Altius MCAT Preparation Course Review

June 25, 2024

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To prepare for the MCAT, you must put in a lot of effort and hard work. You must ensure that you get your target score on your first try. Otherwise, not only will you be wasting your effort, but you will also delay your medical school application

On their own, some students can do well on the MCAT. However, some students, such as MCAT tutors and prep classes, need assistance.

One of the MCAT prep courses with a solid reputation for assisting students in achieving their desired MCAT score is Altius. Students who have taken MCAT preparation classes over the years claim that this allowed them to ace the challenging MCAT exam.

This article is an in-depth review of the Altius MCAT prep course. We will review the various MCAT prep bundles they offer, their costs, and their benefits and drawbacks.

What is the Altius MCAT Preparation Course?

Source: Altius Official Website

In 2005, Lauren Curtis established Altius Test Prep. Curtis was inspired to create a test-taking strategy after having a negative experience with three other MCAT prep classes.

Since then, Altius has made a lot of effort to update the MCAT preparation process. They guarantee that students will complete in the 90th percentile or continue working with you (for free) until you do.

They approach this guarantee using a unique (and rigorous) prep course format where conceptual thinking is favored over memorization. This is one of the things that students love the most. It was inspired by the post-2015 MCAT.

When you enroll in the Altius MCAT prep program, you quickly learn that it is unlike other MCAT preparatory courses. This is because they emphasize one-on-one mentoring and small-group study sessions more than conventional lectures and online video training.

They believe that students remember information and perform better when assisted by a mentor throughout their MCAT preparation and test preparation in general. Regular mentoring meetings and comments provide real value because of the framework and encouragement they provide.

These small group sessions are fantastic, in any case. They cover material to review and sample questions and are guided by one or two Altius MCAT experts. You spend most of your time working on practice problems and engaging in a Socratic discussion. 

Although their courses are demanding, they are created so that you will do your best.

Who Needs the Altius MCAT Preparation Course? 

The MCAT is a complicated exam. Any aid you might get from an MCAT prep course would be very beneficial.

It is understood that not everyone would benefit from taking an online MCAT prep course.

The following questions can help determine if you require an MCAT prep course.

  • Do You Have Faith in Your Capacity for Self-Study?: While it can be challenging, some students have independently successfully studied and prepared for the MCAT. These students are the most self-reliant, focused, and disciplined. Taking an MCAT prep course might not be necessary if you fall into one of these categories.
  • Do You Require a Structured and Organized MCAT Preparation?: Each MCAT candidate is unique. Some students can study and prepare for the MCAT without adhering to a set study plan and schedule. Enrolling in an MCAT prep course is the best option if you believe you are not one of these students. If you follow an organized and disciplined MCAT preparation schedule, you will need an MCAT prep course.
  • Do Group-Based Learning Programs Help You Learn Better?: You must connect with MCAT instructors and other students if you sign up for an online MCAT prep course. Certain MCAT prep courses provide small-group sessions to guarantee that you achieve the best results. Enroll in an MCAT preparation course if you are a student who benefits from this kind of scenario. 
  • Are You Able to Pay for an Online MCAT Prep Course?: If you are considering taking an MCAT prep course, this is the most crucial question you need to ask yourself. They are not inexpensive, as was previously stated. Make sure you have the funding for an online MCAT prep course, especially if you have other things to spend your money on.

Altius MCAT Prep Course: What Does it Include?

When you sign up for the Altius MCAT prep course, their packages offer add-on products to ensure you get the most out of your MCAT preparation.

Altius MCAT Practice Tests 

Altius practice tests are among the best in their field. Their information indicates that Altius used the same tools that the FBI uses to identify trends in illegal web activity.

Then, they reverse-engineered their practice exams to make as many of the same characteristics as the real MCAT as possible, including question length, difficulty level, content, and appearance weighting.

As a result, they claim that in terms of word count, passage density, and other variables, their internal practice examinations are the most comparable to actual AAMC materials.

Altius MCAT Small-Group Sessions 

Additionally, Altius offers a great deal of value through live class sessions. This is taught in small groups, and classes are offered frequently. You select a "track" for the MCAT prep course you wish to take and how accelerated it should be when you enroll with Altius.

There are lengthy tracks that only meet once or twice a week and shorter tracks that meet more frequently.

As with mentorship, the package you choose will directly impact how many live class sessions you receive, regardless of the track you choose.

When you combine mentorship sessions with small-group training, you are constantly surrounded by a support network of highly expert MCAT test takers. You can always raise your hand, which is one of the crucial lessons from using Altius.

Altius MCAT Supplemental Resources 

One of the supplementary materials Altius offers with their course is the student study manual or prep books. 

Unlike other top test prep firms like Gold Standard and Princeton Review, which give you a huge stack of books with thousands of pages when you sign up, Altius keeps things relatively easy.

They keep track of their textual material in a single 600-page study guide. It includes reviewing the material, exercises, and practice questions with solutions.

Altius MCAT Prep Course Pricing Options

Altius Mcat Prep Course Pricing Options

Source: Altius Official Website 

Altius has two options for an MCAT prep course, both designed to provide students with the highest level of individualized attention, private instruction, and an MCAT study plan.

We have broken down the packages and what they offer below to make it easier for you to choose which of these MCAT prep courses is ideal.

Altius Gold MCAT Prep Course


What’s Included?

USD 8,499

14-day trial period 

10 weeks of MCAT prep

10 MCAT full-length exams

25 1-on-1 mentoring sessions

125 hours of small-group tutoring

All available AAMC practice exams

Altius Platinum MCAT Prep Course


What’s Included?

USD 9,999

14-day trial period 

10 weeks of MCAT prep

10 MCAT full-length exams

45 1-on-1 mentoring sessions

175 hours of small-group tutoring

All available AAMC practice exams

Altius MCAT Preparation Course Pros and Cons 

For your information, the benefits and drawbacks of the Altius MCAT prep courses are listed below.

The Pros of Altius MCAT Preparation Course:

  • The 90th percentile is almost guaranteed for students. Most students who have signed up for the Altius MCAT prep course claim that they improved their scores and attained at least a 90th percentile ranking.
  • Improved student preparation is encouraged by thorough preparation. With one of the most rigorous MCAT preparation courses available, Altius encourages its students to pay closer attention. In turn, this results in better performance. 
  • Altius offers one of the market's most precise MCAT practice examinations. Fortunately, Altius is not one of those MCAT prep organizations that provide sample exams that are not as similar to the real MCAT.
  • Before purchasing, you can use their service for a free trial period. This trial period is significant if you are unclear whether you would benefit from the Altius MCAT prep course because enrollment is pricey.
  • Small-group live instruction with just 6 to 8 individuals is helpful for learning. You can gain the support and confidence you need while studying for the MCAT through small group discussions with other students taking the exam. You can also benefit from mutual learning opportunities.

The Cons of Altius MCAT Preparation Course:

  • Altius MCAT prep courses are expensive. Much work and money go into preparing for the MCAT, and some students find it difficult to pay at least USD 8,4999 for an MCAT prep course.
  • There are not enough practice tests available. Only ten full-length practice examinations are included in Altius MCAT prep courses, which are insufficient to evaluate your MCAT preparation. 
  • For students who need flexibility, Altius MCAT prep courses can feel stiff. The full curriculum is difficult for students taking the MCAT because they also have other employment and school commitments.
  • Some students taking the MCAT in a particular month will not be eligible for the Altius MCAT prep course because it is not offered all year round. Even though this only pertains to the immersion programs, it is still preferable to have year-round access to all of Altius MCAT prep courses. 

Altius MCAT Preparation Course Users' Experience

Numerous students who have enrolled in Altius MCAT prep courses have confirmed its effectiveness and quality. They credit Altius MCAT prep courses for their MCAT achievement.

Altius demonstrates that even if they may have flaws as an MCAT test prep organization, there are more positive evaluations than negative ones. Altius has an average score of 3.1 (Average) on Trustpilot. They have, in fact, assisted many students in achieving their desired MCAT scores.

Here are some reviews of Altius MCAT prep courses that we have obtained from past clients:

Altius Mcat Test Preparation Review

Source: Altius Official Website 

Altius Mcat Test Preparation Review
Altius Mcat Test Preparation Review
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Altius MCAT Supplemental Resources

Along with the MCAT prep courses, Altius also provides other programs and resources to help you achieve your desired MCAT score. Here are a few of them:

Additional Reading:

Verdict: Is the Altius MCAT Preparation Course Worth it?

Most students who chose Altius MCAT prep courses will attest that they deliver an excellent service in assisting pre-med students to do well on the MCAT.

They can vouch that the program and structure aid their MCAT preparation and help them get their desired MCAT score.

However, the fact that Altius MCAT prep courses are expensive cannot be denied. 

As a pre-med student, you could have other things to spend your money on, and paying at least USD 8,499 for an MCAT prep course might not be a good idea.

There are other alternatives for students looking for more affordable alternative prep courses from experienced MCAT mentors and experts.

If you are unsure if the prep courses from Altius are not suitable for you, how about you check out the MCAT Mastery prep courses

We at MCAT Mastery also have a variety of courses and programs that will help you get through your MCAT with a high score
Mcat Mastery Strategy Courses

Aside from MCAT prep courses, MCAT Mastery also offers MCAT tutoring programs. Not only that, but we also have blogs, a YouTube channel, and a podcast, all dedicated to the MCAT. 

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Additional FAQs – Altius MCAT Preparation Course Review

Is Altius MCAT Prep Course Expensive?

Yes, the Altius MCAT prep course is expensive. The MCAT prep courses they offer currently cost USD 8,499 – USD 9,999. 

However, if you enroll in the Altius MCAT prep course, you are guaranteed at least 1 90th percentile. Many students also claim they offer one of the best MCAT prep materials. 

If you are unsure if the prep courses from Altius are not suitable for you, how about you check out the MCAT Mastery prep courses?

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