How Much Does the MCAT Cost?

June 25, 2024

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A financial commitment you need to make as part of your medical school application is the MCAT fee, among others. 

Even before you are admitted to medical school, these fees for medical school start to build up along with the price of applications, interviews, and other related expenses. 

Being aware of the precise costs that rise as you submit an application to medical school is crucial to be financially prepared for these charges.

If you wonder how much preparing for the MCAT costs, you are at the right place. 

This article will talk about how much the MCAT is and all the other costs associated with taking the MCAT. Please continue reading.

How Much Does the MCAT Cost?

One of the most crucial exams anyone aspiring to become a doctor will take is the MCAT. 

The majority of medical schools that grant MDs and DOs require MCAT scores to even be taken into account. Because of its significance, the MCAT is not free. 

The MCAT is at least USD 330 in price (standard registration fees).

If you wish to postpone your MCAT or switch test locations, you will also be required to pay additional fees. 

The AAMC charges USD 50-200 (dependant on how soon you cancel before your test date) in administrative costs for this. 

This is why we advise you to choose the appropriate site straight away. When the AAMC announces MCAT dates, it is crucial to double-check the exam prices because they can rise yearly.  

In addition to the standard MCAT registration fee, you must pay an additional USD 115 if you want to take the exam outside of the United States or Canada. 

There are testing centers available abroad in countries including Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Lebanon, and more.

International test-takers must pay a cost of USD 120 in addition to the usual USD 330 registration payment as of 2023.

What are the Other Costs Associated with Taking the MCAT?

Depending on your situation, signing up for a single MCAT test day could cost you several hundred dollars. 

If you are like most potential students, you will probably go in a few times to secure the ideal date. When that happens, MCAT costs quickly increase.

However, that is not all. Once you book a test date, other expenses are expected to follow. 

Here is a list of some of the most typical expenses you will encounter when getting ready for the MCAT.

MCAT Prep Materials and Resources 

Your MCAT prep materials will be one of the most worthwhile expenditures you will make during your MCAT preparation. If you want to perform well on the MCAT, you cannot take it lightly. 

The majority of students studying for this test will spend money on everything from prep courses to MCAT prep books, where prices range widely. Some cost just a few hundred dollars, but costs can rise rapidly.

The most expensive but comprehensive are the MCAT prep courses. They are the most effective too. They normally include all the necessary materials and plenty of practice opportunities to mimic taking the actual MCAT. 

MCAT prep courses often cost between USD 400 and USD 3,000.

MCAT Private Tutoring

When preparing for the MCAT, it is extremely typical for students to spend money on MCAT tutoring. Although it is not necessary, this strategy typically yields the most improvement in score.

An effective MCAT tutor will develop a unique study plan based on their evaluation of the student's knowledge. Additionally, they will be accessible to assist students as they go through this plan to make sure they are ready.

Due to the enormous advantages working with a tutor can offer, the majority of students believe that they are a significant component of the "real" MCAT price. 

You get to decide how long you want to work with a tutor. MCAT private tutoring costs roughly USD 70 per hour to as much as USD 350 per hour.

For tutoring with us, you can check out this page for more information.

MCAT Practice Exams 

If you don’t want (or can’t afford) to enroll in MCAT prep courses and private tutoring, you can purchase MCAT practice exams instead. It may not be as helpful as these prep courses and tutoring, but working through them is a good strategy. 

Answering practice exams makes you ready for the MCAT, because it gives you a chance to study how the questions are formulated. 

Furthermore, MCAT practice exams are patterned after the actual MCAT. Prices of these practice exams range from free to USD 150 to USD 400, depending on the company.

Going to the Test Location

Lastly, remember to factor in the expense of traveling to the testing location. This cost will entirely depend on where you choose to take the test and where you live. 

The AAMC generally stays in populated areas and large cities. If you are located in such cities, your expenses might only amount to a gallon of gas or a bus fare. 

However, if you reside far away, you can incur significant fees.

You also need to consider how the strain of travel may impact your performance in addition to making sure you will arrive on time and without problems. Without breaks, the MCAT already lasts more than six hours

Can you manage one additional lengthy vehicle ride? Paying for a hotel stay could be worthwhile. 

The additional time may be advantageous to you in the long run, even though it would increase your overall MCAT expenditures.

Summary of Expenses Associated With the MCAT

The upcoming table below shows an estimated amount of how much you will be spending for the MCAT and the other fees associated with preparing for the MCAT. 

Keep in mind that this is only a rough estimate and may change depending on the following factors:

  • Date you register for the MCAT
  • Your location
  • Which MCAT prep courses and tutoring you enroll in
  • Brand of MCAT prep books and exams you prefer
  • Whether or not you would study on your own or avail these MCAT prep resources


Cheaper Option

More Expensive Option

MCAT Registration

USD 330


MCAT Prep Resources (flashcards, books, prep courses)

USD 800

USD 4,000

MCAT Private Tutoring

USD 700

USD 3,500

MCAT Practice Exams (AAMC Bundle – 4 sets)

USD 150

USD 150

Travel Expenses

USD 100

USD 100

Accommodation/Hotel Expenses

USD 200

USD 200

Miscellaneous (meals, snacks, etc.)

USD 50

USD 50


USD 2,325

USD 8,325

Are There Ways to Make Taking the MCAT Affordable?

Do not panic if the realistic MCAT fee we provided above has you worried. There are ways to reduce expenses and simplify your life. The AAMC offers a program for financial aid. It is designed for applicants who want financial support and cannot afford to take the MCAT.

You must submit a unique application form and supporting paperwork to be eligible. Your family's financial information is requested on the application. 

Applications are approved by the Fee Assistance Program in accordance with the US Department of Health and Human Services' definition of poverty. 

If your family reported an income level that was 400 percent or less than the poverty line for the previous year, you are eligible for the program reward. This program has a lot of cost-cutting potential. 

Usually, the program reward offers a significant MCAT enrollment cost discount. Additionally, it can come with free MCAT study materials and waivers for multiple medical school applications.

Furthermore, AAMC and other MCAT prep service providers offer free materials. Make use of them. 

They have MCAT flashcards, full-length practice exams, study forums, and question banks. They may not be as comprehensive compared to paid subscriptions, but they sure will help you prepare for the MCAT. 

There are also affordable, reliable, and proven MCAT tutoring programs such as the ones we provide here at The MedLife Mastery Team. Our team of experienced tutors is past test-takers themselves, so they understand the ins-and-outs of preparing for and acing the MCAT exam. Check the link included above to learn more about our tutors and programs.

Additional FAQs – How Much Does the MCAT Exam Cost?

Why Does It Cost So Much to Take The MCAT?

Taking the MCAT means you have to pay USD 330. It is expensive because the AAMC has to pay the people who need to proctor the test and facilitate the MCAT. 

Furthermore, an additional amount goes to the materials and logistics needed before and during the actual MCAT. 

In addition, taking the MCAT requires preparation on the side of the applicants. It is one of the most crucial exams you would take, and it is a must that you give it your all on your first try. 

This means that you need to have the best resources and preparation available, which you can get from MCAT prep courses and tutoring. 

That is why MCAT is expensive.

Do You Have to Pay Every Time You Take The MCAT?

Yes, you have to pay every time you take the MCAT. 

Regardless of how many times you will be taking the MCAT (three times a year; four times in two years; seven times in your lifetime), you have to pay the regular amount – no discounts given. 

Thus, you must ensure you get your desired score the first time you take the MCAT.

Is There a Fee Waiver for the MCAT?

Yes, AAMC offers a fee waiver for the MCAT. They have guidelines and requirements for students who need financial assistance to take the MCAT.

Students who want to avail this need to apply and provide AAMC with the necessary papers for them to be eligible for the fee waiver.

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