well, your chances of being a doctor are low, nevermind about being a good one.

Common Mindset 4 
“How will my friends do?”

You've created some amazing friendships throughout your university years.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t, but I think every pre-med feels that unspoken and almost nervously competitive vibe that’s always there between all of us friends writing the MCAT soon.

What would happen if my friends did better than me?

What would happen if everyone got into med school and I didn’t?

More pressure. Too much pressure and anxiety to even think straight. Let alone study at the highest efficiency.

Regardless, you know you have to kill the MCAT this year. Top scorers do whatever they can to get a competitive edge and focus only on themselves. 

Top scorers are competitive with themselves more than anyone. Every practice test needs to beat the previous one.

More importantly however, top-scorers have a crystal clear plan to master the MCAT, which you need to create as well.

Your Bullet-Proof Plan for Achieving A Competitive MCAT Score

If you're already thinking like most MCAT Masters, you know that having just an average GPA, some extra-curricular’s, and average everything, is not going to cut it.

You know if you want to stand out, you have to score above average on the MCAT. In fact, you know you have to master the MCAT.

Even if you are someone with an amazing GPA and great other credentials, it's rare that you'll even get a med-school interview with a mediocre MCAT score...

Secondly, you can expect the “what happened on the MCAT?!” question to show up. And you’ll have to spend the time and suffer the stress of defending it.

Just take a look at the chart below that tells you everything you need to know about MCAT scores and med-school admission:

Aamc Mcat Scores Stats 2016 2017

Image credit: AAMC

Total applicants - 53,042
Mean MCAT Score - 501.8

Total matriculants (admissions to med-school) - 21,030
Mean MCAT Score - 508.7

Fact: 60% of premeds don't get into med-school. Those who do, on average, score 508.

Knowing this, let's talk about your MCAT score goal.

We've come across hundreds, if not thousands of MCAT writers...

The smart ones are goal oriented and make a hard, tangible goal for themselves.

What's your MCAT score goal?

Looking at the chart above, most premeds aim to score around or near 508.

MCAT Masters however, reach higher.

The key is not to just aim to get a 'good' score.  Your aim needs to be to master the MCAT – no matter what your situation is. If you don't believe that with your chosen MCAT date and with your current school/work/home situation, that you can score over 508, then extend your MCAT date.

Keep extending it until you can firmly believe that scoring over 508 is possible. Obviously, don't extend too much. Anything over 6 months is pushing it.

Don't compromise with your MCAT because of other things. Your MCAT should be your primary focus.

Remember, aim for mastery, don't settle for mediocrity. That mindset will serve you well in the short-term and long-term.

Also, realize that no matter where you're at right now, you can achieve a competitive MCAT score.  If you've made it to this point, you can succeed on the MCAT. We're here to guide you.

Once you create your MCAT score goal, don't forget to write it down!

For example: “I will score a 510 or more on the MCAT.”

Pretty simple. Some won’t see the point of doing this. Some will laugh at it.

But you shouldn't care because you'll be looking at it regularly, when you need a reminder of why you're putting yourself through this torture, or if you just need a boost of motivation.

There's a reason why some of the most successful people in the world are known to use strategies like this of keeping their goals at the forefront of their mind.

It works. In fact, make multiple copies and stick one on your bathroom mirror so you see while you're brushing your teeth. Stick one near your work area. Make your desktop background your score goal. Make a daily alert on your phone of your MCAT score goal. 

These are techniques to motivate yourself and to feed your subconscious mind with the idea that this is the score you're directing all your attention, energy and focus towards. 

Remember, aim high -  I rather achieve my 80% of my goal to make $100,000/year, than achieve 100% of my goal to make $50,000/year.

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." - Les Brown

So do it now - write your goal down somewhere you'll see it constantly.

Again, remember it IS within your capability to achieve a competitive MCAT score.

You have what it takes. Many people have killed the MCAT who you would never expect to have done so. The stories are there if you really care to take the time to look them up.

We believe in you but that doesn't mean anything if YOU don't believe in YOU.

Making a goal that you don't believe you can achieve is pointless.

Set a high goal that you can look at and truly believe that even though it's high, there may actually be a way that could be your future MCAT score.

Don't worry about HOW it will happen - that's why you're here.

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success.” - James Cameron

Ok so you got your goal? Good.

Now most premeds, after making their goal, will think:

1 - Okay that's a high goal, I need to start studying hard.

2 - Okay so where do I start? I probably should get help and guidance on how to prep for the MCAT.

So of course, they go on forums. Then they ask their friends who are writing the MCAT with them, for their advice.

The contributors on the forums give them some advice. Their friends also give them some advice and tell them what they’ve been doing. Notable MCAT prep companies give their advice as well.

When you do this yourself, you'll realize that everyone is basically saying the same thing and giving the same generic advice, so that might even comfort you.

If you continue down this path, here's what will likely happen...

You'll use their advice and implement MCAT prep tactics that seem to be working for everyone.

Then you'll go through 2 or 3 months (give or take) of non-stop reading, memorizing, reviewing, and practicing.

You'll feel very productive.

And if you're smart, you might even think that...

"Everyone's studying in the same way, but if I put in more hours and more effort, then I'll definitely score above average..."

So you'll study harder and longer than you think everyone else is doing.

Fast forward to MCAT day:

After writing the MCAT, you'll expect to feel relieved at the thought that it's all over but once again, you'll find yourself trying to distract yourself from thinking about the MCAT even though it's already done!

You won't want to think about the MCAT at all. Why not?

It's because on some deeper level, you'll know that you may not have done as well as you had hoped...

And you'll be right...

Your score will turn up lower than you than you expected, and lower than you need to have a good chance for med-school.

A huge amount of time, energy, and money wasted.

Sadly, this happens to almost all MCAT writers.

This story I just told you is important for you to know.

It will serve you because before I tell you what else to do to score high on the MCAT...

You need to understand what NOT to do.

It is my hope that by reading this one article, that this never becomes your story. I want every premed reading this, to learn from the mistakes of other MCAT writers (and also their successes).

Some premeds get to this point, with a score they’re not so happy with and either a) accept it and move on with appliactions, or b) decide to re-write the MCAT.

Depending on how bad the score is and your med-schools cut off is, you'll likely choose option B.

It's a horrible situation to be in, by the way; imagine, another 3+ months of never-ending MCAT prep...

More money to be spent. Plus the un-wanted and not-needed sympathy from friends and family.

Besides, it's not like most of our friends and family (in non-medical fields) truly understand the pressure of BALANCING getting good grades in all classes, participating in extra-curricular activities, finding research and clinical experience, having a part-time job, while also studying to get a good grade on the MCAT!

With such pressure that you've probably never experienced in life, you need to approach the MCAT in a smarter way.

In a way where you're no longer 'hoping' for a competitive score...

We're going to show you how.

But first -

You need to understand what went wrong in that story...

Plus you need to understand how to take the quickest path to MCAT success...

(Because the way you use your limited time is one of the biggest factors in scoring high on the MCAT)

Are You Taking The Quickest Path to MCAT Success?

So you just got an MCAT score you're not happy with...

Once you stabilize your emotions and re-fuel your mind, more determined than ever, you'll  analyze the way you prepped for the MCAT and you'll realize your MCAT prep mistake...

Studying for the MCAT using traditional, out-dated, and ineffective strategies that those with average scores have spread around.

Everyone knows that there must be some secret way to doing well on the MCAT, so everyone asks each other.  People give their opinions but no one really knows for sure if what they're doing is right.

Unfortunately, it's rare to get helpful and reliable advice, strategies, and tips to master the MCAT from credible sources.

The people on forums could be anybody – who REALLY knows what their score actually is?

Your friends who are writing with you aren’t any better. Asking them for advice is like applying for a job and asking the guy next to you who is applying for the same job, on how to master the interview!

Why wouldn’t you just ask someone who has already been hired? Someone who clearly mastered the interview.

Our recommendation is to learn from those who are most credible, those who are true masters of the MCAT.

Those who are where you want to be (med-school). Those who scored what you want to score (i.e. 510+).

Now wouldn't THAT be the quickest path to MCAT success?

“If I have seen further than others, it's by standing on the shoulder of giants.” - Isaac Newton

It's simple - if you want to be the best, learn from the best. 

The best part is they're not competing with you since they're already in med-school or have already written the MCAT, so they'd be happy to help you!

Now the question is, where do you find top scorers of the MCAT? 

There’s a lot to consider here...

Some people are lucky because they have an older sibling or friend who mastered the MCAT and helps them out. Others pay ridiculous prices to get tutored by them.

It's not fair for most premeds and we know it. Not everyone has such connections, or hundreds of dollars to spend on MCAT tutors.

It can get frustrating, especially when you know how powerful this strategy is.

So we, at MCAT Mastery, felt the frustration and pain of the MCAT Mastery community.

Which is exactly why we spent our own time and energy to do ALL the research for you.

Clearly, as you can probably tell by now, we've dedicated ourselves to bring you the secrets of top-scorers on the MCAT.  

MCAT Mastery was started in 2014 with this goal in mind, and since then, we've been compiling the MCAT study techniques of MCAT Masters.

In fact, we've put our best info into one easily downloadable PDF guide for you. By the time you finish reading this article, you'll have access to the PDF and all the secrets contained within it.

It's one of our proudest creations at MCAT Mastery 🙂

In essence, this is why MCAT Mastery was born:

  • To bring you the success wisdom of true masters of the MCAT
  • To show you how they study smarter, not harder - and get results FASTER
  • To make sure you don't mess up all those years you've spent working towards becoming a doctor... because of one standardized test that has been given the power to control your future!

With that said, the information in the PDF guide is not as valuable unless you first understand this next, incredibly important, piece of insight...

How To Avoid the #1 Mistake 90% of MCAT Writers Make

The first tip you'll get from any credible MCAT Master who has destroyed the MCAT is this...

"First, recognize that what worked in your premed classes won't work for the MCAT. I'm not saying this to scare you, but getting a decent score in your premed classes is a JOKE compared to the MCAT."

Here's why...

Premed classes have always been about the memorization of facts and equations. They are focused on how well you know the content. If you know the content inside out, getting a high grade is almost guaranteed in a premed course.

But the MCAT is a different monster. It tests much more than just how well you know the content.

This is why the majority of MCAT test takers walk out of the exam shaking with anxiety...

Knowing they'll have to re-test.

You might already know that the MCAT is primarily a critical thinking and analysis exam...

But the reason why you'll see most test writers walking out of the exam speechless, drowning in confusion and worry, is because they didn't know this one important truth:

In an exam that tests your critical thinking and reasoning skills, you're guaranteed to see content that you've never seen before.

Now you must be wondering why the AAMC would create questions like this? Questions with content that they know students won't recognize.

The answer is simple:

Because the MCAT was made to identify future doctors.

We briefly mentioned this before, but here's what it really means...

The goal of the MCAT is to test your reasoning and critical thinking abilities in a way that's identical to what doctors have to do every day, with every patient they meet. 

The MCAT is a filtering strategy to get students who are already thinking like that, through the med-school doors.

Why? Because as a doctor and as med student, you're going to experience the unknown all the time.

As you progress in your "becoming a Doctor." journey, you'll have to train your mind to to think strategically and to be able to take on anything out of the ordinary that comes at you.

It's identical to what you're going to be doing in med-school...

The key is to realize that med-schools don't want to teach you how to think like this from scratch.

They just want people who ALREADY think like this to come in, so they can mould them into becoming the best doctors they can possibly be. Make sense?

This why the MCAT is the fundamental, most important determining factor in getting admission into med-school.

It's sad but AdCom won't even look at anything else you've submitted unless your MCAT score is as high as they're wanting...

A few, rare students figure this out and end up scoring over the 510 mark...

How Students Are Scoring Over 510 On The MCAT

Those moments where you're thrown into the unknown aren't easy.

If unprepared, they trigger your emotions and your emotions cloud your judgement.

Imagine the frustration and worry that would fall upon you if you're sitting in the most important exam of your life and you're constantly seeing questions, over and over, that you know nothing about.

Thinking like a doctor doesn't just mean having a solid foundation in the basic sciences.

It also means that you must know how to apply those concepts to solve new problems.

It means you have to be able to think on your feet.

It means you have to be thinking differently than everyone else in the room.

It means you have to be one step ahead of everyone else by strategically preparing beforehand.

The majority of premeds aren't going to prepare in this way.

They're not going to prepare strategically with a focus on application, and with a focus on problem solving strategy.

They're not going to schedule their MCAT prep in such a strategic way that gives them ample time to practice and apply their knowledge.

But you will...

Because we'll show you how, from the insights we've received from our on-going research.

So from this point on, don't worry about the unknown questions you're bound to encounter on the MCAT...

Think about it, the AAMC wouldn't create questions that they know students will never have heard of...

Unless the AAMC knew that students would still be able to figure out the answer on the spot.

With every exam, there are premeds scoring well over 510.

Those premeds have learned how to figure out the answers, even if they didn't know the concepts and content in the questions...

Trust me, they're not geniuses. We've seen a lot of them. I know that if they can do it, so can you.

So what's their secret?

We've mentioned it already.

They prepared for the MCAT with a focus on STRATEGY.

And not just any generic strategy...

PROVEN strategy that current med-schoolers have used to kill the MCAT.

By strategy we mean secret techniques, question analysis tips, proven frameworks, memorization shortcuts, high cognitive performance tips, passage reading hacks, and so much more... specifically for the MCAT.

Using strategies like this WILL lead you to score in the 90th percentile on the MCAT.

If you actually apply the strategies correctly, you can see a significant score increase within a very short period of time.

Not approaching MCAT prep with strategy leads to huge disadvantages. You might be experiencing some of them already:

  • Stagnant scores on practice exams
  • Starting to study and feeling scared thinking about how you're going to cover so much information
  • Finding the material much harder than expected
  • Lacking practice/understanding of CARS
  • Not retaining any information at all
  • Not being able to apply your knowledge on the test
  • Feeling like there's too much to review
  • Obvious mistakes on practice exams even when you know the information
  • For the first time in a long time, feeling like all your hard work won't lead to anything

And the list goes on…

Are you suffering from any of this right now?

Are you willing to put in the extra little bit of work that others won't, to raise your chances of getting a higher score?

Are you willing to do that by using proven strategies to maximize your MCAT score?

Using Proven Strategies To Maximize Your MCAT Score

So now that you know how the MCAT was created as a filtering mechanism, to test your level of preparedness, to assess if you're a "future doctor" by asking questions created to throw you off...

Now that you know that the best way to go about it is preparing in the most strategic way possible - in the same way that those before you, who have mastered the MCAT, have done so...

The next step is to realize that if you ever have conversations on MCAT tips, strategies, etc. with over 50 different people who dominated the MCAT, you'll definitely begin to notice obvious patterns...

You'll realize that obviously there were a few who got lucky, but the majority used the same techniques and prep strategies to ace the MCAT.

You'll realize that those are the strategies that you're going to want to apply in your MCAT prep. Why?

Because they work. They're PROVEN.

What if you could have access to those EXACT SAME strategies?

What could that mean for you?

What could that mean for your MCAT score?

What could that mean for your chances of getting contacted by the med-school of your dreams?

The good news is that you DO have access to those strategies... 

Everything you need to destroy the MCAT this year, once and for all, is in the  MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide.

When you apply these secrets of top-scorers, you will:

  • Correctly analyze questions to get hints that other people miss, which can lead you to consistently finding the right answer… even if you know nothing about what the question is asking (which will definitely happen)
  • Create the most efficient timetable and study schedule that allows you to space out MCAT prep in the smartest way which will lead to more efficiency and maximum productivity
  • Keep yourself motivated, focused, and in high-performance mode, so you don’t lose studying momentum and forget information and/or lose precious time
  • Distinguish between and remember the most important MCAT concepts and avoid unnecessary information that can cloud your mind during exam time and practice exams
  • Boost your critical thinking abilities, analysis and reasoning abilities, problem solving abilities, through taking practice tests in a strategic way (yes, there’s a strategy to applying what you know properly), so you’re well prepared before the exam date with full confidence and no anxiety to paralyze you during the exam
  • And much, much more...

Can you see the potential in having these advantages during your MCAT prep?

If you're writing your MCAT soon, you can download the guide or learn more about it by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

Imagine that during the next little while you have before writing the MCAT, you are able to study with confidence, with ease, and with speed.

Imagine walking into the MCAT with a smile on your face, your confidence so powerful that people around you can taste it...

Because you know that there's not one question in there that you won't be able to handle.

Imagine after writing the MCAT, you are more at peace than you have been in literally half a year or more, ever since the thought of writing the MCAT crept up on you.

Imagine while you wait for your MCAT score, you're experiencing a calm, inner joy because you "just know..."

And when you finally do get your score...

Imagine that joy explode through every fibre in your being! It's a moment you'll remember for the rest of your life...

And your ears will never get tired of hearing 'Congratulations' from your friends, and especially your proud parents...

This isn't a fantasy world... it's a reality that many have experienced who have succeeded on the MCAT...

Those who have used these MCAT prep secrets to master the MCAT.

Those who are now in the top med school of their choice.

Those who are on their way to becoming doctors.

From the bottom of my heart, I want you to experience this reality as soon as possible. Meaning, not being forced to re-write.

 If you're ready to unlock this entire experience for yourself...

The keys are in the MCAT Prep Strategy Guide.

All of which you can go through in a day if you wanted.

The best part? We've priced the guide so low that you'll think this is a joke. But it's not.

We're not trying to make a living off selling this guide - we're just trying to help as many MCAT writers as possible, while meeting the costs of running MCAT Mastery at the same time. That's all.

In fact, we're so confident in the value of this guide, that if you don't see an increase in your MCAT score in the next 60 days, email [email protected] and we'll send you a full 100% refund.

In every exam room there's an elite few who will get the highest scores by applying these strategies.

Again, they're not geniuses.

In this moment right now, you have a choice of whether or not you want to be a part of that high scoring few.

Remember, when it comes to succeeding on the MCAT, learn from those who are already where you want to be.

"Don't envy what people have, emulate what they did to have it." - Tim Fargo

Some of them may have learned these strategies from their older siblings who took the MCAT, paid hundreds to get tutored to learn them, or re-tested so many times that they figured it out themselves... (like I mentioned earlier).

Regardless of how they find out these strategies, the point is that these MCAT prep and testing strategies work because as you already know...

The MCAT is testing your level of preparedness compared to other writers, and your ability to apply problem solving strategies - just like you would in med school, or as a doctor.

The good news is that you don't need to join a private group and pay hundreds and thousands...

You don't need to write the MCAT over and over again to figure it out...

And you don't need to find an MCAT mentor to give you his or her testing strategies...

Because we already have the best of the best, most proven MCAT prep strategies available for you to download immediately at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Click here if you'd like to download the guide, want to see its Table Of Contents, or would like to know some more detail about it.

A lot of MCAT Mastery students agree that having the guide is like a confidence-pill.

Think about it: just knowing that you hold the proven methods of dominating MCAT prep, can ignite the much-needed confidence within you and give you that extra nudge to prep harder and better than your competition.

And speaking of competition, consider this...

Why 60% of Med-School Applicants Are Rejected

You already know that the MCAT is a filtering strategy...

And you already know that Medical School Admission Committee Members (AdComs) use MCAT scores as the major factor in determining who will get into med-school.

In fact, insider connections tell us that med schools use computers to screen out applicants.

Think about it, when you have over 12,000 applications for a class size of 120 students, you need a way to filter out how many applications you're going to have to review.

The computer is the easiest way to do this - filtering based on MCAT scores.

Therefore, if you don't meet the minimum MCAT score for the medical school you applied to, your application is automatically sent to the rejection pile.

That means no human will ever see your application.

Which means all those long, torturous premed classes, wasted.

All those 4 hour labs wearing those tight goggles, wasted.

All those extracurriculars you squirmed to fit into your busy schedule, sacrificing all that "family and friends" time, wasted...

If you don't have a top MCAT score, nothing else matters on your application because no AdCom will see it!

This is why 60% of first time applicants to medical school are rejected... Everywhere.

This is why you can be certain that the MCAT determines EVERYTHING in your near future.

I know how you feel...

Once we found out this fact and everything else we've been telling you from these "MCAT Masters", we were also mind blown...

And also a little worried.

But that's when we were introduced to the proven strategies that enable MCAT writers like you, to approach the MCAT with a clear mind and a high potential of success.

These are the same proven strategies that we have included in the MCAT Mastery Prep Strategy Guide.

These are the same proven strategies which are now being to referred to as "the additional supplements to MCAT prep courses"...

"The Additional Supplements  To MCAT Prep Courses"

Word is starting to spread that the teachings of MCAT Mastery are the “additional supplements to MCAT prep courses.”

We liked that analogy because it rings true – most people buy Kaplan, TPR, etc. prep courses for over a thousand dollars...

And of course, those will get you through the MCAT and probably get you a decent score...

But if you have the best of the best, proven MCAT prep strategies...

You have the "additional supplements" that most of your competition doesn’t have.

It’s like those who just work out regularly DO eventually get bigger and stronger, but those who take protein after, or leverage creatine to get those extra few reps in, see incredible results FAST.

You're almost guaranteed to get a higher score than most people you know writing the MCAT because most premeds walk into the MCAT having studied in the same "content memorization" way they've been studying all throughout their educational career.

But you and I both know that the MCAT is not just about how well you know the content...

It's about how you apply critical thinking and reasoning skills, how strategically you have prepared for the MCAT, and how strategically you can think in figuring out the right answers.

Most premeds don't know this and that's what keeps their score below average.

That's what keeps them out of the med-school of their choice.

But your future is going to be different...

Our Mission

Our mission is to make sure that any MCAT writer who comes across MCAT Mastery, only writes the MCAT once - and is satisfied with his or her score!

From the feedback we've been getting, our confidence in MCAT Mastery and in the guide has reached such an extent that we have created a 60-day money-back guarantee now.

Once you download the guide, and once you apply the strategies within it, if you don't see a SIGNIFICANT increase in your MCAT practice scores and a clear improvement in your MCAT prep performance...

We'll refund you, 100%. No questions asked.

(If you'd like to download the guide, want to see its Table Of Contents, or would like to know some more detail about it, you can access the link to it at the end of this article)

Your Next Steps...

If you're not feeling stressed or worried for the MCAT and don't think you need any MCAT prep secrets to score high on the MCAT...

Then feel free to browse around our blog in your spare time!

We have a lot of free tips and insights on improving your MCAT score.

We want to wish you all the best on your MCAT journey...

And remember to keep aiming for MCAT Mastery.

Click Here For Access To The Official MCAT Mastery Strategy Guide 


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