The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring Review

June 25, 2024

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Preparing for the MCAT is physically, mentally, and financially demanding. As a pre-med student, you have no other options. 

Your dream of becoming a doctor lies in your MCAT score. For some students, acing it by themselves is possible. In contrast, some students need assistance from MCAT tutors. 

One MCAT prep service provider that offers private tutoring is The Princeton Review. Over the years, students who have availed of their MCAT private tutoring service claim that it is what helped them ace their way through the challenging MCAT exam

This page focuses on The Princeton Review MCAT tutoring review. 

This article will provide information about the different MCAT private tutoring packages offered by The Princeton Review and how much they are. We have also gathered a few clients’ reviews and feedback for your reference. 

If you are considering enrolling in The Princeton Review MCAT tutoring program, this article is here to help you decide. Please read on.

What is The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring? 

The Princeton Review Mcat Private Tutoring

The Princeton Review, founded in 1981, provides educational services that help students with tutoring, test prep, and admissions. Since then, The Princeton Review has helped more than 400 million students. 

John Katzman, who had recently graduated from Princeton University, launched The Princeton Review. He worked as an SAT coach out of his Upper West Side apartment. 

The Princeton Review, however, is not affiliated with Princeton University

The Princeton Review offers a few different alternatives for MCAT tutoring, with some flexibility. Still, it can be primarily divided into two categories: comprehensive tutoring and targeted tutoring.

Comprehensive tutoring packages are designed to fully prepare students for the MCAT from beginning to end, as the name implies. It includes 60 hours of private instruction with a high-scoring tutor who has successfully completed The Princeton Review's training program. The tutor will create a study plan that is customized to the tutee's individual needs and time constraints. 

Additionally, it gives you access to your own unique portal where you can set up tutoring appointments, monitor your study plan's progress, and choose from a variety of The Princeton Review MCAT study guides. 

On the other hand, you can mix and match particular services you want from the complete package with the targeted package. 

This option allows you to acquire the most excellent materials without paying for everything, whether you already have your own review books or only want to study a subject that will not take 60 hours.

Who Needs The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring? 

Each MCAT student is different. Some have achieved a 520+ score without enrolling in MCAT tutoring programs. There are also those who, despite tutoring, cannot land a good MCAT score

One thing for sure, however, is that The Princeton Review MCAT tutoring can help you in more ways than one. 

If you are unsure whether MCAT tutoring is for you, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

Can You Gauge Your Strengths and Weaknesses? 

Each of us has different academic strengths and study habits. But do your study habits actually benefit you, and will they be helpful to you as you get ready for this important test? 

Before beginning MCAT preparation, your MCAT tutor will offer an objective assessment of your strengths and shortcomings.

Do You Know How to Use Your Time Efficiently? 

If you do not make the most of your study time, it will not be enough to get the work done. MCAT tutors will collaborate with you to raise the standard, not the amount, of your studying.

Remember that your medical school application includes more than just the MCAT. Save part of your energy for the other crucial components of your application, like drafting your personal statement and obtaining reference letters.

Can You Decide When You Are Ready to Take the MCAT? 

Many students put off taking the MCAT for too long because they think they are not prepared when in fact, they are. Prolonging the process wastes your time and may possibly lower your score. 

Studying for 12 to 18 months is not always more effective than studying for three to four months. The truth is that the more time you devote to studying, the more likely you will forget critical information and grow weary of the endeavor.

Are You at Ease Studying on Your Own? 

You will feel relaxed and less anxious after speaking with MCAT professionals and getting their guidance. 

MCAT tutors offer exclusive tips to help you prepare exactly what to anticipate during the preparation process and on test day. They will eliminate every uncertainty so that you may prepare for your test knowing exactly where you stand.

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The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring: What Does it Include?

The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring offers packages with add-on products, unlike other MCAT tutoring services, to make sure that you get the maximum out of your MCAT preparation.

The following additional products and services are provided to you when you use The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring:

The Princeton Review MCAT Diagnostic Exam 

Before you start your MCAT tutoring, your tutor will first assess your level, strengths, and weaknesses to create an MCAT study plan for you, with the help of their diagnostic exams. 

You must then stick with the study plan to ensure you get the most out of your MCAT private tutoring.

The Princeton Review MCAT Full-Length Practice Exams 

The Princeton Review MCAT practice tests will fully prepare you for test day. There are more than enough practice tests to prepare for the test adequately—16 full-length ones are offered. Given that you need seven or more hours to prepare for the real test, you will likely not even finish all 16 full-length practice exams.

The practice exams' format and sample questions are modeled after the real MCAT. 

The practice examinations from The Princeton Review are a little more difficult than the real exam, so bear that in mind. Since you are less likely to be presented with a difficult MCAT question by surprise, most students see this as a plus.

The Princeton Review MCAT QBank (3,000+ Practice Questions) 

Each student's practice questions from the Qbank's 3,000 total are skill-level-adaptive. 

The practice questions get easier or harder as you go along, depending on how well you react. Using practice questions from Qbank enables you to identify the areas that you want improvement.

A text explanation follows each question. The explanations are clear, and to the point, so you do not have to memorize a ton of information, helping them to integrate their newly gained knowledge.

The Princeton Review MCAT Practice Books  

For students who enroll in one of The Princeton Review’s private tutoring programs, the company also provides textbooks. 

According to The Princeton Review, these MCAT resources are the most current and accurate ones accessible. 

The explanations provided in the books are excellent and in-depth. Despite the volumes' tremendous information density, each chapter ends with a summary that lists all the key terms and formulas. This accelerates memory retention.

The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring Pricing Options

The Princeton Review is one of the top MCAT prep programs but is also one of the most expensive.

However, as many of their students will confirm, The Princeton Review has actually assisted them in raising their MCAT scores, making it worth the cost.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the MCAT private tutoring packages offered by The Princeton Review.

The Princeton Review MCAT Comprehensive Private Tutoring

  • Price: Starts from USD 183 per hour
The Princeton Review Mcat Comprehensive Private Tutoring

If you choose to purchase this package, you get the following:

  • 60 hours of tutoring: An MCAT expert meets with you to help you with your MCAT preparation. Your MCAT tutor helps you create a study plan depending on your diagnostic exam. The time at which you meet also depends on your availability. 

  • 16 full-length practice exams: These practice exams assess the level where you are in your MCAT preparation. They also assist you in recognizing your areas of weakness so that you can devote more time to these topics. Remember, however, that you have to take these full-length practice exams under the same testing condition as the actual MCAT. 

  • 3,000+ practice questions: The Princeton Review MCAT QBank contains these 3,000 sample questions. Answering these practice questions is a great approach to being ready for the MCAT. You can prepare for the MCAT's question format by regularly using these practice tests during your MCAT preparation. 

  • Online access to student portal: Using the student portal, you and your Princeton Review MCAT tutor can connect offline. As you get ready for a tutoring session, you can bring up any problems you might have, bring up passages, and practice questions that you've recently struggled with. 

                  Before the session even starts, your instructor will browse the study portal and prepare                   to help you with whatever you have uploaded. In this way, every session is carefully                         thought out and tailored to meet your needs.

  • Money back guarantee: The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring is expensive. You may be hesitant to pay a large amount without knowing if it would work for you. With that, they offer a money-back guarantee, and you can have a full refund of what you have paid or choose another tutor. 

  • Option to retake the program if not satisfied with the result: Even after a thorough MCAT preparation, there are times when students are not able to meet their target MCAT score. If this happens to you, The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring gives you the option to retake the program. 

The Princeton Review MCAT Targeted Private Tutoring

  • Price: Starts from USD 329 per hour.

The Princeton Review Mcat Targeted Private Tutoring

On the other hand, if you opt for the MCAT Targeted private tutoring, you get to enjoy the same package as the comprehensive private tutoring except that instead of having 60 hours of private tutoring sessions, you only have 10.

Another difference is that in case you are not satisfied with the result, there is no money-back guarantee offered in this program. You also do not have the option to retake the program for free for the same reason. 

  • 10 hours of tutoring
  • 16 full-length practice exams
  • 3,000+ practice questions 
  • Princeton MCAT books
  • Online access to student portal

Other The Princeton Review MCAT Targeted Private Tutoring

Price: Varies Depending on the Number of Hours

Other The Princeton Review Mcat Targeted Private Tutoring

Source: The Princeton Review Official Website

Additionally, you can adjust the number of hours you can avail The Princeton Review MCAT targeted private tutoring based on your needs. 

You still get the same package mentioned previously minus the money-back guarantee and the option to retake the program if you are unsatisfied with the result. 

Below are the pricing options:


Hours Included

USD 3,299

10 hours

USD 5,200

20 hours 

USD 7,200

30 hours 

USD 8,800

40 hours 

USD 10,000

50 hours 

The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring Pros and Cons 

Like other MCAT prep programs and tutors, The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring has its benefits and drawbacks. 

Following are some advantages and disadvantages to assist you to deciding whether or not to consider hiring a Princeton Review MCAT tutor. 

Pros of The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring: 

  • Their customer and client reviews are impressive. If you visit their website, you will read good and positive reviews from their previous clients. It is stated that they have guided around 10,000+ students for the MCAT. 

  • You are guaranteed an increase in your MCAT score. Students who have studied for the MCAT with the help of The Princeton Review private tutoring witnessed a significant increase in their MCAT scores. 

  • They have reliable, effective, and exceptional prep books. Aside from offering MCAT prep courses and private tutoring, The Princeton Review has reliable and effective MCAT prep books and flashcards that you can use to study and prepare for the MCAT. 

  • They offer online and face-to-face options (depending on locations). Unlike other MCAT private tutoring programs that are done online, The Princeton Review gives students the option to physically meet with their tutors. However, this depends on your location. Do check their website to know more about this option. 

  • A personalized student dashboard is included without cost in the 60-hour tutoring plan. This is one of the best benefits offered by The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring and is not offered by other MCAT prep companies. Once you enroll in one of their tutoring packages, you get a personalized dashboard where you can include all the topics you are having difficulties with and the questions you may have for your tutor. 

  • Highly detailed explanations are given for correct and incorrect responses in the practice exams. Every time you answer a practice exam, it is essential that you analyze why your answers are right and wrong. With The Princeton Review private tutoring, you are guaranteed to have detailed explanations of the practice questions. 

  • Apps are made specifically for you to manage student progress, communication, and scheduling with ease. With this feature, you can constantly monitor your progress with ease and accuracy. 

Cons of The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring: 

  • The Princeton Review is one of the most, if not the most expensive, MCAT private tutoring. As a medical student, MCAT private tutoring is not the only investment you have to make. You also have to spend on MCAT prep books and materials. So to its high price tag, some students are hesitant to enroll at The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring.

  • The money-back and satisfaction guarantee only applies to the 60-hour MCAT comprehensive tutoring program. If you enroll in one of their targeted private tutoring programs and you do not get your desired result, you are not entitled to a refund or a retake of the program.

Student Review and Results – The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring

The Princeton Review has a solid reputation for MCAT preparation. 

Many of their students have testified over the years that The Princeton Review was the reason they got high MCAT scores.

The table below shows the MCAT scores of a few students after enrolling in The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring.

MCAT Score BEFORE The Princeton Review MCAT Private Tutoring

MCAT Score AFTER The Princeton Review MCAT Private Tutoring







Students who enroll at The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring attribute their MCAT success to tutors and services they provide. They have undoubtedly aided many students to perform well in one of the most challenging exams they have to take. 

The Princeton Review has an overall rating of 4.6 (Excellent) out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. This shows that they can satisfy the expectations of their clients as they study for the MCAT. 

For your reference, here are a few feedback and testimonials of clients for The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring.

The Princeton Review Mcat Tutoring Website Review
The Princeton Review Mcat Tutoring Google Review
The Princeton Review Mcat Tutoring Trustpilot Review 1
The Princeton Review Mcat Tutoring Trustpilot Review 2

The Princeton Review MCAT Supplemental Resources

Aside from MCAT private tutoring, The Princeton Review offers other MCAT prep courses and prep materials to help you prepare for the MCAT. Some of them are listed below

Verdict – Is The Princeton Review MCAT Private Tutoring Worth It? 

From what we have discussed above, it is evidently clear that The Princeton Review offers quality service when it comes to MCAT private tutoring. 

Over 40 years, they have proven themselves as a force to reckon with for helping students perform well on the MCAT. 

However, there is also no denying that at USD 3,299 to be the cheapest package available, The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring is expensive. 

We know because we were premed students ourselves. Today we’re in or on our way to med-school, and understand the struggles of the journey. 

This is why we launched MCAT Mastery Tutoring - a more affordable option for MCAT tutoring. 

Providing expertise and assistance to pre-med students on a low budget, MCAT Mastery has helped many students study and prepare for the MCAT since we started in 2016. 

We recommend you check out our tutoring page to see if this is something that makes sense for you. You can also see our TrustPilot reviews here.
Mcatmastery Tutoring

Additional FAQs – The Princeton Review MCAT Tutoring Review 

Is The Princeton Review Private Tutoring Expensive?

Yes, The Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring is pricey. It is one of the most expensive in the field of MCAT tutoring. 

However, The Princeton Review has earned a good reputation over the years, and it is because of the quality of service they provide. 

If you’re looking for a more affordable option that can get you similar or better results for your MCAT prep, then take a look at MCAT Mastery Tutoring.

If you’re still interested in TPR, they do have excellent MCAT experts, and their MCAT prep materials and resources are top-notch.

What Happens If My Score Does Not Improve After Princeton Tutoring?

If your score does not improve after finishing your Princeton Review MCAT private tutoring, you are eligible to get your money back. The materials used will be deducted from the amount you paid at the start of the program.  

Furthermore, if there is no improvement in your score, you may repeat the program until such a time that your tutor sees an improvement in your score. However, this option only applies if you purchase the comprehensive private tutoring package.

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