Altius Summer Immersion MCAT Tutoring Review

June 25, 2024

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It is likely that if you are on this page, you are taking the MCAT and seeking tutoring to help you do well on the test. MCAT tutoring can be expensive, and before you enroll in one, you need to know first whether your money can be worth the cost.

Altius is one of the many MCAT tutor providers and has a good reputation. Over the years, they have proven to help students perform well on the MCAT. Altius currently offers MCAT prep courses and private tutoring. 

Although we also offer MCAT tutoring and MCAT strategy course options, in this article, our goal is to proivde you with an unbiased comprehensive review of Altius MCAT private tutoring. What are the different MCAT private tutoring packages they offer, and how much are they? What do customers have to say about their service? 

If you want to find out the answers to these questions, we will address them here. Let’s keep going. 

What is Altius MCAT Tutoring?

Altius Official Website

Lauren Curtis founded Altius Test Prep in 2005. After having a bad experience with three different MCAT prep courses, Curtis was motivated to develop a test preparation program. 

Altius was developed to teach students the critical thinking abilities required to achieve high results on their entry exams — abilities that can also be transferred to the medical school itself — instead of emphasizing the rote memorization of facts and figures. 

Altius has a staff of teachers and instructors who are highly qualified to do this. 

How qualified are these instructors? All of their instructors have MCAT scores in the 98th or 99th percentile and years of professional teaching experience!

Despite being a relative newcomer to the MCAT prep scene, Altius Test Prep presents a startling statistic that you simply will not find anywhere else: an average MCAT student score of 516. Several of their packages even promise a 90th percentile or higher grade if you complete the program. 

Altius MCAT tutoring attempts to disrupt the game by introducing a distinctive approach to MCAT preparation, focusing on mentorship with the top 5 percent scorers and thorough review sessions.  

They put more emphasis on one-on-one mentoring and small group study sessions than they do on conventional lectures and online video training. 

They believe that students remember information and perform better when assisted by a mentor throughout MCAT preparation and test preparation in general. And not just any mentor; one who scored in the 95 percentile or above.

Altius MCAT tutoring emphasizes small-group education, practice exams (including AAMC practice materials), and other things in addition to tutoring. Their practice exams and patterned from the actual MCAT questions

For the most part, your work will be done in small group sessions as far as instruction is concerned.

Who Needs the Altius MCAT Tutoring? 

Although it is not necessary to enroll in the Altius MCAT tutoring to prepare for the MCAT, in some cases, the expense may be justified in some cases. The expense of tutoring presents a considerable barrier for many students, but retaking the test can also be very expensive in terms of time, money, and mental stress. 

Therefore, the question is: Do you need the Altius MCAT tutoring? 

If you are one of the following sets of students, then you may need to enroll in this program.

Students Who Are “Goners” or “Elite” 

These students aim for the 99.9th percentile even if their score is in the 89th percentile because they feel it is insufficient. If you are one of them, none of the courses will suit you because most MCAT programs are designed to accommodate a wide range of students. 

As a result, you should enroll in the Altius summer immersion MCAT tutoring and learn from their best mentors. With their help and guidance, you can focus on your individual growth areas, which might allow you to advance even at very high score ranges.

Students Who Are Struggling

If you are having issues and your practice test results fall on the 5th or 10th percentile, something is not working for you. In this case, it is unlikely that trying to figure out what you are doing poorly on your own will be helpful.

Taking classes frequently will not be sufficient to aid in this case. Altius can help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement.

Students Who Are on a Gap Year 

Oftentimes, nontraditional students have educational gaps of 2, 12, or even 20 years or more. 

They may have been out of school for so long that assistance specifically catered to their needs would be really helpful for them to advance.

Students Who Are Retaking the MCAT 

These students put a lot of effort into their self-study but failed. Or they signed up for a useful course but did not raise their scores how they needed to. 

These students understand they will have to retake the MCAT, or even take it a third time, and that they will require the best support available when they retake the MCAT.

Additional Reading:

Altius MCAT Tutoring: What Does it Include? 

Unlike other MCAT tutoring services, when you enroll in Altius MCAT private tutoring, their packages include add-on products to guarantee that you make the most of your MCAT preparation. 

When you purchase Altius MCAT private tutoring, you also get the following:

Altius MCAT Practice Tests

Unexpectedly, Altius' practice exams are among the finest in their category. And there is a precise explanation for this. According to their information, Altius used the same software that the FBI employs to spot patterns in unlawful online activity.

They then reverse-engineered their mock exams to make them as similar to the real MCAT as possible regarding question formats, length, difficulty level, substance, and appearance weighting. 

As a result, they assert that their internal practice exams are the most similar to authentic AAMC materials in terms of word count, passage density, and other factors.

Small Group Instructions and Mastery Sessions

Altius also provides a very beneficial series of live class sessions. Small groups are used to teach this, and classes are given fairly frequently. When you enroll with Altius, you choose a "track" for the course you want to take and how accelerated it should be.

There are long tracks where you only meet once or twice a week, and there are shorter tracks where you meet more frequently. 

However, regardless of the track you select, much like mentoring, the package you choose will directly affect how many live class sessions you receive. 

One of the critical lessons from using Altius is that when you combine mentorship sessions with small-group training, you are continuously surrounded by a support network of exceptionally knowledgeable MCAT test takers, and you can always just raise your hand.

Supplemental MCAT Resources 

The student study manual, or prep book in layman's words, is one of the extra materials Altius provides with their course. 

Altius keeps things really simple, unlike other top test prep companies like Gold Standard and Princeton Review, which provide you with a large stack of books with thousands of pages when you sign up.

They manage all of their textual content in a single 600-page prep book. It includes a review of the subject matter, practice questions with answers, and exercises for you to do.

Altius MCAT Tutoring Pricing Options

For its MCAT tutoring, Altius offers five choices, each of which is created to offer students the best degree of individualized attention, private teaching, and mentoring. 

To help you decide which of these programs suits you best, we have broken down the packages and what they offer below.

Altius Mcat Tutoring Pricing

Altius Platinum Program

  • Price: USD 6,999

The Platinum Program is the most expensive package offered by Altius.  The package includes the following: 

  • You get to have 45 one-on-one private sessions with an expert MCAT tutor. You can choose what time and day of the week you will have these sessions, depending on your availability. 

  • There are 200 hours of small group sessions with other MCAT test-takers. This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet and interact with other students and share ideas with each other. 

  • Thirty (30) ‘Study Hall’ sessions are also included. These sessions aim to provide you with homework assistance, exam review, and small-group tutoring. 

  • An additional 30 mastery sessions are offered in this program. These sessions are done to ensure that you have mastered all the subjects required in the MCAT.

  • Lastly, you get to avail ten full-length practice exams if you choose this package. These practice exams help you assess your MCAT readiness. 

Altius Gold Program

  • Price: USD 4,999

The Gold Program is the second most expensive package offered by Altius. Students who opt for this package get the following: 

  • Twenty-five (25) exclusive one-on-one sessions with knowledgeable MCAT tutors are offered. Your availability will determine what time and day of the week you have these sessions.

  • There are 160 hours of small group sessions. This gives you a chance to interact with other students and share insights with each other on how to ace the MCAT.

  • You are also given 15 ‘Study Hall’ sessions. Your MCAT tutors will help you with your homework and exam review during these sessions.
  • Fifteen (15) mastery sessions are included. Before taking the MCAT, your tutor will assess your mastery of the different subjects required for the MCAT and help you master them. 
  • Finally, you also get to answer ten full-length practice exams. Practice exams let you know which areas you need to improve on.

Altius Silver Program

  • Price: USD 3,699

The Silver Program is almost the same as the other two packages mentioned earlier except that the number of sessions is lesser in number. If you choose to purchase this program, you get the following: 

  • Fifteen (15) exclusive one-on-one sessions with a high-scoring MCAT tutor. These sessions will depend on your availability.

  • A hundred and twenty (120) small group sessions with other students are offered as well. This is a good chance for you to share ideas and insights with other students.

  • You get 30 ‘Study Hall’ sessions where your MCAT mentor assists you with your homework and other MCAT-related tasks.

  • Like the other two packages mentioned earlier, there are 10 full-length practice exams in this package. These exams will help you discover the areas you need to study further. 

Altius Elite Program

  • Price: USD 2,499

The Elite Program is the cheapest and least comprehensive MCAT tutoring program offered by Altius. Students who choose to purchase this package get the following:

  • This package does not include any one-on-one private MCAT tutoring making it a reasonable yet effective choice for disciplined children who require less immediate assistance.

  • It includes 105 hours of small group instruction with an expert MCAT mentor. You also get the chance to interact and share ideas with other MCAT test-takers.

  • There are 10 ‘Study Hall’ sessions which are like small group sessions. An MCAT tutor helps you and other students in the session with your homework and exam review.

  • Unlike in the previous packages, this program only has 4 full-length practice exams. 

Altius Summer Immersion Programs

Altius Summer Immersion Programs

Source: Altius Official Website 

Two excellent choices are available through Altius Prep's Summer Full-Immersion Program, both of which are intended to offer students the greatest degree of individualized training and guidance. 

Both courses run for ten weeks, giving students the choice of enrolling On-Site (in a physical location) or Face-to-Face (via live HD video chat). 

They also come with a two-week trial period, all AAMC practice exams that are available, ten Altius MCAT practice exams, and thirty problem-based group sessions.

Platinum Summer Immersion Program

Price: USD 9,999 (USD4 4,999 for those with HT Altius Scholarship) 

Gold Summer Immersion Program

Price: USD 8,499 (USD 4,250 for those with HT Altius Scholarship) 

  • 45 one-on-one private tuition sessions
  • 175 hours of tuition in small groups
  • 20 periods of Study Hall (2 hours per session)
  • 20 Mastery Sessions (2 hours per session)
  • Silver Admissions Package at No Cost
  • 25 one-on-one private tuition sessions
  • 125 hours of tuition in small groups
  • 10 periods of Study Hall (2 hours per session)
  • 10 Mastery Sessions (2 hours per session)

Altius MCAT Tutoring Pros and Cons 

With good reason, Altius takes pleasure in its tutoring program. Any student seeking individualized support to mentor and provide feedback throughout their MCAT preparation journey will find the program to be a perfect fit. 

The program itself has demonstrated good mentorship capabilities. But like other MCAT prep services, it could also have its fair share of setbacks. 

Below are the pros and cons of the Altius summer immersion MCAT tutoring for your reference. 

The Pros of Altius MCAT Tutoring:

  • Students are guaranteed the 90th percentile. Most students who have enrolled in Altius MCAT private tutoring claim that not only did they improve their scores and achieved at least a 90th percentile ranking.

  • Thorough preparation encourages improved student preparation. Altius offers one of the most comprehensive MCAT preparation, encouraging its students to be more focused.

  • Tutors are available 24/7 to answer questions students may have. Not all MCAT tutoring services offer this benefit and customers are grateful that they can reach out to their tutors any time of the day.

  • They provide one of the most accurate MCAT practice exams available. Some practice exams offered by other MCAT prep companies aren’t as close to the actual MCAT and Altius, fortunately, isn’t one of those.

  • They offer a free trial period for you to try their service before you commit financially. Enrolling in Altius MCAT private tutoring is expensive, so if you are unsure whether you will benefit from them, this trial period is a steal.

  • Taking part in small group live lessons with only 6 to 8 students is really beneficial for learning. Small group interactions with other students who are also taking the MCAT can give you the support and confidence you need while preparing for the MCAT. It also gives you the opportunity to learn from each other. 

The Cons of Altius MCAT Tutoring:

  • Its programs, even the cheapest ones, are still expensive. Preparing for the MCAT entails a lot of preparation and expenses, and spending at least USD 2,500 for an MCAT tutor is something that some students are struggling with.

  • The number of practice tests isn’t enough (for some students). Altius’ cheapest MCAT private tutoring package only offers four full-length practice exams, and this is insufficient to assess your readiness for the MCAT. Even their most expensive packages only have ten practice exams.

  • This course tends to feel rigid for students who require flexibility. Students taking the MCAT have other work and school obligations to attend to, and the comprehensive program is something that they find challenging.

  • The summer immersion program isn’t available all year round and may not be applicable to students taking the MCAT at a certain month. While this only applies to the immersion programs, having the option to enroll in all of Altius MCAT private tutoring all year round is still better. 

Student Review and Results – Altius MCAT Tutoring

As mentioned earlier, Altius is one of the most effective MCAT prep service providers. You are guaranteed the 90th percentile should you decide to enroll in their programs. 

The table below shows the significant increase in the MCAT scores of some students after taking the Altius MCAT prep program.

MCAT Score BEFORE Altius MCAT Prep

MCAT Score AFTER Altius MCAT Prep











As mentioned, Altius provides a good and effective MCAT tutoring program and a lot of students who avail their service have attested to this. They attribute their MCAT success to Altius MCAT private tutoring. 

Having an average score of 3.1 average rating on Trustpilot, Altius proves that although they may have some shortcomings as an MCAT test prep company, there are more good reviews than bad reviews for them. They have indeed helped a great number of students get their desired MCAT scores. 

Here are some testimonials that we have gathered about how customers feel about Altius MCAT private tutoring:

Altius Test Prep Official Website Customer Reviews 1
Altius Test Prep Official Website Customer Reviews 2
Altius Mcat Tutoring Trustpilot Reviws
Altius Mcat Tutoring Trustpilot Review

Altius MCAT Supplemental Resources

Aside from the summer immersion MCAT tutoring, Altius also offers different programs and materials that will help get the score you are aiming for in the MCAT. Here are some of them:

Verdict – Is Altius MCAT Private Tutoring Worth It?

Most students who went for Altius will guarantee that they provide a good service when it comes to helping premed students perform well on the MCAT. 

They can attest to the fact that the tutors’ expertise helps them prepare for the MCAT, and hence, they can achieve their target MCAT score

However, you cannot deny the fact that Altius MCAT private tutoring is costly. 

As a pre-med student, you may have other things to spend your budget on, and paying at least USD 6,999 (their cheapest package) for an MCAT tutor may not be a good idea. 

We know because we were premed students ourselves. Today we’re in or on our way to med-school, and understand the struggles of the journey. 

This is why we launched MCAT Mastery Tutoring - a more affordable option for MCAT tutoring. 

Providing expertise and assistance to pre-med students on a low budget, MCAT Mastery has helped many students study and prepare for the MCAT since we started in 2016. 

We recommend you check out our tutoring page to see if this is something that makes sense for you. You can also see our TrustPilot reviews here.
Mcatmastery Tutoring

Additional FAQs – Altius MCAT Tutoring Review 

Are Altius Tests Harder Than the MCAT?

Many students who have taken the MCAT can attest to the fact that most practice tests, not just from Altius, are more difficult than the actual MCAT administered by the AAMC. That does not mean that you can be complacent when you get a high score on your practice tests. 

The MCAT is challenging and is one of the most important exams you would have to take.

How Much Does Altius Cost?

Altius offers a lot of MCAT prep courses and programs. Please see the details above. 

Each one differs from the other and therefore is not priced the same. 

If you want to take their one-on-one mentoring program, prices range from USD 2,499 to USD 9,999, depending on which package you wish to purchase. 

Furthermore, you can also purchase MCAT practice exams from them, with ten exams costing USD 300.

Is Altius the Most Expensive MCAT Prep?

Altius has achieved a good reputation when it comes to MCAT prep. However, it’s also one of the many expensive MCAT prep courses. 

Their MCAT prep course is priced at USD 2,499, almost the same as those of Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Blueprint

Altius is just as expensive as the other MCAT prep courses. For more affordable MCAT prep options, we recommend checking out MCAT Mastery Tutoring.

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