How Much Should I Charge for MCAT Tutoring?

June 25, 2024

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Are you an MCAT top scorer considering assisting others in their MCAT preparation and helping them succeed? 

Do you have a thorough understanding of the MCAT? 

If yes, you might want to be an MCAT tutor. With around 85,000+ students taking the MCAT every year, there is a high demand for MCAT tutors. More and more test-takers rely on MCAT tutoring to meet their target MCAT score. 

If you are new in the business and have no idea about the rates MCAT tutors make, you are in for a treat. This article will discuss how much you can charge for MCAT tutoring. Let’s start!

What are the Benefits of Being an MCAT Tutor?

Aside from earning extra income, tutoring for the MCAT is a tremendously rewarding career that involves more than just knowledge transfer. 

There are far more benefits of MCAT tutoring that go beyond the money you make. 

Here are the other benefits and perks of being an MCAT tutor:

  • As an MCAT tutor, you enjoy the gratification of assisting a student in learning new material, achieving their objectives, and comprehending concepts they may have found difficult to grasp.
  • The majority of medical schools in Canada and the United States require the MCAT; thus, by helping a pre-med student score competitively on the exam, you are practically assisting in their admission to medical school.
  • Being required to maintain a high level of expertise in the subject you tutor means you will constantly be expanding your knowledge, which is intellectually motivating.
  • Taking on MCAT teaching assignments is a fantastic method to consistently incorporate your interest in your everyday life. For instance, if you are doing a Ph.D. in biochemistry and have a passion for chemistry, you can engage with many different subject areas.
  • Tutors must continually modify their lesson ideas and devise new teaching methods that are effective with each unique student. Many MCAT instructors enjoy this demanding aspect of their jobs because it helps them hone their teaching abilities and become more flexible.
  • You get to mentor students from all over North America (and some parts of the world) and have the opportunity to interact with people from various socioeconomic backgrounds. One aspect of the profession that many tutors find quite enriching is getting to know new people and learning about various cultures and experiences.
  • Being an MCAT tutor means you can work anywhere. MCAT tutoring is typically done online, and you only need a decent internet connection. Not all professions offer this level of convenience.

Is There a Demand for MCAT Tutors?

As mentioned previously, around 85,000 students take the MCAT annually. That’s also 85,000 students needing proper MCAT guidance. While not all of them would hire an MCAT tutor, it is worth noting that in the last decades, many students have turned to MCAT tutors to help them study for the MCAT. 

Most students who have taken the MCAT and performed well have attributed their success to either the MCAT prep courses they took or MCAT tutoring. They claim that these programs have immensely helped them prepare and study for the MCAT.

Now that there are a lot of MCAT tutoring services around, it is implied that there is indeed a demand for MCAT tutors.

Are All MCAT Tutors MCAT High Scorers?

MCAT tutoring services almost always require their tutors to have top MCAT scores. They want to ensure that the tutors they hire have what it takes to help the students ace their own MCAT. This means that the tutors should thoroughly understand the different sections of the MCAT.

In addition, strong writing and verbal communication abilities and the capacity to assist students in taking charge of their education are essential.

Do I Have to be A Doctor to be an MCAT Tutor?

You do not have to be a doctor to be an MCAT tutor, but you need to have taken the MCAT yourself and aced it. This is the most important criterion of MCAT tutoring services when hiring a tutor. They should have first-hand MCAT experience of taking the MCAT

It is also important to note that there are MCAT tutors who are not doctors yet. But that does not mean that they are any less capable of mentoring someone for the MCAT. 

As mentioned, MCAT tutors are MCAT acers (or high-scorers) and are well-equipped with knowledge and expertise to help you ace your MCAT.

What Score Do I Need to Tutor MCAT?

Aside from MCAT Mastery, most MCAT tutoring services make it a point that they only hire tutors who performed at least in the 95th percentile of their own MCAT. 

Based on this year’s AAMC percentile ranking, that is a 518 score. There are even those whose tutors ranked in the 99th percentile, which is a 522-523 score. 

At MCAT Mastery however, we don’t believe that a high score is equivalent to being a great teacher. Some of our best tutors scored 515 on the MCAT and are amazing teachers. Our cutoff for MCAT tutors is 515. 

To be an MCAT tutor, you need to score at least 515 on the MCAT. If you can get higher than that, better. 

How Much Can I Charge for MCAT Tutoring?  

The amount you charge for MCAT tutoring can vary depending on a few factors. 

Some MCAT tutoring services rely on your MCAT score, tutoring experience, and students’ feedback and testimonials. 

Overall, the current rate of MCAT tutoring ranges from USD 30 to – USD 150 per hour. We advise that you communicate with the MCAT tutoring service you are applying for, and they will discuss it with you accordingly. 

We have listed them below to give you an idea of how much top MCAT tutoring services are. 

Please note that these are not hourly rates but the pricing for their tutoring packages (which often include multiple hours).

MCAT Tutoring Services

Price (Depending on the package)

USD 3,700 – USD 7,000

USD 3,399

USD 300 – USD 4,000

USD 3,000

USD 327 - USD 1,697

MCAT Self-Prep

USD 150 – USD 340 per session

USD 2,000

USD 3,299

USD 3,000 – USD 5,000

USD 35 – USD 75, Pay as You Go

If you are an independent MCAT tutor and are considering being self-employed, you can adjust your rate in reference to these prices. However, take note that your chances of getting more clients and earning more are higher if you are affiliated with these MCAT tutoring services.

Another thing to remember is that the prices above are for the tutoring packages offered by the different MCAT tutoring services, and it does not mean that the entire amount goes to the tutors. Again, better discuss and clarify this with the MCAT tutoring services you are applying for. 

 If you are considering becoming an MCAT Tutor, you are at the right place. We at MCAT Mastery are actively growing and always looking for excellent MCAT tutors to join us and help our students/customers in their MCAT journey. 

Here’s some additional information on the MCAT Tutoring services we provide.

You’ll notice that we’ve stellar reviews and are actively sought by aspiring pre-med students in acing their MCAT tests. Reach out to us today to discuss joining us as an MCAT Mentor.

You can apply to become an MCAT tutor with us here. 

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