KAPLAN MCAT Private Tutoring Review

June 25, 2024

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When you think of an MCAT private tutoring company, Kaplan probably comes to your mind. 

Kaplan has been in the industry for a while and earned a decent reputation regarding MCAT preparation.

Aside from offering MCAT preparation materials, they also provide MCAT prep courses and MCAT private tutoring. Depending on your learning style and budget, you have to choose from the different packages they offer. 

This article is a review of the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring. 

The different packages offered by Kaplan and their prices, their pros and cons, and customer feedback and reviews will all be discussed here. 

If you are interested, please keep reading.

What is Kaplan MCAT Tutoring?

Kaplan Mcat Tutoring Packages

Kaplan has been operating for over 80 years. Stanley Kaplan started instructing pupils in his parent's basement in 1938, which was the beginning of everything.

Currently, Kaplan is among the largest providers of educational services. Thousands of tutors work for them in 30 different nations around the world. They provide preparation services for a wide range of courses. One of the most thorough MCAT prep programs available is offered by Kaplan.

Today, we will be focusing on Kaplan’s MCAT private tutoring service. Tutoring is one of Kaplan’s most personalized and flexible MCAT prep options. With MCAT tutoring, you get a personal guide to make the entire process more manageable. 

Whether you are stressed, feeling anxious, or just excited to get started, Kaplan MCAT private tutoring gives you the structure you need through target training and a customized schedule. 

Furthermore, you get all the resources you could possibly need for the MCAT, including materials from the AAMC

Kaplan’s MCAT private tutoring also includes a full MCAT prep course for free with all its comprehensive tutoring programs.

Who Needs Kaplan MCAT Tutoring? 

Although hiring a Kaplan private tutor is not required for MCAT preparation, it might be well worth the cost in some circumstances. 

Many students find the price of tutoring a significant obstacle, but retaking the exam can also cost you lots of effort, money, and frustration.

That being said, the question is, who needs the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring? Would you need one? 

Here are the types of students who would benefit the most from Kaplan MCAT private tutors.

Elite Students or "Goners"

These are the students whose MCAT results should be in the 99th percentile. Even if their score is in the 89th percentile, they feel that it is insufficient and strive for the 99.9th percentile.

Since the courses are made to accommodate a wide range of pupils, none will be adequate if you are functioning at that level. 

Thus, you should work with an instructor at the top of the scale. You can work on your unique areas of growth with the assistance of a Kaplan Private MCAT tutor, which may enable you to continue progressing even at very high score ranges.

Struggling Students

Something is not working for you if you are having trouble and your practice test results are in the 5th or 10th percentile. In such a scenario, trying to figure out what you are doing incorrectly on your own probably will not help.

Since courses tend to focus on the wide middle, taking one frequently will not be enough to help in this situation.

A Kaplan Private MCAT tutor can assist you in seeing exactly where you are making mistakes and where you need to improve.

Non-traditional Students

Nontraditional students frequently experience a gap in their education of 2, 12, or even 20 years or more. 

They may have been out of school for so long that they would benefit significantly from guidance specifically tailored to their circumstances to help them progress.

Retakes and Students Not Receiving the Results They Wanted

These are the pupils who made a lot of effort to self-study but were unsuccessful. Or they enrolled in a beneficial course that did not result in the necessary score improvement. 

These students are aware that they will need to retake the MCAT or possibly take it a third time, and that they must receive the greatest assistance possible the next time they take the MCAT.

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring: What Does it Include? 

When you sign up for Kaplan MCAT private tutoring, unlike other MCAT tutoring services, their packages come with add-on goods to ensure you get the most out of your MCAT preparation. 

Listed below are the add-on products and services you get when you purchase Kaplan MCAT private tutoring:

Kaplan Live Online Course

When you enroll at one of Kaplan’s MCAT private tutoring programs, the cheapest being USD 3,299, you also get access to their full live online course. This course costs USD 2,599 if purchased alone. 

Live classes for students are scheduled in advance. A cluster of students turns in at a given time and watches an MCAT tutor facilitate the lesson. 

Live online is also available in live online plus, which among other features, includes customized homework assignments.

Kaplan MCAT Review Videos 

For visual learners, 130 interactive science review videos can be a great option. The videos cover every important idea from the books, and you can watch them at speeds of 0.75x, 1x, 1.5x, or 2x. It is pretty beneficial to select the speed.

The video's slides are jam-packed with calculations, graphs, illustrations, and images. 

These keep the learner interested and help them remember the information. The fact that the instructor first appeared on-screen to introduce the session before starting the actual lecture was another feature most students liked.

Kaplan MCAT QBank

About 3,000 practice problems in the Qbank are skill-level-adaptive for each student. Depending on how effectively you respond, the practice questions get easier or harder as you advance. 

Using Qbank practice questions helps you pinpoint your areas for development.

Each question is followed by a text explanation. Instead of memorizing a ton of information, the explanations are concise and to the point, assisting students in putting the knowledge they have acquired together.

Kaplan MCAT Prep Textbook 

Kaplan offers textbooks, commonly known as Subject Review Books, to students who purchase their private tutoring programs.

According to Kaplan, there are seven subject review books and one lesson book, which are the most up-to-date and accurate MCAT resources available.

The explanations in the books are excellent, and they are very thorough. They feature mnemonic devices, which help remember lists and procedures. 

The volumes are densely packed with information, but each chapter concludes with a summary that summarizes all the formulas and essential terms. This speeds up information retention.

Additional Reading:

Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests

You will be adequately prepared for test day via the Kaplan MCAT practice exam. 

Sixteen (16) full-length practice tests are provided, which is more than enough to prepare for the test. The likelihood is that you won't even complete all 16 full-length practice tests, given that you need 7+ hours to simulate the real test.

The format of the practice tests is similar to the actual MCAT, as are the sample questions. One thing to remember is that Kaplan's practice exams are a little more challenging than the actual exam. 

Most students view this as a benefit because it decreases the likelihood of being surprised by a challenging MCAT question.

Kaplan MCAT Channel 

Another valuable resource for learning the material you need to know to get into medical school is the MCAT channel. 

Six live video courses and more than 90 hours of pre-recorded webcasts are available weekly on the Kaplan MCAT channel.

The videos are quite thorough and cover particular MCAT themes in further detail. A digital board, an MCAT tutor, and students’ live chat may all be seen in the upper corner. The whiteboard notes are visible to the students, who can also ask questions.

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Pricing Options

If you are contemplating whether or not to hire a Kaplan MCAT private tutor, you have first to learn what packages they offer, how much they are, and what is included in each package. 

Below is a detailed breakdown of the two MCAT tutoring packages offered by Kaplan.

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring + Live Online Course


Hours Included

USD 3,299

10 hours

USD 4,299

20 hours

USD 5,299

30 hours

USD 6,299

40 hours

Kaplan Mcat Tutoring And Live Online Course
Kaplan Mcat Mcat

When you purchase the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring, you get to enjoy the following:

10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of one-on-one MCAT tutoring

Depending on your preference, you can adjust your timetable and choose the number of hours and when to have your MCAT private tutoring with a high-scoring MCAT tutor. 

Your MCAT tutor gives you the freedom and the flexibility to choose when to have your private tutoring sessions.

A Full Live Online course (worth USD 2,599)

To help you maximize your MCAT preparation, this is the best benefit of the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring. 

By only adding USD 800 to the actual MCAT prep course, you get to have an expert MCAT tutor to assist you while you study for the MCAT.

Online Resources are Available for 6 months, with Free Extensions Available for up to 12 Months (if needed) 

These online resources are accessible anytime for the first 6 months, and you can refer to them while you prepare and study for the MCAT

You can use them if you have questions and clarifications regarding the topics that you are studying and learning.

Customized Assignments

During your Kaplan MCAT private tutoring, your tutor will create assignments that are specifically tailored to the level where you are at. 

These assignments will become more difficult as the MCAT day approaches. This is done to ensure that you are well-prepared for the MCAT.

16 Complete MCAT Practice Exams

There are a total of 16 full-length exams offered by Kaplan if you purchase their private tutoring programs. For some students, this is a lot, and you may not even be able to finish all of them before taking the MCAT. 

However, not all MCAT test prep companies offer the same number of full-length exams, so you have to maximize them.

Limitless Access to Live-streamed Workshops

This is one of the best add-on features of the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring. There are no loading or lagging issues because the platform is well-made. The area of the platform that contains the material is the same.

It has text-based and video communication technology. Every classroom has a whiteboard where tutors can write notes, which is useful.

Almost 3,000 Questions 

These 3,000 practice questions are included in the Kaplan MCAT QBank. 

Answering these practice questions is indeed an excellent way to prepare for the MCAT. These practice questions help you prepare for how the questions are structured on the actual MCAT.

70+ Brand-new Content Refresher Films Covering the Highest-yield MCAT Topics

To give yourself a break from the MCAT test prep books and resources, these refresher films are a breather. 

Not only do they focus on topics that are most likely to appear on the actual MCAT, but the people behind these films also make it a point that aside from being enjoyable, they are also useful as well.

7-book MCAT Subject Review Set

The explanations provided in the books are excellent and in-depth. They contain MCAT mnemonics, which are useful for remembering procedures and lists. 

Despite the volumes' tremendous information density, each chapter ends with a summary that lists all the key terms and formulas. This accelerates memory retention.

Accessible AAMC Practice Materials

Aside from what has already been mentioned above, Kaplan offers AAMC practice materials for free if you avail of their MCAT private tutoring programs. 

This is an added benefit since, without the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring, you have to buy them from AAMC. 

Furthermore, the AAMC is the administering body of the MCAT, and thus, you are given the assurance that these practice materials are effective and reliable.

Kaplan Premium MCAT Tutoring + Live Online Course


Hours Included

USD 3,999

10 hours

USD 5,999

20 hours

USD 7,999

30 hours

USD 9,999

40 hours

Kaplan Premium Mcat Tutoring And Live Online
Kaplan Premium Mcat Tutoring And Live Online A

On the other hand, the Kaplan premium MCAT private tutoring offers exactly what the Kaplan MCAT private tutoring provides:

  • 10, 20, 30, or 40 hours of one-on-one MCAT tutoring
  • A full Live Online course (worth USD 2,499)
  • Online resources are available for 6 months, with free extensions available for up to 12 months (if needed)
  • Customized assignments
  • 16 complete MCAT practice exams
  • Limitless access to live-streamed workshops
  • Almost 3,000 questions
  • 70+ brand-new content refresher films covering the highest-yield MCAT topics
  • 7-book MCAT subject review set
  • Accessible AAMC practice materials

PLUS the following:

A Tutor with an MCAT Score of at least 520

Your MCAT tutor plays a vital role on how you can ace the MCAT. With Kaplan’s premium MCAT private tutoring, you are guaranteed an MCAT expert who scored 520 (or higher) on their actual MCAT

This gives you a better chance of getting the best tips and techniques on how you yourself can perform at your best on the MCAT.

A USD 349 Consultation with a Med School Admissions Specialist for One Hour

Aside from preparing you for your MCAT, the Kaplan premium MCAT private tutoring gives you an opportunity to speak and consult with a medical school admissions expert to help you get admitted to the medical school of your choice

With this feature, you can get insights and tips on how to ace your med school application process and requirements.

Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Pros and Cons 

Just like other MCAT tutors and prep courses, Kaplan MCAT private tutoring has its share of advantages and disadvantages. 

To help you in deciding whether or not to pursue hiring a Kaplan MCAT private tutor, here are some pros and cons you might want to contemplate on.

The Pros of Kaplan Private MCAT Tutoring: 

  • Kaplan's MCAT preparation materials are one of the most comprehensive. They appear to cover every single micro topic encountered on the MCAT. They also offer add-on features that are expensive when purchased separately. 

  • For visual learners, 130 interactive science review videos can be a great option. The video's slides are jam-packed with calculations, graphs, illustrations, and images to keep the learner interested and help them remember the information.

  • Using the practice questions from Qbank will pinpoint your areas of weakness. Each question is followed by a text explanation. The explanations are concise and to the point, assisting students in putting the knowledge they have acquired together.

  • The review books are densely packed with information, but each chapter concludes with a summary of all the formulas and important terms. This speeds up information retention. It is a superb study guide for test-takers who prefer to learn from actual books.

  • Sixteen full-length practice tests are provided, which is more than enough to prepare for the test. The format of the practice tests is similar to the actual MCAT, as are the sample questions.

  • According to Kaplan, every tutor achieved a 90th percentile score. Their method is selective, and their tutors have received substantial training. The tutors closely adhered to the Kaplan prep course curriculum, which concentrated on high-yield themes.

The Cons of Kaplan Private MCAT Tutoring:  

  • Kaplan MCAT private tutoring can be expensive. While these packages offer materials that are beneficial for the MCAT, students who are on a tight budget won’t likely be able to afford Kaplan unless they file for a student loan. 

  • You have five months to use Kaplan MCAT online tools and resources. For those who are busy, particularly students who juggle employment and school, this might not be sufficient.

  • The mobile app does not have full access to everything your MCAT private tutoring package offers. This may be inconvenient for students who want to review for the MCAT while on a train or bus going to school or work or those who are having a break and want to spend their free time on the MCAT. 

Student Review and Results – Kaplan MCAT Tutoring

Below is a table showing the scores of students before and after MCAT private tutoring by Kaplan.

MCAT Score BEFORE Kaplan MCAT Private Tutoring

MCAT Score AFTER Kaplan MCAT Private Tutoring

< 500










Numerous students who use Kaplan MCAT tutoring services attest to the fact that they offer among the top programs available. They credit Kaplan MCAT private tutoring for their MCAT achievement.

Having an overall 4.6 (excellent) out of 5 Trustpilot rating, Kaplan proves it is indeed one of the best and most reliable test preps. Hence, more and more students choose to enroll in the different programs they offer.

It is worth noting, however, that this rating is for the different test preparations they offer aside from the MCAT: NCLEX, LSAT, SAT, and GRE, among others. 

Here are some reviews of Kaplan MCAT private tutoring that we've obtained from past clients:

Kaplan Mcat Privat Tutoring Reviews 1
Kaplan Mcat Privat Tutoring Reviews 2
Kaplan Mcat Privat Tutoring Reviews - 3

Kaplan MCAT Supplemental Resources

Kaplan, being one of the most reliable MCAT prep service providers, offers a variety of other prep materials and programs that you can choose from as your gear up for the MCAT. 

Here are some of them:

Verdict – Is Kaplan MCAT Private Tutoring Worth It?

The Kaplan MCAT private tutoring provides everything you might need to help you succeed on the MCAT. There is no denying the high caliber and volume of study materials and MCAT tutors you receive when you enroll in their private tutoring programs. 

However, it is also a fact that Kaplan’s MCAT private tutoring packages are pricey and may not be affordable to everyone, especially those who are studying simultaneously and need to spend on other things they need for medical school application. 

This is why we launched MCAT Mastery Tutoring - a more affordable option for MCAT tutoring. 

Providing expertise and assistance to pre-med students on a low budget, MCAT Mastery has helped many students study and prepare for the MCAT since we started in 2016. 

We recommend you check out our tutoring page to see if this is something that makes sense for you. You can also see our TrustPilot reviews here.

Mcat Mastery Tutoring

Additional FAQs – Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Review 

How Much is the Kaplan MCAT Tutoring?

Kaplan offers different packages when it comes to MCAT tutoring. It depends on the number of hours, the rate of the MCAT tutor, and the number of materials/programs included in the package.

Kaplan’s MCAT private tutoring starts at USD 3,299 but can be as expensive as USD 9,999. It is up to you which package suits you the best. 

For more affordable MCAT prep options, we recommend checking out MCAT Mastery Tutoring.

How Long Does the Kaplan MCAT Tutoring Take? 

Like the prices for each MCAT tutoring package, the number of hours also differs, depending on which one you purchase. 

For instance, the MCAT private tutoring package costs USD 3,299 and takes about 10 hours. In addition, the premium MCAT private tutoring that takes 40 hours costs USD 9,999. 

Considering the amount of time you have left before the MCAT (and your budget), the number of hours will vary.

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