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February 20, 2024

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If you are taking the MCAT, you need to avail yourself of as many resources as possible to increase your odds of getting a high MCAT score

Aside from scouting for reliable MCAT prep courses and MCAT tutors, you should also make it a point that the MCAT prep materials you are using are effective and resemble what you will find on the actual MCAT. 

For most MCAT test-takers, the UWorld MCAT question bank is one of these dependable MCAT materials. Over the years, students who have used the UWorld MCAT question bank confirmed this fact.  

But what actually is the UWorld MCAT QBank? Is it enough to help you study for the MCAT? 

Look no further. This article is a review of the UWorld MCAT QBank. Everything there is to know about this MCAT prep material will be discussed on this page. Please keep reading.

What is the UWORLD MCAT QBank? 


In 2017, a 1,000-question passage bank for the MCAT was released by UWorld.

Since then, UWorld has added approximately 2,000 questions to the QBank, substantially doubling its size. 

UWorld is continuing to grow its MCAT resources, despite the fact that the company is still a relatively new name to most MCAT test-takers.

The question bank is available on PC and mobile platforms and is built using the same software as UWorld's other offerings. Like other passage-based question banks, UWorld's question bank follows the format of the official MCAT from the AAMC.

The excellence of the question bank interface demonstrates the breadth of UWorld's experience. 

UWorld's user interface is technically competent and straightforward to use, in contrast to some of the more clunky menu and tab-plagued designs of other MCAT QBanks.

In the UWorld MCAT QBanks, each paragraph is labeled with a content area, enabling students to hone down on a specific subject.

Students can make Flashcards in-browser, making it simple to remember complex ideas. As you move through the bank, you can compare your progress to that of other test-takers thanks to the app's performance tracking.

Who Needs the UWorld MCAT QBank? 

The UWorld MCAT QBank is for students who require minimal supervision in their MCAT preparation. There is no curriculum to follow and no instructors to guide you when you use the UWorld MCAT QBank. You just have to rely on your own. 

In addition, this collection of questions is also for students who know their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Using the UWorld MCAT QBank helps you focus more on the topics and subjects where improvement is needed. 

It is also worth noting that most MCAT students suggest pairing the UWorld MCAT QBank with the Khan Academy MCAT prep course

The Khan Academy offers a free MCAT course with thousands of practice questions to answer as well. Combining these two MCAT materials has produced favorable results.

Lastly, the UWorld MCAT QBank is for students with the budget to purchase this MCAT prep material. The packages range from USD 249 to USD 349, with a 7-day free trial included.

UWorld MCAT QBank: What Does it Include? 

UWORLD MCAT Qbank Key Features

Getting a solid MCAT score is your key to getting admitted to your chosen medical school. With the aid of the UWorld MCAT QBank, you are a step closer to becoming a doctor. Though it may be pricey for some, it has excellent features that you can enjoy to maximize your MCAT preparation. 

Here is what you get when you buy the UWorld MCAT QBank:

2300+ Practice Questions

The UWorld MCAT QBank includes every subject examined on the redesigned MCAT. 

It mimics the AAMC test blueprint and question structure while teaching you the critical thinking abilities necessary for the MCAT.

One-of-a-Kind Explanations

Sample Illustration and Explanation from UWorld MCAT Qbank

You can get all the tools you need from the UWorld MCAT QBank to ace the MCAT topics. There are explanations in detail for each response choice. Also, visual learning is made easier with vivid illustrations.

Performance Tracking

With UWorld MCAT QBank, you can analyze your performance in each MCAT subject and identify your areas for improvement. 

You can assess how you are doing in your MCAT preparation as compared to others.

Digital Flashcards

Flashcard feature of the UWorld MCAT Qbank

You can also make digital MCAT flashcards with the UWorld MCAT QBank. Making personalized spaced repetition flashcards can help with memory recall, especially with the MCAT where you have to remember a lot of terms, definitions, and equations.

UWORLD MCAT Qbank Key Features

UWorld MCAT QBank Pricing Options

UWORLD MCAT Qbank Pricing

The UWorld MCAT QBank is perfect for students who want to practice their skills before the MCAT. It includes thousands of practice questions that cover all the topics required for the MCAT

For your reference, here are the different packages of the UWorld MCAT QBank.

UWorld MCAT QBank Sample


What’s Included


7-day access

100 questions

UWorld MCAT QBank Basic Package


What’s Included

USD 249

90-day access
Full question bank
2,300+ questions

UWorld MCAT QBank Standard Package


What’s Included

USD 299

180-day access
Full question bank

2,300+ questions

One-time reset option

UWorld MCAT QBank Elite Package


What’s Included

USD 349

360-day access
Full question bank
2,300+ questions

One-time reset option

UWorld MCAT QBank Pros and Cons 

The UWorld MCAT QBank is a great tool to help you get ready for the MCAT. With thousands of practice questions that are similarly structured to that of the MCAT, better results are expected. 

However, just like other MCAT prep materials, the UWorld MCAT QBank has its disadvantages. 

Here are the pros and cons of the UWorld MCAT QBank for your reference.

The Pros of UWorld MCAT QBank Review: 

  • The UWorld MCAT QBank has a great UI (user interface) with a lot of great features. UWorld's user interface is technically competent and simple to use, in contrast to some of the more clunky menu and tab-plagued designs of other MCAT QBanks.

  • The UWorld MCAT QBank is available on PC and mobile platforms. The format of the official MCAT from the AAMC is mirrored in UWorld's question bank, as is typical with other passage-based question banks.

  • The MCAT UWorld MCAT passages' quality was consistent across academic areas, with the sciences being particularly high. Passages are evaluated with a detailed interpretation of lab results, a topic that many students find challenging.

  • All answer explanations have bolded terms that highlight significant ideas and let students know what information is crucial. The "exhibit" function, indicated by a blue highlight, is also included for more difficult terms, allowing students to click on the term to access additional information.

  • The UWorld MCAT QBank is the closest thing to a test simulator you will find outside of the official AAMC materials. It is simple to construct practice sessions that are focused on your areas of weakness and measure your progress because of how the questions are designed. 

The Cons of UWORLD MCAT Question Bank: 

  • Without full-length practice exams that closely resemble the actual exam, no student's MCAT preparation is complete. Although UWorld MCAT QBank offers a fantastic, best-in-class selection of tools for making timed section practice, it does not come with built-in, lengthy tests.

  • For MCAT self-assessment, students who require standardized tests should search elsewhere. UWorld has also declared its aim to add additional features to the bank, but for now, self-assessment features are not available yet. 

  • You have to rely on your own when using the UWorld MCAT QBank. There are no instructors to guide you in case you have questions. There are also no supplemental MCAT prep courses and tutors. If you need tutors, we recommend checking out MCAT Mastery tutors to help you maximize your use of UWorld material.

UWorld MCAT QBank : Customers’ User-Experience and Reviews

It cannot be denied that over time, the UWorld MCAT QBank has helped students achieve their target score on the MCAT. 

While others have to pair it with other MCAT prep materials, it is worth noting that part of these students’ MCAT success could be attributed to the UWorld MCAT QBank.

Here are a few feedback and testimonials from students who used the UWorld MCAT QBank:

Website Reviews

UWorld MCAT QBank User Review 1
UWorld MCAT QBank User Review 1

Reddit Reviews

UWorld MCAT QBank Reddit Reviews

Verdict: Is the UWorld MCAT QBank Worth It? 

If you are looking for materials outside of the tests and question packs from the AAMC, you can find value in UWorld's MCAT QBank. The people behind the UWorld MCAT QBank make an effort to ensure that you get what you pay for. 

What’s even better is that most students claim that the questions in the UWorld MCAT QBank resemble that of the actual MCAT. 

You do not have this assurance from other MCAT prep materials. Hence, the UWorld MCAT QBank is definitely worth it.

Generally we always tell our students: you shouldn’t pay a lot for content review because that can be free from places like Khan Academy. The only thing that deserves an investment is learning the strategy of HOW to study for an exam like the MCAT. 

Practice is a great investment, and UWorld offers stellar practice that many of us have used to score well on the MCAT. Getting a tutor is another example of  a high yield approach to maximizing your MCAT score (as opposed to paying for content review).

We also have MCAT strategy specific courses to help you achieve your goal MCAT score - all created from top MCAT scorers, who’ve been through the journey.


Additional FAQs – UWorld MCAT QBank 

Is the UWorld MCAT QBank Free?

The UWorld MCAT QBank is not free.

You have to choose from the three packages (discussed above) that they are currently offering. Depending on the number of days you will have access to the questions, the rate of these packages ranges from USD 249 to 349.

However, they offer a free trial for 7 days.

During this period, you can access 100 questions from the UWorld MCAT QBank.

Is the UWorld MCAT QBank Enough to Prepare for the MCAT?

To some students, the UWorld MCAT QBank alone helped them prepare and study for the MCAT. Although they did not pair it with other MCAT prep materials and programs, they achieved their target MCAT score.

On the other hand, some students believe that the UWorld MCAT QBank is better paired with other MCAT prep materials, prep courses, or tutoring programs. 

Generally, we recommend getting practice material from as many places as possible, including UWorld and AAMC. Pairing practice with the right MCAT prep strategy guidance on how to use that practice material, is what we’ve seen helps student skyrocket their MCAT scores. 

In the end it varies from one student to another, depending on your learning style and your level of readiness to take the MCAT.

If you are hesitant to purchase the UWorld MCAT QBank because of its price, you can take advantage of their free trial before finally committing.

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